Alamo Drafthouse Unveils Their List of the 100 Best Films of All-Time

Alamo 100 List

For a movie lover to list their 100 favorite films is a daunting task. Choosing 100 films to live with for the rest of your life and no others? Most couldn't even be certain of their favorite film. But that very task was set on the programmers at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse, the theater chain notorious for its collective passion of cinema. Those programmers, as well as Drafthouse CEO and founder Tim League, put their individual lists of 100 films together, and from that list, the "Alamo 100" was born. That's 100 films, listed in no particular order, that League and his crew of programmers feel are essentials, the best in motion pictures.

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John Waters' Top 10 of 2013 Includes 'Spring Breakers' & 'After Tiller'

John Waters' Top 10 - Spring Breakers

"Bikini's and big booties - that's what it's all about." It's December which means we're already getting to that time of year when Top 10 lists arrive, and one of the first up is John Waters, the eccentric filmmaker (of Pink Flamingos, Polyester, Hairspray) who always has unique choices on his year end list, and this year is no exception. The list comes from ArtForum (via MCN) and includes a number of documentaries along with a number of odd picks for his favorite films. And yes, #1 is Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, which he describes as "the best sexploitation film of the year." This is definitely going to rile up some folks. Read on!

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Criterion Compiled List of Stanley Kubrick's Top 15 Favorite Films

Henry V - Criterion

If you could still interview Stanley Kubrick, what kind of questions would you ask him? Last year, a user on Criterion's website compiled a list of what they believe are Stanley Kubrick's Top 15 favorite films. I recently came across the list and thought it was worth sharing, especially if you're looking for classic films to watch. Fan Joshua Warren explains: "Since Kubrick was such a famously reclusive and rarely interviewed person, it's very interesting to get a glimpse what kind of films that inspired and entertained him." This top list is culled from various interviews over the years, where Kubrick revealed what his favorite films were.

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Infographic: Bond's Sex Scenes Breakdown - Who Was the Best Lover?

Bond's Sex Scenes

Look up! Look down! Look out! It's 007! Ohh, this is a good one. It's not actually an infographic, rather it's the nymphographic. On Movieline, they posted an infographic for James Bond (timed with Skyfall hitting theaters this weekend) highlighting the sex and women in Bond's life lives. Agent 007 is known for his suave, sexy ways and ability to bed any women he wants, hence why Bond girls are always an important part of this franchise. It recaps all 75 of his "sexual encounters", film-by-film, and breaks down details on who, when and where. Unfortunately a lot end up dead after a night with Bond, but what a final experience.

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Top 10 Directors Who Should Be at the Helm of 'Star Wars: Episode 7'

George Lucas

In case you haven't heard, the big news today is that Disney has just purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion and the studio is looking to release the long rumored, always anticipated, but never believed possible, Star Wars: Episode 7. We have no story details as to what characters we might follow, what adventures from the Expanded Universe could show up, but we can talk about the right kind of talent to bring Star Wars back to the bring screen in a way that George Lucas couldn't when he delivered The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Lucas mentioned passing Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers, and we've assembled a list of who we think should go into a galaxy far, far away. Read on!

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Infographics: 50 Years of Bond Movies, Actors, Villains & Earnings

Bond Infographic

Happy 50th Anniversary, James Bond! Since it's Global Bond Day leading up to the release of Skyfall, we wanted to feature a few more Bond-centric items to peruse. In addition to a number of outstanding tribute videos, two infographics on all things 007 recently hit the web. The first comes from sponsor H&R Block's blog, which outlines "50 Years of James Bond". It breaks down box office earnings per Bond actor, as well as villains and weapons and iconic Bond accessories (and their cost). Earlier this year we featured a huge Girls of James Bond infographic. Below there's also a beautiful "Best Bond" infographic made by Cristina Vanko.

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In Honor of 'Premium Rush', Five More Flicks with Heroes On Wheels

BMX Bandits

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Premium Rush finally hits theaters today after a long delay, and writer/director David Koepp's action thriller sees JGL take to the streets on a "fixie" bike with no brakes as he tears across New York City trying to deliver a mysterious package. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to highlight some other films in which the main characters cruise around on wheels, whether it be on BMX bikes, skateboards, or rollerblades, so hit the jump for a list of some of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) that the subgenre of extreme sports movies on wheels has to offer. Check out our picks below!

