Bob $tencil at Comic-Con 2009: Disheveled Sunday Mess

Bob Stencil

While I did have a lot of fun at the Lost panel, I never did get to the bottom of the time paradox at the end of last season. So on Sunday I asked the only panel worth a damn that the Con had left. You see, Sunday is the 4th day of Comic-Con, and it's like the 3rd day in Vegas. You find yourself hung-over, milling around on sore feet through a mess of people, the big colorful signs that once wooed you in, now seem to laugh in your face; you are disheveled, out of money and wondering when the hell this became a place for kids. I could go on about this but I met an expert who specializes in expressing negative emotions, so I just left it up to him.

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Bob $tencil at Comic-Con 2009: Getting Lost on Saturday

Bob Stencil

Saturday was the best day at the Con so far! Typically I go to Hall H panels to hit on hot celebrities but in this particular case, I am a huge Lost fan. The show has everything I love: airplane crashes, sexy women on tropical beaches, an experimental hippy commune, underground layers, time travel. It reminds me of the good 'ol days of the 70s. I think my question really touched on a hot-button issue, because rather than answer the question, they distracted me with a very cool custom prize. Well played sirs! Then it it was off to the men's bathroom where, with Bacon's help, I blue myself in preparation for the Comic-Con Masquerade.

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Bob $tencil at Comic-Con 2009: Forget Thursday, It's Friday!

Bob Stencil

Hey friends its your friend Bob $tencil. So I apologize for not having something more substantial that covers Thursday… oh wait a minute, no I don't. Thursday was the worst day I have ever spent at Comic-Con and I owe it all to that awful movie "Twilight Saga Colon New Moon." I say that we just forget the whole thing happened and call it even. Friday was a much better day. Rather than waiting in lines with Twilight moms and pubescent girls, I was finally able to get down to brass tacks with the celebrities I had the fortune of bumping into including Mila Kunis, Jackie Earl Haley, Robert Downey Jr, and Megan Fox. Check it out!

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Bob $tencil at Comic-Con 2009: Flying His Way to San Diego

Bob Stencil - Plane

Given that Comic-Con only kicked off last night (and we're in the thick of the first day today), Bob Stencil doesn't have any good footage to share with everyone yet (although there is some controversy brewing around Twilight). In place of that, Bob wanted me to share with you this video of him flying his way into San Diego. You might not know, but Bob Stencil once flew airplanes for Braniff International before they went bankrupt in 1982. Stay tuned as this is only just a tease - since we have plenty of Comic-Con footage to share with you starting later tonight. But in the meantime, you might as well fire this video up and enjoy!

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He's Back Again: Bob Stencil's Comic-Con 2009 Teaser!

Bob Stencil's Comic-Con 2009 Teaser

The King of Comic-Con returns again! We're proud to announce that Bob $tencil himself will be back this year to provide more coverage of the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. If you don't know who Bob $tencil is, you can catch some of his old videos from Comic-Con 2008 and Sundance 2009 right here on Bob sent over a special teaser video in anticipation of this year's Comic-Con to give us a glimpse of what's coming and also take a quick look back at some of his memories from Comic-Con's past. Whether you've never seen any Bob $tencil before or just want to revisit some of his greatest moments, then fire this up!

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Bob $tencil Does Sundance 2009 - Day 8 Video Recap!

Bob $tencil at Sundance 2009

As of today, Sundance may be officially over, but Bob Stencil's video coverage isn't! He's got just a few more hilarious videos to share and today he's bringing us a gem of an interview. Bob sits down for a chat with actor Jon Foster from such films as Thirteen Days, Stay Alive, Mysteries of Pittsburgh, and most recently, The Informers. As everyone knows, with Bob Stencil at the helm, this isn't your standard one-on-one interview. No, this is a full on beer-in-hand conversation with Foster, with flying bottle caps, foul language, and so much more. So with that, dive right in to one of the last Bob Stencil video updates.

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Bob $tencil Does Sundance 2009 - Day 7 Video Recap!

Bob $tencil at Sundance 2009

How do you follow up the hilarious Bob Stencil video from yesterday with Billy Bob Thornton? How about interviews with Kyle MacLachlan and Sam Rockwell and a wandering nomad / healing shaman hippie? Yep, Bob Stencil is back yet again, quickly after his last Day 6 video, and he's got even more hilarious red carpet Sundance interviews. And if you've been curious to see what the life is like for Bob up here in Park City, the intro to this today shows us just how much waiting is involved to pull off this kind of coverage. There's not much more to say, so let's get right into this latest Stencil recap. Enjoy!

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Bob $tencil Does Sundance 2009 - Day 6 Video Recap!

