Watch: James Marsh's 'Theory of Everything' Second Trailer Arrives

The Theory of Everything

Awards season is upon us, with Gone Girl being the first big release that will likely end up a contender at the Golden Globes and Oscars next year. And that also means we're going to get more and more trailers for the films vying for attention from The Academy this winter. So here we are with the second trailer for The Theory of Everything, the chronicle of the early work and life of Stephen Hawking as he falls in love, but suddenly becomes crippled by a debilitating disease. Our own Alex Billington said Eddie Redmayne is "phenomenal as Hawking, taking this performance to remarkable heights." Count me interested. Watch!

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The Plagues Have Arrived in 'Exodus: Gods & Kings' Second Trailer

Exodus: Gods & Kings

"There was a prophecy that our leader would be born to liberate us. That leader is you, Moses." Following the teaser trailer earlier this year, the second full trailer for Ridley Scott's Biblical epic Exodus: Gods & Kings has arrived, and it's epic in every sense of the word. The first trailer seemed to be holding back, but this one paints a beautiful picture of two brothers forced to become enemies. Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton are putting in great performances here, even if the latter's orange skin is a little off-putting, and the scope of this film is huge as evidenced by the arrival of the infamous plagues from God. Watch below!

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Watch: Impressive VFX Breakdown for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

X-Men: Days of Future Past

In just a couple weeks, you'll be able to bring home X-Men: Days of Future Past on Blu-Ray and DVD, and while you'll be able to check out a slew of featurettes going behind the scenes of this past summer's time traveling blockbuster, you won't find this little gem on there. A visual effects breakdown from Digital Domain (via io9) has surfaced online, showing off the impressive work done in post-production. Though I wish there was explanation about what we see and how it's done, there are some cool tidbits, like seeing how each scale on Mystique's body moves when she transforms, or how various composite shots of Jennifer Lawrence fighting and changing into someone else visually come together. It's all very cool to see. Watch!

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Watch: Shower Buddies Unite in Third Trailer for 'Horrible Bosses 2'

Horrible Bosses 2 Trailer

"There they are! They're my Shower Buddies!" Warner Bros has posted yet another trailer for Sean Anders' sequel Horrible Bosses 2, starring everyone's favorite goofballs: Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day. This time they go to battle against Chris Pine who plays a "slick investor", with the always-cunning Christoph Waltz in the mix, too. Of course, Jamie Foxx is back and so is Jennifer Aniston, keeping things interesting as always. Before this we featured a teaser trailer and another full trailer for the sequel that has another wacky kidnap plot that probably won't go as planned. It looks fun, but may not top the first one. Too many jokes that are timely topical, and not enough of a better story this time. Take a look.

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Russell Crowe's Directorial Debut 'The Water Diviner' Aussie Trailer

The Water Diviner

After some footage surfaced in our first look at Russell Crowe's directorial debut The Water Diviner earlier this year, the first trailer for the film has finally arrived from Down Under. The film follows Crowe as an Australian man who travels to Turkey four years after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons. After working with directors like Ridley Scott, Ron Howard and Darren Aronofsky most recently, it looks like Crowe might have learned a lot, as this looks like a powerful drama that could make a late entry into awards season this winter. The film also stars Olga Kurylenko and Jai Courtney. Watch!

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'Showrunners' Doc Looks at Those Who Run Your Favorite TV Shows


A few years ago, we featured an early extended trailer for a documentary that was still being made called Showrunners. The project even went on to become a Kickstarter funded film, and now it's finally poised for a release at the end of October, and a new trailer has arrived. For those who don't know, a showrunner is someone who keeps the wheels spinning on your favorite TV shows. Often times they are both a writer and executive producer on the series in question, an this documentary talks to some of the best in the business from Joss Whedon to Shawn Ryan, all talking about the day-to-day work of making a TV series. Watch!

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Watch: Keanu Reeves Kicks More Ass in Second Trailer for 'John Wick'

John Wick

"I once saw him kill three men with a pencil." After our own Alex Billington and Jeremy Kirk both loved John Wick so much that we have not just one, but two glowing reviews of the film starring Keanu Reeves, we have another tease of the action thriller coming next month. A new one-minute trailer has popped up online, and while it's pretty much a condensed version of the first trailer we saw, this one has some new bits of footage showing a bit more of Reeves taking on Adrianne Palicki and shooting this shit with Willem Dafoe. Plus, there's that fun line making John Wick seem like the new Bill Brasky. Watch!

