Watch: 'Shoot the Moon' Doc Focuses on an Elevator to Reach Space

Shoot the Moon

There's hope of consumer flights to space beginning as early as 2016 with SpaceX breaking ground on a commercial spaceport in Texas recently. But there might be another way for people to head into space if Michael Laine has anything to do with it. Laine has a team for a project called LiftPort, which can most simply be explained as an elevator that could take people to space. While that sounds like something a child could come up, or even something out of Looney Tunes, Laine is deadly serious about the project, and thinks he has all the practical science and plans figured out, now he just needs the awareness, desire and support from the public, and a documentary called Shoot the Moon might just help with that. Watch below now!

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Sylvester Stallone Has a New Ensemble in Latest 'Reach Me' Trailer

Reach Me

Over the summer, before Sylvester Stallone returned to the big screen with his action star goons in The Expendables 3, we got a look at a completely different kind of ensemble movie in the form of Reach Me. The drama looked like Crash 2.0 as it focuses on a motivational book written by a mysterious man (Tom Berenger) which goes viral and quickly gains popularity, inspiring a journalist (Kevin Connolly), his editor (Sylvester Stallone), a former inmate (Kyra Sedgwick), a hip-hop mogul (Nelly), an actor (Cary Elwes) and an undercover cop (Thomas Jane) and more to re-evaluate their choices and decisions by confronting their fears. If that sounds cheesy already, wait until you see this melodramatic trailer. Watch?

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Ethan Hawke Stops Crime Before It Happens in 'Predestination' Trailer


"I'm a temporal agent. We prevent crime before it takes place." After debuting in Australia last month, the time travel thriller Predestination is poised for release in the United States early next year, and a new international trailer has arrived. The film reteams Ethan Hawke with Daybreakers directing duo Michael & Peter Spierig for a story that sees the actor as a temporal agent, stopping crimes before they even take place. It's a Minority Report set-up but with a little more focus as Hawke keeps trying to pursue a criminal who has evaded him over and over again for years. We haven't heard much buzz for this one since it debuted at SXSW earlier this year, so it might not be that great, especially if it hits early in 2015. Watch below now!

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Watch: First Trailer for Joe Carnahan's 'Stretch' Starring Patrick Wilson

Joe Carnahan's Stretch

"All this weirdness that I got sucked into tonight woke me up." Where have you been hiding? Universal has finally debuted the first trailer for Joe Carnahan's Stretch, not to be confused with the Stretch Armstrong movie, this is about a depressed chauffeur (played by Patrick Wilson) who ends up driving an eccentric billionaire around in a stretch limo to make some extra money. As expected with a Carnahan movie, this is packed with as much absurdity as one can imagine, going all over the place over the course of one night. Looks like fun. And it looks much better than Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. The door is open, so take the ride.

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Josh Gad & Kevin Hart Plot Matrimony Lies 'Wedding Ringer' Trailer

The Wedding Ringer

Though awards season is just around the corner, with plenty of hopeful quality movie like Interstellar, Foxcatcher and Gone Girl hitting theaters, the dumping ground of January and February is coming, which means we're getting trailers for those movies too. The Wedding Ringer doesn't really look abysmal, but it certainly doesn't look all that funny in this new trailer. As someone who loves Josh Gad, but doesn't enjoy Kevin Hart, the two stars cancel each other out for me. But I will concede that the joke about the fake groomsmen and The Goonies actually made me laugh out loud, so maybe there's hope for this one. Watch?

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Watch: Third Trailer for Wachowskis' New Sci-Fi 'Jupiter Ascending'

Jupiter Ascending Trailer

"I don't think that most people would want to know the truth..." I don't care what anyone else thinks about the Wachowskis, this looks absolutely amazing in my opinion. Warner Bros has unleashed the third official trailer for the Wachowskis' new sci-fi Jupiter Ascending, starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. They've been teasing the grand space opera adventure all year long, with a few trailers so far including one at Comic-Con. The release was pushed back to February of 2015 but I still can't wait to see this movie - the stylized action, sci-fi worlds and all the footage looks crazy, in a very exciting way. The cast includes Sean Bean, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Eddie Redmayne and more. Fire this up & don't blink. Ready for ascension?

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Must Watch: Full Trailer for Disney & Marvel's 'Big Hero 6' Adaptation

Big Hero 6

"It's like spooning a warm marshmallow." Following an amusing and impressive teaser trailer for the first animated collaboration between Walt Disney Animation and Marvel, a full theatrical trailer for Big Hero 6 has arrived. This time we get a much better idea of the overall story, from Hiro Hamada's seemingly passed brother who created the pudgy medical robot Baymax to our superhero team and the villain they'll be facing. There's some great animation at work here, fun characters, and a promising film that looks like another hit to stack on top of Disney's success from their big musical hit Frozen last year. Watch the trailer below now!

