Colin Trevorrow Says 'Jurassic World' Sequels Are Already Planned

Jurassic World

Though we won't see Universal's sequel Jurassic World until next summer, that doesn't mean the studio isn't already planning on more sequels to follow what will essentially be a franchise reboot. Though we haven't gotten any specific details on the plot, the concept art that surfaced shows off a fully functional version of Jurassic Park, and one that will likely be stricken by disaster when dinosaurs break free again. Hopefully we'll get more information on that soon, but in the meantime, director Colin Trevorrow spoke with Empire and discussed an awareness of plans for sequels to follow Jurassic World to not be episodic.

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Filming Underway on Alan Taylor's New 'Terminator: Genesis' Movie


Though Paramount Pictures has yet to confirm any of the casting news for the forthcoming franchise reboot Terminator: Genesis, that's not stopping the studio from announcing the start of production. Paramount never even took the time to reveal that Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor would be at the helm of this first film in a new trilogy, but that little detail has indeed been confirmed in the first photo revealed from the set as cameras roll on the first shot of the film's production schedule. It's just a shot of the first clapboard on set, showing that the cover title for the film is Vista, so but that's all we can see. Look below!

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Sound Off: Wally Pfister's Sci-Fi 'Transcendence' - What Did You Think?


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Yesterday Dr. Will Caster was only human. Today he is... everywhere. Now playing in theaters is Transcendence, the feature directing debut of cinematography Wally Pfister, a sci-fi thriller about artificial intelligence in this modern day and age. Johnny Depp stars along with Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman and Clifton Collins Jr. So how is it? Does it live up to expectations? What do you make of the final half and the way it ends? If you've seen it, leave a comment below with your own thoughts about Wally Pfister's Transcendence.

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Review: Glazer's 'Under the Skin' Undoubtedly Gets Under Our Skin

Under the Skin

Visually haunting and lyrical in style, Jonathan Glazer’s adaptation of the novel Under the Skin is the kind of profound sci-fi brain-stopper that will be sure to draw comparisons to some of the greats. We’re talking Kubrick and Roeg comparisons. History will tell if Under the Skin attains any part of that level of legacy, but it’s undeniable the film achieves success in the images it displays before our eyes and the emotions they beckon from the audience’s soul. Always at an arm’s length of understanding its grand design, the film relies on aesthetic and a gripping performance from Scarlett Johansson to hold the viewer’s attention. All things considered, that's not a bad combination of benefits to choose from. Read on!

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Review: Wally Pfister's 'Transcendence' Disappoints on Every Level


Cinematographer Wally Pfister's directorial debut, Transcendence, barely even registers. You can forget about it transcending anything. From the minute we're introduced to the wrap-around, and long before we even flash back, the stagnancy of the screenplay begins to dull everything down around it. It's playing on some interesting ideas, concepts that may well come across as far more mind-blowing when found in a science book. Too much is bland in Transcendence, and that goes for story, acting and direction. Not even the immaculate eye of Wally Pfister can escape the black hole of enjoyment that's at the heart of this film.

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First Look: Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac in Sci-Fi 'Ex Machina'

Ex Machina

Though Dredd may not have fared as well as some hoped, writer Alex Garland is set to redeem himself by taking a turn directing with the sci-fi flick Ex Machina. Garland behind the scripts for Never Let Me Go, Sunshine and 28 Days Later, all unique films with great stories. As for Ex Machina, this one follows a love triangle between two men and a beautiful robot girl. That's definitely unlike anything we've seen before, and now we have a first look at the film with stars Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis) and Domhnall Gleeson (About Time). No sign of the robot girl (Alicia Vikander) just yet, but we're certainly intrigued.

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James Cameron's Reddit AMA Bits: 'Avatar', 'True Lies' Sequels & More

James Cameron's Reddit AMA

Ask James Cameron Anything. What would you ask, and would he reply? Time to find out. On Saturday, April 12th, filmmaker James Cameron participated in a Reddit AMA, answering quite a few questions from fans. Some of the good, some of them bad, with plenty of fascinating and surprisingly in-depth replies. Unlike some AMA participants, he actually gave a few lengthy, well-written answers to nerdy questions. He covers his thoughts on Prometheus, Terminator and Gravity, to future technology, to Avatar & True Lies sequels, to Arnold, to HFR & 3D, and much more. We've curated a number of worth-reading answers.

