Check Out the Stylish Best Picture Nominee Cards from the Oscars

Best Picture Nominee Title Cards

All right, how about just one more post about the Oscars last night? We already posted the video highlights from the ceremony for the 86th Academy Awards, not to mention the bittersweet In Memoriam tribute saying goodbye to all the great talents we lost last year. Now we have some cool artwork that viewers saw last night as the nominees for the awards were announced. The best pieces were crafted for all nine of the Best Picture nominees, where a minimalist style was meshed with the style of the marketing materials for each film. The result is some beautiful nominee title cards that should be framed on a wall. Look below!

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Check Out These Cool Saul Bass Style Posters for 'Gravity' & Other Noms

Saul Bass Best Picture 2014 Nominee Posters

The 86th Academy Awards are this weekend, and we hope you've been paying attention to all our awards coverage throughout the week. As we head into Oscar weekend, Graphic artist Geminianum has put together some pretty cool posters, inspired by the work of Saul Bass, that honor some of this year's Best Picture nominees. While the best ones are for Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and Captain Phillips, I'm not a big fan of the Dallas Buyers Club piece that uses real pictures from the movie (though it's inspired by The Man with the Golden Arm), or The Wolf of Wall Street poster that takes a cue from West Side Story, but cheaply uses the falling Don Draper from the "Mad Men" opening titles. Check out the posters below!

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View the First Few Pieces of Artwork for Aronofsky's 'Noah' Exhibition

Aronofsky's Noah Exhibition

Time to get a look at the first two pieces of art that are part of the upcoming exhibition in honor of Darren Aronofsky's new movie Noah, starring Russell Crowe. Earlier last week we posted news that Aronofsky is organizing an art show in honor of Noah in New York City called "Fountains of the Deep: Visions of Noah and the Flood." The exhibition will include work from 50 internationally-recognized artists, from celebrated contemporary artists to comic book legends and many others. Darren has posted the first two pieces, one by Carmen Arvizu, the other by James Jean, as our early teases and they're worth checking out.

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Aronofsky Hosting Fountains of the Deep 'Noah' Art Exhibition in NYC

Aronofsky Noah Art Exhibition

Yes! This sounds awesome. Paramount has officially announced that Oscar-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky will present an exhibition of contemporary artwork inspired by the biblical saga of Noah and the Ark. The exhibition will be titled, in full: "Fountains of the Deep: Visions of Noah and the Flood" and will contain artwork curated by Aronofsky that compliments the release of highly-anticipated upcoming film Noah (watch the latest trailers). The gallery will open in New York on Friday, March 7th, 2014 and run for a few weeks, coinciding with the theatrical release of Noah on March 28th later that month. More below.

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Check Out Odd City Entertainment's Awesome 'True Romance' Poster

True Romance

Though director Tony Scott is no longer with us, he left behind a legacy of spectacular films that will inspire generations of cinephiles and filmmakers. One such gem is True Romance, arguably the best film that Scott directed in his all too short career. And if you're a huge fan of the film written by Quentin Tarantino and starring Christian Slater, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Patricia Arquette and many more, then you'll probably want to grab one of these slick new pieces of artwork from Odd City Entertainment, created by the artist Gabz, one each for Detroit and LA.

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Check These Out: A to Z Film Directors Portraits by Arina Orlova

A to Z Film Directors Portraits by Arina Orlova

Time to get a lesson in filmmakers. This may be a few years old, but it's still a worthy collection of art to share, especially with cinephiles and movie lovers. Arina Orlova created a set of A to Z Film Directors portraits, 26 in total, for an artists book in 2009. The set spans American auteur Woody Allen to Italian filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli, plus 24 other notable filmmakers with their faces sketched. The artwork is simple but elegant, and it's just a fun lesson in getting to know your directors, including Cronenberg, Jim Jarmusch, Nagisa Ôshima, Andrei Tarkovsky, Alexei Uchitel, Wong Kar Wai and Zeffirelli. See more below.

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Grown Up Movies Like 'Pulp Fiction' & 'Drive' Get Kids Book Treatment

Grown Up Movies as Children's Books

We've seen artistic reimaginings of some of our favorite films like Indiana Jones as an animated series and iconic sci-fi films turned into pulp fiction novel covers. Now graphic designer Josh Cooley has taken grown up films like Pulp Fiction, Drive, The Big Lebowski, Predator and more and turned some scenes into pages of a children's book, not unlike the well-known Little Golden Books series from most of our childhoods. While it's funny seeing the dialogue written in this way, the illustrations are what makes this incredible. The caricatures are amazing, and someone should publish books like this right now. Look below!

