The Optimist - Is This a Big 'Tomorrowland' ARG Connected to D23?

The Optimist

The worlds of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy were only the beginning... What mystery lies ahead? Only time will tell. Our colleague Silas at ComingSoon was tipped about an interesting viral Disney website that's part of a bigger ARG (Alternate Reality Game) called The Optimist - found at The story-based ARG follows a few fictional characters including "Amelia", a young filmmaker (follow her on Twitter) and a guy known as "Disney Cartography" (also on Twitter) who makes art "inspired by the past, future and what could have been at Disneyland." Will this eventually connect to Tomorrowland, Brad Bird's movie?

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'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Kicks Off Viral Simian Flu Website

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Just yesterday, a prequel comic was revealed that helps bridge the gap between Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the forthcoming sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (which we'll be previewing from Comic-Con later today during 20th Century Fox's panel). Now a viral site has gone live warning the population of the Simian Flu, which is the name given to the virus that wipes out the human population after it began spreading during the credits of the first prequel. The website lists the symptoms, along with an interactive map showing how quickly the virus spreads. Plus, there's a PSA which you can watch below now.

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Wait, What? Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' Hits Comic-Con with Hotel Escorts

Oldboy Hotel Escorts

On Thursday afternoon, media at Comic-Con received an odd email from FilmDistrict's publicity: "For those attending San Diego Comic Con 2013, we invite you to search for our Oldboy Hotel Escorts who are waiting to serve you." Yes, you read that right. Hotel "escorts", as in, you know what - right? Is this for real? Apparently it is, but don't get too excited. They're only pretty girls walking around posing for photos with big yellow umbrellas, like the one seen on the first funky Oldboy poster. They just hit the streets today and I snapped a few photos and grabbed a door tag before they walked off. Interesting marketing at Comic-Con.

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Comic-Con 2013: 'Ender's Game' Local Fan Experience Photo Recap

Ender's Game Fan Experience

Time to take a trip to Battle School and train with the International Fleet. At Comic-Con this year, Summit arranged and presented the "Ender's Game Fan Experience", a massive walk-through exhibit featuring real sets, real props and real costumes from the movie. Similar to the Godzilla Encounter, everything about this place is themed to the Ender's Game science fiction movie (give or take the dopey HGTV sponsorship) including jump suit-clad guides and futuristic set pieces galore. It's cool to see in person, especially if you're a big fan of the book like I am, but I wish they had more footage to show or a presentation at the beginning.

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IF's Battle School Needs Recruits - New 'Ender's Game' Viral Video

Ender's Game Recruiting

"We need the best and the brightest to lead." The International Fleet is recruiting and they want you for Battle School! Wait, that doesn't make sense? Battle School is all about having the skills necessary to make it there. Ah right, which is where the "aptitude test" comes in. Just in time for Comic-Con (where there is a major viral "fan experience" planned) Summit has launched a fun new recruiting site for Ender's Game, asking fans to sign up and join the International Fleet. Alas it's just a Facebook social game, but it's cool to see them pushing marketing for this sci-fi adaptation and there's a lick of new footage to catch in the video.

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Comic-Con 2013: Godzilla Invades San Diego with Badass 'Encounter'


Wow. Legendary has upped the ante this year. Part theme park experience, part museum, part Comic-Con viral, Legendary opened the doors to their "Godzilla Encounter" in San Diego today and it kicks ass. The "Godzilla Encounter" as it's known is their Comic-Con push to reintroduce Godzilla to the world leading up to the release of the Gareth Edwards' movie, which just finished shooting. Inside of a warehouse they rebuilt an entire street in Tokyo, complete with sushi/ramen shop and real-world effects, as well as an interactive "experience" when Godzilla attacks. This is, hands down, the best Con viral experience since Flynn's Arcade.

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OmniCorp Viral Site Updated with New ED-209 Photo + EM-208 Suit

OmniCorp Viral Site 2013

"The New Future." Should we believe them this time? RoboCop remake marketing attempt #2. Last year at Comic-Con, Sony unveiled the ED-209 robotic mech from the troubled RoboCop remake on a viral site and it was trashed by fans. Nothing but complaints and criticism. Now they're trying everything all over again, re-launching the very same OmniCorp viral site with new and improved photos of the deadly ED-209 robot and the RoboCop mech suit and a few other things. They look better this time, thank goodness, but enough to convince everyone this won't be terrible? I'm not sure. At least they're trying something interesting here.

