Watch: Adam Savage Visits the Set of Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant'

April 28, 2017
Source: YouTube

Alien: Covenant Set Visit

"This is all in service of allowing the actors… to enter into the 'universe'." If you haven't realized, Adam Savage is a huge movie geek. Not only has he worked on movies, but he loves to be a part of them and learn about all the behind-the-scenes trickery that makes them so magical. The latest video from his web series Tested goes behind-the-scenes of Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant. Savage goes on set and examines some of the impressive set pieces, including the Engineer's chair inside the main Dreadnought ship. This is cool to see, but obviously they're working hard to make sure nothing is spoiled. I wish we could see more, but alas we have to wait (just a few more weeks) until the movie is in theaters to learn all the secrets. For now, enjoy.

Here's the Adam Savage video visiting the set of Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, from Tested's YouTube:

Adam Savage - Alien: Covenant Set

You can still watch the first red band trailer for Alien: Covenant here, as well as second official trailer here.

The crew of the colony ship Covenant discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, but it is actually a dark, dangerous world, whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. Alien: Covenant is once again directed by veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott, of the original Alien from 1979 and Prometheus from 2012, as well as the films The Martian, Gladiator, Robin Hood, American Gangster, The Counselor, Matchstick Men, Blade Runner, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven and Legend previously. The screenplay is by Michael Green and Jack Paglen, with a rewrite by John Logan. Fox will release Alien: Covenant in 3D in theaters starting May 19th, 2017 this summer. Who's ready for this?

