'Dumb & Dumber To' Posters Give Harry & Lloyd the 'Lucy' Treatment

Dumb & Dumber To

Hot on the heels of the action thriller Lucy, the marketing folks at Universal have decided to use the poster campaign from the Luc Besson film starring Scarlett Johansson to create a couple of parody character posters for Dumb & Dumber To. Both Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels revealed their own posters on Twitter with the amusing tagline, "The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity. Imagine what he could do with 1%." These are reminiscent of the clever posters and trailers that Disney rounded up for both The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted. Hopefully that cleverness continues leading up to the release.

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Are These the New Stormtrooper Designs in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'?


Following a potential tease of Luke Skywalker's robotic hand in Star Wars: Episode VII and a look at Mark Hamill on the studio lot of the set of the film, we might have another look at something new from the sci-fi sequel. There's been rumors about the story circulating online, with a plot point that includes the iconic Imperial forces known as Stormtroopers, and now we may have an idea of how the army of the Empire has changed slightly over the 30 years since Return of the Jedi as an untested source has apparently gotten ahold of a couple images showcasing two of the new Stormtrooper designs from Episode VII. Look!

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'The Hateful Eight' Trailer Attached to 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'

The Hateful Eight

Normally news about a trailer debuting in theaters isn't something necessary to report on. But when that film is a Quentin Tarantino production that hasn't even begun shooting and almost didn't go in front of cameras because of a script leak and began the road to revival with a live-reading of the script, then that's worth reporting on. SlashFilm has noticed two intriguing bits of information that indicate the first teaser trailer for The Hateful Eight, the eight film from the director of Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds, will be attached to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For when the film hits theaters on August 22nd next week.

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James Franco's 'The Interview' Character Gets an MTV VMA Special

The Interview

Hot on the heels of a release date push to Christmas Day and news of digital alterations being made to avoid riling up North Korea anymore than they already are, The Interview isn't slowing down their marketing brigade. In fact, it gets a big push in the youth market this weekend as James Franco will appear in character as entertainment tabloid TV host Dave Skylark with a half-hour special on Sunday, August 17th at 9/8c on MTV, interviewing music superstars like Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and Jason Derulo before the VMAs. Franco's character seems to be a dimwit, but surely he'll be kept in line by his show's producer Aaron Rapoport, played by Seth Rogen, who will also be appearing in the special. Watch a tease below!

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Look at the Best Behind-the-Scenes Photo from 'Shaun of the Dead'

Shaun of the Dead

We love going behind the scenes of our favorite movies whether it's with featurettes or pictures taken on set by the cast and crew for fans to enjoy on Twitter and Instagram. Well, way before those channels of social media rules the world, and high quality cameras on phones were a little less prominent, digital cameras were still all the rage. And one awesome picture was taken on the set of Shaun of the Dead, but this is the first time that we've seen the photo. You might be wondering what we could possible see from a film that was released ten years ago this year, but trust me, this new photo is amusingly cool and fun. Look below!

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Mark Hamill Teases 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Before Shoot Resumes

Mark Hamill

The two week hiatus that Lucasfilm announced awhile back is almost done, so it's almost time for Star Wars: Episode VII to resume production with Harrison Ford back up and hobbling around like a pirate. Following the potential tease of Luke Skywalker's robotic hand last week, seen holding J.J. Abrams' handwritten note thanking fans for their support of the Star Wars: Force for Change charity drive, this time it's the Jedi himself teasing production in London. Mark Hamill took some time to pose for a photo that doesn't really offer any hints as to what's in store for Skywalker in the sequel, but it gets us excited. Look!

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Watch: Meet the Gladers in New Featurette for 'The Maze Runner'

The Maze Runner

The most recent trailer for the adaptation of the young adult action adventure novel The Maze Runner looked pretty damn impressive, and we're excited to see where this intriguing sci-fi tale ventures, especially after seeing concept art for the hopeful sequel at Comic-Con last month. Now a featurette has surfaced online introducing us to The Gladers, the group of boys (Dylan O'Brien, Will Poulter and more, eventually joined by Kaya Scodelario) who have been stuck in the area called The Glade, trying to figure out if they're any way out of the maze that connects to their grassy home. This is a great young cast who actually camped out in the big wooded set in New Orleans to build up camaraderie before shooting. Watch!