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See All-Time Top 10 Lists from Coppola, Scorsese, Mann, Tarantino

Apocalypse Now - All-Time Top 10

Time to fire up the ole DVD player. Although you may need to find a 35mm projector for some of these. Film critics have been recently abuzz about a new set of lists put together by the BFI's Sight & Sound that again tries to take a shot at the Greatest Films of All Time. You can find the filmmakers' list online here (#1 is Tokyo Story), which is unique from the actual Top 50 list they made. Sight & Sound polled 358 of the world's greatest living directors and also ranked their films by votes. Not all the individual lists are out yet, but The Playlist got their hands on five All-Time Greatest Top 10 films lists from some noteworthy people.

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20 Movies You Can Still Look Forward To in the Second Half of 2012

20 Movies You Can Still Look Forward To

Now that we've made our way into July, complete with the blockbuster release of The Amazing Spider-Man just in time for the holiday weekend, it's the halfway point. But there's plenty of movies to look forward to, especially for those who have been somewhat disappointed by the movies of the summer (see our own Brandon Lee Tenney's outlook on this year's duds). And so, there's no time like the present to look at some of the films slated to hit theaters in the second half of the year which still have our curious eyes watching closely. From The Dark Knight Rises to The Hobbit, there's plenty to be pumped for in the rest of 2012.

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Watch: Five Films from Our British Brethren You Can Enjoy Right Now

British Films

While the rest of the world is busy dealing with July 4th as another humpday, here in the United States, it's Independence Day. Plenty of people will be quoting Bill Pullman's speech from the sci-fi blockbuster of the same name, eating ribs, hot dogs and hamburgers, blowing stuff up and getting drunk, just as the founding fathers intended. However, I think we've celebrated enough to rub our victory in the faces of those who oppressed us from across the pond. Today, I say we celebrate our British brethren for being worthy opponents, and letting us have a day off, by watching some of their recent great films on Netflix Instant.

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Editorial: Our Favorite Non-Superhero Movie Character Crossovers

Character Crossovers

With the San Diego Comic-Con coming up this very month and Marvel's The Avengers Blu-Ray release announced recently, everyone's favorite superhero team-up film is back in the public consciousness. Joss Whedon wonderfully connected six costumed heroes—okay, Hulk doesn't really wear a costume, but you know what I mean—in one giant film, and it resulted in one of the year's most enjoyable movies. But what about films that feature crossovers that aren't of the heroic and costumed variety? Discounting superhero movies, let's take a look at some of our favorite character crossovers in movies of the modern era. Read on!

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Discuss: 8 Best Android/Robot Characters in Movies with Jon Spaihts

Androids - David & HAL

"Certainly the Alien franchise has given us some of the most memorable androids in history." With Ridley Scott's Prometheus, featuring Michael Fassbender as the android David 8 (introduced in this viral video), arriving in theaters over the next few weeks, it's the perfect time to delve into a character discussion with the co-writer of PrometheusJon Spaihts. A few weeks back we featured a world building, storytelling in-depth discussion with Jon, this time we talk characters. We discuss what makes androids so interesting in sci-fi stories, and which ones stand out the most to him in cinema history. Read on for his list and more!

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Quentin Tarantino Unveils His Unique Top Eleven Films of 2011 List

Quentin Tarantino / 2011

Oh this is going to be good. You can always count on Quentin Tarantino to deliver a unique, potentially controversial, yet still reasonable list of his favorite films of the year. The Quentin Tarantino Archives has exclusively debuted his list of favorite films from 2011, and it's quite a unique pick this time. Last year he had some weird choices like Cyrus and Jackass 3-D, this time he tosses on Moneyball, Red State, Warrior, Young Adult, and the oddest of all, The Three Musketeers. He also lists a few of his other favorites, like director and screenplay, as well as his least favorites, which I've added below, too. Read on for the full list!

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AFI Awards Top 10 2011 Movies Include 'Bridesmaids', 'Dragon Tattoo'

AFI Awards 2011

It's awards season, so here we go. The American Film Institute (AFI) announced (via Deadline) the official selections of AFI Awards 2011 – the awards season event favored by artists and entertainment executives for its intimacy and collaborative recognition – that records the year’s most outstanding achievements in film. They've named 10 of the "Movies of the Year", including Bridesmaids, The Help, J. Edgar, Midnight in Paris, Tree of Life and War Horse, as well as two Special Awards: one for Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist and one for the Harry Potter series. Congrats to all, a somewhat diverse yet respectful list of films this year.

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Alex's Top 10 of 2015
1. Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Son of Saul
3. Victoria
4. Creed
5. Sherpa
6. The End of the Tour
7. Sicario
8. The Revenant
9. The Martian
10. Beasts / No Nation
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Jeremy's Top 10 - 2015
1. Anomalisa
2. Creed
3. Mad Max: Fury Road
4. Ex Machina
5. Room
6. The Hateful Eight
7. Spring
8. White God
9. Montage of Heck
10. Spy
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