Watch: Incredible Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Short Film 'Uncanny Valley'

Uncanny Valley Trailer

"I remember the first time I tried it… I thought to myself: 'Wow. I'm never going to be bored again.'" If you're into the virtual reality craze, you must see this fascinating new short. It's called Uncanny Valley, which is a reference to the point at which you feel uneasy noticing that a CGI creation isn't really real, from Argentinian director Federico Heller. It explores a future where VR junkies have become so addicted to the virtual worlds, they truly have become junkies, jacking in most of the day. There's some great VFX in this, and strong world-building, with a major transition to sci-fi action in the second half. Beware of VR addicts.

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Watch: Steve Desmond's 'Twilight Zone'-Style Sci-Fi Short 'Monsters'


"I can fight the monsters!" Time for an excellent throwback to "The Twilight Zone". Monsters (not to be confused with Gareth Edwards' breakout sci-fi film) is a short film from director Steve Desmond about a family living in an underground bunker, away from the monsters that roam the world above. It is a full-on "Twilight Zone" homage in the way the monsters are exactly who/what you expect them to be (we are all the monsters! oh no!) and yet there is still a twist ending, all within about 12 minutes. It's good, an entertaining short film discovery that is worth your time to watch. Especially if you appreciate "Twilight Zone". Enjoy.

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Shane Carruth & Amy Seimetz in Short Film 'We'll Find Something'

We'll Find Something Short

"Can you just be supportive?" Here's another short film to watch whenever you have the time. This one is called We'll Find Something, and it actually starts Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz, as well as Julia Farell. The two play a couple on a trip to New York City looking for somewhere to get some food, all the while discussing various relationship topics and other random trifles. This short is fresh out of the SXSW Film Festival, where it initially premiered earlier this year, as well as the Maryland Film Festival, and is now available online in full for free via Vimeo below. It's nothing spectacular, but it is a nice little short to enjoy.

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Watch: Simeon Duncombe's Rad Skateboard Short Film 'Trick Meter'

Trick Meter

How many points can you rack up? We recommend watching this fantastic four minute short film called Trick Meter, from Weta VFX artist and filmmaker Simeon Duncombe out of New Zealand. The very creative, very fun short follows a skateboarder who gets sucked into some funky game where he must do tricks and dodge obstacles to survive. It has some great FX setup behind it, and a fresh vibe to it. The short was featured on Short of the Week, where they wrote that "Duncombe manages to succeed where so many special effects film fail by crafting a dynamic, fantastic world dominated by a ticking clock." Fire it up below.

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Watch: Blue Sky's Animated 'Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe' Short for 'Ice Age'

Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe

Scrat in space! The latest animated short from Blue Sky Studios is another adventure with the lovable, goofy saber-toothed squirrel Scrat who has appeared on screen many times. Titled the "Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe", the story involves Scrat stumbling upon a frozen alien spaceship, jolting it loose, and taking it off up into the heavens only to knock some planets around causing a catastrophe. The short then links his actions to a "series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the Ice Age World". Very cool to see. The short is playing in front of The Peanuts Movie in theaters already, so some of you might have seen it. If not, here is your chance to enjoy the entire Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe short in full. Have fun and bring oxygen.

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Watch: Impressive, Surreal Time Travel Short Film 'Therefore I Am'

Therefore I Am Short Film

"I'm not here to amend my own life in some way, I've made peace with all my failures…" Get ready for a mindf*ck with this one. There's a cool short film we highly recommend watching called Therefore I Am, a sci-fi psychological thriller from the McCoubrey Brothers - the same guys who made that dark comedy The Grey Matter. The film is set around a conversation between a man and someone claiming to be himself from the future, but everything changes with every word spoken. It is a "a time travel story", but not in the way you think. It reminds me a bit of that short Interview With a Time Traveler, but even more intelligent.

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Watch This: Vintage Sci-Fi Metroid Fan Film 'Metroid: The Sky Calls'

Metroid: The Sky Calls Fan Film

"We hope you enjoy our take on the adventures of Samus Aran." This is awesome! There's a fantastic new fan film called Metroid: The Sky Calls going around the internet that everyone needs to see - watch in full below. It's an adaptation, or a fresh new take really, on the video game series Metroid, which is about a kick ass female bounty hunter named Samus Aran who wears special futuristic armor to fight with. Actress Jessica Chobot plays Samus in this short, reminding me a bit of the way Robert Downey Jr. plays Iron Man in the suit. There's a very impressive, old school, gritty deep space sci-fi vibe to this that makes it so fascinating. Plus, I love a really good sci-fi short. Whether or not you're a Metroid fan, this is worth a watch.

