First Footage from 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' in Super Bowl Spot

Transformers: Age of Extinction

The Dinobots! It's time. Get your first look at the Dinobots, as well as Mark Wahlberg, T.J. Miller, and Nicola Peltz, in the latest Transformers sequel titled Transformers: Age of Extinction. Paramount debuted a 30-second Super Bowl TV spot for Michael Bay's Transformers 4 which ends on a rather epic shot of Optimus riding out on one of the Dinobots, meaning they're going all out by bringing these guys into the mix this time. As expected there are tons of explosions and lots of badass robot action. I'll be honest, I'm excited to see this. Fun way to introduce us to the kick ass new Transformers movie we're getting this June.

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Watch: Extended 'Need for Speed' Super Bowl Spot with Aaron Paul

Need for Speed Super Bowl Spot

"I can feel love, engines, motor oil, all swirling together..." Disney has debuted an extended version, with intro from Aaron Paul and Scott Mescudi, of the Need for Speed TV spot from the Super Bowl. The 30-second spot aired during the big game this weekend, but they've released an extended TV spot online for anyone interested in seeing a bit more footage from this car action movie. Dominic Cooper gets some playtime in this as the big bad villain, along with Imogen Poots as the hottie in the middle. This doesn't look any better than the latest trailer for Need for Speed, but it still has a slick feel to it that's hard to resist.

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Marvel's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': Big Game Spot + Trailer

Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV Spot

In Heroes We Trust! Marvel has launched their new Super Bowl TV spot as well as a brand new theatrical trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The superhero seqeul hits theaters in only two more months, so this is their big final push for it and they're going all out, giving us a tease at just how awesome this new Marvel Studios movie looks. Chris Evans returns as Steve Rogers, encountering his foe Bucky as the Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan, teaming up with Anthony Mackie as The Falcon. The cast also includes Robert Redford, Hayley Atwell, Emily VanCamp and Scarlett Johansson. Honestly, this looks way better than I was expecting, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. Fire up these two vids.

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Watch: 30-Second Super Bowl Spots for 'Monuments Men' + 'Pompeii'

The Monuments Men

"Perhaps the Gods spared us for a reason." What other movies are studios teasing during the big game this weekend? Two more Super Bowl TV spots have debuted online thanks to Sony Pictures, pushing their two films: Pompeii, the big, dumb action extravaganza from Paul W.S. Anderson, and The Monuments Men, George Clooney's big WWII drama about rescuing artwork from the Nazis, which was delayed from a late 2013 release. Both movies have been teased before, but as always I'm curious to see what they package into each 30-second TV spot with footage that appeals to all, yet represents the movie it's promoting. Personally, I'm more excited to see The Monuments Men, since Pompeii kind of looks like junk. View both spots below.

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Watch: First Part of 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Super Bowl Spot Arrives

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

"You wanted to be the hero. Now you gotta pay the price." If the New Year's Eve tease wasn't enough to keep the excitement going for this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, well the big game on Sunday should amp things up a bit. There will be a full Super Bowl spot for the comic book sequel from director Marc Webb this weekend, but in order to tickle your tastebuds, the first half (around 30 seconds) has been released online. It ends on a cliffhanger, and it might be a hint at the future fate of Spidey's girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), which shouldn't be unfamiliar to the comic fans. Or it could be misdirection. Watch!

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Ivan Reitman's 'Draft Day' Gets a Super Bowl Spot with Kevin Costner

Draft Day Super Bowl Spot

"Be the first to see how it all begins..." "I'm all ears, let's talk." Another Super Bowl TV Spot to take a look at a bit early, this time from Summit. And it's a football one anyway. Summit has released their 30-second spot for Draft Day, directed by Ivan Reitman, starring Kevin Costner as General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. We've featured the full theatrical trailer before, but this time the focus is all football, football, football, even going so far as to say that the season is over, but more football continues this April. The cast includes Jennifer Garner, Ellen Burstyn, Tom Welling and Kevin Dunn, among others. Have fun and enjoy!

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Watch: First Super Bowl TV Spot for Aronofsky's 'Noah' Debuts Early

Darren Aronofsky's Noah TV Spot

"The storm cannot be stopped, but it can be survived." Paramount has decided to reveal the first big game Super Bowl TV spot early, debuting the 30 second ad for Darren Aronofsky's Noah that's showing this weekend. We've already seen a couple of trailers for this epic Aronofsky take on the biblical story of Noah's Ark, starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Ray Winstone and, yes, Emma Watson. This spot features a few new shots, including one of some angels floating down over Earth (wha?), plus some extra epic music to sell the Super Bowl audiences. This does look like it might be good, and I'm glad they're finally pushing this out there for everyone to see. The end? No. "The beginning of everything..."

