One Final Global Trailer for 'Hitman: Agent 47' Starring Rupert Friend

Hitman: Agent 47

"47 - you are a legend." "I'm better." 20th Century Fox has debuted one final crazy epic, operatic trailer for Hitman: Agent 47, which unleashes action fury like all hell. I actually really am very, very excited for this, there's just something crazy fun about it and I'm looking forward to watching it. Cheesy as it may be, whatever, it looks entertaining - the action looks keenly choreographed and I love the sleek feeling of every detail with 47. Rupert Friend stars as Agent 47, and he goes against Zachary Quinto, who looks like he can kick some ass as well. Hannah Ware plays Katia van Dees, and the cast also includes Ciarán Hinds, Thomas Kretschmann and Emilio Rivera. If you still need any convincing - give this last trailer a look.

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Extra Details About 'The Force Awakens' 70mm IMAX 3D Release

Star Wars - The Force Awakens 70mm IMAX 3D

A few new details have surfaced regarding the plans for the upcoming IMAX release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming up this December. By now, it's been pretty much confirmed that there is one main sequence shot with IMAX cameras in The Force Awakens. The movie will be getting a 70mm IMAX 3D release, and film blog Making Star Wars has posted some info on the initial plans for the IMAX 3D version. As one would hope, there will definitely be special IMAX 70mm film showings at the few remaining "real" IMAX theaters, but they will be in 3D with dual projectors, so this will still be pushed as 3D. Rest assured, "it's what IMAX was founded on, showcasing the best and most immersive 3D ever." Let's hope for the best.

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Tom Cruise Hints at More 'Mission Impossible' + 'Edge of Tomorrow 2'

Tom Cruise

More sequels! Always more sequels. With the latest Mission: Impossible movie about to hit theaters, Tom Cruise is out doing the press rounds and was in New York City this week talking with everyone. During the premiering, MTV News caught up with him and got a very brief tease about a possible Edge of Tomorrow sequel. Everyone has been catching up to that one and realizing how damn good it is, and now they want a sequel, so he says "I pitched it to [Rogue Nation director Christopher] McQuarrie and [Edge of Tomorrow director] Doug [Liman]. We were there one night and I was like, I’ve got an idea for it…" That's all that was revealed, but on "The Daily Show" Cruise confirmed some bigger news regarding more Mission: Impossible.

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Check Out Some Behind-the-Scenes Photos for 'Batman v Superman'

Batman v Superman

While we wait patiently for more footage, let's take a closer look at a few behind-the-scenes images from Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman. Empire has debuted a new cover and photos and lots of info in their upcoming print issue. Along with new shots debuted online, a few scans of the magazine feature some cool behind-the-scenes shots of the set. We get to see Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Zack Snyder as Directorman, and Jeremy Irons as Alfred. You can see the full Comic-Con trailer here. I'm really excited for this, now it's just a countdown to the release. Check ’em.

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Sleek Minimalistic Poster Set for 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation'

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

The modern master of stunts gets his own poster series for Mission: Impossible. Paramount, with a week to go before the release of the fifth Mission: Impossible movie, has unveiled a sleek set of minimalistic posters designed in honor of the stunts in the movies. The series profiles one of the big Tom Cruise stunts from each of the five M:I flicks, culminating in the airplane stunt in Rogue Nation. These are very simple, basic posters designed to remind action fans about all the cool stunts (the main selling point this time) in these movies. I'm certainly looking forward to checking out Rogue Nation and all the stunts and twists in it.

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Meet the New Bond Girls from 'Spectre' Before Newest Trailer Arrives


Time to meet the new Bond Girls! Well, most of them are new, but Moneypenny is not. I do find it a bit odd that they're now pushing Moneypenny as a "Bond Girl" when she was always just an assistant and helper for Bond. I get it, she needs to be out there more as a power player. But "Bond Girl"? She's way better than that. Anyway. In the new Spectre, directed by Sam Mendes & starring Daniel Craig, we have four Bond girls: Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, Noamie Harris, plus Stephanie Sigman from Mexico. There's a new trailer for Spectre arriving tomorrow, in the meantime new photos of each one have debuted. Take a look!

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Neill Blomkamp Shows Off More Concept Art from His 'Alien' Movie

Neill Blomkamp - Alien

There's a line of dialogue missing from this scene. Director Neill Blomkamp just posted a new hint on social media at some of the concept art for his Alien movie in the works. We've been following development on this closely ever since it was announced that Blomkamp would be working with Ridley Scott on a new Alien. This art shows that Sigourney Weaver as Ripley and Michael Biehn as Captain Hicks definitely seem to have a role in this new one. There's also a glimpse at some kind of mech that seems to be a signature Blomkamp suit of armor to the side. Neill only said: "#alien going very well. Love this project." View below.

