Watch: Trailer for Davis Guggenheim's 'He Named Me Malala' Doc

He Named Me Malala Trailer

"I'm not a lone voice, I am many. And our voices are our most powerful weapons." If you haven't seen this trailer yet, it really should be a must watch. Fox Searchlight has debuted their official US trailer for Davis Guggenheim's new documentary titled He Named Me Malala, about the amazing Malala Yousafzai, an inspirational young girl who survived being shot by the Taliban and has since united the world in an attempt to bring education to everyone. This doc profiles her life story, and specifically Malala's connection to her family and her father Zia. Together they are all committed to fighting for education for all girls worldwide. "One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world." Indeed. Prepare to be moved. Enjoy!

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Gore Vidal vs Bill Buckley in 'Best of Enemies' Documentary Trailer

Best of Enemies

2 Men. 10 Debates. Television would never be the same. Magnolia Pictures has debuted an excellent trailer for Best of Enemies, a fascinating documentary about two enemies for life - Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley Jr. Back in the late 60s, these two were recruited to debate each other on television during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and it changed television forever. I saw this at Sundance and it was one of my favorite documentaries from the fest. "This thoroughly entertaining and effortlessly fascinating doc examines their relationship on and off the screen, similar to the love-hate battle between Ebert and Siskel shown in the doc Life Itself." It's so good, full of so much fun footage of these two fighting.

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Watch: First Trailer for Fantastic Brando Doc 'Listen to Me Marlon'

Listen to Me Marlon

"Everybody's got something they're hiding." Showtime has debuted the first official trailer for Listen to Me Marlon, the fantastic new documentary from Stevan Riley profiling the life and mind of legendary actor Marlon Brando. This documentary delves into the mind of Marlon using his own audio recordings, his own voice, to tell you the story of the real Marlon Brando, who he was, why he didn't like the spotlight, the family he raised. It's a wonderful documentary (I first saw this at ND/NF) that really gets into his mind, deep into who he is and explores a side of him you've never seen before. Whether you're a fan of Brando or not, this is a fascinating and must see doc. Start with the trailer and be sure to catch it when it's in theaters.

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Kit Harington v Andy Samberg in HBO's '7 Days in Hell' Teaser Trailer

7 Days in Hell

What if a tennis match lasted 7 days? That's the premise behind 7 Days in Hell, a mockumentary in the style of Christopher Guest's work that follows the two tennis players during the legendary match in 2004. In comparison to real life, the longest tennis match lasted 3 days, which is actually quite long considering it's a set of tennis games that just won't end. In 7 Days in Hell, Andy Samberg battles Kit Harington on the court and it looks like it's going to be hilarious. This first teaser is only 60 seconds and plays more like a sports promo for ESPN, but I love it, they've totally sold me on this. You just need to see the footage below.

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Must Watch: First Trailer for Incredible Documentary 'Cartel Land'

Cartel Land

"I believe what I am doing is good, and what I am standing up against is evil." The Orchard has unveiled the first official trailer for the documentary Cartel Land, one of the best documentaries this year, hands down. This first premiered at Sundance and has played at numerous festivals all over the world, and is getting quite a bit of acclaim because it's a hell of a film. Cartel Land documents two stories, one from each side of the border, in the increasingly violent struggle between cartels and peaceful people on the US-Mexico border. You may think you've seen and heard all this already, but the footage in Cartel Land is incredible, and he presents a devastatingly dire looking at the situation. And that's why this documentary must be seen.

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'The Square' Director Quietly Working on Doc About the Sony Hack

The Square Directors

It was going to happen one day. Someone had to make a film about the Sony Hack. Word from THR is that filmmaker Jehane Noujaim (seen above) of the Oscar-nominated documentary The Square, working with her husband Karim Amer, is already "quietly" developing a documentary that "explores the cyberattack". The Sony Hack was at the top of the news for weeks late last December, with new information being leaked almost every single day for a few weeks. It was crazy to watch unfold, then suddenly everything went silent, right before the VOD release of The Interview on Christmas Day. THR's sources say that "director Noujaim and producer Amer will put forth alternative theories about the hack’s culprit" but that's all they reveal.

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Interview: 'Sunshine Superman' Director Marah Strauch Talks Docs

Marah Strauch Interview

"If there are mountains, let's climb them. If there are buildings, let's jump off them." One of the most inspiring documentaries I've seen recently is Sunshine Superman, which premiered at TIFF and the New York Film Festival last year. It's an exhilarating and amusing and nostalgic story of Carl Boenish, one of the founders of BASE jumping, a man full of so much joy. Sunshine Superman is directed by Marah Strauch, a young filmmaker making her feature debut, but she made her mark and is definitely going places. I was lucky enough to catch up with Marah while she was in New York City for a brief visit, and I asked her a bunch of questions about how she made Sunshine Superman, and what her plans are moving forward now.

