Keira Knightley Buys Chloe Grace Moretz Beer in Trailer for 'Laggies'


Director Lynn Shelton brought her latest film Laggies to the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and now the film is hitting theaters this fall. It's pretty standard indie fare with Keira Knightley playing a twentysomething struggling with adulthood, lacking motivation while figuring out the next step of her life. But this one has a great supporting cast with Chloe Grace Moretz turning in another promising performance along with Sam Rockwell (The Way Way Back) and Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). This doesn't look to break new ground, but with this caliber of cast, it really has charm. Watch it!

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Watch: First Teaser Trailer for 'Paradise Lost' with Benicio Del Toro

Paradise Lost Trailer

"I need to trust everyone near me, Nick." Ohh this is looking good already. An early promo teaser trailer has debuted for Andrea Di Stefano's Paradise Lost, starring Benicio Del Toro as infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar of Colombia. The story involves a surfer, played by the wide-eyed Josh Hutcherson, visiting his brother in Colombia who discovers that his uncle is actually Escobar. Things get a bit tricky as he falls for a local Colombian girl. This looks like another slimy drug cartel movie that will make for edge-of-your-seat cinematic entertainment, but is there more to it? The teaser is only 30 seconds but gives us a solid first look.

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Indie Trailer Sunday: Carter Smith's New Thriller 'Jamie Marks Is Dead'

Jamie Marks Is Dead

"Who did it?" Today's indie trailer is for the murder mystery thriller Jamie Marks Is Dead, from writer / director Carter Smith, which first premiered at Sundance 2014 earlier this year. The film stars Cameron Monaghan as a high school student who meets the ghost of a murdered teenager and attempts to help him put together the crime. There are some odd appearances by Liv Tyler and Judy Greer in funky supporting roles, along with Noah Silver as Jamie Marks. While this starts out like a new take on a murder concept like Rian Johnson's Brick, it spins into the ghost territory and seems to turn into too much of a paranormal horror for my own tastes. I'm curious about it, but not sure if it'll be any good. Give this a look for yourself.

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Watch: Reese Witherspoon in First Trailer for Jean-Marc Vallée's 'Wild'

Wild Trailer

Happy Trails. Fox Searchlight has debuted a lovely trailer for Jean-Marc Vallée's Wild, a drama adapted from Cheryl Strayed's book of the same name, starring Reese Witherspoon as a woman who takes a 1,100-mile solo hike as a way to recover from a loss and rekindle her own life. I had a feeling this might be kind of like Reese Witherspoon's 127 Hours, an adventure about one woman who endures the challenges of mother nature, and learns lots of life lessons along the way. This has somewhat of that feel, but goes to a few different places, thanks to tender filmmaking from Jean-Marc Vallée, who last made Dallas Buyers Club.

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Watch: Ellar Coltrane Grows Up Over 12 Years in 'Boyhood' TV Spot

Boyhood TV Spot

It's finally time for Richard Linklater's incredible coming-of-age masterpiece Boyhood to hit theaters this weekend. We've been ranting and raving about the film since it premiered at Sundance this year, and the project that's been 12 years in the making is finally coming your way. Unfortunately, it might take awhile to hit a theater in your area, but you can check out the entire timeline for expansion into theaters around the country right here. In the meantime, check out this awesome new TV spot for the film, which begins with a series of photos showing star Ellar Coltrane aging over 12 years of production on this special film. Watch!

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First Look Photo: Sir Ian McKellen is Ready to Play Sherlock Holmes

Sir Ian McKellen

Well, Hello! Meet the new Sherlock Holmes. Yep, he's old and yet still as spry as ever. Legendary actor Sir Ian McKellen has posted his own photo of himself in costume & make-up for the new film Mr. Holmes, being directed by Bill Condon. McKellen will apparently be playing an aging Sherlock Holmes in the project, also known as A Slight Trick of the Mind, co-starring Laura Linney. The story is about Mr. Holmes looking back at his life and the cases and unsolved mysteries, and yes of course, a woman. It's only a costume shot, but as a first look at the lovable McKellen ready to play Holmes, I couldn't resist sharing. Take a look below.

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Catherine Keener in Trailer for Sundance Refugee Thriller 'War Story'

War Story Trailer

"I know you, I want to help you!" IFC has debuted the trailer for a Sundance film called War Story, from writer/director Mark Jackson, starring Catherine Keener as a photojournalist who tries to help a young refugee, but seems to get in over her heard with some violent political affairs. French actress Hafsia Herzi also stars in the film. This looks interesting, but there's not much more to it than a shoddy story and some campy, ever-so-obvious dialogue about "but I had to get the story!" wait "there is no story." "What have they done to you?" It doesn't look terrible, just not that good. Take a look below, this might interest others more.

