First Images of 'Ghostbusters' LEGO Ecto-1 Set Hitting Shelves in June

Ghostbusters LEGO

Just last month, we learned that LEGO had officially approved the custom Ecto-1 vehicle set inspired by the iconic vehicle from Ghostbusters, after it was put up for approval by the custom LEGO community Cuusoo. However, so far the only pictures we've seen were of the set as it was proposed to LEGO. With the Toy Fair happening in New York City, we have the first official images of the new LEGO set arriving in June of this year, just in time for the film's 30th anniversary. As we hopes, not only does the set include the vehicle itself, but also all four of the Ghostbusters. Sadly, there's no sign of Slimer being included though.

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Watch: 'NBA 2K14' Game Gets Creepy But Impressive 'Space Jam' Mod

Space Jam in NBA 2K14

While we're still waiting for video game movies like Warcraft and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to come to fruition, one fan of both films and video games with some extra time on his hands (a lot of extra time actually) decided to go the opposite route. Children of the 90s and anyone aware of the golden era of Michael Jordan undoubtedly remember the family comedy Space Jam featuring the professional NBA player teaming up with the Looney Tunes to play a race of aliens using stolen talents of other NBA players in a game of basketball. We saw a faux ESPN documentary short about it, but now you can play the game.

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Grown Up Movies Like 'Pulp Fiction' & 'Drive' Get Kids Book Treatment

Grown Up Movies as Children's Books

We've seen artistic reimaginings of some of our favorite films like Indiana Jones as an animated series and iconic sci-fi films turned into pulp fiction novel covers. Now graphic designer Josh Cooley has taken grown up films like Pulp Fiction, Drive, The Big Lebowski, Predator and more and turned some scenes into pages of a children's book, not unlike the well-known Little Golden Books series from most of our childhoods. While it's funny seeing the dialogue written in this way, the illustrations are what makes this incredible. The caricatures are amazing, and someone should publish books like this right now. Look below!

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Nike Touts 'Back to the Future Part II' Inspired Power Laces in 2015

Back to the Future Part II

Back in 2011, some lucky fans had the chance to buy some extremely limited edition shoes called Nike Air Mags, inspired by the shoes from Back to the Future Part II. However, the only down side was that those shows didn't have power laces as they appeared in the sci-fi sequel. But the good news is that it's not the year 2015 yet, so there's still time. And while it doesn't look like we'll have flying cars or hoverboards by then, Sole Collector (via Gizmodo) says Nike designer Tinker Hatfield was recently asked about the prospect of actual power laces hitting shelves sometime soon, and his response was way more than positive.

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'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Remake Needs Kickstarter for One Last Scene

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

There's already a book on shelves and a documentary adaptation in the works about Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala, two kids who decided to put together a homemade adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark when they were kids. The film has been shown at some special screenings around the country, but catching it has been pretty damn hard. However, the film has never been 100% completed because it's missing the infamous airplane scene featuring Indiana Jones facing off with a tough, bald Nazi mechanic before meeting a bloody end. But now Strompolos and Zala are trying to finish it, and they've asked Kickstarter for help.

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Check Out Lars von Trier's Persona Non Grata T-Shirt from Berlinale

Lars von Trier Berlin Shirt

Always a rebel! It's extremely rare that we would ever post photos from a red carpet event, but this time I just can't help it. At the Berlin Film Festival premiere of Lars von Trier's new film Nymphomaniac, the controversial Danish director wore the perfect shirt. Many may recall that in 2011, after premiering his film Melancholia at the Cannes Film Festival, he was banned from the festival, "Persona Non Grata" (meaning "an unwelcome person"), for remarks during the press conference. Years later he's cleared the air, but has also embraced the ban as a badge of an honor, showing off a black shirt with the phrase on it. Photos below.

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Mondo to Open Disney Classics Art Gallery in Austin During SXSW

Oh My Disney Mondo

Big news for Disney fans attending SXSW in Austin this March. Mondo has announced they're opening an exhibition at their gallery in Austin during SXSW from March 7th to 11th. The gallery is titled "Nothing's Impossible" and they've partnered with Oh My Disney to feature limited edition artwork from Disney classics and current characters. To celebrate the news, they've debuted a print by Ken Taylor for Disney's Alice in Wonderland (1951), seen in full below. "Disney has a special way of bringing out the magic in all of us and we're very excited to bring that feeling to Austin at this year's gallery event," stated Justin Ishmael.