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See La Boca's Poster Art for the 2014 BAFTA Best Film Nominees

BAFTA Best Film Nominees

Simply sublime. With the 2014 BAFTA Awards officially announced tonight, lead by 12 Years a Slave and Gravity, we can also reveal the artwork for the Best Film nominees, now a tradition for these awards. The artwork this year, printed as part of the BAFTA Awards brochure, is by British artist La Boca and features five distinct poster designs for this year's nominees: Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave, which just won Best Film, David O. Russell's American Hustle, Paul Greengrass' Captain Phillips, Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity and, as the fifth and final poster, Stephen Frears' Philomena. All must see - catch the art below.

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Check Out Tom Whalen's Spectacular 'The LEGO Movie' Mondo Poster

The LEGO Movie

In case you weren't aware The LEGO Movie hits theaters everywhere today, and this writer will have a glowing review for the thoroughly entertaining animated flick from Phil Lord & Chris Miller later today. But until then, Mondo has released a spectacular new poster from artist Tom Whalen commemorating the truly original film. All the right characters are on display, including Chris Pratt's endearing but clueless new master builder Emmet, and it's just a great piece of artwork. Stay tuned to @MondoNews to see when the 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 475 prints goes on sale for $45 sometime today. Look below!

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Must Have Art: Laurent Durieux's 'Back to the Future Part II' Poster

Back to the Future Poster

Great Scott! This is amazing! Mondo has outdone themselves, once again, with a stunning poster that I must get my own print of. For one of their upcoming gallery exhibitions down in Austin this month, Mondo is featuring French artist Laurent Durieux solo. We love his work and so does everyone else and he's already responsible for a number of famous prints, including The Birds and Die Hard. Our friends at SlashFilm have revealed the Back to the Future Part II print from his trilogy series and it's just about perfect. From the colors to the composition to the DeLorean itself, I am totally in love with this art. I want it on my wall now!

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Mondo to Open Disney Classics Art Gallery in Austin During SXSW

Oh My Disney Mondo

Big news for Disney fans attending SXSW in Austin this March. Mondo has announced they're opening an exhibition at their gallery in Austin during SXSW from March 7th to 11th. The gallery is titled "Nothing's Impossible" and they've partnered with Oh My Disney to feature limited edition artwork from Disney classics and current characters. To celebrate the news, they've debuted a print by Ken Taylor for Disney's Alice in Wonderland (1951), seen in full below. "Disney has a special way of bringing out the magic in all of us and we're very excited to bring that feeling to Austin at this year's gallery event," stated Justin Ishmael.

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Adam Simpson Designs Creative 'Rear Window' Poster Art for Mondo

Rear Window Poster

In deadly danger...because they saw too much! Another new poster for one of Hitchcock's classics. Mondo has debuted their poster art for Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 thriller classic starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. The art is designed by artist Adam Simpson, and features a creative design of the apartment block, with the various tenants that Stewart spies on hidden within. It's a very sleek design, although a bit contemporary and certainly different from the film's real marketing. It's also reminiscent of the recent Home Alone poster, also designed by Adam Simpson. You can see the poster and alternate below.

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Mondo Debuts Stellar 'Where the Wild Things Are' & 'Brick' Poster Art

Brick Mondo Poster

"You're not really a king, are you?" These are gorgeous. Mondo has debuted two new art prints for two beloved (cult classic) films, both of them by artists with the last name "Taylor". One of our favorite artists, Ken Taylor, has designed a wonderful print of Max & Carol from Spike Jonze's whimsical take on Where the Wild Things Are. The film was highly praised by critics, but didn't fare so well at the box office in 2009. The other poster by Matt Taylor is for Rian Johnson's directorial debut Brick, featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Instead of the blue theme from the film, this one goes for a red motif, and it works very well.

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Repetitious Red Poster for Jake Gyllenhaal & Denis Villeneuve's 'Enemy'

Enemy Poster

You can't escape your self. I'm surprised and kind of excited to report we have a rather impressive poster to start off the New Year right when it comes to poster art. A unique, very red poster for Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve's other film with Jake Gyllenhaal, titled Enemy, has debuted via IMPAwards. Adapted from another novel called The Double (not related to Richard Ayoade's film) the story is about a man who seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie. The cast also includes Mélanie Laurent, Isabella Rossellini and Sarah Gadon, but it's only Jake Gyllenhaal over and over on this poster. There was a trailer for this film once, but it was pulled, now we're waiting for the real one from A24. Until then, check this out.

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