Review: 'The Dark Knight Rises' a Solid End to Nolan's Batman Saga

The Dark Knight Rises

We always knew there would be a last Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie. What we hoped and got was for that end to be Nolan's decision, an ending that he saw fit for this version of this character. We wished for a crescendo to all of his Batman films, ending on a solid note that tied the series together. As for ranking, The Dark Knight Rises is lower than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and even ranks rather low on Nolan's impressive filmography. However, it is a reasonable- and massive - finale, and, script issues aside, The Dark Knight Rises is a very fitting way for this saga to end. Until someone reboots it again.

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TGB Episode 117: The Dark Knight Saga (Guest: Germain Lussier)

The Golden Briefcase - The Dark Knight Rises

On this week's episode of The Golden Briefcase, Tim & Jeremy are joined by guest Germain Lussier of SlashFilm to first chat about their Picks of the Week, the newest in DVD & Blu-Ray releases, new trailers for for Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful and indie sci-fi Branded and much more. The main topic of the night was an extensive discussion around the mythology of Batman, in honor of Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises arriving in theaters this Friday! The guys go over thoughts on the meaning of Batman to them, the history and media forms of the series and where they see the property going in the future. Enjoy!

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New Mondo 'Dark Knight Rises' Poster Can Be Bought By Everyone!

The Dark Knight Rises

Yes, we know. A Mondo poster was just released for The Dark Knight Rises earlier this week. So what gives? Well, aside from the fact that this poster comes from the fantastic artist Olly Moss, there's a special catch with this new piece. Usually, you can only get a hold of Mondo posters by having the fastest fingers in the west whenever the prints randomly go on sale, but this time, you'll have a certain amount of time to purchase a different version of the poster, and everyone that wants one can get one as long as they have the money. First, you should check out this stunning poster, and then we'll give you the purchase details below!

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Watch: Funny 'TDKR' Parody of 'Batman Smells' from Dan Eckman

Batman Smells Parody

"Jingle bells. Batman smells. Robin laid an egg." Everyone knows that classic "children's parody rhyme" involving Batman's smelly ways. What if, instead of all the comics, Christopher Nolan's Batman series was based on that rhyme as the source? Our friends behind Derrick Comedy—director Dan Eckman, producer Meggie McFadden and DC Pierson—put together this parody trailer for Funny or Die that obviously plays on the current popularity of The Dark Knight Rises, but mixed with the "Batman smells" rhyme. It's short, funny, and will hopefully bring a smile to your face with all the more serious Batman buzz at the moment.

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Expect to See the Bat Signal in San Diego Tonight for WB's Contests

Bat Signal

Don't worry, we'll have some photos to share with you tomorrow morning. But for now, here's the details. While we've heard confirmation that nothing for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is actually happening at Comic-Con (no screenings, or surprise appearances, etc.) there are a few rumblings of other actives. Warner Bros recently hinted at a "big" contest at the Con, where a few select winners would receive a "hometown screening" (next week) of TDKR. We didn't know much about it, but picked up a sticker of the chalk Bat symbol from the movie and it links to a Bat Signal twitter connecting all of these events together.

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Check Out This Batty Mondo Comic-Con 'Dark Knight Rises' Poster

The Dark Knight Rises

There's been a little bit of a poster overload for The Dark Knight Rises lately, but I suppose it's better than seeing far too much footage from the film (we've been holding back TV spots and such so as to keep the film fresh). But it's Comic-Con this week after all, so there's plenty of geeky promotion going on. And who better to unleash a fantastic poster at Comic-Con then the collectible art house Mondo who revealed their poster for The Dark Knight Rises over at Badass Digest. There's actually two different variants of this poster, and two different ways to get your hands on this print at Comic-Con in San Diego. Details below!

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'Dark Knight Rises' Midnight IMAX Poster is Gotham's Reckoning

IMAX Bane Poster

One last poster to end all posters. This one is for all the hardcore midnight attendees, for all the 12:01AM, have-to-be-there-opening-night fans who wouldn't miss that showing for anything. Bane, or die! One final IMAX midnight poster has been revealed on Fandango (via that features Bane and nothing but Bane, played by Tom Hardy. I know we've seen an inordinate amount of The Dark Knight Rises posters and banners and photos recently, but we're down to the last few weeks—days, almost—so why not go all out, throw everything on the table, and end this thing with a bang. All 12:01AM IMAX moviegoers will get one.

