Dustin Hoffman Conducts a 'Boychoir' in the Trailer for TIFF Drama


"How dare you squander your talent?" If Whiplash was a little too brutal for your tastes, but you still have an interest in a film set in the world of music, then it looks like the Toronto International Film Festival selection Boychoir may be for you. The film follows an adolescent boy (Garrett Wareing) fresh in a new boarding school who wastes his natural talent for singing when he could be a pivotal part of a world-class choir of boys. But luckily, Dustin Hoffman is there as his choir leader to help inspire him, even if it means getting a little tough and stern. Eddie Izzard and Kathy Bates come along for good measure too. Watch!

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Watch: Salma Hayek is Pretty Good with Guns in US 'Everly' Trailer


Since Liam Neeson didn't really do much in the vein of quality ass-kicking earlier this month, maybe Salma Hayek has what it takes to step up to the plate with the action thriller Everly. In the film, Hayek plays a woman who faces down assassins sent by her ex, who also just happens to be a mob boss, while holed up in her apartment. In this first US trailer, it feels like The Raid meets Kill Bill, with plenty of action to go around. Frankly, I'm just excited to see an actress like Hayek in this role instead of a leading man. This could open up some new doors for the actress if it turns out to be a hit, which we hope it will be. Watch!

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Watch: UK Theater Gives Audiences Unique 'Kingsman' Experience

Kingsman: The Secret Service

With movie theater attendance falling last year so much that the box office hit the lowest number seen by the industry in 20 years, surely audiences need something to make their experience a little more memorable and worth the price of admission. Well, the United Kingdom theater chain Vue Cinemas decided to craft a little experience for unsuspecting moviegoers seeing Kingsman: The Secret Service by offering them a "free Kingsman upgrade." At first it seems like it's just an escort from the titular secret service organization accompanying them, but then things get intense when some armed bad guys try to get in the way. It's clearly meant to be a stunt gone viral, but it's at least a cool, original idea. to promote the film. Watch below now!

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Watch: Sean Penn is Hunted in International 'The Gunman' Trailer

The Gunman

"We thought we were helping. It didn't work out that way." As American Sniper sweeps up the January box office competition (or lack thereof), another gunman is poised to hit the big screen this March with Sean Penn in The Gunman. Director Pierre Morel (Taken) is at the helm of the new thriller, and an international trailer has just surfaced to show off some more of the story follow  Martin Terrier (Penn), a former Special Forces soldier and military contractor who works peacefully for a non-government group in the Congo. But suddenly, he's being hunted down by his own people as his violent past catches up with him.

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Kodi Smit-McPhee Has Teen Angst in 'All the Wilderness' Trailer

All the Wilderness

After his breakthrough role in Let Me In, young actor Kodi Smit-McPhee has grown up quite a bit, as evidence by his pivotal supporting role in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. And now he has the SXSW entry All the Wilderness allowing him to showcase his still impressive acting abilities with the coming-of-age drama about a teenage boy struggling through life after the death of his father. The first trailer for the film has arrived, and it looks beautiful. Reviews have also praised the film's soundtrack that features Sigur Ros and more. It's also nice to see Danny DeVito on the big screen again. It looks like one to seek out. Watch!

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Watch: Richard Linklater & More in 90-Minute Doc 'Great Directors'

Great Directors

There's a lot of buzz surrounding director Richard Linklater right now, because of his stellar, ambitious indie project Boyhood. The film won the Golden Globe for Best Drama and it's nominated for Best Picture at the 87th Academy Awards with Linklater getting a Best Director nomination too. And if you want to know a little bit more about Linklater, you may want to check out a Angela Ismailo's feautre-length documentary called Great Directors, which features in-depth interviews with the Boyhood director as well as nine other respected auteurs such as David Lynch, Bernardo Bertolucci, Stephen Frears and others.

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Watch: 'Bad Day at the Office' Short to Start Your Week with Laughter

Bad Day at the Office Short Film

"Some days you wake up, and life just kicks you in the bollocks." Yep. It's Monday, no ones wants to be at work, it's cold out there, the office probably has pranks planned. It's not going to be a fun day. Or is it? The short film Bad Day at the Office from director Nick Scott tries to put a spin on the old fashioned idea of a "bad day at the office". I won't even make the obvious Office Space comparison, because this is much more like Wes Anderson meets Lars von Trier than anything from Mike Judge, but whatever it takes to convince you this is worth 10 mins of your time. There's a polished, professional feel to this and the FX (including all the make-up) look great. It's not the best film I've ever watched, but it's the perfect short to start the week.

