Jason Sudeikis & Alison Brie in 'Sleeping with Other People' Trailer

Sleeping with Other People Trailer

"For the first time, I'm a little bit optimistic you might not become that creepy guy." IFC Films has debuted the first trailer for Sleeping with Other People, a Sundance comedy that was one of our favorites of this festival earlier this year. Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie star as two compulsive cheaters who end up in a relationship, but will it work out from them? This actually looks really good, don't skip it. Sleeping with Other People is the follow-up from Bachelorette filmmaker Leslye Headland, and it seems to be a very big improvement. Adam Scott, Amanda Peet & Natasha Lyonne also star. Ethan wrote in his review from Sundance that it's "one of the most entertaining and honest love stories of the past 10 years." Check it out.

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Trailer for Paul Weitz's Indie Comedy 'Grandma' Starring Lily Tomlin

Grandma Trailer

"Screw you, Grandma!" Sony Pictures Classics has debuted the trailer for Paul Weitz's Grandma, starring Lily Tomlin as a feisty grandma who spends a day trying to round up cash with her granddaughter, played by Julia Garner. Marcia Gay Harden and Judy Greer also co-star. This film actually premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and also played at the Tribeca Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival & Los Angeles Film Festival. I'm not sure how many people it will connect with, as some of the scenes look like they may be a bit grating, but others may find some charm in this quirky indie comedy. Give it a watch.

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Meet the Arcade Heroes in New Featurettes for Sony's 'Pixels' Movie

Pixels Featurette

"The greatest hits of arcade game characters in one movie - it's pretty insane." Sony has debuted a set of featurettes for Pixels, the video game invasion movie still due out this summer. The first one introduces us to the "arcade heroes" that we follow - Adam Sandler as Sam Brenner, Peter Dinklage as Eddie Plant, Josh Gad as Ludlow Lamonsoff, and Michelle Monaghan as Lt. Col. Violet Van Patten. Kevin James also co-stars. The other featurette focuses on Ashley Benson as Lady Lisa, another video game character come to life. She plays a badass villain of sorts, fighting Ludlow with swords most of the time. From Sony: "Watch the cast of Pixels describe what it was like working with their favorite 80s arcade characters." Enjoy!

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Watch: First Trailer for 'Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension'

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Every secret will be revealed. Paramount Pictures has revealed the first official trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, supposedly the final feature in the Paranormal Activity franchise. Or at least the marketing is billing it as such: "Experience Paranormal Activity in a way you never have before as the series comes to a shocking end." That "way you never have before" means in 3D, since that's the extra "dimension" per the title. They even hid spooky ghosts in the 3D parts of the trailer, but since this is just viewable in 2D online it doesn't work as well. Take a look at the next entry in the Paranormal horror series.

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Zach Galifianakis & Kristen Wiig in Second Trailer for 'Masterminds'


"How hard can it be - you load up a truck, and drive away." Relativity has debuted a second, full-length trailer for Masterminds, the crazy hilarious heist comedy coming out later this summer from filmmaker Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, Gentlemen Broncos, Don Verdean). Zach Galifianakis & Kristen Wiig star as a couple who plan a heist that goes right, and they end up with $17 million with their friends Owen Wilson, Ken Marino and Devin Ratray. But once they get the money, that's when things start to fall apart. Jason Sudeikis and Kate McKinnon also star. This does look very funny, I can't deny that. I just might have to go see it after all. Owen Wilson looks like he's having fun. Plus - explosions galore.

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See the Full Trailer for Sundance Midnight Splatter Film 'Turbo Kid'

Turbo Kid

"Find them, kill them…" Throw on a poncho, you're about to get splattered with fake blood. If you haven't seen the trailer for this film, and you can stand buckets of blood, you need to watch it. Turbo Kid was one of the films playing in the Midnight category at Sundance this year, and while I never got to see it myself, I heard that it was pretty crazy. This trailer finally lets us in on just how insane it is, with gore like no other in a retro unrated action movie gone mad. The film stars Munro Chambers, Laurence Leboeuf, Michael Ironside, Edwin Wright, Aaron Jeffery and Romano Orzari. This seems kind of like a low budget splatter version of Scott Pilgrim, though SlashFilm said it's "like no other film in the last decade". Fire it up!

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New Full-Length Trailer for 'Hitman: Agent 47' Starring Rupert Friend

Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer #2

"You, my friend, are a riddle to me…" 20th Century Fox has debuted a kick ass new full-length trailer for Hitman: Agent 47, directed by Aleksander Bach, starring Rupert Friend as Agent 47. This actually looks really good, I'll be honest. Much better than the first trailer. Or at least I'm really into it - the footage looks sleek and visually polished, yet still badass. This new trailer has the kind of editing that sells tickets. I'm even starting to warm up to Rupert as "47". The rest of the cast includes Zachary Quinto, Thomas Kretschmann, Hannah Ware and Emilio Rivera. Seriously, this doesn't look so bad, it actually looks like it might be a worthy action contender this summer. The scene with the red car looks like a fun set piece.

