Our 2012 Comic-Con Meet-Up is Taking Place on Friday in San Diego


Calling all movie geeks, we're hosting our fourth annual FirstShowing meet-up at Comic-Con on Friday this week. This is the "meet-up" for FS fans/readers and our friends SlashFilm and ScreenRant, and we'll be arriving at 10PM and staying a few hours. We're meeting at the Marriott Marina Hotel (map) in the "Marina Kitchen" left of the lobby. You don't need to be 21, as we'll be hanging out in the lounge. In addition to myself, editor Ethan Anderton will be there, along with the SlashFilm & ScreenRant guys. We hope to meet you there if you're here in San Diego. Enjoy the first few days of the Con, and we'll see you on Friday!

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Video Blog: 'Dredd 3D' with Karl Urban is Violent, Gritty & Awesome

Dredd 3D

Believe it! To kick off Comic-Con 2012 with some great buzz on preview night, Lionsgate held an early preview screening of Dredd 3D, the brand new remake/re-adaptation of the 2000 AD comic Judge Dredd. Director Pete Travis cast Kiwi actor Karl Urban as the new Dredd, who indeed never takes off his helmet, and Olivia Thirlby as a young, up-and-coming Judge under his assessment. It's awesome. It's badass. It's gritty. It's a bit like The Raid, but has its own story, courtesy of Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine), that never wastes a second of worthwhile time. Damn, I already want to see it again! Our video blog below.

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Check Out This Batty Mondo Comic-Con 'Dark Knight Rises' Poster

The Dark Knight Rises

There's been a little bit of a poster overload for The Dark Knight Rises lately, but I suppose it's better than seeing far too much footage from the film (we've been holding back TV spots and such so as to keep the film fresh). But it's Comic-Con this week after all, so there's plenty of geeky promotion going on. And who better to unleash a fantastic poster at Comic-Con then the collectible art house Mondo who revealed their poster for The Dark Knight Rises over at Badass Digest. There's actually two different variants of this poster, and two different ways to get your hands on this print at Comic-Con in San Diego. Details below!

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It's Better Up There - 'Elysium' Viral Restarts with Citizenship Initiative


"You won't find a better home on Earth!" Finally, the long-awaited viral for Elysium has started up again, and they're hitting Comic-Con hard. Last year, we discovered a viral site (visit it here) for Neill Blomkamp's new movie for a company called Armadyne, but there were no updates on it. Things have just started back up here at Comic-Con, as totally expected, with a full-page flyer found at the Sony Pictures booth on the showfloor (good photos of it below). It links to a new page called simply "It's Better Up There" that forwards to the "Elysium Citizenship Initiative" page, which is a new user sign-up for this viral. More info below.

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Comic-Con 2012: Our First Batch of Preview Night Showfloor Photos

Comic-Con 2012

It is my tradition to kick off Comic-Con by walking the showfloor on preview night and taking photos of anything movie-related that interests me. This year there seems to be a lot of the same booths, statues and setups as years' past, but as always there's some new stuff to be found on the massive convention center showfloor. I made my way through the crowds and snapped as many shots as I could before ducking out, but there will certainly be more to come at the end (as we always do a wrap-up piece as well). For now, take a look at our exclusive gallery, including photos of Marvel's Iron Man armory and The Hobbit goodies galore.

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First Comic-Con Photos of 'Elysium' Bugatti Futuristic Flying Vehicle

Elysium Vehicle Comic-Con

Last night upon arriving in San Diego for Comic-Con, we discovered there was some sort of futuristic spacecraft sitting in front of the Hard Rock Hotel. This morning I returned to find a badass physical display for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium, starring Matt Damon (his first photo), a first look at one of the futuristic vehicles (a Bugatti!) from the movie. It's so dirty and has hooks because, as a friend on twitter explained: "that shit gets F upped in the flick. Lot of great vehicles in the movie!" Plus, I think this is an actual set piece designed and used to film with, so the hooks were for mounting. Check out my six exclusive photos below!

