No Longer Will Character Actors Be Referred to as 'Hey, It's That Guy'

Rob Corddry

Day in and day out, character actors go without the recognition that superstars, blockbuster leading men and Oscar-winners get every single day. Most of the time audiences can't even be bother to learn their name, constantly pointing and saying "Hey, it's that guy!" or "It's that guy from that one thing." But some of Hollywood's character actors have had enough, and they're looking for some recognition. Entertainment Weekly has put together this powerful PSA featuring character actors like Rob Corddry, Doug Jones, Rob Huebel and more, making sure you know who they are, and they deserve to be called by their name.

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Watch: 'Matrix Reloaded' Fight is Improved with 8-Bit Sound Effects

The Matrix Reloaded

We've seen movies like Kill Bill and Blade Runner turned into 8-bit video games, but YouTube user and San Francisco State University student Phillip Raupach has decided to do something different inspired by old school video games. Instead of taking The Matrix Reloaded and turning it into an 8-bit video game, he merely took footage from the film, a fight scene with Neo and thugs in the house of the Merovingian, and replaced all of the music and sounds with those you would find in these early video games. The result is funny and impressive, as his work won him Best Sound Design at SFSU's BECAfest last year. Watch below!

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Watch: Chris Pratt Predicted He Was Going to Star in 'Jurassic World'

Chris Pratt

After exploding at the box office this weekend in Guardians of the Galaxy, not to mention leading the voice cast of The LEGO Movie earlier this year, you can bet Chris Pratt is going to be a huge star. He'll only get bigger with a lead role in Jurassic World next summer, but it sounds like Pratt might have already known that. A video from a behind-the-scenes featurette from the second season of "Parks & Recreation" back in 2010 shows Pratt hamming it in his dressing room, shooting himself in a mirror, looking all scuffled and dirty for a scene. And then he gets a text message, and he pretends it's from Steven Spielberg. Watch!

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They're Real! First Trailer for 'SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water'

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Trailer

"Those guys must work out." They have returned. Nickelodeon has unveiled the first official trailer for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, the sequel to the hit SpongeBob SquarePants movie from 10 years ago. This first trailer introduces us to the story, the pirate villain, and the concept behind why they end up in real life as 3D CG animated characters. The cast is all back including Tom Kenny as SpongeBob (and Gary the Snail), Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick, Rodger Bumpass as Squidward, plus yes, Antonio Banderas as Alameda Jack, and Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs. I will say this actually seems like a lot of good fun, enjoy.

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Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man' Defender Brings a Big Sign to 'Comic-Con'

Edgar Wright Comic-Con Sign

It was inevitable that someone would make a big scene at Comic-Con this year about Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man. This is our guy. Yes, this is just a fun post about a funny moment at Comic-Con and contains no news, but it's a good story and one I think fans who aren't in San Diego will appreciate anyway. Every year at Comic-Con, a small selection of religious zealots bring big yellow signs talking about the bible. This year, another big sign joined them but it was in defense of Edgar: all it stated was "Edgar Wright Was Right". Turns out he's a fan who is "depressed" about the Ant-Man news and wanted to make his feelings known.

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Bateman, Day & Sudeikis Reunite in 'Horrible Bosses 2' Teaser Trailer

Horrible Bosses 2

Following the comedy hit of 2011, Horrible Bosses 2 is on the way now with Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day back together, this time working for themselves with a new business. However, we don't get a hint of that in the first teaser trailer. Instead, we get to see the trio visiting Bateman's boss (Kevin Spacey) in prison after being arrested at the end of the first film. And also the return of Day's boss (Jennifer Aniston), who is still keen on getting some action, but this time of a certain bathroom variety. One thing we do learn is there's a kidnapping involved and Motherfucker Jones (Jamie Foxx) is helping again. It's a great tease for the new comedy coming this fall, with a hint of Chris Pine freshness. Watch!

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Watch: Tarantino's 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2' Made into 8-Bit Cinema Video

Kill Bill 8-Bit Cinema

"Do you find me sadistic?" Who can refuse an 8-bit version of Kill Bill? The latest creation from CineFix, masterminds behind many previous 8-bit cinema recreations, have debuted their latest video presenting Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2, the complete cut (first released in 2003/2004), as an 8-bit NES-style video game. The game navigates through various fights and encounters across both movies, and shows The Bride kicking ass with her 8-bit sword. From the moment this starts, the thought that comes to mind is always the same - I really wish I could actually be playing this game on my NES. It looks fun. Enjoy!

