Watch: First Red Band Trailer for 'ABCs of Death 2' Horror Anthology
September 2, 2014

ABCs of Death 2

Following the unveiling of the finalists vying for a spot in ABCs of Death 2, the horror anthology sequel featuring 26 different filmmakers at the helm of horror shorts inspired by the alphabet, the first red band trailer has arrived. But this isn't your average restricted trailer as it's being touted as an "extreme" red band trailer. And we gotta be honest, it's more than a little bloody, and it has some super gruesome moments, making it absolutely NSFW. Basically, if you had fun with the first film, then this looks like more of the same craziness, just with 26 all-new directors bringing all sorts of new horror goodness this time. Watch!

Watch: 'As Above, So Below' Gets a Final, Extended Red Band Trailer
August 25, 2014

As Above, So Below

In a last ditch effort to get audiences to flock to the theaters during a weak time for box office competition, Legendary and Universal have release one final extended red band trailer for the claustrophobic, found footage horror thriller As Above, So Below. Despite the odd title, the first trailer was rather decent, teasing a twisted psychological adventure in the catacombs that lie under Paris. We're not getting our hopes to high since this comes from the Dowdle Brothers, the duo behind Quarantine and Devil, but maybe since this isn't a remake or an M. Night Shyamalan project, it might let them shine as horror filmmakers.

Watch: 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' Gets Red Band Comic-Con Trailer
July 28, 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

From our Comic-Con coverage this year, you might have already seen the cool vehicles that were on display from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. But there was also a panel for the film hitting theaters next month, and directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller debuted a new red band trailer for the graphic novel adaptation, not to mention planting a seed of hopes for Sin City 3. But of course, since it took nine years to get this follow-up off the ground and into theaters, we won't hold our breath. But still, if you've been waiting that long to see this new story set in the seedy underbelly of Basin City, this saucy, bloody trailer certainly brings the goods. Keep an eye out for Miller and Rodriguez making cameos in the trailer too. Watch below!

'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Red Band Trailer is Just Like 'Terminator'
July 24, 2014

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

"Why mess with a winning formula?" Paramount Pictures surprised everyone with the first footage of their comedy sequel Hot Tub Time Machine 2, which arrives just in time for everyone to catch the family friendly comedy at Christmas. But seriously, don't watch this with your family, and don't watch the first red band trailer with them either. We get to see what Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke are up to now that they have knowledge of the future, and the murder of Corddry's internet mogul character sets them off on another time traveling adventure to the future, the past and much more. Looks like a lot of fun with a feel that is almost like a raunchy version of It's a Wonderful Life for the holiday season. Watch now!

Here Comes the 'Premature' Red Band Trailer, Over and Over Again
June 24, 2014


The Groundhog Day formula got the sci-fi treatment again this summer with Edge of Tomorrow, an action-packed fun flick that more audiences should have taken a chance on. Now the same concept is being applied to the high school sex comedy with Premature. Surprisingly enough, this looks pretty damn funny, featuring what might be a star-making turn from John Karna, and amusing supporting performances from Craig Roberts (Submarine, Neighbors) and Alan Tudyk (Dodgeball, Wreck-It Ralph). I'll pretty much watch any film using the Groundhog Day conceit, and this red band trailer makes it look like a real winner.

Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz in One Final 'Sex Tape' Red Band Trailer
June 19, 2014

Sex Tape Red Band Trailer

At this point, Sony Pictures might as well just show us the whole Sex Tape in question from the comedy reuniting Bad Teacher stars Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz. This particular look at the film is pretty much exactly the same as the most recent trailer from the United Kingdom that we recently saw, and if it wasn't for Rob Corddry and the promise of Rob Lowe doing cocaine, we probably wouldn't be laughing much. These feels like a CBS sitcom version of an R-rated sex comedy, but maybe there's hope that whatever they're not showing in the trailers is infinitely funnier. We'll find out soon enough. Watch the trailer below!

Johnson & Wayans Jr. in Another Red Band 'Let's Be Cops' Trailer
June 16, 2014

Let's Be Cops

The first red band trailer for the self-explanatory comedy Let's Be Cops starring Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. was short on big laughs, but a new red band trailer dives a little deeper into what seems to be a shallow concept. As these two friends keep pretending to be cops, they get deeper into trouble. The new trailer shows off more of the dangerous activities they get involved with when they're mistaken for real cops at first, including Rob Riggle. But when the bad guys find out that they have forged badge numbers, it's assumed they might be working undercover for the FBI or the ATF. We're still not sold on the premise sustaining itself, but Wayans and Johnson certainly make it seem more appealing. Watch below!