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Watch: Better 'Maleficent' Sneak Peek with Haunting Lana Del Rey Tune


Last week, a new trailer for Disney's live-action villain tale Maleficent popped up, and it wasn't all that impressive. The compare and contrast of the animated classic Sleeping Beauty with this new dark vision focusing on Angelina Jolie as the iconic villain just didn't work, and the tone felt misguided. Well, last night during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, a new spot gives us a much better idea of what to expect from the film. Jolie's voice is haunting, but not nearly as much as the track Lana Del Rey recorded for the film which plays in this vastly superior spot for the summer release. Maybe this'll be good after all? Watch!

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Watch: See Channing Tatum as Superman in 'The LEGO Movie' TV Spot

The LEGO Movie

After seeing a couple character posters for Batman and Superman in The LEGO Movie, we finally get to hear the LEGO version of the Man of Steel, as voiced by Channing Tatum. A new TV spot has put a quick spotlight on The Big Blue Boy Scout leading up to the February release of the film. The inclusion of these characters makes for quite an expansive LEGO universe, combining characters in a single film that we might otherwise never see together. While this also sadly makes for more exploitative merchandising and toys, the clever work of Phil Lord & Chris Miller should make it worth it on the big screen. Watch the spot below!

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Watch: Another Hilarious Twitter-Centric 'Muppets Most Wanted' Spot

Muppets Most Wanted

Just last week, we highlighted an amusing Muppets Most Wanted spot using faux hype from Twitter (mocking Internet lingo and whatnot) to get people excited for the film. Last night during the Golden Globes (see the winners here, and the video highlights here), a new spot emerged with outrage that the unreleased Disney film was not nominated for 247 awards. Then the spot chronicles an ensuing Twitter argument, complete with spelling errors and taunts, all topped with a hilarious end that will be familiar to anyone who has seen spam in the comments section on any website. This is the kind of clever marketing we like. Watch!

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International TV Spot for 'RoboCop' Asks What's Bigger Than a Hero


"It's not a suit. It's you." We're still not sure if the remake of RoboCop is going to be anything but a blockbuster spectacle, but the most recent international trailer gave us some hope. Now a new international TV spot has arrived with some more footage from the film, including brief snippets of Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy before he becomes the cybernetic officer in question. We also get a glimpse into the vicious plans Michael Keaton and OmniCorp has to make sure Murphy stays under their control, as his human will seems to be overtaking their programming. Could this turn out to be a decent remake after all? Watch!

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Superheroes & Awesomeness in the First TV Spot for 'The LEGO Movie'

The LEGO Movie

Yesterday, two new character posters for The LEGO Movie put the spotlight on Batman (Will Arnett) and Superman (Channing Tatum). Now the heroes are part of the first TV spot for the animated comedy from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller. The duo are part of Emmet's (Chris Pratt) excitement of all the awesome things in the world of LEGO. Taking the "everything is awesome" cue from the most recent, promising theatrical trailer, it's another glimpse into the cool animated world created for the film. Look out for The Flash in a quick shot, but we're not sure who's voicing him yet.

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Chris Pine & Secrets in First TV Spot for 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit'

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Though the action thriller should have arrived during the holidays, Paramount Pictures is releasing Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in the middle of January because of the delay of The Wolf of Wall Street. It's a terrible release month, but at least the studio knows this film will be a big success as what will likely be the best movie released in theaters that month. Spreading the awareness, we have the first TV spot for the film starring Chris Pine as the recurring Tom Clancy character, and this one hints that Keira Knightley might have something to hide, but we think that could be misdirection towards something not that significant.

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Watch: Brief New Spot for 'The LEGO Movie' Has Some Cool Cats

The LEGO Movie

While entire families should be heading out to see Disney's spectacular new musical fairytale Frozen this weekend, hopefully they'll be treated to seeing the latest, hilarious theatrical trailer for The LEGO Movie coming next February. This new spot features mostly footage from the previous trailers, but there's some funny new moments with Emmet, especially when he's loading up some cats into a truck. In addition, this new spot touts 183 unique characters, which is pretty damn impressive. There have been rumblings that some Star Wars LEGO characters will pop up in the movie, but we're not sure who will appear. Watch now!

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