Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in an Unofficial 'Uncharted' Short Film

Uncharted Short Film

"My employer is not a man you want to cross." After all the support from fans, Nathan Fillion went off and decided to star in his own live-action, unofficial short film for Uncharted. Fillion has teamed up with director Allan Ungar, producing and starring in this homemade short film about Nathan Drake trying to escape unharmed. In addition to Fillion, this stars Stephen Lang as Sully, Geno Segers as Diego, Mircea Monroe as Elena, and Ernie Reyes Jr. as El Tigre. This film plays up the humor and cockiness of Drake, along with his skills of sneakiness and hand-to-hand combat. It's considerably entertaining even though it's very simply put together, which is probably why this work so well. It's all about the character. Watch below.

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Watch: 'A Report Of Connected Events' Video Fuses Cinema & Reality

A Report Of Connected Events

"In the end we’ll all become stories. Make sure yours will be the greatest ever told." An impressive promo video has been created titled A Report Of Connected Events, made by PostPanic as a "branded content film" for Liberty Global. Directed by Mischa Rozema, this video combines cinema/storytelling with reality by implementing moments from film & TV into actual real footage of our world. This is almost like one of those images where you have to find all of the pop culture references, but with even more going on because they're hidden in every scene and every shot of this. Some of it is cool, some of it is crazy, some of it is weird - like the fully rendered Ghibli characters. I still think it is worth a watch because it is so unique and geeky.

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Watch: Aaron Beckum's Comedic Short 'Born Forlorn' Shot on 35mm

Born Forlorn Short Film

"Take the shortcut - though the middle of the desert." Another entertaining new short film to watch. Born Forlorn is a "crossover between a musical, comedic short film, and music video" from filmmaker/musician Aaron Beckum, who has made a few other shorts previously (seen here). This is his latest work and it's an amusing, kooky, funky little adventure of sorts. Born Forlorn was shot on 35mm and follows a broken-hearted country western singer with sights set on Hollywood. The cast includes Beckum as Dion Horn, plus Michael Wilson as "Friend with Computer" & Chantal Anderson as "Annie on the Answering Machine". This is a quirky and unusual musical short, worth watching whenever you're in the mood for something odd.

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Watch: Gritty Sci-Fi Action Short Film 'Ballistic' Made by Ryan Connolly

Ballistic Short Film

"I need you to get up. Keep moving." Give this short film a look if you're in the mood for some gritty sci-fi action. Ballistic is the latest short film made by Ryan Connolly, and it's set in a post-apocalyptic time in the future. There's not much more of an introduction beyond that, so jump right in and start watching now. Ballistic stars Hannah Ward, Rachel Hendrix, Mark Ashworth, Graham Powell, and Omid Zader. I really like how this short just starts and gets into things fast, without spending too much time trying to explain anything. Just put us right in the middle of it and we can figure it out as it goes along. Watch below.

Watch: Chilling Horror Short Film 'Surveyor' Directed by John Panton

Surveyor Short Film

"Just don't get it anyone's way." Time for another chilling horror short film. This one is titled Surveyor, made by English filmmaker John Panton. It's a companion piece to Panton's other supernatural short film Line Signal. Surveyor is about a surveyor who is hired to inspect an abandoned mansion for a client who is looking to renovate it. As you can suspect, when he arrives and begins his work he discovers there's more to this mansion than expected. Spookiness ensues. The film stars Aidan Casey, Katie Villa, Alex Winters, Mike Wozniak, and Cromerty York. This is a good short set around one place with an eerie atmosphere.

Watch: Spiritual Short Film 'I Do Not Sleep' by Sophie Monks Kaufman

I Do Not Sleep Short Film

"I've missed you so much… It's a great pleasure to see you and your young man." Watch this new dramatic short film I Do Not Sleep, made by talented writer Sophie Monks Kaufman, who writes for Little White Lies. This is Sophie's first short film, which she wrote and directed, and it took 10 months to complete - even though it only runs 10 minutes. The short is about a grieving young woman who finds that the spirit of a lost loved one is still shaping her relationships. The cast includes Richard Kiess as Max, Elizabeth Sankey as Clarisse, with Linda Large. I love all the shots of the trees in this, and how spiritual the film is. Enjoy it.

