First Look Photo: Matthew McConaughey & Edgar Ramirez in 'Gold'

Gold First Look

Time for a first look - just one photo via from the new film titled simply Gold, being directed by Stephen Gaghan. The film stars Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez as an "unlikely pair" who team up when they find one of the largest gold mines in the world in the Indonesian jungle. The full cast includes Corey Stoll, Toby Kebbell, Bryce Dallas Howard, but none of them are seen in this shot. The photo is just Ramirez and McConaughey, face to face, in the jungle. We'll have to wait until a trailer debuts to get a better sense of where this is going, and if it turns out these guys are trying to save the jungle or profit from it. In the meantime, take a look below and stay tuned for more on this film from Black Bear Pictures/Hwy61.

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First Trailer for 'A Bigger Splash' with Tilda Swinton & Dakota Johnson

A Bigger Splash Trailer

"You're pretty domesticated for a rock star." StudioCanal UK has debuted the first fun teaser trailer for A Bigger Splash, a new film made by Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino telling the story of four friends on a nice holiday on the volcanic island of Pantelleria. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, Matthias Schoenaerts and Tilda Swinton, the film is described as a "sensuous portrait of desire, jealousy and rock and roll, under the Mediterranean sun." This actually looks pretty good, like there will be some interesting discussions and crazy occurrences on this seemingly charming vacation. Don't forget to pack a bathing suit.

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'Where to Invade Next' To Be Released By Brand New Indie Distributor

Where to Invade Next

This is big! The press release announcing the distribution of Michael Moore's new documentary Where to Invade Next is also the announcement of a brand new indie distributor. Alamo Drafthouse Founder and CEO Tim League, who also runs Drafthouse Films, is teaming up with Former RADiUS Founders and Co-Presidents Tom Quinn and Jason Janego to launch a brand new distribution label. Moore describes his new distributor as a "cinematic Dream Team, consisting of three of this country's most beloved film geeks and movie advocates, individuals who are much-admired by the indie filmmaking community." Indeed! This is excellent news, and I can't wait to see the documentary, which received rave reviews at TIFF.

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Fantastic Fest 2015 is Sure To Be Another Memorable Movie Event

Fantastic Fest

It was at his intro to Sion Sono's Tokyo Tribe at last year's Fantastic Fest that HitFix's Drew McWeeny put it best: "You are all my tribe," he said to the packed auditorium, and the sentiment was apparent even before the crowd erupted in of approval and applause. There really is no film festival quite like Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest - about to kick off its 11th year. There is no program like the one put together every year by Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest founder Tim League and his selection crew. There is no, and I stress this, NO crowd like a Fantastic Fest crowd, and the kinship felt among those who have attended and keep returning is undeniable. There's just something about Fantastic Fest.

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Watch: First 'Bare' Trailer Starring Dianna Agron & Paz de le Huerta

Bare Trailer

"I wanna take you to one of my favorite places." IFC Films has debuted a trailer for the indie drama Bare, from writer/director Natalia Leite, co-starring Dianna Agron and Paz de le Huerta. This lesbian indie drama premiered at Tribeca and is about a girl in Nevada who becomes "romantically involved with a female drifter", that ends up teaching her lessons about life the hard way. This trailer doesn't look so bad, but some of the reviews for this were pretty mediocre, with THR mentioning a "mundane storyline". I'm not so sure if it'll be any good - give the trailer a watch below. Also stars Chris Zylka, Louisa Krause & Mary Price Moore.

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New International Trailer for Indie 'Brooklyn' Starring Saoirse Ronan

Brooklyn Australian Trailer

"Secret is to look as though you know what you're doing." Transmission Films out of Australia has debuted a new trailer for the indie romance film Brooklyn, starring Saoirse Ronan as a young Irish girl in 1950s Brookyln. From the early buzz this is supposed to be one of the better films of the year, as it first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is playing at TIFF, New York and the London Film Festivals. Emory Cohen and Domhnall Gleeson star as her two lovers, from two different places, and they're both featured on the UK poster seen below. The official US trailer is a bit different but features most of the same footage.

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Watch: Cate Blanchett & Robert Redford Lead the First 'Truth' Trailer

Truth Trailer

"Here's to a great story." Sony Pictures Classics has debuted the first official trailer for Truth, the drama about Dan Rather and his controversy in 2004 reporting on the President. Robert Redford stars as Dan Rather, and Cate Blanchett plays Mary Mapes, his cohort at CBS working on putting together the news. The supporting cast includes Elisabeth Moss, Topher Grace, Dennis Quaid, Bruce Greenwood, David Lyons and John Benjamin Hickey. Our writer Marco just reviewed Truth out of TIFF 2015 a few days ago, calling it "an adult drama that pulls no punches and is massively entertaining". This looks pretty dang good, an intelligent counterpoint to the truth-telling in the other journalism film Spotlight. Check it.