Bob $tencil at Sundance 2009

This video recap today may be the pinnacle of Bob Stencil's Sundance coverage. Not only does he talk to Rob Corddry and pay homage to The Shining, but Billy Bob Thornton himself personally hooks Bob up with another female reporter on the Sundance red carpet. As promised, these have been getting better and better as Sundance has continued. We're reaching the end, but Bob's still got some videos up his sleeve, and this is one of them we've been waiting to share with all of you. If there is any one of these Bob Stencil videos you watch, let it be this one. Because there's nothing better than seeing Bob make an ass of himself.

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Bob $tencil Does Sundance 2009 - Day 4 Video Recap!

Bob $tencil at Sundance 2009

Yes, that's Eliza Dushku. I think that's all we need to show you to get you to watch this one. Bob Stencil is back again live from Sundance, this time talking with the stars of Humpday, quite briefly, as well as Eliza Dushku, Ewan McGregor, and the guy who started the "Girls Gone Wild" videos. And to make you even more interested, it seems as if Dushku has the hots for Bob. Admittedly, this isn't the greatest Bob Stencil video we've seen this week, but then again, we've still got 5 more days of this festival left. Things are starting to get quieter around here in Park City, but Bob is still hitting Main Street harder than ever.

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Bob $tencil Does Sundance 2009 - Day 3 Video Recap!

Bob $tencil at Sundance 2009

Pizza, beer, hot babes, free shit, Paul Giamatti. Those are just a few of the things that you'll find in Bob Stencil's latest video update from Sundance. This time Bob doubles it up, with a trip to the Def Jam party to get handfuls of free swag from some hot girls, and then swings back around in time to chat with actor Paul Giamatti about Cold Souls and offer him some beer. Will this once-in-a-lifetime experience ever end? Probably not, as it seems Bob Stencil has made a home for himself in the mountains. And with girls like this, who wouldn't want to live here? Check out this latest video update fresh off the streets.

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Bob $tencil Does Sundance 2009 - Day 2 Video Recap!

Bob $tencil at Sundance 2009

Bob Stencil returns tonight with a recap from Day 2 here at Sundance in Park City, Utah. Bob chats with the stars of Spring Breakdown in this video, including Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, and Parker Posey, as well as the film's writer/director Ryan Shiraki. As we mentioned last time, this is only just the tip of the iceberg. Bob has been hitting the town every night, including the Ray Ban party and the Def Jam party. There is plenty more to come over the next week and a half, so be ready for more. Tune in now to check out the latest Bob Stencil Does Sundance video and check back tomorrow for another. We hope you enjoy!

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Bob $tencil Does Sundance 2009 - Day 0 Video Recap!

Bob $tencil at Sundance 2009

As promised, Bob $tencil has arrived here in Park City for Sundance and has already hit the town. The festival hadn't even started and Bob was out on Main Street making new friends, hitting on pretty women, and even partying with celebrities. Well, maybe pseudo-celebrities, as you'll see in this very first video. Since there wasn't much going on and Park City was rather quiet, this isn't exactly the most exciting video to kick things off with. But it's all just the beginning, as we've got 10 more days to go, and there is plenty more to come, including exclusive talks with Uma Thurman, Amy Poehler, and the guys from Humpday.

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Look Who's Back - Bob $tencil Sundance Announcement!

Look Who's Back - Bob Stencil Announcement Video!

He's been taking Comic-Con by storm for years, now he's headed to Park City. That's right, Bob $tencil is going to Sundance! We thought we'd save this announcement until it was the New Year, as we wanted to start building up the hype once we had all the big December movies out of the way. And what better way to make this announcement official than launch a new video featuring Bob $tencil himself. He's whipped up a quick promo to let us know what has been haunting his dreams recently - just watch it. If you thought Sundance wasn't that exciting beforehand, just wait until Bob $tencil shows you what it's all about!

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Bob $tencil: King of Comic-Con 2008 Final Video!

Bob $tencil: King of Comic-Con 2008 Final Video!

Well, here it is. My Pièce de Résistance, my Mona Lisa, my Sixteen Chapel, my Spruce Goose, my Titanic: Bob $tencil: King of Comic-Con 2008. It has been your pleasure watching me kick ass at Comic-Con this year and I am sure you are all forever grateful for the amazing stories and people that I was able to bring you… I know I am. If you've never been to Comic-Con, then you can now enjoy all the best parts of it, without the lines, or the smell. It takes a special kind of person to do what I do, and believe me, you are better off watching from the comfort of your own internet. So sit back, relax and enjoy as I show you how a real man takes over a convention. Follow Bob $tencil this year in our final video as he chats with Guy Ritchie, Samuel Jackson, Rain, Kiefer Sutherland, the entire cast of Watchmen, and more!

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