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'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Designs Almost Looked Way Worse

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Even before the film hit theaters and massively disappointed this writer (despite his excitement for the film), many people were complaining about the redesign of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the new film from director Jonathan Liebesman and producer Michael Bay. Frankly, this was the least of my concerns with the mostly terrible final product, with the script and human characters being more horrifying than the varied designs of the heroes in a half-shell. But fans should be grateful that the turtles didn't look worse, because some concept art has shown up, and some of the potential designs are abysmal.

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Sony Making Digital Alterations to Rogen & Franco's 'The Interview'

The Interview

Just recently, Sony Pictures decided to push back the release of Seth Rogen and James Franco's latest collaboration The Interview, the story of a talk show host and his producer who are trained to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un under the guise of conducting a television interview. The film has already sparked controversy with North Korea, and will surely make several headlines when it finally hits theaters. However, it sounds like Sony might be a little more cautious than initially thought with the film as THR reports some digital alterations will be made to the film, and one gruesome scene might be cut entirely.

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James Gunn Talks 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' & Silly Credits Stinger

James Gunn

When Guardians of the Galaxy made a huge splash at the box office for its opening weekend, rather than just bask in the glory of success, writer and director James Gunn was already getting to work on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which has already been slated for release on July 28th, 2017. Now that the first film is over a week old, everyone is starting to ask about the sequel. One of the biggest mysteries left open from the first film was the identity of Star-Lord's father, who had hired Yondu (Michael Rooker) and his Ravagers to retrieve Peter Jason Quill from Earth. But the group of thieves decided against it. Read on!

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Vin Diesel Hinting at Future Role in Marvel's 'The Inhumans' Movie?

The Inhumans

Back in 2011, before Guardians of the Galaxy was a box office hit, it was just a hope for Marvel Studios to turn into another hit comic book movie franchise. And at the time, another lesser known title was also being kicked around for a possible big screen adaptation: The Inhumans. This would basically be Marvel's answer to Fox's tight hold on to the X-Men franchise as it follows a race of early human beings who were turned into a race of superhuman warrior-servants by the Kree, the alien race from Guardians of the Galaxy from which the villain Ronan the Accuser hails. They too become an ensemble of heroes like The Avengers. Now the film might actually be on the way, and Vin Diesel may be involved in his second Marvel project.

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Watch: Guillermo del Toro Tours 'Crimson Peak' Comic-Con Gallery

Guillermo del Toro

Back in July at Comic-Con, we were given early access to the Legendary Pictures booth where we tried out a cool new Oculus Rift experience inspired by Pacific Rim, followed by an exclusive tour of the Crimson Peak Gothic Gallery led by director Guillermo del Toro himself. Due to the intimate nature of the tour, it was hard to capture any quality video of the tour, but Legendary has now made a video available so you can see what we saw, complete with commentary from del Toro himself. And while the experience isn't quite as cool without wearing the Oculus, the Pacific Rim portion is featured too. Watch!

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Check Out Bald Antonio Banderas & Robots on 'Automata' Posters


Coming out of left field today is the tease of a sci-fi project that we haven't heard anything about. Automata comes from Spanish filmmaker Gabe Ibáñez, and wrangles Antonio Banderas back into one of his rare sci-fi roles after playing with Spy Kids and The Skin I Live In, two very different films in the genre. This time he's diving into the future, about 50 years to be exact, and he's playing an insurance agent responsible for looking into cases regarding defective androids. Now two posters have popped up showing off a bald Banderas along with some of the robots in the film. It has a Mad Max meets District 9 vibe. Look!

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Luke's Hand Teased to End 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Charity Drive?

J.J. Abrams

We've been following the activity Star Wars: Force for Change fundraiser that was created in coordination with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) because not only is it a great cause, but director J.J. Abrams has been teasing some tidbits from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII along the way. The first video came from a desert market and showed some cool aliens, the next one showed off an X-Wing, and another had Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart fighting. Now the fundraiser has ended, and to thank everyone for the nearly $5 million raised for UNICEF, Abrams gave a note to a droid. Or did he?

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