'Glengarry Glen Ross' Has New Life in 'Wolf of Wall Street' Style Trailer

Glengarry GlenRoss

In case you didn't know, The Wolf of Wall Street is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD, so if three hours in a movie theater was just too much to enjoy this Martin Scorsese directed masterpiece (my favorite film of 2013), now you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Previously, we highlighted a great trailer mash-up that turned It's a Wonderful Life into The Wolf of Bedford Falls. Now another fantastic business-based drama gets the same treatment with footage of David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross being edited together in the same style as the initial teaser trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street. It's awesome. Watch now!

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Watch: 'Space Jam' Live-Read with Paul Scheer, Blake Griffin & More

Space Jam

Though director Jason Reitman has been hosting special events at LACMA with live-readings of various scripts like Groundhog Day and Boogie Nights, but with different actors in the roles, awhile back, we became privy to a different live read that happened at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles. NBA all-star Blake Griffin sat down with Paul Scheer, Seth Green, Ralph Garman, Danielle Fishel and Nick Kroll and more for a live script-reading of the 1996 live-action, animated hybrid Space Jam. The result is something truly hilarious and unique, and we hope more of these will happen later. Watch it!

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Conan Reveals 'American Hustle' Makeover Before MTV Movie Awards

Conan O'Brien

Yesterday, we featured the opening to the MTV Movie Awards, not because we care about who the golden popcorn goes to, but because it showcased host Conan O'Brien fitting no less than 50 celebrity cameos into the beginning of the show. Now that the show is over, Conan is back to his normal hosting duties on his own late night talk show on TBS. But he had some time to reminisce about his weekend hosting gig, and even took the time to reveal some of his preparation behind the scenes, mostly his hair styling inspired by the remarkable comb-over donned by Christian Bale in last year's Best Picture nominee American Hustle.

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Watch: Conan O'Brien's 50 Celebrity Cameos from MTV Movie Awards

Conan O'Brien's Celebrity Cameos

No one really cares about the MTV Movie Awards, at least not as real awards, but the event still gathers a who's who of big name celebrities trying to appeal to the younger demographics. Thankfully, the even is usually pretty fun, and this year it was helped by Conan O'Brien as host. And instead of opening the show by making reference to a bunch of big summer movies and whatnot, he decided to set a record for most celebrity cameos in the opening of the awards show. They're all pretty random and range from comedy stars like Ed Helms and Danny McBride to recent Oscar winners like Lupita Nyong'o and more. Watch it!

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Michael Canzoniero & Dan Fogler's Indie Comedy 'Don Peyote' Trailer

Don Peyote Trailer

"One of these days I'm going to come back, and I'm going to save you... if you're lucky." The first trailer has arrived for an indie comedy called Don Peyote, written & directed by Michael Canzoniero & Dan Fogler, which is some kind of crazy, wacky, drug-trip dramedy starring Fogler as Warren Allman, an "unemployed stoner who finally finds a purpose in life" after a run in with a homeless man that gives him some kind of power, it looks like. The supporting cast is promising: Anne Hathaway, Jay Baruchel, Josh Duhamel, Topher Grace and Wallace Shawn. Doesn't look too bad, but I'm still unsure about Fogler in a lead role.

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Watch: Final '22 Jump Street' Red Band Trailer is Your Best Nightmare

22 Jump Street Red Band

"It's the same case, do the same thing!" If you still need convincing that 22 Jump Street is worth seeing, Sony/Columbia has released a fourth trailer - another red band trailer that is a 2-and-1/2-minute push for this insane summer action comedy sequel, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (also in Jupiter Ascending). While we've seen plenty in the first three trailers already, the footage in this one includes lots of the story as well, hinting at their comeback, the plot involving college and spring breaker. So, it's a Spring Breakers riff, plus 21 Jump Street comedy all in one? I hope it's as funny as these trailers promise. Enjoy.

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See Jon Stewart's Response to Fox News Coverage of 'Noah' Criticism

Jon Stewart - Noah

Anytime we get to feature a segment from The Daily Show on the site, I'm always very happy to stop and write about it. On the April 8th episode of the show, Stewart did a segment responding to recent Fox News coverage on how "awful" Darren Aronofsky's Noah movie is because it's unfaithful. Now, everyone has their own opinion (Sound Off), however Fox News has no idea what they are talking about, clearly being caught without having even seen the film. Jon Stewart responds ever-so-brilliantly and tears them down in return in the segment. Our friend/colleague Kevin McCarthy also appears briefly, out of context, like all the clips.

