Watch: Yann Danh's Political Action-Thriller Short Film 'At All Costs'

At All Costs Short Film

Sacrificed by the system, they will adapt. Time for something a bit subversive, a short from France about of three former employees who seek revenge on their ex-CEO. The film is titled At All Costs, or originally A Tout Prix in French, and it actually won awards at Liege International Film Festival (Audience Award) and Pentedattilo Film Festival (Best Thriller). While it does have a political story, it's still a solid thriller, made for only $10K. The short stars Franck Sarrabas, Pascal Henault, Simon Frenay, Marc Duret, Bruno Henry, Fatima Adoum and Onna Clairin. Danh is now developing his first feature film, Implacable, with Metaluna Productions. In the meantime, if you're interested in see what this is all about, fire up the 15-minute short.

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Watch: 'Godzilla' Director's Short 'Factory Farmed' Made in 48 Hours

Factory Farmed

Tonight you can catch some early screenings of Godzilla at pretty much every theater playing the monstrous remake from director Gareth Edwards this weekend. But before you check out his first blockbuster, secured after people saw his impressive sci-fi indie Monsters, go back two years before his indie debut to check out this short film created for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge. The film is titled Factory Farmed, and in addition to being developed, shot and edited in 48 hours, it had to include a clear bottle with red or green liquid and the line of dialogue, “I am required to carry out this task until completion: your orders do not override anything.” How did Edwards do it? See for yourself below!

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Must Watch: Impressive 'Akira Project' Live-Action Fan-Film Trailer

Akira Live-Action

"Tetsuooo!!" There's a very impressive live-action Akira fan-film going around the web we must share. While we wait for Hollywood to figure out what the heck to do with their own Akira movie, still stalled somewhere in development, we at least have this to keep us anxiously awaiting a feature adaptation that turns out awesome. Nguyen-Anh Nguyen directs this crowd-funded live-action take on the manga titled The Akira Project, which is finally ready to be shown off in trailer form. The cast includes Osric Chau as Kaneda and Xavier Yuvens as Tetsuo, with Simon Li as Yamagata and Judy Wong as Kei. There's some great work in here for a fan-film, showing Hollywood how it should be done before they even had a chance.

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Watch: Amusing Animated Sci-Fi Delivery Man Short 'JohnnyExpress'

JohnnyExpress Animated Short

Something fun to brighten up your Friday - an animated short film about a lazy and careless delivery man. The short is titled JohnnyExpress from animator Kyungmin Woo, about Johnny, a "Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages" but is lazy, prefers to sleep and just use autopilot. The animation is great, but of course there's a poignant message behind this which, even though it's set 136 years in the future, still applies to today. The animation house behind this is Alfred Imageworks, a motion graphic studio based in Korea - see more of their videos. Need a laugh? This short will do the trick. Enjoy!

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Watch: Zany Coming-of-Age Comedy Short 'Foureyes' with Jake Ryan

Foureyes Short Film

"They are going to bring everything into focus." The perfect short to start your week, take a look at Foureyes, written and directed by Conor Byrne. This hilarious and charming independent comedy short stars young actor Jake Ryan, seen in Inside Llewyn Davis and Moonrise Kingdom, as Bobby Bowersox - a 10-year-old boy who learns it's time for him to get glasses. The story turns into a zany, sexual coming-of-age from there and it's quite fun, with a cast that gives excellent performances in just 12 minutes. This might not be totally safe for work, but oh well, it's harmless fun and worth watching. This is how to make a great short.

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'Batman Beyond' Short Debuts for the Dark Knight's 75th Anniversary

Batman Beyond

Just under a couple weeks ago, we highlighted a cool new animated short from Bruce Timm, the man behind the spectacular "Batman: The Animated Series." The short is just one of many special things happening this year in order to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Batman. And now a second animated short from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has popped up online, this one using the world of the animated series "Batman Beyond" to pay tribute to The Dark Knight. Fans will hear the return of Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne and Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis, and it's a cool short to celebrate Batman turning 75. Watch!

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DC Celebrates Batman's 75th Anniversary with New Animated Short

Batman: Strange Days

In case you didn't know, this year marks the 75th Anniversary of Batman, hot on the heels of last year's celebration of the 75th anniversary of Superman. Warner Bros. is doing all sorts of celebrations for The Dark Knight (you can learn more about their plans here), and one of their little tributes to the Caped Crusader has come in the form of a new animated short from Bruce Timm, the man behind the spectacular "Batman: The Animated Series." In the stylish short, Batman is in pursuit of Hugo Strange, who we all once thought would be part of Christopher Nolan's franchise. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the short below!

