John Singleton May Be Bringing Tupac Shakur's Story to the Screen

Tupac / John Singleton

We've seen the life story of Christopher 'Notorious B.I.G.' Wallace brought to life through 2009's Notorious, but now one-time friend, ultimate rival, and fellow rapper Tupac '2Pac' Shakur is getting his own biopic. And what better director to tell the rapper's tragic story than writer/director/friend John Singleton, who directed Shakur for his dramatic turn in 1993's Poetic Justice. Recently, we reported that Singleton could be taking on another hip-hop story he was close to with a film about N.W.A. that would be partly founded by Singleton's Boyz 'N the Hood star Ice Cube, but this hip-hip biopic might take priority now. More below!

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More Accurate Details on 'Primer' Writer/Director's 'Upstream Color'

Shane Carruth

It's been seven years since former engineer turned filmmaker Shane Carruth made his debut with Primer, an indie sci-fi centered around four engineers who accidentally discover a method to travel through time. To this day, the film is still one of the most smart and mind-bending time travel tales to be told on screen. It was independent in every sense of the word, made for an estimated $7,000 right here in Carruth's own hometown of Dallas, Texas, and won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival where it premiered. Now Carruth is set to make his long awaited return with something completely new. Read on!

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Woman Sues FilmDistrict Because 'Drive' is Not Like 'Fast and Furious'


People have attempted to sue (and at times have even won) over all kinds of ridiculous things. Hollywood is no stranger to these frivolous lawsuits, like in 1996 when the family of a woman attempted to sue Oliver Stone and Warner Bros. after she was shot in a robbery they claimed was perpetrated as a direct result of Stone's Natural Born Killers (as you can imagine, that case was dismissed, but not until 2001). But this latest case, picked up from Movie City News (via Movies.com) involving a Detroit woman and Drive, may have sped to the top of the list of "Silliest Movie-Related Lawsuits of All Time." Read all the details below!

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Bérénice Marlohe Confirmed for 'Bond 23' as Two More Join the Cast

James Bond / Bérénice Marlohe

While we don't have a title (possibly Skyfall?) or a confirmed synopsis for the next Bond film, it looks like we have a new Bond girl. The Daily Mail confirms earlier rumors that French actress Bérénice Marlohe has been picked by Sam Mendes to become one of the iconic vixens in the spy franchise. You won't have to go too far down the page on a Google Image search to see why she'll make a perfect Bond girl, following in the recent footsteps of Eva Green and Olga Kurylenko. This will mark Marlohe's English-language film debut, but she's not the only new addition to the anticipated next installment in the Bond franchise.

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Sony/Columbia Hiring TV Writers to Reboot the Masked Hero 'Zorro'


The last time we saw Zorro swashbuckling on screen was in 2005's The Legend of Zorro, with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas, and before that in 1998 with The Mask of Zorro. Now Sony is looking to once again cut a "Z" in the silver screen: this time as an adaptation of author Isabel Allende's 2005 book simply titled Zorro, which is a 6-part mock biography of sorts focusing on the the Hispanic hero prior to his origins in Johnston McCulley's "Curse of Capistrano" in 1919. It also has ties to Mask of Zorro, in which Anthony Hopkins played Diego de la Vega, the character in the novella and original man behind the mask.

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Is Playing a Guessing Game on New J.J. Abrams' Projects Getting Old?

J.J. Abrams

It was only a matter of time till we heard word on J.J. Abrams' next mystery-shrouded project and now that wait is over. Well, at least the wait for hearing about the project at all… now we get to play the waiting game for the actual film, a game that we've all become accustomed to by now from the director of Super 8, producer behind Cloverfield, and co-creator of Lost. Fan sites, forums, virals, and theories upon theories upon theories are soon to come. But for now, let's look at what we know. Paramount acquired a pitch from writer Billy Ray (Flightplan, State of Play) & J.J. Abrams being touted as a "mystery adventure." Read on!

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Robert Duvall Reunites with Tom Cruise for 'One Shot' Adaptation

Robert Duvall

Last week, we reported that Richard Jenkins would be joining the cast of Christopher McQuarrie's adaptation of One Shot, based on the eponymous 9th novel in Lee Child's series about a small town that witnesses a string of serial sniper murders. Already cast is Tom Cruise as former military policeman-turned drifter Jack Reacher who looks to uncover the conspiracy behind the killings, along with David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike. As if that assembly of talent wasn't enough to peak interest in the film, Variety is reporting that veteran actor Robert Duvall is in final negotiations to join the already impressive cast. More below!