Investigations Are Going Well in '22 Jump Street' Red Band TV Spot
May 28, 2014

22 Jump Street

We're getting closer and closer to the release of 22 Jump Street, and we're hoping the sequel can deliver the same quality buddy cop comedy that directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller were able to put together for the surprisingly successful first film. Now a new red band online spot shows off some more footage we haven't seen, including an amusing reference to Ice Cube, some hints at the struggling partnership of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill and more. Plus, there's a new featurette that goes behind the scenes of the film, complete with words from Lord & Miller talking about how they approached the sequel. Watch it!

Watch: First Red Band US Trailer for Joon-ho Bong's 'Snowpiercer'
May 8, 2014

Snowpiercer Red Band US Trailer

"Chaos. Disorder. This is death..." Radius-TWC, the genre arm of Weinstein Company, has debuted the first red band classified (for violence) US trailer for Joon-ho Bong's sci-fi masterpiece Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans. We've been hyping up this film for a while, and spent most of last year writing about it and waiting for it, only to find that it was going to be cut down, then not cut down, and now released in the US as a "Director's Cut" - hopefully in enough theaters. I saw it at Berlinale and loved it - my glowing review. Until then, at least they cut a good trailer, but it shows way too much and spoils some big moments in the third act, so don't watch if you don't want it ruined. Just go see it. "We control the engine, we control the world."

'A Million Ways to Die in the West' Gets a Second Red Band Trailer
May 7, 2014

A Million Ways to Die in the West

"There ain't no tooth fairy, idiot. Now clean up that horseshit." Not only does Seth MacFarlane spout off the title of his comedy western in the new red band trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West, but he plays a fun game of shadow puppets with Liam Neeson. If you're not a fan of MacFarlane's previous work with Ted and "Family Guy," then this likely isn't for you, but there hasn't been a comedy like this set in the Old West since Blazing Saddles. However, this is something different entirely, because it's not exactly a spoof as much as it injects contemporary humor into a genuine western setting. It looks hilarious! Watch!

Elizabeth Banks Causes Trouble in 'Walk of Shame' Red Band Trailer
April 15, 2014

Walk of Shame

Following a somewhat underwhelming trailer earlier this year for the comedy Walk of Shame starring Elizabeth Banks, a second red band trailer offers a slightly better look at the comedy. While the terrible audio editing in the first half of the trailer is thoroughly distracting, Banks shines as she runs around Los Angeles, trying to get her car back in order to make it to the most important job interview of her career as a news anchorwoman. Meanwhile, her one-night-stand James Marsden and friends Gillian Jacobs and Sarah Wright are in hot pursuit, trying to end her long night from hell with a happy ending. Watch below!

Watch: Final '22 Jump Street' Red Band Trailer is Your Best Nightmare
April 9, 2014

22 Jump Street Red Band

"It's the same case, do the same thing!" If you still need convincing that 22 Jump Street is worth seeing, Sony/Columbia has released a fourth trailer - another red band trailer that is a 2-and-1/2-minute push for this insane summer action comedy sequel, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (also in Jupiter Ascending). While we've seen plenty in the first three trailers already, the footage in this one includes lots of the story as well, hinting at their comeback, the plot involving college and spring breaker. So, it's a Spring Breakers riff, plus 21 Jump Street comedy all in one? I hope it's as funny as these trailers promise. Enjoy.

Zac Efron & Seth Rogen Go Wild in Two Red Band 'Neighbors' Trailers
April 8, 2014


"They don't know who they are fucking with!" The release of Neighbors, the latest comedy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stoller, arrives in just over a month, and two new red band trailers (including an international one with the title Bad Neighbours) have arrived to pique your interest. This looks like the perfect summer comedy as Seth Rogen goes head-to-head with Zac Efron and a whole fraternity of douchebags including Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Thankfully these two trailers don't give too much more away, but there is some awkward sex and a dildo fight. So there you go.

Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz Lose Their 'Sex Tape' in Red Band Trailer
March 31, 2014

Sex Tape

We've already gotten a saucy first look at the raunchy comedy Sex Tape starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz. And now, conveniently timed with tonight's series finale of Segel's CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," the first red band trailer has arrived. You'll find a little bit of sex, but surprisingly, not any real nudity (though Diaz does look rather sexy in those roller skates). Anyway, this doesn't look quite as good as I hoped, with a lot more unbelievable scenarios than one might have anticipated. This feels like a comedy made for the 90s, which is bad, because it's 2014. Anyway, maybe it will turn out all right? Watch!



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