Official US Trailer for Luis Ortega's Argentinian Crime Drama 'El Angel'

El Angel Trailer

"We all have a destiny." The Orchard has unveiled an official US trailer for the Argentinian crime biopic El Angel, which first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year. The film also played at the Sarajevo and Toronto Film Festivals, and will next stop by Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. El Angel tells the story of one of Argentina's most notorious criminals, a boy known as "The Angel of Death" because of his cherubic looks. It all starts with Carlitos at age 17, when he meets a friend in his high school named Ramón and together they form a dangerously charming duo. The young man with the golden curls and the deadly aim was arrested in 1972, having just turned 20, with 11 homicides and over 40 thefts to his name. Starring Lorenzo Ferro as Carlos, along with Chino Darín, Daniel Fanego, Mercedes Morán, Luis Gnecco, Peter Lanzani, and Cecilia Roth. This looks like another fascinating and slightly scary portrait of a serial killer. See below.

Teaser Trailer for 'Amundsen' Film About Norwegian Arctic Explorer

Amundsen Trailer

"The greatest polar explorer in history!" SF Studios has unveiled the first teaser trailer for the upcoming biopic film Amundsen, profiling the life of iconic Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. Amundsen is a legendary name in Scandinavia, however not many people from America seem to know about him. He was the first to reach the South Pole in 1911, and the first person to reach both the North & South Poles in 1926, along with many other daring accomplishments exploring the coldest places on Earth. Pål Sverre Hagen plays Roald, and the cast includes Katherine Waterston, Jonas Strand Gravli, Trond Espen Seim, Ole Christoffer Ertvaag, Christian Rubeck, and Mads Sjøgård Pettersen. The film is also the solo directing debut of Espen Sandberg, who co-directed Kon-Tiki and Dead Men Tell No Tales previously. This looks awesome! Definitely seems like they went all out to tell this story. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

First Trailer for Taiwanese Sci-Fi Film 'Cities of Last Things' from TIFF

Cities of Last Things Trailer

"Let's run away together." An official festival trailer has arrived for a sci-fi drama titled Cities of Last Things, a Taiwanese production. It sounds intriguing and looks crazy cool. This is a story about a common man who has extraordinary events in his mundane life. The film depicts the protagonist's turns of events in three eras, three seasons, three nights, in the same city, as told with reverse chronology. It just premiered at TIFF this month, though not too many reviews are around yet. "Spanning generations, Cities of Last Things builds a seering, non-preachy portrait of societal and political change through the lens of an emotional drama. Reminiscent of the early work of Wong Kar-wai, it finds its heartbeat in the pulse-pounding rhythm of the underbelly of the unnamed city." Starring Jack Kao, Li Hong-Chi, Louise Grinberg, Ding Ning, Stone, Huang Lu, Liu Rui-Chi, Hsin Yin, Liu Juei-Chi, and Shin Yin. You might want to take a look.

International Trailer for Nadine Labaki's Award-Winning 'Capernaum'

Capernaum Trailer

This is a story you've never seen before. An international trailer has debuted for the film Capernaum, also known as Capharnaüm, from Lebanon. Directed by actress-filmmaker Nadine Labaki, the film premiered at this year's Cannes Film Festival (and won the Jury Prize there), and has also played at the New Horizons, Melbourne, Sarajevo, and Toronto Film Festivals, with a stop at the London Film Festival next. Capernaum takes place on the streets of Beirut, following a 12-year-old boy who decides to sue his parents for bringing him into the world. We follow him as he escapes and runs around, trying to survive by begging and stealing, showing us a disheartening, depressing side of the world we all tend to ignore. This was one of the best films I saw at Cannes this year, and I've been raving about it ever since the premiere. It's an important film to see.

First International Trailer for 'Yuli' Biopic About Cuban Ballet Prodigy

Yuli Trailer

"If you are going to try and tell the story of your life, really go for it." The Match Factory has debuted an official international trailer for the film Yuli, telling the story of Cuban ballet superstar Carlos Acosta. This is premiering at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain later in the month, but has no other release plans set yet. The film follows Acosta - nicknamed Yuli by his father - from growing up on the streets of his native Cuba, through his time at the country’s National Dance School, to performing at London's prestigious Royal Ballet. The lead role is played by Edilson Manuel Olbera Núñez as a boy and Keyvin Martínez as a young man, with Acosta also appearing in the film as himself. Along with Lukas Dhont's Girl this year, this seems like another powerful story about a dedicated young dancer and his passion for the art of dance.

US Trailer for Metal Band, Road Trip Comedy 'Heavy Trip' from Finland

Heavy Trip Trailer

"Guys, we're gonna play a festival!" Doppelgänger Releasing has debuted an official trailer for an "offbeat comedy" from Finland titled Heavy Trip, about a heavy metal rock band that goes on a wild road trip to Norway. Turo is stuck in a small village where the best thing in his life is being the lead vocalist for the amateur metal band Impaled Rektum. The only problem? He and his bandmates have practiced for 12 years without playing a single gig. They land a festival in Norway, and decide it's now or never. They steal a van, a corpse, and even a new drummer in order to make their dreams a reality. Starring Johannes Holopainen, Minka Kuustonen, Ville Tiihonen (Hilska), Torstein Bjørklund, and Antti Heikkinen. Well what do you know, this actually looks very funny, the perfect way to make fun of this heavy metal band. Rock on.