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Two TDKR Spoofs: 'Ice Age' Goes Bat Crazy + 'Dragon Tattoo' Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises

"You destroyed everything I had. I'm just returning the favor." In this YouTube culture, what doesn't get spoofed, remixed and rehashed? First, Fox has released a perfectly-timed TV spot for Ice Age: Continental Drift that plays on the hype for The Dark Knight Rises, hitting a week after that comes out. This one is called "The Dark Nut" with Scratman and it's funny, but way too short. Second, there's a fantastic remix of Dark Knight Rises trailer cut to be like that original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer that uses Karen O's "Immigrant Song" cover and flashy editing. Both entertaining videos to keep you anxiously awaiting TDKR.

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Watch: Extended Behind-the-Scenes 'Dark Knight Rises' Featurettes

The Dark Knight Rises Featurettes

It's less than two weeks, meaning it's time to pull out the big guns. Warner Bros has unveiled (found via The Film Stage) a couple of featurettes, one 13 mins. long, to go along with all the footage, TV spots, trailers, posters and everything else for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. At this point, I'm not even watching any, and I suggest you don't either until seeing TDKR, to savor the experience for the theater. Both of these show a lot of footage, with talking heads with cast & crew, and a few behind-the-scenes moments behind this epic finale. The videos are below IF you want to watch them, but it's entirely at your discretion.

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Excellent New Photos from Chris Nolan's 'TDKR' + New IMAX Spot

The Dark Knight Rises

Have you started to lose your mind with all the incoming Dark Knight Rises marketing yet? We're down to 14 days, two weeks, and that means plenty more is on its way. Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex interviewed Christopher Nolan, and his piece (beyond containing great quotes) also contains a few excellent photos from The Dark Knight Rises. Normally photos wouldn't be much at this point, but these are pretty damn cool, you may want to look. There's a fantastic new shot of Anne Hathaway in her sexy Catwoman outfit and also Morgan Freeman, plus some with Nolan himself. I'm already insanely excited, just want to see it.

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Spectacular IMAX Poster for Chris Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises'

The Dark Knight Rises

IMAX. The only way to see The Dark Knight Rises. The way Christopher Nolan intended you, every last viewer out there emotionally invested in this, to see it. I'll be there at midnight, seeing TDKR in 70mm IMAX, and again the next day. It's now IMAX's trend to release their own exclusive posters that are given out at midnight showings. Last week we featured The Amazing Spider-Man IMAX poster, this week we have the poster for The Dark Knight Rises. And out of all the official posters we've seen for this, it's one of the best. Not perfect, but it's quite awesome, and certainly has a very epic, very IMAX feeling to it. See it below!

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Badass New Bane Viral Poster for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Discovered

The Fire Rises

Are you ready to RISE? Down to only 15 more days left until Christopher Nolan's long-awaited, extremely highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises arrives in (IMAX) theaters everywhere. While there has been a slurry of odd updates related to TDKR recently, one that caught our eye was this new poster for the villain Bane, played by Tom Hardy. Found on IMPAwards (via Collider), it apparently was discovered in the online viral game at that we teased recently. The art looks more like a darker Warhol-esque rendering than an actual movie poster, which makes it all the more badass, and worth seeing in full below.

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Watch: Tour an IMAX Theater Preparing for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

IMAX Theater - The Dark Knight Rises

Everyone getting excited for The Dark Knight Rises yet? As we hit July, I think you can start to feel the anticipation. Our friends at SlashFilm found a fantastic featurette worth watching, that shows a breakdown of how the 70mm IMAX projection system works. A projectionist at the Liberty Science Center IMAX theatre in New Jersery shows step-by-step how it works, how they're setting it up for TDKR ("the largest film ever shown") since it's the longest IMAX movie ever shown there and features an hour of IMAX footage in the movie. If you've ever wondered the ins-'n-outs of IMAX/70mm projection, this video is a must watch.

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You Need To See This: 'Dark Knight Rises' Marketing Hits the Streets

The Dark Knight Rises

Rise. We're now under 30 days until Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises explodes into theaters in July, and that means it's time to go all out building up hype. Warner Bros has started their strong traditional marketing push, with billboards, big posters and more advertising appearing in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. Our friends at SlashFilm caught a photo in LA of one of the coolest billboards I've ever seen, and while I was in NY this weekend, I snapped some shots of a series of posters in a subway station, as well as a big Times Square billboard being installed. Everyone excited for Batman must see these.

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