New US Trailer for Park Chan-wook's Sensual Film 'The Handmaiden'

The Handmaiden Trailer

Magnolia Pictures & Amazon Studios have unveiled the official US trailer for Park Chan-wook's latest film, The Handmaiden, a sensual crime thriller in Korea. The story is actually based on Sarah Waters' novel, titled Fingersmith, which is set in Victorian Era Britain, however Park Chan-wook decided to tell his version in Korea instead. Kim Min-hee stars as Lady Hideko, Ha Jung-woo as the conman who calls himself the Count, and Kim Tae-ri stars as the maid Sookee. It's a twisted tale of sex and crime, about a Korean maid hired to work for a Japanese heiress, but seduces her and ends up causing all kinds of trouble. There's so much more going on in this, and as expected from Park Chan-wook, it gets wicked in the second half. Enjoy.

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Watch: New US Trailer for Battle of Inchon Film 'Operation Chromite'

Operation Chromite Trailer

"I am Douglas MacArthur – I win wars." CJ Entertainment has debuted an official US trailer for the epic Korean war film Operation Chromite, telling the story of the Battle of Inchon during the Korean War in the 1950s. Liam Neeson stars as Douglas MacArthur, the US military General who lead the campaign to land in the city of Inchon and drive the invading North Korean forces out of South Korea. The full cast includes Lee Jung-jae, Jin Se-yun and Lee Beom-su. We featured a trailer for this earlier in the month, but it was a Korean trailer and showed a bit too much of the big battle scenes. This trailer is edited together much better and actually makes me want to see this film, even if there is only a tiny amount of Neeson in it.

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Full US Trailer for Spanish Bank Robbery Film 'To Steal from a Thief'

To Steal from a Thief

"Find out what they know or what they suspect?" This looks pretty cool. An official US trailer has debuted online for a Spanish crime film called To Steal from a Thief (originally Cien años de perdón in Spain), which is a tricky little thriller about a coordinated bank robbery that goes awry. On a rainy morning in Valencia, six armed men in disguise try to rob a bank, but they're really after the contents of safety deposit box 314, which actually doesn't contain what they think it does. Not only that, but the government wants to stop them and the rainwater floods their escape route. Starring Luis Tosar, Rodrigo De la Serna, Raul Arevalo, Marian Alvarez and Jose Coronado. The masks aren't the most inventive, but the rest of the film seems like it has some sneaky twists and turns. I really want to check this out. See for yourself below.

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Jet Li & Fan Bingbing in Chinese Action Fantasy 'League of Gods' Trailer

League of Gods Trailer

"When crisis comes, heroes will rise." This looks so crazy. An official trailer has debuted online for an action fantasy film from China called League of Gods, being described as the "Chinese X-Men", and it's totally insane. The cast includes some big names including Fan Bingbing, Louis Koo, Tony Ka Fai Leung and Jet Li. This trailer has some wacky stuff in it - a baby with (farting) super powers, some kind of weird plant, a crazy CGI snake thing, surfing on shields, a guy with wings who can shoot lightning from his hands, and so much more. At least the action looks like it might be cool. The rest of it - I don't know. You must watch this.

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Official US Trailer for Dark Drama 'Sea Fog' Produced by Bong Joon-ho

Sea Fog Trailer

"Have you ever smuggled people before?" Film Movement has debuted a brand new official US trailer for the dark Korean drama Sea Fog, originally known as Haemoo, directed by first-time filmmaker Shim Sung-bo. Some may remember that we originally posted a trailer for this two years ago, back in late 2014, as the film originally premiered and opened in Korea back then. It has been touring around the world playing at film festivals all over, and is finally getting released in the US. It stars Kim Yun-seok, Park Yoo-chin, Ye-ri Han, and Kim Sang-ho. I had the chance to see this last year and it's very dark and very harrowing, as the film deals with a ship captain making money trying to smuggle immigrants from China to Korea, but things go wrong. The cinematography is exceptional and it's a very well-made thriller, highly recommended.

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Must Watch: US Trailer for Dark Comedy 'In Order of Disappearance'

In Order of Disappearance Trailer

"If Norwegian kids disappear, there's always some obnoxious parents out looking for them." Yes! Finally!! Magnolia has debuted the official US trailer for a Norwegian film called In Order of Disappearance, from director Hans Petter Moland. The film originally premiered two years ago, back in 2014, and is just now getting a US release. But that doesn't matter because it's a great film, a fantastic dark comedy about a quiet snow plow driver in Norway who decides to get revenge on the drug cartel that killed his son. Stellan Skarsgård stars and he's so badass in this. The cast includes Bruno Ganz, Pål Sverre Hagen, Jakob Oftebro, and Kristofer Hivju. I saw this film at the Berlin Film Festival back in 2014 and it was one of my favorites of the festival, I highly recommend seeing it once it opens in the US. Until then, take a look below.

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Liam Neeson in First Trailer for Korean War Film 'Operation Chromite'

Operation Chromite Trailer

"This is the riskiest military operation that I've ever encountered! Why the fixation on Inchon?" An official Korean trailer has debuted for the film Operation Chromite, an epic action thriller about the Korean War, specifically the Battle of Inchon. The film stars Liam Neeson as General Douglas MacArthur, the US military General who lead the campaign to land in the city of Inchon and drive the invading North Korean forces out of South Korea. There is some epic action in this involving giant battleships as well as explosions on the streets, plus hand-to-hand battles and more. The full cast includes Lee Jung-jae, Jin Se-yun and Lee Beom-su. The Koreans love making epic movies, but I'm not sure if this will be any good. Take a look.

