'The Quiet Ones' Are Quiet No More in Haunting New Rhyme Trailer

The Quiet Ones

Following the spectacular original horror flick Oculus last weekend, there's another promising supernatural thriller on the horizon later this month. The Quiet Ones goes back to the past for a tale inspired by true events, following a university student (Sam Claflin) and some classmates, who are recruited to carry out a private experiment to create a poltergeist. This new trailer uses a creepy little rhyme, read perfectly by a little girl to make it all the more ominous. Jared Harris ("Mad Men") also stars in the film from Hammer, the company behind The Woman in Black. Could this start another horror franchise? We'll see. Read on!

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First Trailer for Eli Roth's Cannibal Horror Thriller 'The Green Inferno'

The Green Inferno

Following a bloody first look over a year ago, and playing the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest (where our own Jeremy Kirk mostly enjoyed the film), the first trailer for Eli Roth's latest directorial effort, The Green Inferno, has arrived. There's already a sequel on the way, but that shouldn't really spoil the proceedings as a group of students find themselves captured by the native tribe they were intending on saving. It's just a teaser trailer, so there's not much show, but it's certainly effective. Also, the little disclaimer at the end adds a little ominous flare to the film as well. Is it real? Watch the teaser trailer!

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First Golden Teaser Poster for Horror Reboot 'Leprechaun: Origins'

Leprechaun: Origins

"A horror icon is reborn." That might be a little too liberal use of the word "icon." Yes, there's been plenty of Leprechaun films in the past, but they've all been B-movie level horror movies (some even worse), many never even hitting the big screen and going straight-to-DVD. But the tiny little bastard is making a comeback with Leprechaun: Origins, and now Lionsgate and WWE Films have released the golden teaser poster for the horror reboot starring wrestler Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl in the role originated by Warwick Davis. This likely means the first trailer is also coming sometime soon, so stay tuned. Look below!

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Second 'Friday the 13th' Reboot Eyes 'V/H/S' Director David Bruckner

Friday the 13th

Just before Thanksgiving last year, we learned that Platinum Dunes decided to try out another reboot of Friday the 13th with Paramount Pictures already staking out a release date on March 13th, 2015, which just so happens to be a Friday. Now the project is rounding up some talent to make it happen, and it gives us some semblance of hope for a horror film that already had a reboot as recent as 2009. Apparently it wasn't good enough to just keep the franchise going from there, and now The Wrap reports David Bruckner, who directed the segment "Amateur Night" in the horror anthology V/H/S is being eyed to direct the new film.

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Sounds Like Johnny Depp is in Kevin Smith's New Film 'Tusk' After All

Johnny Depp

This should definitely perk up some ears. After hearing rumors for months, it looks like it might actually be true - Johnny Depp is appearing in Kevin Smith's new "horror" film Tusk. Depp is apparently playing the role of a detective assigned to the case in the movie, and has a smaller role investigating the incidents, hence why he was cast late and quietly filmed without anyone knowing. This latest casting tidbit comes directly from Justin Long, who also appears in Tusk, in an interview a few weeks ago most recently scooped up by The Wrap. He mentions, at least in their transcript, quite simply: "Johnny Depp is in that one." There we go.

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International 'Deliver Us from Evil' Trailer Brings Some More Horror

Deliver Us from Evil

The first domestic trailer for the procedural horror thriller Deliver Us from Evil showed just a hint of the full story in the film starring Eric Bana, and chose to focus on more of a clip featuring his character's daughter getting scared by some unseen supernatural force. Now a different international trailer has arrived showing more of the investigation into the supernatural, including a brief glimpse at Joel McHale in the film. This looks like it could be awesome, and director Scott Derrickson has delivered some great horror previously with Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, so we're very curious to see how this turns out.

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Mark Duplass' Indie Horror 'Creep' to Launch a Whole Film Trilogy


After premiering at SXSW, the indie horror film Creep has been picked up for distribution. And while normally that's news enough for an indie that first premiered at a film festival, the announcement comes with the promise that this film is kicking off a whole psychological thriller trilogy. RADiUS-TWC has picked up the film along with worldwide rights to the eventual trilogy produced by Blumhouse Productions (Insidious, Paranormal Activity, Sinister), written by Mark Duplass (star of Safety Not Guaranteed and writer of Jeff Who Lives at Home and Cyrus) and directed by freshman filmmaker Patrick Brice. Read on!

