Watch: Go Inside Heath Ledger's Chilling 'Dark Knight' Joker Diary

The Dark Knight

It's hard to believe it's been five years since we lost Heath Ledger. The actor went out with an amazing Oscar winning performance in The Dark Knight as iconic villain The Joker, arguably delivering the best interpretation of the character even seen on the big or small screen. While on the set, Ledger kept a diary featuring little things that inspired his character. From images of Batman comic books to the trademark playing cards and images of different clowns, there's a slew of stuff that looks like a serial killer's diary. But the most chilling is the last page of the diary which features the words "Bye Bye" scribbled in large letters.

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First Poster for Noam Murro's '300: Rise of an Empire' Sequel Lands

300: Rise of an Empire

Seize your glory! In the midst of all those exciting Man of Steel and Star Trek trailers today, CinemaCon presentations and 21st Century Fox debacle, another first look found its way online. Director Zack Snyder, who moved on to only produce and develop this sequel, tweeted out the very first poster for 300: Rise of an Empire. We saw some of the first footage from the film, which follows the events in 300 directly and brings back Queen Gorgo and Xerxes, at CinemaCon and it's definitely a big step up in terms of epic, stylized historical action. The poster shows an unidentified Spartan warrior posed in front of battle. Not much to it.

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Two Posters for 'The Wolverine' Show Logan's Rage + New Photos

The Wolverine

Rrrrraaaaaggggeeee!! No tagline needed. Everything that needs to be said is being said on Hugh Jackman's face, screaming in rage as Wolverine. 20th Century Fox has unveiled two new posters for James Mangold's The Wolverine standalone spin-off movie set in Japan, just before the trailer arrives this week. Both of the posters show Hugh Jackman as Logan screaming with his claws out, but they also have that kind of shiny, comic book-feel which really makes them feel a bit cheap. I love the ninja artwork, I just wish it wasn't a bad Photoshop and had more of a full-on comic book feel, like the first Wolverine teaser poster. That said, this still looks awesome. While we wait for the trailer to arrive, EW also unveiled a new set of photos. See below!

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Kickstart This: 'Death of Superman Lives' Doc on Burton's Failed Film

Death of Superman Lives

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstart This, FirstShowing's weekly column dedicated to spreading the word about cool indie projects that need your help to become a reality. By now, you've surely heard of Superman Lives, Tim Burton's failed attempt to reboot the Superman franchise back in the 1990s that had Nicolas Cage on board in the lead role. If you really want to hear the behind the scenes story of this movie that never was, help support The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, a Kickstarter doc that will collect every piece of information available about this failed superhero effort and put it in one place.

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Jackman's 'The Wolverine' Unveils a Rainy International Motion Poster

The Wolverine

Introducing Hugh Jackman as Logan in the stand-alone The Wolverine, directed by James Mangold. 20th Century Fox has been releasing some fairly impressive bits of early marketing so far for The Wolverine, the spin-off Wolvie solo movie set in Japan based on the Frank Miller & Chris Claremont storyline. We've seen a badass first look and bone claws photo showing Jackman, plus the sleek teaser poster art and on set Q&A, now we've got a "motion poster" to unveil the international teaser poster - which is also quite badass. The artwork shows Logan crouched, clutching samurai sword in one hand, claws in the other, with a glimpse at the Tokyo Tower in the background. Love it. It's impressive artwork and such a dark but stunning tease.

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Zack Snyder Hints Some Sort of 'Justice League' Link in 'Man of Steel'

Justice Leage

Ever since we heard that Warner Bros. was getting serious about putting together a Justice League movie after the success of The Avengers (including hiringĀ  Gangster Squad writer Will Beall to take a first run at the script and hoping for a release in 2015), fans have been wondering if next summer's Man of Steel would be the first film to help set the stage for the DC Comics superhero ensemble. After all, Iron Man kicked off the long journey to The Avengers, so it would only make sense to have this new franchise start the fire. And now director Zack Snyder seems to vaguely confirm something along those lines. More below!

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Watch: Marvel's First 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Gets Shot-for-Shot Sweded

Iron Man 3

"Lesson Number One…" How do a couple of crafty movie fans, with a $5 budget and some cardboard boxes, colored paper, a few friends and some lighters, recreate the entire Iron Man 3 trailer shot-for-shot? Oh the art of sweding (thanks again Be Kind Rewind), like a fine wine it gets better every year. From the same guys that brought you the sweded trailers for The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises comes the sweded remake of Marvel's Iron Man 3 trailer, directed by Shane Black starring Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark again. This is totally crazy, but a lot of fun. Especially to see how they do the underwater scenes at the end. Good times!