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  • I'm jealous now. So there will be no 2D release for Alien Covenant? Anyone can confirm? I watched Prometheus in 3D, and while I don't regret it, I wasn't wowed.
    • Bo
      Well, I was wowed by this Adam Savage guy's dorky enthusiasm during this silly video. I kept thinking, what is he, in the fifth grade? He sure seemed like he was talking to fifth grade kids. It seemed like, to me, I must add, a 'behind the scenes of movie making for dummies' vid. That's just me, though. Also, not sure I've any interest in Covenant. I didn't think much of Prometheus. In fact, I thought much more of The Counselor than the debacle of Prometheus. Again, that's just imo, of course. Cheers.
  • The Counselor should be removed from Ridley's filmography. What a dud! But it was a feat to make a dud with such collection of great talents.
    • Nikita Mirzani
    • Bo
      Hey, tarek...I read this post of yours and chuckled as I added/said to myself...'in his opinion'...lol...sorry you thought it was a dud. It wasn't, of course, but hey, it's okay for you to think so. I liked a lot of it. It wasn't perfect, but I'd never think it should be removed from his filmography. I thought was a bit amusing when I read that from you...lol...
      • Hey Bo. Let's face it Bo, The Counselor was a huge Dud. Not Scott's fault. It was a very bad writing. It was like watching a comedy trying to be serious, or is it the other way around? Pacing was exhausting, dialogue as heavy as a sledgehammer, the atmosphere was sterile and cold and the plot was...what was it about? I can'even remember...all I remember is a Cameron Diaz doing the "facehugger" movement on the windshield and the decapitation of the motorcycle ( which was brilliatly done). I am pretty sure that even Ridley Scott didn't like it Bo. ;D
        • Bo
          Well, tarek, I shouldn't even get near this reply of yours with a ten foot pole, but because it's you....I shall say just a couple of things. No! Let's not face it as I disagree with you and you keep stating your opinions as if they are fact, when in fact they are just your, your, opinions. Didn't you just take 'Payne by another name' to task a day ago for doing the same thing re: Cameron? Eh? Eh? That bad writing you profess to be so bad, in your opinion, tarek, only in your opinion and not in mine...was by the great Cormac McCarthy, who is not for everyone's taste, but just because it's not in one's taste doesn't make it bad...especially when someone such as myself hold it in such high esteem...lol... Last, but not least....you're...you...tarek...lol...are 'pretty sure'...that even Ridley Scott also didn't like it...well, tarek...because it's you I shall refrain from the remark...only to say....come on, now man!!...lol...
          • Well, of course it's my opinion Bo, just like yours is yours. ;D Now we are in a dead end. Who's right and who's wrong? Maybe we're both right or both wrong... Then again, what the point to make a critique if everyone is entitled to his opinion? Does that mean good or bad movies are just two faces of the same coin? We have to find a way out of this dead end... So, let me ask you a question Bo: what is a good movie and what is a bad one?
          • Bo
            A good one is one I like and a bad one is one I don't like. As flippant as that is, it's not really. I simply only like good movies and have never been able to like bad ones. Am I the one who ascertains these differences? Of course. Then again, it's simply my opinion. I usually attempt to state my opinions as such and not as fact....like I was busting your balls about doing....lol...sorry...I knew I could because of our respectful and continuing exchange of our opinions regarding films. Of course, you're wrong a lot, but that's to be expected in my experience(s) discussing films with others. For instance, The Counselor is a pretty good movie. I'm sorry and deeply sadden that you're unable to realize that!! (I don't need to point out the heavy irony I'm resorting here to you, do I tarek? I decided to point it out just in case. I do value our exchanges and wouldn't want to take the chance of harming those. See? More irony...lol...which is a good and polite way to express truth..isn't it?) Cheers, and need I say?...Peace!
          • I loved this exchange. Especially Bo's " A good one is one I like and a bad one is one I don't like." HAHAHA! How subjective film is. Everyone holds a different perspective, although Bo, yours is most unique. Tarek and I agree on MOST things. Aside from our Star Wars short discussion previously. Good stuff gentleman. Good stuff!
          • ;D
          • eurogibbon
            Granted the story could have been better but I think the main problem was Scott shouldn't have directed it. His flashy visual style and the miscast A-listers weren't the right approach for this kind of film. I think he was just desperate to film a Cormac McCarthy story (he's wanted to do Blood Meridian for ages).
          • I agree that Ridley wasn't the perfect choice for that kind of movies. I don't put the blame on the writer Cormac McCarthy either, whose book is probably good ( I can't judge, because I didn't read it), but on the screenwriters who did a bad adaptation. It was like translating a poetry by using Google translate. Granted you loose 90% of the meaning and soul of the message.
          • eurogibbon
            It actually started life as a screenplay, which McCarthy wrote himself. It definitely reads better than it plays.
          • Bo
            That's exactly right which I was going to point out to tarek before you did the deed. It is an original screenplay by McCarthy. I disagree with both you and tarek on your assumptions and assessments regarding Scott's involvement and see it that he knew exactly what he was doing and made the movie he wanted to make. Just because you guys didn't flow with the very funny sense of humor running thru the movie is to cause to come up with these wild assumptions about Scott and why he did it or that he shouldn't have done it blah blah blah. Scott's a big boy and does what he wants and does it well. It's actually a very funny, very twisted movie. Not to everyone's taste. Obviously! But certainly to mine. McCarthy is a very unusual and very intelligent guy and a master writer...as I would think you both know. He nor Scott failed in this endeavor, you two just didn't like it. Fair enough. I did. Even more fair enough...lol..cheers.
          • Bo
            Sorry to inform you how incorrect you are here, tarek. I get it you didn't like the movie. You're going a bit nutty with your assessments and translating poetry with Google craziness. Especially since it was and is an original screenplay by McCarthy so there was no ill translating going on and no 90% of the meaning and soul of the message being lost, tarek. It is what it is and was what it was and Scott filmed it as it was and it was a weird, twisted, very funny look at the insanity of the human condition. You didn't like it and that's too bad. I really liked it and that's good as liking is better than not liking. It just feels better...lol...So please, stop tarek with these wildly incorrect assumptions about the material. You didn't like it. You don't have to make up shit to justify it. It makes you look bad...and reveal how ill informed regarding this work you are..which is embarrassing....righto cheerio?
          • I am glad you liked it Bo. And I am sorry I didn't like it. ;D
          • Bo
            ...lol...you're a cool dude, tarek. I like you. Cheers!
          • Likewise Bo...Likewise. ;D
          • Bo
            Why thank you, Raw...thank you very much...lol...and I love it when someone recognizes my sardonic, satirical, ironic and dare I say unique (your word) sense of humor. I very much enjoy my discussions with tarek and you, Raw. Thanks to you both. Peace.
          • ;D As someone wise and crazy said once: The truth is a mirror that fell off the sky. It shattered into pieces. Each one of us took a small piece and is happy with what he is seeing in it... ;D
          • Bo
            Now that is just excellent, tarek. I'd never heard that particular saying, so thank you. Excellent. Cheers.
    One of the luckiest men alive (who also has worked his a-- off to get where he is now).
  • Does it bother anyone else that they had the same exact set from Prometheus, but didn't bother to save it for this sequel? That they had to build it from the ground up AGAIN? Seems like a waste of money and resources... But I'm happy they're using practical effects at least. Good on them!
    • eurogibbon
      Spaceship set storage must be prohibitively expensive.
      • Apparently! It's that or the giant warehouses where movie props go to die (like in Raiders of the Lost Ark) don't exist!
        • eurogibbon
          There's a seven-storey warehouse in Culver City containing 2,500 movie set backdrops that can be hired out. Sounds just like what you're describing.
    • This is very common... Most productions must destroy everything after completion. It's very hard (and expensive) to make an exception and/or to store anything. Why this works is that it's easier to keep, for example, the concept art and exact blueprints of the sets so they can rebuild them (exactly as they were) if necessary.
      • bat0u
        Plus for something like that tunnel(and I'm for for other things like interior ship walls), per say, the guy says they used molds and repeat the pattern, and piece together. So I'm sure it'd be a lot easier to just save the smaller molds, and what not.
      • And now I know. And knowing is half the battle!
    • LeoForPrez
      Too spendy to keep those things




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