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Liam Neeson Knows How to Disappear in the First Trailer for 'Taken 3'

Taken 3

"I'm going to finish this." At the end of Taken 2, it seemed like Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) was on the path of getting back together with his ex-wife (Famke Janssen) and giving his daughter (Maggie Grace) the love he always wanted her to have. But in the first trailer for Taken 3 (or Tak3n if you want to be clever), we see that all that is cut short when Mills is framed for the murder of his ex-wife and is forced to go on the run from the law. Sadly, this time his special set of skills have him looking much more suspicious than heroic as he tries to prove his innocence and find out who is responsible for this tragedy. Watch the trailer!

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Must Watch: First Trailer for P.T. Anderson's 'Inherent Vice' Lights Up

Inherent Vice Trailer

"Doc may not be a do-gooder, but he's done good." Warner Bros has unveiled the first official trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film Inherent Vice, starring Joaquin Phoenix as private investigator Doc Sportello. The trailer definitely looks, and feels, and sounds like it's straight out of the 70's and oh my does it look fantastic. The outstanding cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Jena Malone, Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, Benicio Del Toro, Michael K. Williams, Eric Roberts, Maya Rudolph and many others. Really, this is the one we've all been waiting for, and it makes everything look oh so much fun again. Fire it up, and we mean that blunt, before watching this. Oh it's going to be so much fun. Premiering at NYFF soon.

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Watch: Learn About the Origin & Design of Ecto-1 from 'Ghostbusters'


There's no doubt that one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of cinema is the Ecto-1, the tricked out classic ambulance turned paranormal investigation hub featured in the supernatural comedy classic Ghostbusters. It was recently immortalized in LEGO form for the film's 30th anniversary, and you can get plenty of other versions in various sizes from Amazon, eBay and all over the place. But just how did the design and idea for this vehicle come about? Thenkfully, Beyond the Marquee recently had an extensive chat with the vehicle's designer Stephen Dane, and he explains the origins of the car and how it came together.

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First TV Spot Hits for Phenomenal 'Birdman' Starring Michael Keaton

Birdman TV Spot

"You were a movie star, remember?" Are you ready for the return of the Birdman? Not much longer now. Fox Searchlight has debuted the first full TV spot (via ComingSoon) for Alejandro G. Iñárritu's Birdman, starring Michael Keaton as actor Riggan Thomson, who once played Birdman the comic book superhero in a series of movies. To put it simply – this is the movie of the fall season, the one everyone will be talking about, the one everyone will be seeing, it's one of the best of the year hands down. Even Edgar Wright raved about it: "A dazzling tightrope walk of cinema". There is one great joke ruined in this TV spot already, but the screech and the rest of it is awesome. Can't wait to go back for another round of Birdman. Take a look!

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Watch: Ingenious Interconnected Pixar Theory Explained in Video

The Pixar Theory

If you're a big fan of Pixar Animation, then you likely stumbled upon The Pixar Theory last year, an ingenious idea fleshed out by Jon Negroni and was spread around like crazy thanks to sites like BuzzFeed. The theory figured out a way to tie all the narratives of each and every Pixar Animation story into the same universe from Toy Story to Brave and everything in between. While this undoubtedly wasn't the intention of the filmmakers, the fact that someone took the time to figure out a way to connect these films, and it all eerily makes perfect sense, is pretty cool. Previously, this theory was only explained in a lengthy, text timeline. But for the lazier folks out there, a video is now available explaining everything visually. Watch!

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Watch: Jacques Tati's Masterpiece 'Playtime' 4K Restoration Trailer

Jacques Tati's Playtime Trailer

"A hallucinatory comic vision." Love that quote. Whether or not you're familiar with Jacques Tati's films this is a must see trailer for a must see film. Tati's 1967 visual masterpiece Playtime was recently restored in 4K high definition (happening more and more often with classic films) and will be re-released this fall as part of BFI Southbank's Jacques Tati season in London. As explained by Empire: "intricate, incisive and inspirational, [Playtime is] a 70mm delight that was the much-loved director's most ambitious project, featuring a gigantic set built exactly to his instructions." You can read more about Playtime here. If the high def footage in this trailer is any indication, it's going to look magnificent on the big screen. Don't miss out.

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Five New TV Spots Launched for Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'


With the release of Interstellar just over a month away, it's getting to the point that we don't want to see anymore footage from what will be Christopher Nolan's longest film to date. Now with a running time of 169 minutes, it will surely be hard to spoil the whole film with trailers and TV spots, but this feels like the kind of film that you want to know as little about as possible. Having said that, we know there are some people out there who are hungry for every last bit of footage they can find, so we're giving you five new TV spots that just arrived. We know there's new footage, but we're not watching. The choice is yours. Watch?

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