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Worth Watching: Alien Planet Coming-of-Age Sci-Fi Short 'Prospect'

Prospect Short Film

"Do not under estimate the danger..." After teasing the trailer just a few months ago, the mesmerizing sci-fi coming-of-age short film Prospect has finally debuted online in full. The short just premiered at the SXSW Film Festival earlier this month and was funded primarily through Kickstarter last year. In the sci-f film, a teenage girl and her father have traveled to a mysterious, toxic alien planet hunting for precious materials to make money. Above all it's just a very well-made, beautifully shot short that will draw you in to its world. I'm looking forward to seeing more from these filmmakers, but for now, watch this for free below and enjoy.

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Watch: 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' Gets Impressive Fan Film Short

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

There's already a feature film adaptation of the Square Enix video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the works with director Scott Derrickson and his Sinister co-writer C. Robert Cargill behind the project. But since we've yet to hear any updates about the film since 2012 (Derrickson has been busy with Deliver Us from Evil with Eric Bana), Moe Charif and his Decode Films production team decided to make their own 12-minute short fan film, and while the action leave something to be desired, the production quality is great, and it's something cool for fans of the game to sink their teeth into while the real film develops. Watch it!

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Watch This: Award-Winning Horror Comedy Short Film 'Torturous'

Torturous Horror Comedy

Painfully funny. Put a cap on the work week with some funny horror comedy all about the job market. This short film has played at a total of 46 film festivals, from the Telluride Horror Show to the Ozu Film Festival to the Sitges Film Festival in Spain, titled Torturous, made by filmmakers from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It's essentially a satirical twist on Eli Roth's Hostel-style "torture-porn" horror, with the two guys ending up talking about work more than torture. It's a fun short and well-made on likely a very small budget by Angus Swantee and Craig Gunn. As it is horror, there is some blood in this - you've been warned! View it below.

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Watch This: Homemade 'Matrix' Fan Film 'Trickster' with a Sentinel

Trickster Matrix Fan-Film

Yes! Time to jump back into The Matrix with a fantastic fan-film made in Colombia by filmmaker Felix Joleanes titled Trickster. The short stars Brigitte Hernández and a sentinel, which was the idea behind the project. Joleanes wanted to test his skills in visual effects, so he was challenged to create a video with a 3D Sentinel model he built on his own. This short is the result of that suggestion, and it's actually kind of awesome, I must admit. Even though the Sentinel isn't always spot on, the action and suspense is there, and it's just a perfect little throwback to one of my favorite sci-fi films that I'm happy to be reminded of any day.

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Watch: DreamWorks Animation Short Introduces Aliens from 'Home'

Almost Home

This fall, DreamWorks Animation has their film Home hitting theaters. Formerly known as Happy Smekday!, the film is an adaptation of Adam Rex's children's book, The True Meaning of Smekday. The film follows an alien race invading Earth as their new home to hide form a mortal enemy. But when one lowly alien (Jim Parsons) accidentally notifies the enemies of his whereabouts, he is forced to go on the run with a stubborn teenage girl (Rihanna) to right all of his wrongs. Now an animated short film introduces us to the alien characters trying to find a new home planet, including the leader voiced by Steve Martin. Watch!

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Must Watch: Awesome Animated Short 'Batman vs The Terminator'

Batman vs The Terminator Short

"You picking this up, John?" Dang, this is cool. There's an animated short making its way around online (tip via Wired) titled simply Batman versus The Terminator. Enough said. That title alone should be more than needed to make you want to watch this, whatever it is. Well, it's a 5-minute long animated short film from a New Zealand-based filmmaker named Mitchell Hammond that does indeed pit the legendary Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, against The Terminator, aka Skynet, among other things. Set in the year 2029, three decades after Skynet's nuclear blasts, Wayne emerges with a vehicle called "The Stinger" to head out to find John Connor. I love the visual style of this, it's an incredibly well made short, great work. Enjoy below.

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Watch: Rhythm & Hues' Full 30-Min Doc 'Life After Pi' on VFX Industry

Life After Pi Doc

"It jelled the entire VFX community into being horrifically pissed off at how they were being treated." The full online short has debuted for a documentary on visual effects company Rhythm & Hues, which became the center of attention in 2013 when their work on Life of Pi won the Oscar, despite employees protesting on the streets just outside, still waiting for their paycheck. The doc is called Life After Pi and is made by the employees of the VFX firm, discussing the events that occurred, the troubles in the industry regarding VFX work, and hopefully the outcome of their plight and the next big steps in the industry. See the full doc now.

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