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Warner Bros is Now Readying Their 'Justice League' Movie for 2015

Justice League Movie

Briefly: After winning a big legal battle over rights to DC Comics' Superman, Warner Bros is free-and-clear to move forward on a Justice League movie. The LA Times reveals that they're "expected to accelerate development" of Justice League, and it may now include the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, with an apparent plan to "spin out other superheroes into their own movies" after. The opposite of Marvel, which is what everyone was expecting considering Chris Nolan's Batman franchise just concluded this year. The tentative release date is now 2015, which puts Justice League up against Marvel's Avengers 2, arriving in May 2015. They're still working on the script now, and no director is attached yet. Stay tuned!

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Hugo Weaving Doesn't Sound Too Keen on Playing Red Skull Again

Red Skull

With Cloud Atlas just over a week away, the stars of the ambitious, generation spanning film from the Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer are making the publicity rounds. Hugo Weaving is having a big end to his year with turns in the epic adaptation of David Mitchell's book and Peter Jackson's trilogy take on The Hobbit. Recently, Collider caught up with the star of other big trilogies such as Transformers and The Matrix and he had some distressing words for fans who might be looking forward to him returning as the Captain America villain Red Skull at some point in Phase Two of Marvel's cinematic universe. Read on!

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Learn the History of Titular 'Winter Soldier' in Captain America Sequel

The Winter Soldier

As everyone now knows, the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger has been revealed as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We explained briefly when Anthony Mackie was cast as Cap's sidekick Falcon that (in the comics) Steve Rogers' presumably deceased childhood friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) is found alive and brought back to life by the Russian military. With no memory of what happened, or his life before, the Soviets turned him into an assassin called the Winter Soldier, and sent him around killing high profile targets in the Cold War. Now an IGN video dives a little deeper into the history of the character.

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Whoa: Did Feige Just Hint We Could See a 'World War Hulk' Movie?

World War Hulk

Marvel definitely likes to tease. Its been an interesting last few weeks, between the Guardians of the Galaxy news and Thanos chatter recently, but there's more! And this time it involves everyone's favorite big green guy - Hulk! Following up with more quotes from, likely, the same interview with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, MTV (via Collider), who also provided the most recent Thanos updates, published another piece mentioning future possibilities of Marvel movies. Maybe World War Hulk, even Planet Hulk, as well as talk about what's beyond Avengers 2. This is getting very exciting, but this stuff is still a long ways out.

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Marvel's Kevin Feige Chats Villain Thanos and Their Future Plans

Thanos / Kevin Feige

Thanos is coming. Just the other day, it was confirmed from a Marvel insider that Thanos, the big purple villain at the end of The Avengers, would be the big bad villain in a number of upcoming movies, including Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2. No big surprise, as that's exactly what/why they were teasing when he showed up in the credits anyway. Yep, time for the Infinity Gauntlet and more. Its going to lead up to something epic and they're scheming. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently chatted with MTV and confirmed Thanos is up-and-coming and spoke a bit about future plans. He even mentions Phase Three.

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Bold, Badass New Mondo Poster for 'Dredd 3D' Designed by Jock

Jock Dredd

Judgment is Coming. It's almost time. Obey the law, or else you will be judged and sentenced immediately. Arriving in theaters this week is Dredd 3D, starring Karl Urban as the new Judge Dredd. I'll be there, seeing this film again, because it's so awesome. Entertainment Weekly has posted the latest Mondo poster designed by artist Jock (@jock4twenty) for Dredd, being revealed and sold at Fantastic Fest this week as part of the film's final premiere at the fest. I think it's simplistically bold, and badass, and I would like to get my hands on one somehow. View the full-size Jock Dredd print below. And go see Dredd 3D this weekend!

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Marvel's 'The Avengers 2' Set to Arrive May 1st, 2015 - With Thanos?

The Avengers

Briefly: It has been announced and/or confirmed by Deadline that the official release date for Marvel's The Avengers 2 is now set for May 1st, 2015. Only three years to go! Joss Whedon will be writing and directing the sequel to this year's ensemble superhero team-up box office smash. Pretty much exactly what we expected to see, following Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy in the next few years leading up to this (plus maybe Ant-Man?). Can we expect Thanos to be the (really) big, bad villain this time around? Possibly, but like with Loki they're never going to confirm until we're sitting in theaters at midnight on April 30th. Can't wait! Mark it down in the calendar.

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