Ed Skrein, Not Jason Statham, in First 'Transporter Refueled' Trailer

The Transporter Refueled

"People will always need guys like me, right?" Jason Statham is no longer The Transporter, and instead the franchise is going in a new direction with Ed Skrein as Frank Martin, the most skilled man in his dangerous profession, in The Transporter Refueled. Known to his employers only as "The Transporter," he will transport anything, no questions asked, always on time. Skrein is doing his best gruff, intimidating voice, but it comes off as a weak impersonation of Statham, and it just makes me miss him. All the ridiculous action is here, but without Statham, this just feels like a terrible straight-to-DVD sequel. Watch?

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Watch: Nat Wolff Finds a Miracle in the First Trailer for 'Paper Towns'

Paper Towns

"She was inarguably the most gorgeous creature that God had ever created." After getting a first look at the film yesterday, the trailer for the adaptation of John Green's Paper Towns has arrived. This looks like a nice change of pace from the usual teenage romances, and a nice spin of the coming-of-age, self-discovery kind of stories that dominate the independent film world. Nat Wolff has his life changed when his dream girl (Cara Delvingne) who has lived across the street for years finally enters his life, but disappears from it just as quickly. The question is what happens if he finally finds the girl he's waited for his whole life. Watch!

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Man's Best Friend Returns from the War in the First Trailer for 'Max'


"Animals can come down with post-traumatic stress the same as people can." If for some reason you thought American Sniper would be better with a dog than Bradley Cooper, we have some good news. Max is just that, as the film from Remember the Titans director Boaz Yakin follows a dog who has just returned from being a military canine in Afghanistan, but has trouble adjusting to life back in a family's home. It's literally the same kind of war drama we've seen before, but through the eyes of man's best friend. It has some flares of E.T. and Air Bud along with the typical PTSD drama, but it does look pretty cheesy. Watch?

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Hailee Steinfeld Stars in First Trailer for Kyle Newman's 'Barely Lethal'

Barely Lethal

"She will destroy you!" Don't mess with Hailee. We've been curious about this new movie from Fanboys director Kyle Newman, called Barely Lethal, and now we have a first look by way of a trailer. Hailee Steinfeld stars as Megan Walsh in a Hit-Girl-esque story about a young trained assassin who tries to return to normal life (and high school) and fit in. She's joined in the cast by Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, Dan Fogler, Jaime King, Sophie Turner, and Thomas Mann from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I hate to say it, but this looks a bit cliche though I'm not sure if we should blame the trailer editing or what. I'm still curious to see it but not sure how it's different than the Hit-Girl story we got in the Kick-Ass movies.

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Watch: Video Game Characters Attack in First Trailer for 'Pixels'


"Some alien life force has sent real-life video games to attack us." You've never seen an alien invasion quite like this. Pixels is coming this summer, a sci-fi action comedy starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage that sees aliens taking the form of classic arcade game characters from Donkey Kong, Centipede, Space Invaders and Pac-Man and wreaking havoc on the world. And that means only a group of gamers from the 80s can stop them. This easily looks like it could be Sandler's best film in a long time. It's even more epic than we thought, but there's definitely some humor here too. Watch below!

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Addiction Hits Hard in Red Band Trailer for 'Heaven Knows What'

Heaven Knows What

Drug addiction has been explored countless times on the big screen, but we may have never seen a story so grimy, brutal and intense as what seems to be on display in the red band trailer for Heaven Knows What. Directed by Josh & Benny Safdie, this film looks like a raw glimpse into the true story of a young woman who lived an unbelievable life addicted to drugs on the streets of New York City. The trailer itself is a bit trippy, giving just a taste of what the film might be like to experience as we follow Harley (Arielle Holmes acting out her real-life story) and her harrowing addiction. This one could be really hard to actually watch.

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Watch: Learn the Origin of Evil in Full 'Insidious: Chapter 3' Trailer

Insidious: Chapter 3

"If you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you." Coming this summer is Insidious: Chapter 3, the next installment of the trippy horror franchise. But rather than continuing the story we've seen unfold in the first two chapters, this one is a prequel showing the origin of the evil. this time it's Dermot Mulroney and Stefanie Scott as a family haunted by the dead, and the theatrical trailer has just arrived, albeit with a weird tease at the beginning that almost feels like a mistake in editing. What's interesting is that this doesn't seem to deal with The Further, as the spirits are wreaking havoc on the apartment. Watch!