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Jay Duplass & Linas Phillips Star in 'Manson Family Vacation' Trailer

Manson Family Vacation

"There's some really cool pictures of dead people!" The Orchard has debuted a trailer for the offbeat indie comedy Manson Family Vacation, about two estranged brothers who go on a weird trip together to visit the infamous Manson Family murder sites. Jay Duplass stars as one of the brothers, with Linas Phillips (Bass Ackwards) as the other. The synopsis describes it as a story about two brothers: "one who's devoted to his family; the other who's obsessed with The Manson Family." The film's cast also features Tobin Bell, Leonora Pitts and Davie-Blue. This is such an awkward comedy, I can see why they're sending it straight to VOD, definitely not for everyone. Not sure who it's for, but some may find some fun in this. Have at it.

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First Trailer for Indie 'Meadowland' Starring Olivia Wilde & Luke Wilson

Meadowland Trailer

"Think I'm going to get it on you? Think I'm going to infect you?" Cinedigm has released the first official trailer for Meadowland, the feature directorial debut of cinematographer Reed Morano. This premiered at Tribeca and stars Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson as a couple grieving from "an unimaginable loss", struggling as everything becomes "unhinged". It looks like a very powerful worth-seeing drama, with some deeply emotional performances by Wilde and Wilson. The cast also includes Juno Temple, Elisabeth Moss, Giovanni Ribisi, John Leguizamo, Ty Simpkins, Luke Wilson, Kevin Corrigan, Kid Cudi and Merritt Wever.

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Watch: Kristen Wiig in US Trailer for Sebastián Silva's 'Nasty Baby'

Nasty Baby Trailer

"It's always going to be a little weird…" Get ready for the wack. The Orchard has debuted a new official US trailer for Sebastián Silva's Nasty Baby, which will be hitting limited theaters in the US next month for those interested. Starring Kristen Wiig along with Tunde Adebimpe and Sebastián Silva himself, this funky indie comedy is about a "close-knit" trio of friends who figure out how to navigate the choice of having a baby. This is a very peculiar trailer that gets a little wacky at the end, but I still dig it. A nice twist on the conventional trailer, and they know the exact audience they're going for. Get ready for the nasty. Have fun!

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Natalie Portman's Delayed 'Jane Got a Gun' Reset for February 2016

Jane Got a Gun

Briefly: They're finally ready to dump this. After years and years of delays, production troubles, distribution troubles, all kinds of problems, The Weinstein Company has confirmed that Gavin O'Connor's Jane Got a Gun will be released in February of 2016. This is the western with Natalie Portman where, on the first days of shooting the original director (Lynne Ramsay) never showed up to set, and they scrambled to figure out what to do and put it together after multiple cast/director changes. For a while, Relativity had this ready to go for late 2015 but then that company went under and now TWC bought the rights. The film does not yet have a specific date in February, and will be released first in Europe this November. Stay tuned for a trailer.

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Watch: TIFF Trailer for Crazy First Person POV Action Film 'Hardcore'

Hardcore POV Trailer

"Hello Henry… Remember how you got here?" Holy moley! Get ready for this. The first official trailer has debuted for the "Biting Elbows" feature - Ilya Naishuller's Hardcore, which is playing at TIFF in Midnight Madness this month. Hardcore is the first action film to be shot 100% from "the hero's perspective", the feature version of that awesome POV short that everyone saw a few years ago plus others like Insane Office Escape. This looks crazy, with some weird sci-fi cyborg elements and a huge, complex story. Naishuller also rounded up one helluva cast: Sharlto Copley, Danila Kozlovsky, Haley Bennet, Andrey Dementiev, Dasha Charusha, and Sveta Ustinova. This trailer is very violent and NSFW - beware. Fire it up below!

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First Trailer for Sarah Silverman's Brutal Drug Drama 'I Smile Back'

I Smile Back Trailer

"Don't you want to be happy?" Broad Green Pictures has debuted the first official trailer for I Smile Back, a very emotional drug drama starring Sarah Silverman. This premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to positive reviews, as it's about the struggles of an addicted mother and how much she tries to be clean, but can't escape the depression. The cast includes Josh Charles, Thomas Sadoski, Mia Barron and Skylar Gaertner. It's a brutal film because as much as you hope, and really want, her to get better, she just keeps abusing herself and it's so painful to watch, but so potent in telling the story of this kind of person (who still deserves to be loved). This is also one of Sarah Silverman's best performances to date. Take a look below.

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Ava DuVernay & Laura Poitras Are Launching Their Own Film Studios

Ava DuVernay

Now this is some exciting news worth covering. In two separate reports, it has been announced this week that Ava DuVernay and Laura Poitras, two very talented filmmakers, will be launching their own film studios / distribution collectives. Poitras, who just won the Academy Award for Citizenfour earlier this year, is launching Field of Vision, "a documentary unit that will commission and create 40 to 50 episodic and short-form nonfiction films each year." DuVernay, whose recent film Selma was nominated for two Academy Awards, is relaunching the "African American Film Festival Releasing Movement" collective as a company called Array, with the intent to release indie films that have trouble finding their way in front of audiences.

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