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LEGO to Release 'Ghostbusters' Ecto-1 Set for Film's 30th Anniversary

Ghostbusters LEGO Ecto-1

Fans of both movies and aweeom LEGO sets had a great victory last year when the Cuusoo campaigned set for the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future became a reality. Now another 80s movie with an iconic vehicle is getting the same LEGO treatment. Last summer, we called your attention to another cutom Cuusoo set inspired by the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. As with all custom sets vying for official production approval from Cuusoo, it needed 10,000 votes to make it in front of the LEGO board, and now the set has been approved for production, just in time to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary this year. More below!

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Watch: 'The Art of Close-Ups' Video Essay Featuring Edgar Wright

The Art of Close-Ups with Edgar Wright

This is totally awesome! If you're a fan of Edgar Wright's movies, or a filmmaker or editor or DP, or just an interested movie lover, this is a must watch video essay. SlashFilm's video mastermind David Chen has delivered another video essay, this one The Art of Close-Ups with Edgar Wright. The video features an 8-minute explanation on close-ups from Edgar Wright, with footage edited together to show exactly what he's talking about, from the "tool-up" close-ups, to the "whip-pan", to advert pack shots, to forcing timing in scenes and more. It's an enjoyable, in-depth look at one of the many tools filmmakers use, and fun to watch.

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Learn the History of the Grand Budapest Hotel at Akademie's Archive

Grand Budapest Hotel - Akademie Archive

Let's explore the Zubrowka Akademie Historic Library. Fox Searchlight has launched a nifty new viral-ish website for Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Over the last week they've been teasing artifacts from a "museum" opening online with info on the history of the area. "The Republic of Zubrowka, home of the illustrious Grand Budapest Hotel possesses a rich heritage known only to the few who have thought to seek it out. For the first time ever, explore the detailed political, cultural and artistic world of 20th-century Zubrowka... Learn about the military coup of 1935, the involvement of The Grand Budapest Hotel and the roving cast of characters that make up its intricate past." Fun way to enhance the film's story.

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Hear 'Frozen' Hit 'Let It Go' in 25 Languages + Sing Along in Theaters


The newest film from Disney Animation is holding strong with Frozen pulling in over $763 million at the worldwide box office to date. Audiences just can't get enough of the fairytale, especially the film's incredible soundtrack, full of original new songs. The breakout hit is "Let It Go" sung by Idina Menzel, and while it didn't win the Golden Globe, the song is nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, and it could take home the big award. In the meantime, Disney has just released the scene with the song in question, but sang in 25 different languages. And that's not all the cool stuff we have for the Frozen fans.

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Mondo Debuts Stellar 'Where the Wild Things Are' & 'Brick' Poster Art

Brick Mondo Poster

"You're not really a king, are you?" These are gorgeous. Mondo has debuted two new art prints for two beloved (cult classic) films, both of them by artists with the last name "Taylor". One of our favorite artists, Ken Taylor, has designed a wonderful print of Max & Carol from Spike Jonze's whimsical take on Where the Wild Things Are. The film was highly praised by critics, but didn't fare so well at the box office in 2009. The other poster by Matt Taylor is for Rian Johnson's directorial debut Brick, featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Instead of the blue theme from the film, this one goes for a red motif, and it works very well.

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Kickstart This Awesome New Movie Connection Card Game 'Cinelinx'


If you love movies and like playing games, then we have something cool for you. The folks from the movie website Cinelinx have decided to attach their namesake to a new card game for cinephiles. However, in order to become a reality, they need the help of anyone who might be interested to help the project by way of Kickstarter. So what is Cinelinx? Well, as they explain, "The Cinelinx game consists of 220 cards that have either actors names, directors names, movie titles, scenes, quotes, or genres on them. The point of the game is to play the hand you're dealt by finding connections between the cards." Sound pretty good? More below!

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Check Out Alamo Drafthouse's No-Talking PSA for 'Her' Featuring Siri

Her No-Talking PSA

The brilliant film Her from director Spike Jonze hits theaters everywhere this weekend after getting a limited release towards the end of last year. Everyone here is big fans of the relevant and touching love story (our own Joey Magidson just urged the Academy to give the film some due diligence), and we can't wait to see it again and again. For those heading out to an Alamo Drafthouse theaters to see the film, you'll find that their trademark No-Talking PSA has a unique touch. They landed Susan Bennet, the actual voice of Apple's Siri, to be part of their Her-themed announcement for people to turn off their phones. Watch now!

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