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The Gang Gets Hunted in New International Trailer for 'Furious 7'

Furious 7

"A war is coming to us whether we like it or not." Last night at the South by Southwest Film Festival, director James Wan delivered a surprise, secret screening of Furious 7 at midnight, and the early buzz is that this is the best film in the franchise. And just in time, a new international trailer has surfaced showing off some new footage, from tender moments with Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster to an armored bus equipped with some big guns. Plus, there's the footage we've all seen of Vin Diesel streaking across a couple skyscrapers in a sexy car and much more. We've only got a few more weeks to wait to see it! Watch!

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Watch: Kate Bosworth Takes in a Scary Kid in 'Before I Wake' Trailer

Before I Wake

"Something's not right. I have to find out more about Cody's dreams." It's time for the tale of another creepy kid who creates some problems for a loving couple with Before I Wake, a new supernatural thriller. Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane play parents trying to move on after the death of their own child. They decide to adopt a young boy named Cody. While the boy is very sweet, he is absolutely terrified of falling asleep, because his dreams become reality for everyone else around him while they sleep. What starts as some wild fantasies for this couple soon turn into nighttime terrors. From this first trailer, it looks like your standard supernatural horror, but mixing it with the creepy kid might make it more interesting. Watch?

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Mark Ruffalo Does His Best in the US 'Infinitely Polar Bear' Trailer

Infinitely Polar Bear

"We don't want people to see how we live!" An Australian poster for this film from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival arrived not too long ago, and now Infinitely Polar Bear, starring Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana, is poised for release in the United States this summer, and a domestic trailer has arrived. This is a charming, albeit schmaltzy, drama about a husband and father struggling with being manic depressive in the late 70s as he tries to keep his family together at all costs. His daughters seem to be more responsible than him, but he does the best with the mind that he has. Ruffalo really puts in a great performance. Watch!

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Watch: First Trailer for Kevin Pollak's 'Misery Loves Comedy' Doc

Misery Loves Comedy

After premiering at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, the documentary Misery Loves Comedy, marking the directorial debut of comedian and character actor Kevin Pollak, is arriving this spring. With a cavalcade of comics and actors, from Amy Schumer to Tom Hanks to Judd Apatow to Larry David, all these comedians talk about the craft of being funny, and just what it takes to make it happen. Do comedians have to be miserable to be funny, or is there more to it than that? There's also a quote from yours truly there in the trailer (read my full review here), and it's definitely worth checking out. Watch below!

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Watch: Tribeca Doc 'I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story' Trailer

I Am Big Bird

Right around the time of the Academy Awards, we got a "Sesame Street" parody of Birdman with Caroll Spinney, the man who brings Big Bird to life on the iconic children's television show. Now we have the traile for a documentary called I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story on the way looking at the man who few people know, despite his work as one of the most iconic Muppets of all-time. You may not know, but Spinney is also the voice of Oscar the Grouch, and this doc, which has been on the festival circuit for awhile, chronicles Spinney's life and career starting from life as a child to work with Jim Henson.

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Japanese 'Tomorrowland' Trailer Shows Tons More New Footage


"What would happen if all the geniuses actually decided to change the world?" If the most recent trailer for Tomorrowland was still a little too mysterious to convince you to see the movie, then this new trailer from Japan should do the trick. It's comprised almost entirely of footage not seen in the latest US trailer, explaining much more of the story, including who gives Britt Robertson the pin we've seen in the trailers, and some talk from Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key about Disney's actual Tomorrowland and how the geniuses and inventors in the theme park's attraction tie in to this fantasy, future world. If you're already convinced to see this movie, I wouldn't watch this trailer though, so it's entirely up to you. Watch?

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Watch: The Drac Pack is Back in 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Teaser Trailer

Hotel Transylvania 2

Since The Wolf Pack from The Hangover franchise isn't meant for children at all, parents will want to take their kids to see what is being dubbed "The Drac Pack" in the teaser trailer for Hotel Transylvania 2, the animated sequel from Sony Pictures Animation. Adam Sandler is back as Dracula, and in this teaser, he's teaching his half-human, half-vampire grandson how to fly by dropping him from a pretty big height. I wasn't in love with the first film in this series, but this teaser trailer is pretty amusing, especially when Frank (Kevin James) catches on fire. No sign of Mel Brooks as Drac's father Vlad yet though. Watch!

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