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Watch: Horror Short Film 'The Storybook Killer' by Andrew Vallentine

The Storybook Killer

"Two brothers walked a single trail…" It's time to get in the Halloween mood with a horror short film. This one is titled The Storybook Killer directed by Andrew Vallentine, and it just premiered online thanks to Amplify and YouTube star Ricky Dillon, who stars in the short film as one of the main characters. The horror short is about a group of friends who go looking for a long lost brother at a nearby theme park, only to end up being killed one-by-one. The dialogue is a bit cheesy, but this is an effective and interesting horror short with some fun kills. The cast includes Ashley Argota, Meg DeAngelis, Josh Leyva, and Cody Saintgnue.

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Watch: Crop Circles Sci-Fi Comedy Short 'Cropped' by Chris Thomas

Cropped Sci-Fi Comedy Short Film

"Please sir, stay calm! Let me play my role while you play yours!" Take a look at this fun, short film about a crop circle tour guide getting into a spat with her tour guests. Cropped is directed by filmmaker Chris Thomas and is an amusing Homespun Yarns film about the "Crop Hops: Circles of Life" tour to go see real crop circles. It's a nicely made short on a very limited budget, focusing on the story and atmosphere more than anything. Yes, the VFX are a bit weak when they show up, but I like the music, and the overall feel of the short is impressive for something this small. Nice work. A good short to get you in a scary movie mood.

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Watch: 3D Animated Sci-Fi Short Film 'SUMER' Made by Alvaro García

Sumer Short Film

"I'm sorry that you have to grow up in this place. Alone." We haven't featured a sci-fi short film in a while, so here's something to feast your eyes on. SUMER is a 3D animated futuristic short set on a desolate Earth. It's directed by Alvaro García, who has worked in the VFX industry in London for a while. There are a few really nice moments and unique creations in this, though it definitely has a Tron Legacy vibe in the second half but that might just be because of the music. I like where it all leads to at the end, at least there's some hope out there. SUMER played at over 50 festivals, including the Cleveland Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival, picking up awards at a few of them. Watch below, and don't be too harsh on it. Enjoy!

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Watch: Michael Mohan's Short Film 'Pink Grapefruit' on Relationships

Pink Grapefruit Short

"I'm excited to be forced to get to know you." From filmmaker Michael Mohan comes a charming short film about romance and relationships titled Pink Grapefruit, starring Wendy McColm who goes on a blind date that doesn't go as planned at first. The cast includes Nora Kirkpatrick and Matt Peters, plus Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. It's an interesting twist on the typical idea of a romance or even a blind date, and it works well as a refreshing short film that makes you think about relationships and how everything is supposed to work can be different. Watch out - it is NSFW so wait until you're home. But it's a great short.

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Watch: 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' Star Wars Western Mash-Up

Stars Wars

"You kill me, you won't see a cent of that gold." There's always time for a Star Wars short film. Below you can watch the short film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly parody mash-up directed by Calvin Evans. It's basically Star Wars, featuring Han Solo, Greedo and Boba Fett, as if it were literally a Sergio Leone western. The actual dialogue isn't that great, but the effects are excellent, the opening titles are perfect, and they just get so much of the atmosphere right that I can't help but admire the work on this short. There's even a nice poster to go along with it. It's a quick 5-min mash-up that's worth watching, so fire it up. Enjoy!

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Incredible 30 Min Sci-Fi Short Film 'The Leap' by Karel van Bellingen

The Leap

"Nine months in the dark, freezing cold, sharing breathers." This is cool. Get ready for a deep dive with this short film, titled The Leap, from Belgian director Karel van Bellingen. The short takes place on the "Old World", meaning Earth after a "New Earth" is discovered in 2069. Millions of people left back on the old Earth cannot afford the "leap" to the new Earth, so it becomes their dream and they'll figure out any way to get there. Which is why the IPMA exists, the Interplanetary Migration Administration, in order to police and manage the growing human trafficking problem. There are definitely some strong Blade Runner influences in this, but it also has a slightly different story to tell. Thanks to Geek Tyrant for the tip. Fire this up below.

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Watch: Neil Harvey's New Science Fiction Short Film 'Detroit 2029'

Detroit 2029 Short Film

"I'm finally ready to take you guys back through my footage and begin to tell you what Detroit was really about." We're proud to debut the new short film from Australian filmmaker Neil Harvey, the same director who made the fascinating short Robbie, created entirely from NASA footage. His new film is called Detroit, 2029, and it's a "thoughtlog" from the future also made using some pre-existing footage. The story follows an elite military operator who captures raw footage of an invasion in Detroit of "spectres", and he gets sort of transferred into one of these "extraterrestrials". It's another interesting science fiction creation to watch.

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