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Watch: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Gets Fantastically Sweded

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Following the reveal of a cool IMAX exclusive Fanfix poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it's time to get another look at the webslinging superhero with a little bit of a lower budget. CineFix has sweded a short version of the trailer for the comic book sequel. The fact that this isn't a full trailer just goes to show you how much bigger the action is that has been shown off so far. The way some of the brief action sequences in this sweded trailer have been done is pretty impressive, and I imagine it would take quite awhile to sweded the whole trailer. Still, it's an amusing little bit of fun to hype up the May release. Watch!

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Will Ferrell & Adam McKay Reveal New 'Anchorman 2: No Joke Cut'

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

If the R-rated cut of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues with 95% new jokes wasn't good enough when it hit theaters last month, then maybe some news announced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell will pique your interest. The director and star of the comedy sequel announced Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: No Joke Cut, and they have the full support of producer Judd Apatow saying, "Comedies often fail to get the consideration they deserve because laughter masks the serious storytelling going on beneath the surface. This new cut illustrates that Anchorman 2 can hold its weight against any drama.” It comes as no coincidence the news arrives as the film hits Blu-Ray and DVD on this appropriate day for humor. Watch!

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Hugh Jackman Sings 'Les Miserables' Musical Parody About Wolverine

Hugh Jackman

Following the first TV spot for X-Men: Days of Future Past, there's a little bit of fun to be had with one of the film franchise's favorite stars. Hugh Jackman has turned Wolverine into the most loved mutant on the X-Men that has made it to the big screen, but along with his muscular, superhero presence is a sterling voice that has brought many a musical to life. Last year, Jackman rounded up an Oscar nod for his role in the big screen adaptation of Les Miserables, and now BBC Radio decided to have him belt out a Wolverine-centric version of the tune "Who Am I?" live in the studio. It's just as great as you would expect.

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Watch: DreamWorks Animator Makes Kid's Home Videos Truly Epic

Action Movie Kid

Plenty of kids have their parents posting adorable videos of their kids all over Facebook, whether they're singing, being funny, reading, or doing something amazing that everyone has to see. But DreamWorks Animation animator Daniel Hashimoto wanted to give his kid something to remember, so he's taken some really short videos of his son playing around at home and at the toy store, and turned them into mini-action movies. His son James is like an adorably clueless superhero, shooting big guns and waving around lightsabers all willy-nilly. I wish my parents were animators to make videos of me doing this now.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Wants Jimmy Fallon to Get to the Choppa

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jimmy Fallon

Right now Arnold Schwarzenegger is making the publicity rounds for this week's release of Sabotage, and that means "The Tonight Show" got to have some fun with the action star. We already know the Terminator himself isn't shy about pleasing his fans by repeating some of his most iconic lines, but Jimmy Fallon wanted to have a bit more fun by highlighting an appearance Schwarzenegger made on QVC to hype some interesting food dicing devices. For anyone who might be working on a new Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard online, you're going to want all these versions of this one particular fan favorite line. Watch!

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Watch: Kevin Bacon Enters 'The Tonight Show' with 'Footloose' Tribute


Not too long ago, we should off a cool set of commercials from across the pond with the beloved Kevin Bacon reprising a handful of roles from his extensive career. Now he's getting back into the groove of one particular, iconic performance from the 80s with a spectacular entrance on "The Tonight Show" paying tribute to Footloose, just in time for the film's 30th anniversary this year. As Jimmy Fallon announces before Bacon comes out for a chat, dancing has been outlawed on the late night talk show, and that's just not something Bacon is going to stand for, and he's got the moves to turn everything around. Watch below now!

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Watch: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Trailer Remade with Kids

Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Kids

Earlier this year we saw some kids adorably reenact some scenes from the Best Picture nominees, and now some more adorable rugrats have been rounded up to give the same treatment to the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While the aforementioned videos of kids acting out Oscar nominated films was just for the sake of comedy, this one has the weight of Chevrolet behind it. This is exactly what kids see in their mind when they act out their favorite superhero movies, but what makes this charming is the slight changes to some of the dialogue, tailored for the kids. That Nick Fury kid sounds tough. Watch!

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