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First Teaser Poster for Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' Shines in the Moonlight

Kevin Smith's Tusk

Let Me Tell You a Story... Dang, this is pretty cool. A24 has unveiled the first teaser poster for Kevin Smith's Tusk, his new horror film about a walrus man, or something like that. We have yet to actually see a teaser trailer in public, however it seems like A24 is getting ready to launch one following this poster. The artwork features a moonlit house positioned on a cliff, with tusks sticking out beneath it. It's impressive imagery for an official studio poster, and is quite a teaser for this horror project that has been kept quietly under wraps since Kevin Smith started production. Now they have my attention; I'm intrigued to see more from this film. The trailer is set to debut online in full after it unveils at Comic-Con later in July. Check out this art below.

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Watch: Wacky, Funny, Wildest Night Ever 'Limo Ride' Doc Trailer

Limo Ride Doc Trailer

"A true tale told by those who lived it." Something a little raw to raunch up your day. A trailer has debuted for a wacky documentary called Limo Ride, about an epic "wildest night ever" limo ride about ten friends having the time of their lives. If you like white trash cinema, this is the doc for you. It's essentially about these guys recounting the tale of this crazy night of drinking and sex and all kinds of bad shit, which hearing about now is so much fun. They end up at some beach, endless bars all over, and other nasty places. This sales trailer is full of nudity and language aplenty, so don't watch this one at work, or with any one around.

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See the 72 Minute Teaser for Anders Weberg's 720 Hours Long Film

Anders Weberg's Ambiance Teaser

"As a small tease until the premiere in 2020 shorter teaser/trailers will be presented at different occasions." Wait - what? This movie is 720 hours long (that's a month!)? Who is going to watch that?! The first teaser, which runs 72 minutes with "the intent to convey the mood and tempo from the full piece", for Anders Weberg's experimental cinematic project Ambiancé has debuted. For those intrigued by this, it's pretty much just 72 minutes of random, mesmerizing, grainy imagery, and an atmospheric score, without much going on. But that's his entire idea, as this is "abstract nonlinear narrative" and it's all about what you feel while watching it. I can't say I feel much besides confusion, but perhaps that's just me. The final release isn't until 2020, so we've got a few years, but this teaser will only be online until July 20th (2014) - catch it now.

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Indie Trailer Sunday: Director Jake Paltrow's New Sci-Fi 'Young Ones'

Young Ones Trailer

"Let us say a prayer that this piece of land, small as it may be, can be more than a symbol." Today's trailer is for an indie sci-fi/post apocalyptic film that premiered at Sundance to rather dismal buzz. It's the second feature from Jake Paltrow, younger brother of Gwyneth Paltrow, whose debut was The Good Night from 2007. This one, titled the Young Ones, is another genre-mixer set in the future, but with the tone and style of a Dust Bowl western. Kodi Smit-McPhee stars as the nomad son of Michael Shannon, and Nicholas Hoult actually plays a villain, with Elle Fanning his girlfriend. These first trailers are early promos that may not stay online, but as a first glimpse I'm intrigued to see how this looks. If you're curious, take a look.

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See the Trailer for Drafthouse's New Cannes Acquisition 'The Tribe'

The Tribe

Because for Love... And hatred... You don't need translation. Drafthouse Films has acquired a film that may be one of the other big breakouts of Cannes 2014. It's titled The Tribe and is a radically ambitious film set at a Ukrainian boarding school for the deaf. The film's narrative unfolds entirely without subtitles or words, instead it's told entirely through sign language. As groundbreaking as that sounds, the film is challenging because it's about crime and prostitution within the school. Drafthouse CEO Tim League calls it "the most breathtaking film of Cannes", and has put his full support behind it by releasing this film in North America.

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Must Watch: Intense Teaser Trailer for Bennett Miller's 'Foxcatcher'

Foxcatcher Teaser Trailer

"I want to see this country soar again..." Sony Pictures Classics has debuted a brand new teaser trailer for Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher, and I would say it is indeed a must watch, it's an excellent trailer, coming in at just 60 seconds. There's an exciting intensity to it and I can't recommend the film enough, it was one of my favorites out of Cannes 2014. Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo star as wrestlers Mark Schultz and Dave Schultz, and Steve Carell plays their creepy, rich coach John du Pont, a real life story about greed and murder. This film is full of mystery and intrigue, incredible performances, it's going to be the talk of the town when it hits theaters this fall. More exceptional teasers like this and it'll be a breakout hit, too. Enjoy!

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Kickstarter Hosting Another Mini-Film Fest This Year for its Projects

Kickstarter Film Festival

In today's modern digital times, Kickstarter has cemented itself as the predominant funding platform for people looking for money to develop projects. Thankfully this has been an immense help in the indie movie community, providing a successful avenue for developing and finishing cinematic projects that often involve a large amount of money. Kickstarter will once again host their own fourth annual Kickstarter Film Fest, a one day event showcasing "our favorite films, shorts, webseries, animations, documentaries and more — all funded on Kickstarter." The festival will occur in New York (Brooklyn) this summer, before heading to Los Angeles and eventually London. I'm planning to stop by this July out in Brooklyn; it all sounds like fun.

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