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Photos from 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Provide a First Look at the Villain

X-Men: Apocalypse

"Who the [bleep] are you?" That's the first line out of Magneto when he first meets Apocalypse. "Come and see…" is his reply. It's unlikely that 20th Century Fox will release the Comic-Con footage for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse, despite it leaking online. Instead, they've let Entertainment Weekly debut a new set of photos showing us a good look at Apocalypse as well as the rest of the cast. The mag also debuted a new cover, but it's Photoshopped so much it doesn't even look like Apocalypse anymore (refer to photos). Oscar Isaac plays the villain. We also can see: Michael Fassbender, Olivia Munn (as Psylocke), Alexandra Shipp (as Storm), Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, James McAvoy + Evan Peters (as Quicksilver).

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Omaze Offers Chance to Visit the Set of Justin Lin's 'Star Trek Beyond'

Star Trek Beyond - Omaze

"A chance to boldly go where no man–or woman has gone before." Paramount has partnered with Omaze for another unique charity exclusive, this time for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond (or Star Trek 3) being directed by Justin Lin. The film is currently in production, and the cast filmed a video for Omaze walking around the USS Enterprise set. Many may also remember that Omaze also partnered with Lucasfilm for Star Wars, and released videos from the set in order to raise charity money. Now they're flipping over to Star Trek and offering a chance to be in the movie and win a grand prize of a walk on role in Star Trek Beyond (more info here). You can see the video of them, including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, on set below.

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See Fox's Epic Photos of the Most Superheroes on the Hall H Stage

Comic-Con Hall H 2015

After earning a standing ovation for the Deadpool footage, and having Hugh Jackman give a farewell talk about playing Wolverine for the last time, 20th Century Fox wrapped up their Hall H panel at Comic-Con 2015 with a historic moment. The studio brought out every superhero actor on stage from five major comic book series - ranging from X-Men to Fantastic Four to Deadpool to Gambit to Wolverine - for "the most superheroes together at once" photo. Chris Hardwick, moderator of the panel, attempted to arrange the group together for a selfie (and he got the shot but it's low quality). That said, it's still fun to follow-up and take a look at some of the photos that came out of this moment at the end of Comic-Con. Take a look!

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Discuss: Does 'Batman v Superman' Fix Some 'Man of Steel' Issues?

Batman v Superman

After years of speculative buzz, Zack Snyder finally unveiled a complete look at where the future of DC is headed at Comic-Con with an extended trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Technically speaking, this is a sequel to Man of Steel, but Zack is adamant to remind fans that this is the beginning of something new (meaning: Justice League and other DC movies) and not so much a sequel to Superman's re-imagined origin. That said, it's clear with some of the footage in the trailer that these two movies connect directly. There's a shot of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) on the ground in Metropolis watching Supes fight Zod as buildings collapse around him. This changes everything about Man of Steel. Or does it?

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Watch the Tom Cruise Airplane Stunt Featurette for 'Rogue Nation'

Tom Cruise Airplane Stunt

"Benji! Open the door!" Paramount has debuted a new featurette focusing on the incredible airplane stunt that Tom Cruise did for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. We've all seen the footage in the trailers, and seen the photos, but this shows you some of the actual raw footage of Cruise himself strapped to the frickin' airplane while it takes off. Yes, he did this for real. This is a very short featurette that only shows the stunt and the raw footage and that's it. I mean, I want to see this purely for this stunt, but I'm curious about the rest of the movie, too. Plus it's cool to see this raw footage now (without waiting for the DVD). Enjoy!

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First Glimpse of Apocalypse on 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Comic-Con Poster

X-Men: Apocalypse

Meet En Sabah Nur. This weekend at Comic-Con 2015, director Bryan Singer debuted the first two minutes of raw footage in Hall H from the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse (which has only been filming for 5 weeks). While I wish that was out for everyone to see, in the meantime we have the first teaser poster for the movie, and it's all about Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac. The immortal supervillain from the comics series is known as the very first mutant, from thousands of years ago, hence all the symbols around the poster's edge. Just wait till you see what Isaac actually looks like in the film. For now take a look below.

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Comic-Con 2015 Live: 20th Century Fox in Hall H - Deadpool & X-Men

20th Century Fox

It's just about time to kick off our last live Hall H blog coverage of Comic-Con 2015. The final movie panel on Saturday this year is for 20th Century Fox, and it's mainly an upcoming look at three new Marvel Movies: Deadpool directed by Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds, the new Fantastic Four directed by Josh Trank, and of course, X-Men: Apocalypse directed by Bryan Singer. There of course may be even more surprises, reveals, announcements or other details that may arrive during the presentation. We're excited to get underway and find out what secrets Fox has in store, and if Marvel will make a dent at Comic-Con 2015.

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