Comic-Con 2010: Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens Kicked Ass

Cowboys & Aliens

One big panel that totally blew everyone away, us included, this year at Comic-Con 2010 was Universal's panel for Cowboys & Aliens, the new Jon Favreau movie that's being shot as we speak. Although they've only been shooting for about four weeks, Favreau made an appearance and brought the entire cast in, and I mean the entire cast: Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell and Adam Beach. And yes, even Harrison Ford made his first ever Comic-Con appearance (we talk more about it in the video below) and as you can tell by my tweets, even I was excited to see him. But of course, we got to see some footage, so how was it?

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Comic-Con 2010: Our Live Blog from the Marvel Studios Panel

Marvel Studios

It's time. The final movie panel of Comic-Con 2010 is about to begin (after a delay due to an incident) and it's a big one - Marvel Studios. It's so huge, that in the Comic-Con guide they wouldn't even list who was showing up or what was going to be happening, we have no clue, but you can follow along as it's all revealed right here in our full live blog of the Marvel Studios panel. We're expecting footage from Kenneth Branagh's Thor and maybe Joe Johnston's Captain America, as well as some major announcements regarding The Avengers movie. We're sitting in Hall H anxiously waiting for the panel to begin. You can follow it below!

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Comic-Con 2010: Matt Reeves' Let Me In Continues to Impress

Matt Reeves' Let Me In

We just finished watching Overture/Hammer Films' panel for Matt Reeves' Let Me In at Comic-Con today. In attendance were director Matt Reeves and actors Chloe Moretz, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Richard Jenkins (who was so great to see at Comic-Con). We all know by now that Let Me In is a remake of John Ajvide Lindqvist's incredible vampire tale, or rather vampire love story. "It's an adult story, it's a complex story, yet it falls on two 12-year-old kids to play," Reeves said regarding casting concerns. Although there's been some hesitation, based on the clips and footage today, I really think Reeves might have pulled it off.

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Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2010: Part 1 - First Footage is Here!

Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2010

He's back and better than ever - Bob $tencil has returned! His very first video of Comic-Con 2010 has finally premiered and can be seen below. This year, we're featuring a total of 3 videos with Bob $tencil from Comic-Con, in two separate parts, with one final King of Comic-Con video, which will arrive later this week. In this video, Bob chats with fans on the showfloor, interviews Machete stars Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez, and chats with Nathan Fillion from James Gunn's Super. It's another can't miss video with one of Comic-Con's beloved "Geek Gods" himself and only just the first look at more videos to come. Enjoy!

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Watch: Captain Jack's Pirates of the Caribbean Comic-Con Video

Pirates of the Caribbean

Although the Disney panel on Thursday (live blog here) morning was initially only supposed to be focused on Tron Legacy, Disney had a few surprises in store for attendees in Hall H. One of those surprises was the debut of a fun little video for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides featuring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow chatting about the movie, including making a funny fourth-wall-breaking reference to Penélope Cruz being in the movie. I didn't expect that footage to show up online, but a clean, high quality version has appeared on YouTube (via TheMovieBox) and it looks like it's an official debut. Watch it below!

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Comic-Con 2010: Full Live Blog of Warner Brothers' Big Panel

Warner Bros

Are you ready? We are about to begin this highly anticipated presentation at Comic-Con 2010 for three of Warner Bros' upcoming movies - Green Lantern, Sucker Punch and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is one we've been waiting for, as it means we'll probably get our first look at some actual real footage from Green Lantern (which will be interesting to see considering the reaction from the first reveal of the costume). We're also looking forward to seeing more Harry Potter footage (I can't wait!) and whatever Zack Snyder decides to show from Sucker Punch, which we recently unveiled sexy posters for a few days ago.

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Comic-Con 2010 Interview: Seth Rogen from The Green Hornet

Seth Rogen

I think it's becoming my biennial Comic-Con tradition to interview Seth Rogen at the Con. He's a big comic book fan which means he loves coming down here for the Con anyway, but it's always great to catch up with him. The first time I interviewed him was in 2008 for Pineapple Express, which was a great experience, and now he's back again for The Green Hornet, which Sony featured at their panel last night. I caught up with Seth before the panel at a hotel and chatted with him about working on The Green Hornet, now that we've actually seen the trailer for it. It's a very quick 6-minute chat with Rogen that I think is worth checking out!