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Watch: Jackie Chan & Adrien Brody in 'Dragon Blade' Official Trailer

Dragon Blade Trailer

"If you stand with us you will be butchered." Lionsgate has debuted the official US trailer for Dragon Blade, a historic action epic from China directed by Daniel Lee, produced by & starring Jackie Chan. This "action spectacle on a grand scale" features the fight for the Silk Road when East and West collide, in a story about warriors fighting against warriors. Adrien Brody (screaming his heart out) stars as Tiberius, John Cusack stars as Lucius, Jackie Chan stars as Huo An, with Sharni Vinson as Lady Crassus, and Alice Aoki as the Queen. While the footage does look action packed, and that arrow-to-the-face shot is awesome, I'm not so sure about the rest of the hammy acting. Maybe they're just out-of-context scenes? Let's hope so.

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First Trailer for DreamWorks Animation's Sequel 'Kung Fu Panda 3'

Kung Fu Panda 3 Trailer

"I hope you find your son…" He's back! DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox have premiered the first teaser trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3, the next sequel in the Kung Fu Panda series started in 2008. Jack Black returns to voice Po, the chubby panda who became a Kung Fu master. This time he encounters his long-lost father Li, voiced by Bryan Cranston, and ends up teaming with him to take on another villain - Kai, voiced by J.K. Simmons. This teaser is an early reminder that this movie is coming, without much footage beyond one introductory scene where we get to meet Po's father. I'm a very big fan of the first Kung Fu Panda, and I enjoyed the second one, I just really hope this third one hasn't lost its charm. Take a look.

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Watch: Full Trailer for Blue Sky's 'Peanuts Movie' is Totally Perfect

The Peanuts Movie

"It's not often you get the opportunity to start over with a clean slate… this time things will be different!" Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox have debuted a full-length, three-minute trailer for The Peanuts Movie, adapted from Charles Schulz comic strip. All your favorite characters are here, from Charlie Brown (voiced by Noah Schnapp), to Linus, to Pigpen, to Lucy, to Sally, plus–of course–Snoopy. We've already seen a few teasers, but this is the full sell and it's totally perfect. This movie looks wonderful, like they've actually captured the feeling of the comic strip where these characters come from and re-imagined in for the big screen without dumbing it down. I really can't believe how good this looks, it's going to be so much fun.

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Must Watch: Emily Blunt Stars in Denis Villeneuve's 'Sicario' Trailer


"Nothing will make sense to your American ears, but in the end… you will understand." Holy crap this looks awesome. Lionsgate has debuted the first official trailer for Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve's new thriller Sicario, one of the most talked about films from the Cannes Film Festival this year (read our review here). Emily Blunt stars in an award-worthy performance as an idealistic FBI agent is enlisted by an elite government task force official to aid in the escalating war against drugs. The cast includes Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, Jon Bernthal and Victor Garber. This looks fantastic, with cinematography by the incomparable Roger Deakins to top it off. Cannot wait to see this film for myself soon. Have at it!

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Jemaine Clement Stars in Jim Strouse's 'People, Places, Things' Trailer

People, Places, Things Trailer

"Don't give each other secret looks!" The Film Arcade has debuted the full trailer for Jim Strouse's People, Places, Things, starring Jemaine Clement as a graphic novel artist/teacher struggling with his life as a single father. Jim Strouse is the very talented filmmaker who brought us Grace is Gone and The Winning Season, two other Sundance gems from a few years back (if you haven't seen either yet, please go watch both of them right away). This new film also stars Regina Hall, Jessica Williams and Stephanie Allynne. I saw this at Sundance and it's really, really good. Nothing groundbreaking, but just a feel good charmer that will leave you with a smile and some optimism. This is a lovely trailer for a movie I hope doesn't get ignored.

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Watch: First Trailer for Illumination's 'The Secret Life of Pets' Movie

The Secret Life of Pets Trailer

"I've got big plans - I'm going to sit here and wait for Katie to come back." Universal and Illumination have unveiled the adorable first teaser trailer for The Secret Life of Pets, a movie about what your pets do in the time between when you leave for work and return home. Every time you leave in the morning and give your cuddly pet a goodbye pat, we all wonder what they do, and what goes on while we're away, how much trouble they're getting into without anyone watching. This movie plays with that idea in such a fun way, and features all kinds of pets: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits. Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet & Kevin Hart provide a few voices. This is going to be a winner, that's for sure, it's hard not to laugh and smile big. Take a look!

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David Oyelowo & Kate Mara in Trailer for Real-Life Story 'Captive'

Captive Trailer

"I had to break out…" Paramount has debuted a trailer for the new film Captive, based on the true "Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero". Kate Mara plays a struggling single mother who's taken hostage when the "courthouse killer" from Atlanta finds his way into her apartment. David Oyelowo plays Brian Nichols. But the happy side of the story is that Ashley was able to talk her captor into "surrendering peacefully by gaining his confidence through her prayers and personal faith". Oh boy. Aside from that side of this story, this looks interesting. And I'll watch David Oyelowo in anything - he's such an immensely talented actor.

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