Watch: Pixar Animation Shows Off Some of Their Famous Easter Eggs

The Incredibles

Even though we're right around the perfect time for real easter eggs, those aren't the kind we're talking about. In this case, we're talking about hidden references to other films within the filmography of Pixar Animation. We've featured some cool easter eggs from Pixar films in the past like Brave and Up, but a new video straight from Disney and Pixar, complete with an intro from Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, puts some more of them on display, including the frequent appearances of the ball from their original short Luxo Jr. There's even a few that I'll bet you didn't even notice. It's not all-inclusive, but it's cool. Watch it!

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DC Celebrates Batman's 75th Anniversary with New Animated Short

Batman: Strange Days

In case you didn't know, this year marks the 75th Anniversary of Batman, hot on the heels of last year's celebration of the 75th anniversary of Superman. Warner Bros. is doing all sorts of celebrations for The Dark Knight (you can learn more about their plans here), and one of their little tributes to the Caped Crusader has come in the form of a new animated short from Bruce Timm, the man behind the spectacular "Batman: The Animated Series." In the stylish short, Batman is in pursuit of Hugo Strange, who we all once thought would be part of Christopher Nolan's franchise. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the short below!

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Watch: Second 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' Theatrical Trailer Soars

How to Train Your Dragon 2

"There's a whole other world of dragons out there." The final trailer for DreamWorks Animation's sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2 has arrived, and this looks like a truly mystifying sequel. Complete with new creatures, new enemies and even a surprise change in Hiccup's (Jay Baruchel) trusty dragon Toothless, this looks just as good, if not better, than the original animated adventure. Plus, the animation itself looks absolutely incredible, especially the flight sequences. We're definitely excited for all this summer's comic book movies, but this one is definitely on our list of anticipated films too. Watch it below!

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Salma Hayek Joining Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg's 'Sausage Party'

Salma Hayek

With a voice cast that only includes one actress amongst a crew of actors, the animated R-rated comedy Sausage Party was beginning to live up to its name. Kristen Wiig is the only female in a cast that also includes Seth Rogen (who co-wrote the film with This is The End co-director Evan Goldberg), James Franco, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Edward Norton and David Krumholtz. But now Deadline reports Salma Hayek is on board too. The film follows a sausage and his friends, fallen out of a shopping car, who must journey through the supermarket in order get back to their proper aisle before the big sale on the Fourth of July.

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Get Thunderstruck in New Trailer for Disney's 'Planes: Fire & Rescue'

Planes: Fire & Rescue

With no films from Pixar Animation on the calendar this year, Disney must make due with their spin-off sequel Planes: Fire & Rescue. Unfortunately, this looks to be even worse than both Cars 2 and the preceding original spin-off Planes. Again, the animation looks incredible with all the fire and sweeping landscapes, but the writing is flat, and there just doesn't seem to be any passion in this story at all. It's just a showcase so that young boys will want to buy more toys. There is absolutely nothing that looks redeeming about this sequel, and we really hope Dusty (Dane Cook) doesn't come back after this adventure. Watch?

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Watch: Learn More About the Spectacular Animated Work of Laika


This year, the brilliant minds over at Laika have The Boxtrolls coming to theaters this fall. But the stop-motion animation studio has delivered two previous stunning pieces of animated cinema in the form of Coraline and ParaNorman. Since these films are meticulously crafted by hundreds of talented hands (you can see a behind the scenes trailer for The Boxtrolls right here), it takes years to bring them to the big screen. In order to showcase their hard work, Laika put together a cool little featurette that shows just how they're able to make their gorgeous animation films look so flawless and incredible. Watch the featurette!

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'Wreck-It Ralph' Composer Reveals a Sequel is Developing at Disney

Wreck-It Ralph

Shortly after Wreck-It Ralph arrived in theaters in 2012 and impressed the hell out of critics and audiences alike, director Rich Moore was already talking about a potential sequel with the prospect of Nintendo's iconic plumber Mario getting in the mix. Since then, we haven't heard anything about the animated sequel developing at Disney, but Collider recently spoke to the original film's composer Henry Jackman, who revealed that Wreck-It Ralph 2 is being written now, but didn't offer any details. He said, "I can’t tell you more, not because I’m being coy, but I believe that it is officially on the cards." More below!

