Luke's Hand Teased to End 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Charity Drive?

J.J. Abrams

We've been following the activity Star Wars: Force for Change fundraiser that was created in coordination with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) because not only is it a great cause, but director J.J. Abrams has been teasing some tidbits from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII along the way. The first video came from a desert market and showed some cool aliens, the next one showed off an X-Wing, and another had Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart fighting. Now the fundraiser has ended, and to thank everyone for the nearly $5 million raised for UNICEF, Abrams gave a note to a droid. Or did he?

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'Star Wars' & Batman Mash-Up: Bad Robot Keeps the Game Going

Star Wars / Batman

Director Zack Snyder has been having fun on the set of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (which just moved up its release to March 25th, 2016), by mashing up his comic book film with the world of Star Wars. First he posted a picture of Henry Cavill wearing the Superman suit, but shrouded in a cloak and wielding a red lightsaber. Then last weekend he used action figures to create a scene on Tatooine with Batman and C-3PO. Well, the folks at Bad Robot decided to keep the game going by throwing up a pretty bad ass image of a familiar golden droid looking like The Caped Crusader, but with a different bat signal.

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Zack Snyder Has More Fun with 'Batman v. Superman' & 'Star Wars'

Batman & R2-D2

During Comic-Con, director Zack Snyder had a little bit of fun by posting a picture of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice star Henry Cavill in his Superman suit, but most of it was obscured by a robe. But what made the photo truly interesting was the addition of a red lightsaber from Star Wars for the British actor to hold. Snyder used the hashtag #SuperJedi, but he really looked more like a Sith. Well, over the weekend, Snyder decided to have a little more franchise mash-up fun, and he posted a new photo of what appeared to be Ben Affleck as Batman in the desert alongside R2-D2. However, this fun little picture was a little more tricky photographically than anyone initially anticipated. Is Snyder trolling? Look below!

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What!? Director Zack Snyder Reveals Henry Cavill as a Jedi Superman

Right now production is underway on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while we've only seen photos of Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman, the latest photo to come from the set is mindblowing. That's mostly because we're not sure why it exists. Director Zack Snyder took to Twitter with a photo featuring Cavill as Superman, but he was also wearing a cloak and wielding a red lightsaber. All he included with the photo was the hashtag #SuperJedi, which seems a little weird since the photo looks pretty dark, and we've never seen a Jedi with a red lightsaber, but there you have it. Look below now!

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J.J. Abrams Shows Off an X-Wing in Latest 'Star Wars' UNICEF Video

Star Wars JJ Abrams UNICEF X-Wing

Time to meet the new X-Wing! After the rumored plot leak yesterday, along with Kevin Smith's discussion of how real his set visit was, it's time to drop an actual reveal for Star Wars: Episode VII, being directed by J.J. Abrams as we speak. This time they've revealed the X-Wing from the new movies, along with a pilot in his typical orange regalia, in the background of another charity video with J.J. Abrams for UNICEF. This is kind of awesome, because it's one of those moments where everything is starting to feel like it' s coming into place. The ship looks great (old but not too old), plus it's real and actually exists and isn't just a CGI creation; I'm actually getting more and more excited the more we see. See the new video and X-Wing below.

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Has the Basic Storyline of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Just Been Leaked?

Star Wars: Episode VII

First of all, we just want everyone to know that we're not going to post every single story detail about Star Wars: Episode VII that hits the web. There are too many unsubstantiated rumors out there to sift through all the garbage and truly know the real details of the sci-fi sequel. Plus, because of the profile of this project, everyone is going to be skeptical anyway. Having said that, there are some things that we know about the project, but aren't at liberty to divulge, and we're not going to be posting spoilers at all. But the basic storyline of the film has just been leaked, and it's pretty spot-on with what we've heard. More below!

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Watch: Stewart & Colbert Fight for a Role in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Jon Stewart

You might remember earlier this year, shortly after production began on Star Wars: Episode VII, we got a video from J.J. Abrams on the set of the film announced a partnership with UNICEF to form the "Star Wars: Force for Change" initiative, a charity program that featured a contest to win a role in Star Wars: Episode VII. Well, the contest ends tomorrow, so in order to make one more push, Omaze (the auctioning service involved with the program) rounded up Star Wars fans and Comedy Central late night hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to have a little fun by fighting over just who is the bigger Star Wars fan.