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Watch: Ben Aston's Haunting Short 'He Took His Skin Off For Me'

He Took His Skin Off For Me

"'Is this what you want,' he asked. And I said 'yes.' So he took his skin off for me." Get ready for this. Ben Aston has premiered his short He Took His Skin Off For Me on Vimeo, after its debut at Fantastic Fest and Toronto After Dark Film Festival last year. Aston and his short films were recently profiled at SlashFilm (with a great interview), reminding me that I had been meaning to watch this short, one of his latest and it's so crazy, disgustingly good. Aston's other short, Russian Roulette, is playing at the Sundance Film Festival coming up. But before that, this is the must see - practical SFX make this one extraordinary "fairytale" of sorts. It's a perfect kind of unsettling yet seductively sweet one-of-a-kind creation. Have fun and turn it up.

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Anne Hathaway Feels Love Through Music in New 'Song One' Trailer

Song One

By the time Song One hits theaters this month, it will have been about an entire year since it debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014, but that's just how independent releases work out sometime. So here we are with a second trailer for the touching drama about a woman (Anne Hathaway) coping with a return home due to an accident that has left her brother in a coma. In an effort to bring him out of it, she starts recording sounds in the city, and even finds his favorite indie musician (Johnny Flynn). And that's when the two find a blossoming romance and connection that may change their lives, hopefully for the better. Watch it!

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Animated Foosball Film 'Underdogs' Gets Dubbed US Release Trailer


There's a chance you might remember an Argentine and Spanish animated foosball film from back in 2013 that was called Futbolin or Metegol. Well, that film got picked up by The Weinstein Company, and they're releasing a dubbed version of the movie featuring an American cast and the new title of Underdogs. Matthew Morrison ("Glee"), singer Ariana Grande, Nicolas Hoult (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Bell Thorne (Blended), Katie Holmes (Batman Begins) and John Leguizamo all lend their voice to the film about two childhood foosball rivals who battle as one finds their home threatened by the other. Watch!

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Two Featurettes Explore 'The Divergent Series: Insurgent' Sequel

The Divergent Series: Insurgent

If the theatrical trailer for the mouthful of a sequel that is The Divergent Series: Insurgent didn't lay things out clearly enough for you, or just didn't offer enough footage from the film if you're already a fan, then we've got two treats for you. Two new featurettes surfaced online this week with footage from behind the scenes of the film, featuring interviews with Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet and more. They talk about the story, the larger scale production, and what we can expect from the sequel (including more, bigger simulations in the mind). It looks a little too packed, but may be an improvement.

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Watch: 'Taken 4' Trailer Gives Liam Neeson the Perfect New Co-Star

Taken 4

In case you haven't heard, Taken 3 is pretty terrible. It's boring, has awfil action, a predictable story, stupid villains and still doesn't measure up to that surprisingly great first film. But thankfully, it looks like Taken 4 is going to be infinitely better. Sure, Taken 3 may still be in theaters, but this sequel looks so damn exciting that you're going to be anticipating this one more than The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In this one, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) finally gets the co-star he's always needed: Guillermo from "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Honestly, this could reinvigorate the entire franchise. Watch!

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Gritty Shakespeare in New Trailer for 'Anarchy,' Formerly 'Cymbeline'


Seemingly trying to capitalize on the popularity of the series "Sons of Anarchy," the contemporary Shakespearean drama Cymbeline has changed its title to just Anarchy, which seems a little misguided. But anyway, along with the new title comes a new trailer, showing off a war between biker gangs with plenty of drug dealing, corruption violence, and an ensemble cast that includes Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, Anton Yelchin, John Leguizamo, Dakota Johnson and more. It looks pretty intense, but I'm not entirely sold on it from ths trailer. Maybe it will be worth it just for the performances. Watch it?

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Watch: Will Ferrell Tries to Join a Gang in Second 'Get Hard' Trailer

Get Hard

"I don't think they've ever seen a white person before." With the release of the Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard just over a couple months away, a second trailer has arrived. This time, we get to see a little bit more of the preparation in store for the rich bank manager (Ferrell) as he tries to toughen up before serving some time in prison with the help of his car washer (Hart), who isn't exactly a tough street thug. This time we get to see Ferrell try to join a gang that will keep him safe in prison, which makes for some amusing interaction with rapper T.I., and also an alternative way to avoid getting beat up in prison.

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