Ewan McGregor Goes for the Gold in First US 'Son of a Gun' Trailer

Son of a Gun

"There's no margin for error. No half-measures. This is all or nothing." An international trailer for the crime thriller Son of a Gun arrived a couple months ago, and now a US trailer has arrived, showcasing the solid pairing of Ewan McGregor and rising star Brenton Thwaites (The Signal, The Giver, Maleficent) which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this past summer. The two stars team up as a veteran thief and a freshly released young convict, all in an effort to pull of a big gold heist. As you might guess, it turns into a big chase for the money where no one can be trusted and everything, including lives, is on the line. Watch!

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Watch: James Franco Recollects in US Trailer for 'The Color of Time'

The Color of Time

Most of the time, when a group of 12 filmmakers get together for a single film, it's an anthology like V/H/S or Paris, je t'aime. But when it comes to The Color of Time, this ensemble of writers and directors (all students from New York University) are working to tell the story of one Pulitzer Prize-winning poet (James Franco), working through some dark memories as he prepares for a reading in New York City. We've seen a trailer for this film before when it was called Tar and played at the Rome Film Festival. Now it's poised for release next month, and honestly, it looks like it's trying to hard to be a Terrence Malick film. Watch now!

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Watch: Snoopy Takes Flight in Second 'Peanuts' Movie Teaser Trailer


After yesterday's new first look images from the animated Peanuts movie, bringing Charles Schulz's iconic comic strip characters to the big screen, a new trailer wasn't supposed to arrive for 10 days. However, since that also seems to be when the teaser trailer for Jurassic World will arrive, 20th Century Fox decided to unveil the trailer today by saying that sneaky beagle Snoopy leaked it online. The animation looks stylish and cool as we see Snoopy in one of his classic daydreams, flying his doghouse around the world. And then Charlie Brown pops up right at the end, in a movie theater, being the blockhead he always is. Watch below!

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Short UK Trailer for 'Inherent Vice' Reveals Surprise Early Screening

Inherent Vice

"It's not groovy to be insane." For those of you living in the United Kingdom, specifically London, this week you'll get a chance to catch early screenings of Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film, the adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's novel Inherent Vice. A short new trailer shows off some new footage of the film starring Joaquin Phoenix, and it's actually more of a straightforward comedy trailer than the one we've already seen for the film's release here in the United States. We get to catch a glimpse of Martin Short and whatnot, but the real takeaway is the revelation of a surprise screening happening this Wednesday. Watch!

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New International Trailer for 'Seventh Son' Fantasy with Jeff Bridges

Seventh Son

"We fight the darkness, wherever it hides." If the abysmal R.I.P.D. didn't give you enough of Jeff Bridges fighting computer generated monsters, then 2015 has a real treat for you with the long-delayed release of Seventh Son. Honestly, the film basically feels like a fantasy retread of the aforementioned undead action flick, but this time Bridges is showing the ropes to the next in a long line of mythical warriors meant to fight an ancient evil that threatens the world. Ben Barnes takes the lead as the title hero while Julianne Moore has some fun as a makeshift Maleficent. And all of this was apparently shot with an Instagram filter.

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Indie Trailer Sunday: Sean Gullette's Moroccan Punk Drama 'Traitors'

Traitors Indie Trailer Sunday

If you are a hammer - strike. How's that for a tagline? Today's trailer is for a film called Traitors made by American actor-turned-filmmaker Sean Gullette, who played mathematician Maximillian Cohen in Darren Aronofsky's Pi back in 1998. Gullette writes, produces and directs this film about an all-girl punk rock band from Morocco. Newcomer Chaimae Ben Acha stars as Malika in the film, who befriends Amal played by Soufia Issami as they take on a smuggling job to make some money to keep the band together. The film premiered at the 2013 Venice Film Festival, also playing at the Tribeca, Marrakesh, Dubai, Stockholm and Denver Film Festivals. It actually looks pretty good, there's a lot of heart and soul captured in this. Check it.

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Watch: One Final Trailer for 'The Imitation Game' is Full of Accolades

The Imitation Game

"What did you really do during the war?" We're just one week out from another Oscar contender hitting theaters with the code-cracking war drama The Imitation Game. The film features "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role as Alan Turing, real-life cryptologist, computer scientist and all around genius who worked his ass off to create a machine that could crack any code the Nazis used during World War II to pass secret messages to their troops. It's bound to be an Academy Award nominated performance, and one final trailer throws around plenty of accolades for the film and performances. Watch!