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Watch: 80's Arcade Throwback Short Film 'Tank' from Stu Maschwitz

Tank Short Film

Ready player one? Insert coin to play. This two-minute short film Tank is an exciting, nerdy throwback to 80's arcade games and it's a must watch for geeks everywhere. Tank is made by Red Giant's Chief Creative Officer, Stu Maschwitz (@5tu), who wanted to make something to pay homage to vector arcade games of the 80's - specifically Battlezone and Star Wars, though this definitely has a Tron vibe. This also features a totally rad electro score created by Ben Worley. This isn't just all about the visuals - there's a cool story to follow as well. Tank is a fun, homemade short film that is super geeky and yet isn't worthless entertainment. This is why I love short films - they're always so creatively unique and have something to say. Watch below.

Watch: Animated Short Film 'The Head Vanishes' Made by Franck Dion

The Head Vanishes Short Film

"Today's my birthday, and I'm treating myself to a trip to the seaside, as I do every year." In honor of the Annecy Film Festival for animation this week, I'm featuring a few good animated short films that are worth watching. This one actually won Best Short Film at Annecy back in 2016, and it's finally available online for viewing. The Head Vanishes is the latest short made by award-winning animation filmmaker Franck Dion, inspired by his great-grandmother, and the challenges of dementia. "The Head Vanishes is about the imagination of someone who is interpreting the world around her. It's an evanescent vision of things, just like Jacqueline's memory." The animation style is a bit clunky, but it's a heartfelt story. Watch in full below.

Watch: Amusing Animated Superhero Short 'Rebooted' About Owl Guy

Rebooted Short Film

"All these camera moves are really scrambling my eggs!" Pow! Zam! Boom! In honor of the Annecy Film Festival for animation this week, I'm featuring a few animated short films that are worth watching. Next up is a fun one titled Rebooted, a 3D animated short film made by Sagar Arun and Rachel Kral from Ringling College of Art and Design. The concept of this involves a retro comic book superhero being introduced to the gritty, dark "rebooted" version of himself. It's an amusing riff on Batman and all the current DC superhero movies with dark, brooding characters. It's not the best short ever, but it's a very clever idea executed well.

Watch: Wacky, Weird Animated Short 'Spell of the West' from Sam Lane

Spell of the West Short Film

"What makes you think I can do this?!" In honor of the Annecy Film Festival for animation this week, I'm featuring a few animated short films that are worth watching. This one is titled Spell of the West, made by CalArts student Sam Lane. She made this as her third year film in the Experimental Animation program, and it's a fun film that's really about saving our environment and our planet. This is a super weird short, yet oddly enchanting and mysterious. I dig her visual style and the backdrops are exceptional. The voices could be improved, but considering this is a student short it's quite impressive. Watch when you have a moment.

Watch: A Computer Virus Unleashes Hell in 'Eldritch Code' Short Film

Eldritch Code Short Film

"What did you do this time, Samantha?" Those pesky computer viruses! Always causing chaos. But not like this, never like this! Eldritch Code is an excellent, nerdy, Lovecraftian short film made by filmmaker Ivan Radovic, based on a story by Glen Cadigan & Chee from the Cthulhu Tales comic books. The story is about an IT guy who has to stop a computer virus before it gets out of hand and unleashes hell, but this ain't your regular virus. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. Eldritch Code stars Martin Hendrikse and Lisa Bearpark. I really dig the uber-geeky 90s vibe, the synth score, and real computer code, which all makes this massively entertaining to watch in a nice 10 minute package. Just don't download anything suspicious.

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Watch: Sublime Poetry-Inspired Short Film 'Every Day' by Ryan Simon

Every Day Short Film

"I was born in the attic / because Mother claimed / brown the more honest name / for beige. They hit her––" This is a short film with a purpose - to help spread awareness and bring attention to the adversity and challenges different people face in society. Every Day is a simple but meaningful short film inspired by a lovely poem by Robin Coste Lewis, first published in the NY Times in 2017. Motionpoems is a non-profit organization that is bringing poems to life, and this short film is their latest offering to the world - directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Ryan Simon. The full poem can be found on their website, and the short film is just a scene set to an impassioned recitation of the poem. It might stir up some feelings inside of you. If you enjoy this short, they have plenty more and are always putting out new poetry-inspired shorts.

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