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It's Not Over Yet: Michael Bay Promises Another 'Transformers' Trilogy

Michael Bay - Transformers 4

For better or worse, more Transformers movies are on the way. At least three more of them. We have the fourth one titled Transformers: Age of Extinction, still directed by Michael Bay, arriving in theaters this summer. As pretty much everyone completely and totally expected, Michael Bay has revealed via an Entertainment Weekly interview that this one is the first in another new trilogy of Transformers movies. There's a brand new cast this time, new 'bots, a new storyline, of course it's the start of a new trilogy. Would we expect anything less? I think not. Then again, this is about gaining new fans moving ahead in the series.

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King of Monsters Goes Black and White on a New Poster for 'Godzilla'


Along with some cool official posters and some stellar artwork from talented fans, we've seen quite a bit of the new version of Godzilla, the classic monster who has terrorized the world for decades. But now we get a different look at the King of Monsters in a cool new black and white poster. It's not quite as cool as that fanmade seismograph poster (which you can buy right here), but it's still something to see for any fan of Godzilla. If anything, it calls back to the original inception of the giant lizard since he debuted when black and white was a standard in motion pictures. A new black and white Godzilla would actually be fun. Look!

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Trumbull's 4K 120FPS Film 'UFOTOG' Premiering at Seattle's Cinerama

Cinerama Sci-Fi Festival

He changed the industry forever with the visual effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner. Can he do again in 2014? After following its development for years, visual effects master Doug Trumbull is premiering his first experimental 4K 3D 120FPS film titled UFOTOG at the Second Fictional Festival this May up at Seattle's Cinerama. We've written about this odd UFOTOG project a few times before and have been patiently awaiting its arrival, mostly just to see what all the hype is behind this latest sci-fi experience that Trumbull has come up with. Press releases are hitting now confirming the premiere in Seattle. Read on.

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See The Evolution of Film from 1878 to 2014 in Just Three Minutes

The Evolution of Film

In the short history of filmmaking, the advancement of technology has allowed the face of cinema to change quickly, sometimes with audiences not always prepared to keep up. Whether it's the jump from silent films to talkies, hand drawn animation to computer animation, or 2D to 3D, there's always something new being added to how we experience motion pictures. Now an impressive three-minute montage called The Evolution of Film from Humber College graduate Scott Ewing (via SlashFilm) takes a brief look at the history of cinema from the dawn of the moving picture all the way back in 1878 to the films of today. Watch!

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Must Watch: First Trailer for Spectacular Sundance Sci-Fi 'I Origins'

I Origins

"I'd like to tell you the story of the eyes that changed this world." After making a splash with the indie sci-fi Another Earth at Sundance in 2011, director Mike Cahill returned to the independent film festival with the penetrating sci-fi drama I Origins. Now the first trailer for the compelling film starring Michael Pitt, Brit Marling and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey has arrived. This film is an absolute sensation (read Alex's Sundance review right here), and serves as an interesting, provoking bridge between the ever-strong debate between faith and science. This is one you'll want to seek out this summer for sure. Watch the trailer now!

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Universal Developing New Take on 'Battlestar Galactica' for Big Screen

Battlestar Galactica

Back in 2011, director Bryan Singer was said to be circling a big screen take on Battlestar Galactica, but in three years that project has never solidified. Now the sci-fi property is making moves towards a new version on the big screen again as Variety reports Universal is developing a "complete reimagining" of the franchise that found success on TV by way of SyFy. Transcendence writer Jack Paglen has been hired to write the film (he also worked on the original script for Prometheus 2) with original series creator Glen Larson producing. But at this point, that's all the solid information on the project that has been revealed.

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Watch: Extended Trailer for Gareth Edwards' New 'Godzilla' Arrives

Godzilla Extended Trailer

"It is going to send us back to the stone age!" He's coming. WB/Legendary has debuted a 3-min extended trailer for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. This is basically the exact same footage they showed at CinemaCon (and likely the shame they'll show at WonderCon) which features an extended look at Bryan Cranston's character's storyline, as well as some extra shots of massive destruction. What I love about this trailer is that it takes almost 2 minutes until you realize all this death and destruction you're watching is coming from Godzilla - the giant King of Monsters finally traveling from Japan to America. Something woke him up and he doesn't care about anything in his way. They're selling this movie perfectly and I am so excited to see it.

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