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Watch: Official Trailer for Luc Jacquet's New Doc 'Ice and the Sky'

Ice and the Sky Trailer

Everyone knows about March of the Penguins, it was such a huge hit a few years back, and this looks just as good (minus Morgan Freeman narration). The latest from the director of March of the Penguins, French documentarian Luc Jacquet, is titled Ice and the Sky (in English) profiling explorer and glaciologist Claude Lorius. While we've seen a handful of documentaries recently about nature and the effect man has had on the world, this one is fascinating because it seems to look back at the history of exploration/research at the Polar Ice caps before delving into where we are today. The doc just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival (here's a review). It looks like it's a great double feature to go with Salgado's The Salt of the Earth.

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Watch: Official Trailer for 'Fresh Dressed' Doc on Hip Hop Fashion

Fresh Dressed Documentary Trailer

"Being fresh is more important than having money!" Samuel Goldwyn Films & StyleHaul have released this official trailer for Fresh Dressed, a documentary from this year's Sundance Film Festival looking back at the history of hip hop/urban fashion. The documentary features lots of classic footage, as well as interviews and discussions with style insiders like Pharrell Williams, Damon Dash, Karl Kani, Kanye West, Nas Jones, Sean Combs and plenty others. It provides a look at what it means to be fresh, and why style was (and is) so important to today's culture. This doc seems like it has a much more engaging, inspiring, and informative story than just "here is what people wore then" and I'm curious to check it out sometime. Enjoy!

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First Trailer for 'Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World' Doc

Batkid Begins Documentary

"Gotham City needs you, Batkid!" Warner Bros has debuted the official trailer for Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World, the documentary following the story of "Batkid" and his amazing day in San Francisco. Almost everyone remembers this, when the entire city came together and everyone dressed up so that he could play Batkid and save the town, and it's such a heartwarming story. The documentary looks at the "why" of the event, how it all came together, why so many people came out to support him, and how it turned into an event the entire world watched. The film earned positive reviews playing at Slamdance and we expect it to make many other people smile once it hits theaters this June. Don't miss it! Take a look.

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Watch: First Trailer for Asif Kapadia's 'Amy' Doc About Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Documentary

"I'm not a girl trying to be a star…" A24 has debuted the official trailer for Asif Kapadia's documentary Amy, the story of English musician Amy Winehouse who died at age 27 in 2011. This trailer is timed with the film's big premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this week, where it's finally unraveling even though they seem to already have quotes galore in the trailer. From the director of Senna (a fantastic doc), Amy presents an inclusive look at the life of singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, including the story of her success and subsequent downfall. Early word is that it's another excellent doc from Kapadia, delving deep into the mind of someone as talented as Winehouse. I'm looking forward to catching this soon; opens in theaters this July.

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Meet a Family of Movie Lovers in 'The Wolfpack' Documentary Trailer

The Wolfpack Documentary

"If I didn't have movies, life would be pretty boring." Magnolia has debuted the official trailer (+ poster) for the documentary The Wolfpack, a Sundance sensation and winner of the Grand Jury Prize earlier this year. The filmmaker, Crystal Moselle, follows six brothers from New York City who are huge movie buffs, recreating scenes in their apartment, but are also kind of kooky because their parents lock them up in their apartment. Yea, you have to see this story to understand, and they make for very interesting subjects that are easy to root for as fellow movie lovers. They make all the props themselves, from things found in their apartment. Unfortunately the filmmaking is a bit weak, but it's a fun story to see otherwise. Check this out.

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Watch: Trailer for Media Pranksters Doc 'The Yes Men Are Revolting'

The Yes Men Are Revolting Trailer

"To keep going, we've got to be a part of something bigger than ourselves." The Orchard has debuted a trailer for The Yes Men Are Revolting, an autobiographical documentary about the "Yes Men", Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, two "hilarious activists" that tell their own story in this film. As they explain, they have been pulling off corporate pranks for years and now are trying to find new inspiration fighting climate change. Yeah it looks a bit cheesy, but I'm much more interested in the angle of seeing them pull off their hoaxes than anything. If you enjoy activism or stories about passionate people, give this a look.

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New US Trailer for 'The Act of Killing' Follow-Up 'The Look of Silence'

The Look of Silence

"An astounding, crucial work…" Drafthouse Films has unveiled the full theatrical trailer for their upcoming release of The Look of Silence later this summer. Drafthouse has been holding onto this highly acclaimed documentary since it premiered at festivals last year, opting to wait until this year to give it a push. The Look of Silence is documentarian Joshua Oppenheimer's follow-up to his Oscar nominated doc The Act of Killing, about the 1965 Indonesian genocide. Before that film was released, Josh returned to Indonesia and spent time with an optometrist who speaks directly to the killers, confronting the very men who took away and murdered his brother. It's a harrowing, stunning, powerful documentary that you need to see yourself.

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