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Watch & Learn About the Math Behind Pixar's Stunning Animation

Pixar Animation

If you're one of those students, current or former, who always wondered why it might be good to learn so much math, there's finally at least one reasonable answer. A couple videos have surfaced online looking at how integral math is when working at Pixar Animation. While there's plenty of art that goes into making their stunning animated films, the animation is still done on a computer, which is made possible due to lots of math. Below you can watch a TED talk from Pixar Research Lead Tony DeRose as he discusses the importance of math in Pixar's work, and also a way nerdier video diving into one of their animation systems.

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Watch: Aardman Animation's 'Shaun the Sheep' Movie Teaser Trailer

Shaun the Sheep

Later this year we'll get another dose of stop-motion animation from Laika with their new feature The Boxtrolls, but there's also some great stop-motion work coming from Aardman Animation, the studio behind Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run and The Pirates! Band of Misfits. In 2015, they're bringing the popular British TV series Shaun the Sheep to the big screen. The character first appeared in an Oscar-winning animated short called A Close Shave, but now he gets a story worthy of movie theaters. This is obviously more relevant for our friends across the pond, but it could charm US audiences too. Watch now!

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Samuel L. Jackson Says to Expect Frozone to Return in 'Incredibles 2'

The Incredibles

Just after news surfaced that The Incredibles would get a 3D re-release sometime down the road, Disney and Pixar Animation revealed that The Incredibles 2 was officially in development after fans have been clamoring for a sequel for 10 years now. And while the animated sequel is surely a few years away, that doesn't mean director Brad Bird, who is already developing the script, doesn't know what's in store for our family of heroes. In fact, one of their superhero friends will return with Samuel L. Jackson recently speaking with Digital Spy and revealing that Bird has already said that Frozone will definitely be involved.

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T.J. Miller Gets Voice Role in Disney & Marvel's Animated 'Big Hero 6'

T.J. Miller

Though we've gotten a small glimpse of Marvel and Disney's first animated venture Big Hero 6, we've yet to hear anything about the voice cast, see a teaser trailer or anything like that. The film is slated to arrive this fall, so there's still time to start the hype machine, but now we at least have one actor revealed to have a role in the animated superhero flick. Rotoscopers (via ComingSoon) has learned that comedian T.J. Miller, who will be seen in this summer's Transformers: Age of Extinction, will be voicing the role of Fred, a quirky and weird amateur filmmaker. So it doesn't sound like he's playing one of the hero's in this one. Read on!

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Disney & Pixar Plan More Sequels with 'The Incredibles 2' and 'Cars 3'

Pixar / The Incredibles / Cars

If you thought we were done with Pixar sequels, news from Disney's meeting of shareholders and D23 Members during the company's annual meeting has some opposing news. Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger revealed that Pixar Animation Studios is working on Cars 3, because merchandising is king at the House of Mouse. But thankfully, we're finally getting the Pixar sequel fans have wanted for years, because they're also working on The Incredibles 2 with director Brad Bird working on cracking the story. We're not sure how far along development is on the sequels, but Disney announcing them is good enough for now.

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Watch: Laika's 'Boxtrolls' Lurk Under Cheesebridge in New UK Trailer

The Boxtrolls

So far, Focus Features and Laika have crafted some great teaser trailers for their forthcoming stop-motion animated feature The Boxtrolls. The first teaser just showed off some of the title creatures as they stumbled upon a human child, the second went behind the scenes showing off the models and sets, and the third just used some upbeat music without any dialogue or story explanation. Now a trailer from the United Kingdom finally gives us a glimpse into the tale being told about the creatures who live below the streets of Cheesebridge. All the townspeople are scared of the legend, but they're just not scary at all. Watch below!

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Pixar is Planning 3D Re-Releases of 'The Incredibles' and 'Ratatouille'

The Incredibles

With 3D re-releases of Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo and Monster Inc. already in the past, Pixar Animation plans on giving two more of their films the same treatment. Screen Daily has word from Josh Hollander, Pixar’s director of 3D production (speaking at the 3D Creative Summit in London) that both The Incredibles and Ratatouille will be sent back to theaters in 3D. This will be the first time Pixar is re-releasing their films in 3D without a real reason. The aforementioned 3D re-releases hit theaters in order to promote then-forthcoming sequels, but the two new re-releases don't have sequels in development now.

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