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'The Expendables 2' Gets a Grindhouse-Inspired Comic-Con Poster

The Expendables 2

Well, most of the posters for The Expendables 2 have been mostly underwhelming, even though everyone in the cast got their own poster, but the good stuff is being unleashed at Comic-Con this week. A new poster is getting released at Comic-Con and it seems to take a cue from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse, especially with that font and the faux creases and wear. Lionsgate will be handing out this poster at Comic-Con while supplies last. The original is an oil on canvas piece, which was used to create the poster as well as 250 limited-edition prints on specialty canvas paper to be signed by the cast. Look below!

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Comic-Con Posters: Jackson's 'The Hobbit' & del Toro's 'Pacific Rim'!

Comic-Con Posters

Get ready for your jaw to drop. Warner Bros just released a set of two posters for their upcoming Comic-Con movies. The first is for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the other is for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. The Pacific Rim poster is our first real look at this movie and, more importantly, a look at the giant robots/mechs in the movie, and their size in comparison to their operators. The Hobbit poster, on the other hand, is just an absolutely gorgeous shot of Gandalf strolling through The Shire. Both are awesome, and I'm sure just the first of many bigger reveals and Comic-Con exclusives to come this week.

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Our Comic-Con 2012 Preview: What We're Looking Forward to Seeing

Comic-Con - Peter Jackson & Steven Spielberg

If you can believe it, since time flies and dates have been shifted, the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner. Only one weekend away, starting on next Wednesday, July 11th for preview night, is Comic-Con, the summer's big comics/pop culture convention that lasts until Sunday, July 15th. We're already gearing up and getting ready to hit the Con with all we've got (minus Bob $tencil this year) but we'll be there covering all the big panels in Hall H and anything else that happens. A total of 15 different movie blogs/websites have collected blurbs of what we're looking forward to at Comic-Con for this early preview.

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Lionsgate's Motion Poster for 'Dredd' Teasing a Comic-Con Screening

Dredd 3D

Judgement is Coming! Lionsgate has just released a new motion poster for Pete Travis's Dredd 3D, the badass new sci-fi take on 2000 AD's Judge Dredd, starring Karl Urban as the new Judge. We featured the first official trailer a few weeks ago and while it does look similar to The Raid, I still think it looks awesome. The motion poster comes from SuperHeroHype, where they've announced that Lionsgate is also hosting a screening at Comic-Con, on Wednesday night next week, July 11, at 10PM in San Diego. Tickets are being given away by a few sites only (we don't have any, sorry!) but I will definitely be there. See the poster below.

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Comic-Con 2012 Programming Schedule - Complete Movie Listings

Comic-Con Hall H

It's that time of year again already. The San Diego Comic-Con, taking place a week earlier this summer in mid-July, is just around the corner, and that means they're ready to announce the programming schedule. The full list is revealed on their website day by day this week (we'll update below). You can read through the schedule day-by-day right here. I've highlighted a few of the panels that are related to movies that we're planning to cover here on, and you'll find an abridged list of only specific film-related panels below. There is still a good amount of interesting movie-related panels this year, so read on for the 2012 schedule!

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Comic-Con Teases: Godzilla Surprise + Maybe Marvel's Guardians?

Gareth Edwards / Godzilla

With the official programming being announced this week and only two weeks left until Comic-Con, things are getting quite exciting. While a number of announcements have been made, including that The Hobbit and even Neill Blomkamp's Elysium will be delivering a full-on presentation in Hall H, there are always surprises. The studios usually do a good job keeping things under wraps until the big show, but a few little tidbits seem to have leaked out. The biggest one, worth noting, is that there may be a big Godzilla surprise during Warner Bros' Hall H panel on Saturday, which will likely already feature Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.

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Weyland Continues Recruiting at Comic-Con + Another Viral Video

Weyland Viral Recruiting

"Cut it off!" It ain't over yet. Another new video from Weyland Industries has popped up online, sent out today and posted via YouTube with a new website linked to Comic-Con coming up in just a few weeks. This one features a new Weyland hire, an employee named Jamie Rossi, a "nanotechnologist in the biomedical field office on Luna." She talks about her job and how wonderful it is, and there's random freaky clips of Prometheus spliced in. But at the end it points out a new link and show what this is all about - a tease that the viral will continue with "recruiting" at the San Diego Comic-Con 2012, coming up in July. See below!

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