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Watch: Full US Trailer for German Drama 'The People vs. Fritz Bauer'

The People vs. Fritz Bauer Traile

"Do you want justice?" Cohen Media Group has debuted a trailer for the German drama The People vs. Fritz Bauer, from director Lars Kraume, which premiered at the Locarno and Toronto Film Festivals last year to some positive reviews. Burghart Klaußner stars as Fritz Bauer, an attorney general who decides to hunt down and process SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann, who is supposedly hiding out in Buenos Aires. He enlists the help of the Israeli secret service Mossad, and risks breaking the law but believes in his actions. Also starring Carolin Stähler, Sebastian Blomberg, Michael Schenk, Ronald Zehrfeld, Lilith Stangenberg. This looks like it might be an undiscovered gem worth checking out, give this a watch.

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Vincent Cassel & Emmanuelle Bercot in Full US Trailer for 'My King'

My King Trailer

"We don't know each other." Film Movement has debuted an official US trailer for the upcoming release of Maïwenn's My King, originally titled Mon roi, a French relationship drama starring Vincent Cassel & Emmanuelle Bercot. Bercot plays Tony, a woman who wakes up in a hospital after a serious ski accident and recounts her "turbulent relationship" with a man named Georgio. The full cast includes Louis Garrel, Isild Le Besco and Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin. This is actually a solid trailer, using music to help enhance the emotions in each scene rather than dialogue. And the film seems like a very powerful look and romance and love and the troubles that come with passion. Worth a watch even if you're unsure about this.

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Watch: Trailer for Welsh Identical Twins Thriller 'The Library Suicides'

The Library Suicides

"If you leave enough behind, then death isn't the end." Soda Pictures has debuted an official UK trailer for The Library Suicides, a film from Wales made entirely in the Welsh language. It's adapted from Fflur Dafydd’s bestselling novel titled Y Llyfrgell, the original Welsh title, and it's about two identical twin sisters who investigate the suicide (or potential murder) of their mother, who was a librarian at the National Library of Wales. Actress Catrin Stewart (best known from "Doctor Who" and "Stella") plays dual roles as both daughters, and the cast also includes Dyfan Dwyfor, Ryland Teifi, Carwyn Glyn and Sharon Morgan. The way this trailer plays out, I would say it looks more fun than it does "thrilling". Take a look.

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Official US Trailer for Johnnie To's Latest Action Thriller Film 'Three'

Three Trailer

"We're professionals, but not everything is within our control." Well Go USA has debuted a short trailer for the pending US release of the new Johnnie To film titled Three. His new film is another action-thriller set almost entirely inside of a hospital where the lives of three people intersect. When a police sting goes bad, a master criminal makes a desperate choice: he forces the cops to shoot him. Once in the hospital, he refuses treatment, instead waiting for his cohorts to break him out. The tension builds between the cop and a surgeon assigned to save his life. The cast features Louis Koo, Wallace Chung, Vicki Zhao and others. This US trailer doesn't have any of the dialogue, but I like the music. I just wonder if it's actually any good.

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Watch: US Trailer for José Luis Guerín's Film 'The Academy of Muses'

The Academy of Muses

"You taught me to be passionate. Above everything, to be literarily passionate." Hello there. Grasshopper Film has released an official US trailer for Spanish director José Luis Guerín's newest feature film The Academy of Muses. Described as "part relationship drama, part intellectual discourse, the film centers on a philology professor — played by actual philology professor Raffaele Pinto" as he teaches a course on muses in art and literature, while romancing the women around him in his class and his life. This seems like a very thoughtful but very fascinating look at romance and relationships, and could be categorized as more experimental/artistic cinema than anything. Not for everyone, but it looks like this film has plenty to say.

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New US Trailer for 'Department Q Series' Scandinavian Crime Films

Department Q Series Trailer

"I have to go on. I need to know what happened." IFC has released a trailer for a trilogy of crime mystery films from Scandinavia adapted from the Department Q series of books. While there are three separate films in the series, IFC's new trailer is for the entire "Department Q Series" or "Department Q: Trilogy". They tell unique stories of two police inspectors digging into different cold cases. The films were released individually in Europe starting in 2013 and are titled The Keeper of Lost Causes, The Absent One and A Conspiracy of Faith. The first two were directed by Mikkel Nørgaard, and the last one in the trilogy was just released this year, directed by Hans Petter Moland. If you're a fan of crime thrillers or want some more Scandinavian mystery similar to The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, don't miss out on these. Take a look.

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Watch: New Trailer for 'Down By Love' Starring Adele Exarchopoulos

Down By Love Trailer

"Do you believe in destiny? An official trailer has premiered for Pierre Godeau's Down By Love, a French film starring actress Adele Exarchopoulos made famous by starring in Blue is the Warmest Color (she won the Most Promising Actress Cesar Award in 2014). Exarchopoulos plays a inmate at a prison, and the story profiles her and the prison warden falling in love. It's obviously a trick topic and apparently it's based on a true story, which makes this even more interesting to see turned into a movie. Guillaume Gallienne stars with Stéphanie Cléau. This trailer has English subtitles to help understand the story. Take a look.

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