Official UK Trailer for Hungarian Crime Thriller 'The Whiskey Bandit'

The Whiskey Bandit Trailer

"You know how dangerous this is?" Signature Entertainment has debuted an official UK trailer for an indie crime thriller titled The Whiskey Bandit (or also The Whiskey Robber), based on astonishing true events of Attila Ambrus, the "most infamous bank robber in Hungary." Originally titled A Viszkis in Hungarian, the film is about a slick bank robber dubbed "The Whiskey Robber" who would drink whiskey before every robbing, notorious during the 1990s for committing a string of undercover "gentleman robberies" in and around Budapest, Hungary, while working a day job as a goaltender for a hockey team. Bence Szalay stars as Attila, and the cast includes Zoltán Schneider, Viktor Klem, Piroska Móga, and György Gazsó. This looks intense and fun to watch, what a crazy story, reminds me a bit of The Wolf of Wall Street. Enjoy.

Teaser Trailer for Festival Favorite Korean Slow Burn Drama 'Burning'

Burning Trailer

"Why do you think he's seeing you?" Well Go USA has released the first US teaser trailer for the Korean film Burning, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year to rave reviews (and the FIPRESCI Prize). It also played at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, and will stop by the Toronto, New York, and London Film Festivals next before releasing in the fall. Based on a short story by Haruki Murakami, this slow burn dramatic thriller is about a boy who meets a young woman, but things start to get weird when another Korean man appears out of nowhere and starts spending time with her as well. Ah-In Yoo stars as Jong-su, and the cast includes Jong-seo Jun, Kim Soo-Kyung, and Steven Yuen in a very intriguing role. This is being praised as one of the best Korean films of the year, playing at festivals all around the world. See below.

New Trailer for German Thriller 'Four Hands' Directed by Oliver Kienle

Four Hands Trailer

"I wish I could just forget it all. But she won't let me." Cleopatra Entertainment has released an official US trailer for a German psychological thriller titled Four Hands, which first premiered at the Munich Film Festival last year. The story follows two sisters, Sophie and Jessica, who witnessed a brutal crime when they were kids. Nearly 20 years later Jessica is obsessed with trying to protect her younger sister, suffering from paranoia. But Sophie wants to become a pianist and wants to fall in love, without her sister around. When the perpetrators are released of prison after 20 years, Jessica is shocked and wants to confront them. But an accident changes everything. The film, written & directed by Oliver Kienle, stars Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Friederike Becht, Christoph Letkowski, Agnieszka Guzikowska, and Detleft Bothe. This trailer seems to give away a big part of the plot, but maybe that's just how it plays out and there's much more to it.

Official US Trailer for 'Big Brother' Starring Donnie Yen as a Teacher

Big Brother Trailer

"If I can do it, you can do it!" Well Go USA has debuted an official US trailer for the upcoming release of an action comedy titled Big Brother, which already opened in China (and most of Asia) earlier this month. The film stars action superstar Donnie Yen as a former soldier recruited for his toughest mission yet – teaching a class of teen delinquents. He decides to employ a few unusual methods to reach the class of poor students, while dealing with a greedy entrepreneur and his gang of fighters as well as the government. The cast includes Joe Chen, Jack Lok, and Yu Kang. This actually sounds, and looks, quite fun! I really want to see this, just to have a good time at the cinema watching Donnie Yen kick ass. Of course! Check this out.

First Trailer for Argentinian Slow Burn Drama 'Rojo' Premiering at TIFF

Rojo Trailer

"Never forget I was a cop, before being a famous TV celebrity." ScreenDaily has debuted the first official trailer for an Argentinian film premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in just a few weeks. Rojo is the latest film from Argentinian filmmaker Benjamín Naishtat, set in the mid-1970s (when mustaches were still a big thing) following a successful lawyer with a comfortable life in a small town. A strange man arrives and starts insulting him, but the locals defend him and throw him out. Later that night the lawyer takes a path of no return involving death, secrets and silences. Starring Dario Grandinetti, Andrea Frigerio, Alfredo Castro, and Diego Cremonesi. TIFF says that Naishtat "deliberately builds a quiet mood of foreboding and impeding doom through a carefully constructed, almost hypnotic narrative." View some footage below.

First Full Trailer for Russian WWII Tank Action Movie 'T-34' Rolls In

T-34 Movie Trailer

"From now on, I'm your tank leader." Lock & load, it's time for another tank movie! An official trailer has debuted for a new WWII tank movie titled T-34, a Russian movie directed by filmmaker Alexey Sidorov. The story tells of a courageous group of Russian soldiers who manage to escape from German captivity in a half-destroyed legendary T-34 tank. The footage shown in the trailer covers their time in captivity and their escape. Starring Alexander Petrov, Vinzenz Kiefer, Irina Starshenbaum. This trailer is, of course, in Russian but includes English subtitles, in hopes that it might find a big international audience considering it looks like an awesome WWII action thriller. We'll be keeping an eye out for this movie's release worldwide.




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