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Will Ferrell Has World Cup Fever Before United States vs. Germany

Will Ferrell

Does everyone remember back in 2005 when Will Ferrell was on a hot streak, but hit a bit of a speed bump with the family comedy Kicking & Screaming? Well, that's actually a movie that I enjoy the hell out of, because it lets Ferrell loose, and also has him calling Mike Ditka by the nickname "Juicebox." Anyway, Ferrell seems to genuinely love soccer, or maybe just sports in general, and with everyone getting World Cup fever, there's no better time for Ferrell to get crazy about the sport. And so he did during a visit to Brazil to hype up some fans rounded up by the U.S. Soccer Federation. He's playing in the game! Watch!

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Watch: 'The Gunfighter' Short Film with Narration by Nick Offerman

The Gunfighter Short Film

"The weary gunfighter walked slowly through the saloon..." Something fun to start the day - another short film, this one a "period western meta comedy short film" titled The Gunfighter. It's smart, it's funny, its got foul language, and it actually looks good. The Gunfighter, starring Nick Offerman as the narrator and Shawn Parsons as The Gunfighter, just won the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the LA Film Fest and was also a Best of the Fest Selection at the Palm Springs Short Fest. You'll see why once you watch this. With all the language it may by NSFW, but it is certainly worth watching whenever you get a chance. Enjoy!

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Sound Off: Lord & Miller's Sequel '22 Jump Street' - Your Thoughts?

22 Jump Street Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? They're not 21 anymore. Now showing in theaters is an action comedy sequel to one of the best modern action comedies, 21 Jump Street, an updated big screen take on the 80s TV series. Directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller from the first one take on this sequel, bringing back Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill as Schmidt & Jenko, two undercover cops assigned to investigate a drug ring at a college. There they meet Amber Stevens, Peter Stormare, Wyatt Russell, Jillian Bell and the Lucas Twins, getting into lots and lots of trouble, as expected. How is it? Better than the first? Or no way! If you've seen it, leave a comment below with your own thoughts on Lord & Miller's 22 Jump Street.

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Watch: Michelangelo & Abe Lincoln Team Up in 'LEGO Movie' Spoof

History Cops

After sweeping the box office and getting tons of glowing reviews, The LEGO Movie is finally hitting Blu-Ray and DVD on June 15th. And much likeĀ the fun blooper reel that debuted after the film hit theaters, the home video release will be full of fun special features. One of those items includes a spoof trailer for a film called History Cops. It's basically a grindhouse LEGO trailer for a fake buddy cop movie teaming up Michelangelo (the artist, not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) and Abraham Lincoln (voiced by Will Forte). It's the kind of thing that only works in short form, but it makes us want to watch The LEGO Movie again.

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Seth Rogen & James Franco as Propaganda on 'The Interview' Poster

The Interview

"From the western capitalist pigs who brought you Neighbors and This is The End" comes this new comedy, The Interview. Wait until you see the trailer. Columbia has released the first poster, a propaganda-esque design, for The Interview starring pals Seth Rogen & James Franco. So what's going on here? Well, Franco plays a talk show host of a celebrity show (Rogen plays his producer), who lands an interview with the North Korean leader, and is drafted by the CIA to assassinate him. Of course, craziness ensues when they actually go to North Korea for the interview. This is going to be wild, and I love how absurd this looks.

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'22 Jump Street' Stars Visit @Midnight to Hear Creepy Fan Fiction

Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum on @Midnight

This weekend, the comedic action antics of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill take to the big screen in 22 Jump Street, a sequel that seems to be wholly satisfying on every level. The two stars have been making the rounds on late night talk shows this week to promote the film, but one of the more fun and unique appearances came on Comedy Central's social media comedy game show "@Midnight," where co-star Ice Cube was a contestant. Tatum and Hill were on-hand for one of the segments that involved unearthing some creepy and erotic fan fiction featuring the franchise stars. It's awkward and hilarious. Watch below!

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'Maleficent' Gets a Trailer Parody from 50 Cent with 'Malefiftycent'


We've seen plenty of movie trailer hilarity come from Jimmy Kimmel with his star-studded trailer for Movie: The Movie and also the sequel Movie: The Movie 2V. But now his parody target has narrowed with a spoof of Disney's latest box office success Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie. But this version has a different spin on the tale with rapper and occasional bad actor 50 Cent in the lead. And with that addition, the film has appropriately changed the title to Malefiftycent and it comes with an awesome tagline. It's a long way to go for just a simple title joke, but 50 Cent clearly had fun with this quick parody. Watch below!

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