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Keanu Reeves & Eli Roth Team on Psychological Thriller 'Knock Knock'

Keanu Reeves

February brought news that horror director Eli Roth was going to reteam with Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo, the writers of the earthquake thriller Aftershock he produced, for a new horror film called Knock Knock. The film was said to follow two young girls who show up unexpectedly at the home of a married man where they seduce him and wreak havoc on his perfect life. Now Deadline has word that Speed and The Matrix star Keanu Reeves will venture into horror with a commitment to star in the film as the married man, and he will also executive produce with production slated to begin in under two weeks.

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The Horror Down Under Returns in the Full Trailer for 'Wolf Creek 2'

Wolf Creek 2

It's been nearly ten years since pigshooter Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) terrorized a young group of people exploring the Outback in Wolf Creek, but now he's got a new set of victims. Wolf Creek 2 continues the horror with a couple exploring the vast Wolf Creek National Park, until the sadistic serial killer with a penchant for bloodthirsty sport stumbles upon their campsite and aims to make the rest of their life (which won't be long) a living hell. The first trailer looks like more of the same for anyone who enjoyed the first film, but hopefully Mick Taylor will step up his game a little bit to be even more ruthless this time around.

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Cult Horror Franchise Returning with 'Phantasm V' Teaser & Poster

Phantasm V: Ravager

For fans of the somewhat obscure horror franchise Phantasm, we have some surprisingly good news. The last film in the franchise went straight to video back in 1998, but 16 years later, a fifth film in the series is on the way. And we don't mean that it's in development, because the film is already done, having been shot over the past couple years. And if that's not enough good news, there's already a teaser trailer and poster to whet your appetite. And for those who are big fans, you'll be happy to know that Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury and Kat Lester are all returning for this one. Watch it!

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Alan Tudyk & Tyler Labine Announce 'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil' Sequel

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

The existence of the horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is impressive in itself, but now there's a sequel on the way. That's right, the film's stars Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk attended Horrorhound in Cincinnati, Ohio recently and Bigger Show (via SlashFilm) recorded the duo announcing that a sequel to the 2010 film is on the way. And while sequels go into development all the time, Tudyk notes that this is a little more credible since the desire and outline for a knew sequel come from the producers as opposed to a director, who is always looking to garner support for a film, no matter what stage of development it's at.

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Ten Years After the Original, Ghost House Plans 'The Grudge' Reboot

The Grudge

It's been 10 years since The Grudge hit theaters in 2004, and in the horror world that means it's time for a reboot. Deadline has word that the Takashi Shimazu horror film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar will get the remake treatment courtesy of Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures banner and Good Universe. Midnight Meat Train writer Jeff Buhler is behind the script, but a director hasn't been hired yet for the project. The film followed Gellar as a nurse living and working in Tokyo, who is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another. Read on!

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Indie Trailer Sunday: Zack Parker's Unnerving Horror Thriller 'Proxy'


"I think you're the only one who understands..." Today's indie trailer is for the psychological horror thriller Proxy, from filmmaker Zack Parker, of the indie horror Scalene before this. Actress Alexia Rasmussen plays a pregnant woman who is attacked and finds solace in new friends at a support group. But things get a bit twisted when she finds out more about new friends and their child. The cast includes Joe Swanberg, Alexa Havins and Kristina Klebe. This trailer makes the film look incredibly unsettling, focusing on the psychological aspects over the in-your-face horror. This may scare some folks more than others. Take a look.

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Watch This: Award-Winning Horror Comedy Short Film 'Torturous'

Torturous Horror Comedy

Painfully funny. Put a cap on the work week with some funny horror comedy all about the job market. This short film has played at a total of 46 film festivals, from the Telluride Horror Show to the Ozu Film Festival to the Sitges Film Festival in Spain, titled Torturous, made by filmmakers from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It's essentially a satirical twist on Eli Roth's Hostel-style "torture-porn" horror, with the two guys ending up talking about work more than torture. It's a fun short and well-made on likely a very small budget by Angus Swantee and Craig Gunn. As it is horror, there is some blood in this - you've been warned! View it below.

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