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Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson in Full 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey

"Say I did stay - what would happen?" Oh boy, it's time to make things steamy. Universal has unleashed the full trailer for Sam Taylor-Johnson's Fifty Shades of Grey, adapted from E.L. James' bestselling novel of the same name. Dakota Johnson stars as Anastasia Steele, a literature student who ends up in the arms of billionaire Christian Grey, played by the hunky Jamie Dornan. Indeed, he's quite steamy, and he really puts on a show, especially in the bedroom. The trailer features the new song "Haunted" by Beyonce, along with gorgeous shots of Seattle, Johnson and Dornan, plus some tantalizing teases of the sexual side of this.

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Kevin James Segways to Las Vegas in 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2' Trailer

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

"Every casino in Vegas is being hit." After guarding shopping malls, the overly clumsy Paul Blart is heading to Las Vegas. That's right, whether you like it or not, Kevin James is back in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, the most necessary sequel of all time, and the first trailer has just arrived. If you like slapstick humor then this is going to be the disaster for you. Kevin James tries to fight an exotic bird, slams into a glass window, and crashes his segway. How hilarious and wacky is that? Apparently he's attending some kind of security guard conference in Sin City, and gets caught up trying to prevent a big heist, because of course he does.

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Watch: Marion Cotillard in Official US Trailer for 'Two Days, One Night'

Two Days, One Night Trailer

"Put yourself in my shoes." IFC/Sundance Selects has debuted the official US trailer for the Dardenne Brothers' Two Days, One Night, starring French actress Marion Cotillard (seen in The Immigrant, The Dark Knight Rises). The drama follows Cotillard as a humble worker as she tries to convince her colleagues to vote for her to keep her job, at their own expense. It premiered in Cannes, play at Telluride, TIFF and the New York Film Festival, and will arrive in theaters this December. Even if you're not a Dardennes Brothers fan (yet), this is one of the better films this year. It's only 90 minutes, moves swiftly, and comes loaded with an inspirational punch at the end. Plus it's just good to support the latest Dardenne Bros film while it's out.

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Watch: Josh Hutcherson Finds Love & Drugs in 'Paradise Lost' Trailer

Paradise Lost

We've already gotten a taste of the romantic thriller Paradise Lost with some trailers that surfaced while the film was making the rounds at various film festivals, but now it's poised for release in the United States, and we get an all-new trailer. Josh Hutcherson plays a young surfer who falls in love with a Colombian woman who just happens to be the niece of Pablo Escobar (Benicio del Toro), one of the most notorious drug kingpins of all-time. But being part of a family in this dangerous business just might prove to be too much for him to handle. This certainly looks interesting, but a January release feels sketchy. Watch below!

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Adam Sandler Wears Other People's Shoes in 'The Cobbler' Trailer

The Cobbler

The buzz about Adam Sandler's performance in The Cobbler following a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival hasn't been significant, and that's mostly because reviews of the film itself haven't exactly been glowing. Now the first international trailer has arrived and this doesn't feel like it's directed by Thomas McCarthy (The Station Agent, Win Win) at all. It feels like one of the films they forgot to place somewhere in Funny People. That's not to say it looks absolutely terrible, but there's something that just doesn't feel right. This isn't the kind of role we were hoping for from Sandler, but maybe it's good?

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Anne Hathaway Finds Love in First Trailer for Romance 'Song One'

Song One

We're running out of films that played at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival that are still waiting to hit theaters, and one of the final indies in line is Song One. By the time the film hits theaters in January, it will have been a year since it premiered at the festival in the mountains, so we've been waiting awhile for this one to arrive. Anne Hathaway plays the sister of a musician who ends up in a coma after an accident. In an effort to stimulate his dormant mind with the music he loves, she tracks down his favorite musician (Johnny Flynn) to maybe try to snap him out of it. The trailer looks charming, but not amazing. Watch!

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Extended 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Trailer Shows a Bit More Footage

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

"There's only one path to peace. Your extinction." If you're looking for a little bit more footage from The Avengers: Age of Ultron, you might want to check out this extended trailer for the Marvel Studios sequel that just surfaced online. It's mostly the same as the teaser trailer that debuted a couple weeks ago, but it features a new opening with more taunting from Ultron just before some of Tony Stark's remote controlled suits crash The Avengers party where they all try to lift Thor's hammer. There's also some new shots of Iron Manflying , and less of that creepy Pinocchio rendition if that makes things better for you. Watch below!

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