Sundance 07 Day 10 Wrap-Up: The End Has Come - 31 Films Down


This is the very last of the "daily" coverage of Sundance. I'm sure all of you who aren't here or don't care about these films are getting awfully tired of all this content, so fortunately it's nearly over. I will be posting our awards and top films as well as some interviews and additional content from the fest over the next week, but other than that we're back to the normal routine. I've seen a total of 31 films at the festival - a bit low considering how many days I slept in instead of gone to a screening - but overall an unforgettable experience.

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Sundance Review: The Ten

This Christianity-based film, called The Ten because it goes over the Ten Commandments, is a compilation of ten connecting comedic stories, one for each commandment. The commandments are introduced by Jeff, played by Paul Rudd, who has Gretchen (Famke Janssen) as a long-time girlfriend that he's been cheating on with Liz (Jessica Alba). Winona Ryder, Rob Corddry, and Liev Schreiber all star in the stories as well.

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Sundance Review: Chasing Ghosts

One of the most talked about documentaries coming out of Sundance this year was one called Chasing Ghosts about the world's best arcade players during the arcade revolution in the early 1980's. Although I'm not a huge documentary fan, I thought I'd give this film a look and see if it was all the pixelized glory that it's been talked up to be.

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Sundance Review: On the Road with Judas

On the Road with Judas is a bit of an odd film about a couple of characters, including Judas (Aaron Ruell / Eddie Kaye Thomas) who stole Macs from universities in the late 80's, his girlfriend Serra (Eleanor Hutchins / Amanda Loncar), and J.J. Lask (Kevin Corrigan), the writer of a book about Judas and his crime spree.

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Sundance Review: Fido

This zombie comedy that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and directed by Andrew Currie finally made its American debut here at Sundance, and is as fantastic of a treat as you could imagine. In Fido, Timmy's (K'Sun Ray) mother (Carrie-Anne Moss) buys him a new pet named Fido (played by Billy Connolly), a six-foot tall zombie who eventually becomes Timmy's only friend.

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Sundance Review: King of California

One of my personal favorite films of Sundance and one I've been looking forward to for quite some time, King of California, certainly lives up to all of my own anticipation and excitement. King of California follows Charlie (Michael Douglas), a mentally unstable father of Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood), who after recently being released from the mental hospital returns home and sets off on a pursuit of Spanish gold supposedly hidden underground in urban California.

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Sundance Review: Rocket Science

One of the more talked about films of the festival, Rocket Science, is a coming-of-age high school comedy-drama about Hal Hefner (Reece Thompson), a stuttering adolescent who joins the debate team in pursuit of a girl - Ginny Ryerson (Anna Kendrick), the debate team's best debater.

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Sundance Review: Snow Angels

From independent director David Gordon Green comes his latest dramatic film, Snow Angels, starring Kate Beckinsale as Annie and Sam Rockwell as Glenn. The two are recently separated husband and wife with a very young daughter living in a small town in Pennsylvania. Additionally thrown into the mix are high school aged Arthur (Michael Angarano), who works at the same restaurant and is friends with Kate, and his newfound girlfriend Lila (Olivia Thirlby).

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Sundance Review: Eagle vs Shark

Eagle vs Shark, which is being distributed and released in June from Miramax, is a quirky and eccentric romantic comedy involving two rather socially awkward people set in New Zealand. The film is a New Zealand version of Napoleon Dynamite, with the same stupid humor and nerdy, awkward characters but doesn't feel at all like a copy in any way.

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Sundance 2007 Official Winners Announced

Although I'm not in agreement with all the choices and they're missing some key ones like The Good Life, the lists are up and the judges and audiences have decided. The official winners of the Sundance 2007 Film Festival have been announced. The big winners are Manda Bala for Grand Jury Prize Documentary and Padre Nuestro for Grand Jury Prize Drama. I didn't see Manda Bala, but I don't think Padre Nuestro deserves the win. Read on for the full list!

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Sundance 07 Day 7 Wrap-Up: Quieting Down...

One week in and it's getting awfully quiet here… I've heard from a lot of people that they're either going back tomorrow or Saturday. Hardly anyone is staying until Sunday (I am!) where I'll catch any big award winners that I've missed. And if The Good Life plays again, I'll go see that, again, because it was incredible. Sundance is starting to come to a close and I've got 22 films under my belt but still a few more to go. Although it's dwindling down, now is the time when we hear all the buzz about "oh what did you see that's good?" and start formulating my own "damn I need to see this" list.

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Sundance Review: Angel-A

One of Luc Besson's final films, Angel-A, is a black and white French language film starring prominently two individuals: André (Jamel Debbouze) and the stunning leggy Angela (Rie Rasmussen). André is an inept scam artist with low self-esteem who owes lots of money and is about to jump off of a bridge, but then sees Angela about to jump as well, when she does, he dives in to save her.

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Sundance 07 Day 6 Wrap-Up: Record Setting 6 Films in One Day!

A world record day! I honestly think this was a world record for Sundance - I saw 6 films in one day. I was behind, I knew I had to catch up and there were a lot of good movies showing today - so I went all out. And I pulled it off! I'll tell you, by the end, I was hardly awake, but I enjoyed every last minute. I saw some incredible films, some amazing ones, and nothing that was bad - success!

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Sundance 07 Day 5 Wrap-Up: Fay Grim

Day 5 already? Wow, wait, that means we're just about at the midpoint. Today was my break day, I only saw one screening at Sundance, and took the rest of the time off. I did a few more interviews as well, specifically for Teeth, so keep watch for those. Sundance is starting to get a bit quieter, as the big crowds have cleared out since the weekend, but there are still plenty of dwindlers and even those who are just arriving.

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