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Bad Robot Confirms 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Filming in IMAX Format

Star Wars: Episode VII

This past spring brought news of a new deal between Disney and IMAX to release a whole slew of their films on the large format screen including Guardians of the Galaxy next month, The Avengers: Age of Ultron next summer, and Star Wars: Episode VII in the winter of 2015. However, at the time, that wasn't a guarantee that the latter sci-fi sequel from director J.J. Abrams would shoot on IMAX film stock to take advantage of the giant screen's full potential. Now we have as good of confirmation as we can get with a photo posted to Twitter from the official Bad Robot account that shows and IMAX camera in action.

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'Star Wars: Episode VII' Adds Two More Names + Fake Set Footage

Star Wars

While most of the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII has been revealed, there are probably dozens of smaller roles that have been and will be cast, but since they're not major roles, they won't be announced as news. However, Lucasfilm and Disney have gone out of their way to announce the casting of two unknown talents in the film following their open casting call last year that hit 11 cities in the United States and United Kingdom where 37,000 people came to audition, along with 30,000 more applying online. The two names are Crystal Clarke, an American studying across the pond, and Pip Anderson, an actor from the UK.

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Watch Kevin Smith Talk About His 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Set Visit

Kevin Smith Star Wars

Love him, or hate him, there's no denying that filmmaker Kevin Smith is an unabashed movie geek, and (of course) Star Wars is one of his all-time favorite franchises. There's some interesting discussion about Kevin Smith in relation to Star Wars recently, mostly about his visit to the set in London. "I saw old friends who I haven’t seen since my childhood, who aren't really friends... I saw uniforms, I saw artillery I haven't seen since I was a kid. I saw them shooting an actual sequence in a set that was real. I walked across the set, there were explosions." He's not allowed to say much ("I signed the NDA"), and only posted some nerd tears to Instagram at first, but later divulged more in a recent Q&A at a festival this past weekend. Watch below.

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Watch: Retro Hour-Long PBS Special on Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Star Wars

With a rumor lingering that Star Wars: Episode VII could end up being delayed to 2016 (we're betting that won't happen), we're not sure how long we'll really be waiting to see the continuance of the space saga. We're not counting on a big presence at Comic-Con this year at all, but maybe the title will be revealed in San Diego just to hold fans over. In the meantime, how about a retrospective look back at the making of the original Star Wars trilogy created by George Lucas? The Playlist has found an hour-long PBS program that dives behind the scenes of the first three films, and Lucas is pretty prominent in the special. Watch!

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Andy Serkis Talks Motion-Capture Work in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Andy Serkis

When the official cast of Star Wars: Episode VII was announced, the inclusion of motion-capture performance master Andy Serkis was mostly a surprise. Just before the story broke, a rumor was going around about his involvement, but the though seemed to easy of a rumor to just start from nothing just to stir up discussion among fans. But everyone couldn't have been more pleased when he was named as part of the official roster. However, with no details on who most of the actors and actresses are playing, we still don't know if Serkis is playing a character brought to life with motion-capture performance or not. Read on!

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'Star Wars: Episode VII' Cast Gets LEGO Treatment in Cool Diorama

LEGO Star Wars

When almost the entire cast of Star Wars: Episode VII was announced this past spring, a photo from the table read accompanied the announcement, showing director J.J. Abrams sitting with returning cast members Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew, not to mention the new stars including John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson and Adam Driver. Now the photo has been given a fun makeover with LEGO pieces, and there have been some modifications, such as some of the returning cast members being represented by the LEGO version of their Star Wars character and Andy Serkis holding a tiny Ring of Power. Look below!

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'Star Wars' Creator George Lucas' Museum Will Call Chicago Home

Chicago / Star Wars

Though George Lucas may no longer have a significant voice in the world of producing new Star Wars films with Lucasfilm being run by Kathleen Kennedy and now firmly situated at Disney, that doesn't mean he's just kicking around Skywalker Ranch with nothing to do. In fact, Lucas has been busy putting together plans to create a museum that will house his collection of art and movie memorabilia, and The Chicago Tribune reports he has finally chosen The Windy City, where he lives half-time with his Chicagoan wife, to found The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, beating out potential plots in Los Angeles in San Francisco.

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