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Susan Sarandon Joining Dwayne Johnson for the New Thriller 'Snitch'

Susan Sarandon

She's a stone cold fox. He's The Rock. THR reports Susan Sarandon has joined Dwayne Johnson for the new action-thriller Snitch. The film, which comes from stuntman turned writer and director Ric Roman Waugh (Felon, In The Shadows), is based on a 2004 episode of PBS' Frontline entitled "The Plea." The film will tell the true story of a suburban father (Johnson) who goes undercover to take down a high-level drug dealer in exchange for a reduction on his son's 30-year prison sentence. Sarandon will play an attorney working with Johnson's character who's looking for a big drug bust to further her career.

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Disney Gets 'The Lone Ranger' with Johnny Depp Back on the Saddle

The Lone Ranger

After abruptly lassoing The Lone Ranger last month due to an overly inflated budget, Disney is aiming to start working again on the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced, Gore Verbinski-directed film starring Armie Hammer as the titular masked hero and Johnny Depp as his sidekick, Tonto. With a planned release date of December 21st, 2012, the studio is looking to start shooting in early 2012, giving them just under a year to complete the film. But with a nearly $250 million plus budget and action set pieces like "the biggest train sequence in film history," how will the filmmakers be able to scale things back to satisfy the studio?

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Richard Jenkins Joins Tom Cruise in McQuarrie's 'One Shot' Adaptation

Richard Jenkins

The cast of One Shot is quickly becoming an impressive assembly of talent. Tom Cruise is set to star as former military policeman-turned drifter Jack Reacher in the film based on the 9th novel in Lee Child's series about a small town that literally comes under fire when a string of mysterious serial sniper murders occur. David Oyelowo was recently cast as a veteran police officer investigating the murders and Rosamund Pike will play the accused shooter's defense attorney. But it doesn't stop there, as Variety reports Richard Jenkins has also joined the cast to oppose Pike's character, playing the prosecuting attorney.

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John Singleton is Working with Rapper Ice Cube on an N.W.A Biopic


While doing press for his new film Abduction starring Taylor Lautner, director John Singleton briefly spoke to The Playlist about re-teaming with his his Boyz n the Hood star Ice Cube for a project very close to the rapper-turned-actor's heart; Straight Outta Compton, the long-gestating biopic of the late '80s/early '90s Compton, California-based rap group N.W.A. of which Cube was an original founding member. While Singleton didn't have much to say about the project since it's in the early stages of development, he indicated it has a strong script and that both New Line Cinema and Ice Cube are on board.

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Liam Hemsworth Signing Up for Action in 'The Expendables' Sequel

Liam Hemsworth

Thus far, expected to return to the Sly Stallone testosterone-o-rama known as The Expendables 2 are Terry Crews, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, as well as Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger who will reprise their cameos from the first film with a somewhat larger presence. It wouldn't be an '80s/'90s action packed reunion without Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris, who will also be crushing skulls for the first time in TE2. But the latest to join the cast of the sequel is up-and-comer Liam Hemsworth, making him the young newbie in an ensemble of otherwise old-timers.

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Does an Oscar Qualifying Run for 'The Lady' Make it a Real Contender?

The Lady

Straight out of TIFF, Luc Besson's The Lady, a biopic of Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese pro-democracy activist and political prisoner, has just been acquired for US distribution by Cohen Media Group. Cohen has plans to release the film late this year in hopes that it will quickly enter the race of Oscar contenders, with a campaign focused on Besson's directing and performances from Michelle Yeoh (Memoirs of a Geisha), who plays San Suu Kyi, and David Thewlis (Harry Potter, Seven Years in Tibet), who plays her husband and biggest supporter that led the campaign for her Nobel Peace Prize win in 1991. More thoughts below.

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Eddie Marsan Plans Directorial Debut with Shakespearean ‘Pell Mell’

Eddie Marsan

British character actor Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes, Red Riding Trilogy) will be the latest to retell Shakespeare with his planned directorial debut, Pell Mell. According to Marsan, who spoke to Screen Junkies during while promoting Tyrannosaur at TIFF, said Mell will be “Shakespeare’s Richard III set in 1960's London”. While the film is still in the early stages of financing and casting, Marsan is “very excited” about making the big move behind the camera (though he will likely act in the film as well). In fact, it was one of his fellow British actors turned writer/directors that encouraged him to change hat. Read on!

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