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Comic-Con 2010: Rainn Wilson & Ellen Page are Gunn's 'Super'


By now plenty of movie-goers are familiar with most superheroes like Superman, Spider-Man and Iron Man, and some are even familiar with other heroes that aren't that "super" like Kick-Ass or maybe Defendor. Now director James Gunn (Slither) is bringing us even lesser of a hero with Super, the story of a guy down-on-his-luck (Rainn Wilson) who attempts to win his drug addicted wife (Liv Tyler) back from a glamorous drug dealer by teaming up with a psychopathic teen (Ellen Page) and becoming costumed crimefighters. Gunn brought a scene and a special trailer cut together exclusively for Comic-Con. So what is the verdict?

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Comic-Con 2010: Fincher and Giamatti Rock The Goon Panel

The Goon

After watching that badass short teaser for The Goon that debuted earlier this week, I made it a priority to stop by the panel held at Comic-Con today for the upcoming animated comic book adaptation based on Eric Powell's comics. It was a very good choice as not only was the panel thoroughly entertaining (thanks to Reno 911's Ben Garant as the moderator), but on top of that, producer David Fincher and actor Paul Giamatti showed up as well to support the indie project, which is still searching for a studio to finance and distribute the movie. They also debuted an awesome extended version of that same test footage from earlier this week.

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Comic-Con 2010: Impressive First Look at Universal's Skyline


Sure, the thousands of Comic-Con attendees are familiar with movies like Tron Legacy, Green Hornet and Marvel's Thor. We've even featured the alien invasion movie Battle: Los Angeles, which premiered its first trailer and footage yesterday, along with the start of a viral campaign. On the opposite end of the spectrum is another alien invasion fueled flick that we haven't heard or seen much about aside from a building-size ad outside the convention center. That movie is Skyline and filmmakers/visual effects wizards Greg and Colin Strause (of Alien vs Predator: Requiem) brought one hell of a first look with a trailer that gave me chills.

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Comic-Con 2010: Nicolas Cage Hits the Gas on Drive Angry 3D

Nicolas Cage - Drive Angry 3D

Earlier this year, the eclectic Nicolas Cage rocked audienes as the gun-toting Big Daddy in Kick-Ass which swept through Comic-Con in 2009. But this year Cage is rocking the convention by putting the pedal to the metal with Drive Angry, Patrick Lussier's 3D action follow up which is shot entirely in 3D rather than being converted in post. Comic-Con attendees were treated to a first look at the high speed extravaganza as Lussier gave us a first look at the trailer and brought along Cage, the lovely Amber Heard, as well as the commanding William Fichtner for the ride. So should you buckle up for an angry ride with Nicolas Cage?

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Flynn's Arcade 2010 Leads to Tron Legacy's End of Line Club!

Tron Legacy End of Line Club

Disney has done it again. This truly is ComiTRON 2010. You may remember that at last year's Comic-Con, a viral hunt eventually lead to a vintage Flynn's Arcade, full of tons of working arcade machines and a real lightcycle on display. This year, Flynn's Arcade has returned, but not in the same way. This time, when you enter Flynn's, it's circa 2010 (e.g. from the movie) and all of the machines have been covered up with tarps. But when the hole in the wall opens, it leads to Kevin Flynn's secret work room with the laser, where we're derezed and taken inside the Tron world to the new End of Line club - which is absolutely breathtaking!

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Comic-Con 2010: Danny Trejo Serves Up Machete Truck Tacos

Machete Taco Truck

This had to be one of the coolest promos I've ever seen at Comic-Con, in a very badass and fun way. Instead of doing anything for Robert Rodriguez's Machete actually at the Con, Fox decided to promote the movie off-site with a taco truck they had custom painted for the movie. On top of rolling that down here, Machete himself - Danny Trejo - was serving up tacos from the truck most of the night. When I stopped by early in the evening, I actually got my own taco served by Trejo, and it was quite delicious. I snapped a few photos of Trejo serving and the Machete truck (both sides of it painted by a local LA artist) for you to check out below.

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Comic-Con 2010: Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren Paint Hall H RED


We got our first look at the Summit adaptation of DC Comics action-packed comic book RED when the first trailer popped up online last month. But today, the lucky thousands in Hall H at Comic-Con were treated to the world premiere of a brand new trailer featuring Bruce Willis kicking Karl Urban's ass, Helen Mirren nonchalantly mentioning to Mary-Louise Parker that she kills people, John Malkovich being, well, John Malkovich and even Richard Dreyfuss getting punched in the face. Having been somewhat underwhelmed by the first trailer for Red, this trailer had some magic to work on me. So how did that go?

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