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Chris Hemsworth Hunts Cybercriminals in First Trailer for 'Blackhat'


"This isn't about money, this isn't about politics." It's been five years since we've gotten a film from Michael Mann, and that was the somewhat disappointing gangster thriller Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp. But now Mann is back with the contemporary thriller Blackhat, set in the timely and relevant world of cybercrime. Chris Hemsworth leads the film as a brilliant convict brought out of prison to help track down a vicious hacker with seemingly no political or financial agenda, who is just willing to completely cripple the world's banking system. There's pretty some cool shots, and it definitely looks like a Michael Mann film, but I'm not entirely sold on the story just yet. Seems a little too familiar. Watch now!

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One More Full Trailer for Australian Horror Favorite 'The Babadook'

The Babadook Trailer

"If it's in a word. Or it's in a look. You can't get rid of..." IFC Midnight has debuted one more full trailer for Jennifer Kent's The Babadook, the Australian horror-thriller that is winning over audiences. The film just played at Fantastic Fest earlier this week, after premiering at Sundance in January. One tweet review from the fest called it: "Powerful. Beautiful/horrifying imagery matched [with] a potent human story." It'll finally be hitting theaters and VOD starting this November, and it's one of the best horror films to catch this year. The trailer does show a lot, as expected, but it's a great setup to intrigue those not yet interested. Everyone should be, it's a fine example of how compelling original horror can be. "It's just a book... it can't hurt you."

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Watch: Keira Knightly Struggles to Grow Up in UK Trailer for 'Laggies'


"Why would you tweak the nipples on the Buddha?" After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival at the beginning of the year, Lynn Shelton's latest film Laggies is poised for release next month in both the US and the UK. And it's the latter country that has a new look at the film in the form of a new trailer, where you can see that the film is actually called Say When across the pond. It seems like a typical indie story of a woman struggling to find herself and become responsible while doing everything to avoid it, but the presence of Chloe Grace Moretz and Sam Rockwell with Keira Knightley seem to elevate it. Watch it!

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Must Watch: Official US Trailer for Xavier Dolan's 'Mommy' Debuts

Xavier Dolan's Mommy

"We still love each other, right?" It's here! Roadside Attractions has debuted a brand new official US trailer for Xavier Dolan's Mommy, the fifth feature from the young Quebecois filmmaker who won a Jury Award at Cannes this year. Mommy stars Anne Dorval as the mother of a wild, young teenage boy named Steve, played by Antoine-Olivier Pilon. He moves in with her and things start to get better, especially after they meet their neighbor played by Suzanne Clément. I saw the film at its Cannes premiere and raved about it in my review, which ended up being quoted in this trailer - I call it a "modern masterpiece". It's one of my favorite films of the year, and I highly recommend catching it as soon as you can - at a festival or in theaters.

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Universal's Timely Horror Adventure 'Ouija' Reveals New UK Trailer


There aren't a lot of promising opportunities for big screen horror this fall it seems, but Universal Pictures is going to try to rake in the Halloween audiences with Ouija, their supernatural horror adventure inspired by the creepy "board game" of the same name. But as the tagline so obviously points out, this isn't a game. A new theatrical trailer has arrived, and while it's a little better than the first teaser trailer, it still hits every horror cliche you would expect in a film like this from creepy dolls to laughing kids. Though I like the use of the game board eyepiece, Everything else seems so predictable and full of cheap jump scares. Watch below!

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Tame, Less Raunchy, Still Funny 'The Interview' Green Band Trailer

The Interview

"He's peanut butter and jealous!" Following last weekend's debut of the much better red band trailer for Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg's comedy The Interview, a more tame green band trailer for appropriate audiences has arrived. It's mostly the same trailer, but cuts out the extended profane bits. However, there is some solid new footage of James Franco showing his dimwitted side as talk show personality Dave Skylark as his producer (Rogen) just wants to do real news instead of celebrity gossip bullshit. Blink and you'll miss Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing with some puppies on the faux show "Skylark Tonight." Watch!

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Second Trailer for Matthew Vaughn's 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'

Kingsman: The Secret Service

"Manners maketh man." 20th Century Fox has debuted another excellent new trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service, his latest comic book action movie adaptation about an unsuspecting street kid known as "Eggsy", played by Taron Egerton, who is recruited to a top secret spy agency. His mentor is Colin Firth, who kicks a lot of ass, as we saw in the very first trailer (and in this one, too). But we finally get a better glimpse at the real villain, Samuel L. Jackson, who does indeed talk with a lisp and looks like a hilariously awesome addition to this action extravaganza. The trailer also features a new song from Iggy Azalea featuring Ellie Goulding, plus the girl with the blades for legs. Oh yes, she looks killer. Enjoy!

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