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Comic-Con Attendees Can Reserve 'Godzilla' Encounter Tickets Now!

Godzilla Encounter

Not too long ago, we pointed out the new viral site for Godzilla which was tracking encounters with the monster around the world, likely leading to some sort of big event at Comic-Con in San Diego where the giant lizard has already confirmed to be spotted. Now the site has been updated with a hint to lead fans to a page where tickets can be reserved for what is being called "the ultimate Godzilla fan experience." It sounds like there will be quite an epic presence in San Diego to really get the hype rolling on this reboot of the classic monster with director Gareth Edwards at the helm. For details on getting tickets, see info below!

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'Godzilla's' Gareth Edwards Hints at Big Surprise in Pre-Con Message

Gareth Edwards

"Something very big is heading to San Diego." Get ready for a big show at Comic-Con this year. Thanks to some very early teases in San Diego and scoops, we know that Warner Bros/Legendary is planning a big stunt for the new Godzilla movie, being directed by Gareth Edwards. Over the weekend, Edwards posted a video to the Legendary YouTube with one last message from the "epic" set of Godzilla, talking about how Legendary has some big plans for Comic-Con. Surprise, surprise. What kind of plans? Something involving Godzilla being in San Diego possibly, we'll find out for sure in just a few days. Until then, see Gareth below.

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The Beehive - The 9th Stop on 'The World's End' Virtual Pub Crawl

The World's End

Grab a pint of lager at The Beehive! It's almost time for Barmageddon. We're excited to exclusively debut the 9th sign in the Newton Haven pub crawl for Edgar Wright's The World's End. Our pub is called The Beehive, the 9th stop of 12 along the "Golden Mile", the pub crawl that Simon Pegg & Nick Frost go on with their friends. This sign is connected to a series of events happening at Comic-Con in San Diego next week, including the Hall H panel on Friday morning and a screening of The World's End. The Beehive is also the location of a kick ass (fight) scene in the movie, but I won't say anything more than that. Check it out below!

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Viral 'Godzilla' Marketing Begins Tracking Monster Encounters Online


Hot on the heels of our first glimpse at the Comic-Con presence Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. new take on Godzilla will have down in San Diego, a new viral campaign has kicked off online. just kicked off, and the site is exactly what it sounds like. The website acts as a hub for reports hinting at the iconic giant monster surfacing soon. It's clear the film will have a big push at the pop culture convention, and this new website might even end up leading to the first official teaser trailer or at the very least, the reveal of this new Godzilla. It has to be better than the one from the late 90s right?

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Early Godzilla Markings Appear Around San Diego - Something Big?

Godzilla San Diego Comic-Con

Let the hype begin. Ever since our friend El Mayimbe tweeted a big scoop about Gareth Edwards' Godzilla at the San Diego Comic-Con, anticipation has been on the rise fast. He wrote: "I'm hearing at Legendary #godzilla event on Wednesday they will showcase Godzilla coming out of the ocean!" There was a surprise bit of footage from Godzilla that premiered during Warner Bros' big Hall H panel last year, and we expected them to make a mark this year. Well, that mark might be made outside of Hall H this time. Locals in San Diego have already spotted a warehouse covered with giant marks/scratches and the Legendary logo. Whoa.

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Viral Ads for 'Elysium' Start Appearing Around New York, Los Angeles


"No one ever gets stuck in traffic on Elysium!" As we expected, a viral marketing advertising campaign has launched for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium. Following the exact plan and marketing concepts as District 9, a number of in-world text-based ads have started appearing around New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver (Blomkamp's home base). The ads have been appearing as billboards, on bus stop benches, and as posters on the street. Most of them contain text talking about how "It's Better Up There" living on Elysium, the space station orbiting around Earth. It has no traffic, affordable homes, and more. Check out photos below!

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Mysterious Box Full of Hannibal Chau's Kaiju Guts Sent to HQ

Kaiju Mystery Box

Well what do we have here? A mystery box showed up at our New York City headquarters today containing some interesting contents. Inside the silver briefcase is a sample of six different Kaiju organs, hand selected by Hannibal Chau. Ahhh, now we know what this is! It's a kick ass viral promo kit for Pacific Rim, the new Guillermo del Toro monster movie. The Kaiju are the giant monsters that have emerged from deep in the ocean, and Hannibal Chau (played by Ron Perlman) is a collector of various organic remnants, selling them as "Kaiju Remedies". He even has his own website! More photos and video of the mystery box below.

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