Watch: Werner Herzog's 'Queen of the Desert' International Trailer

Queen of the Desert

"Every step in the desert, life and fire claim me… And I'm consumed." An international trailer has recently debuted for Werner Herzog's Queen of the Desert, the German filmmaker's latest fictional feature film, about Gertrude Bell. Not to be confused with The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, this "Queen of the Desert" was a very well-educated, vivacious, ambitious woman who became an important political player in the Middle East in the 1920s, helping establish the Hashemite dynasties in what is today Jordan as well as in Iraq. Nicole Kidman stars as Gertrude Bell, and James Franco and Robert Pattinson play two of her suitors. It's not the best film (it first premiered at Berlinale) but Bell is a very interesting person.

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Watch: First Full Trailer for 'The Stanford Prison Experiment' Movie

The Stanford Prison Experiment

"Under no circumstances whatsoever are you to physically assault the prisoners in any way." IFC Films has debuted the trailer for The Stanford Prison Experiment, an adaptation of the seminal psychological experiment conducted in the early 70s. The movie tries to replicate and tell the full story without holding back. The impressive ensemble cast includes: Billy Crudup, Ezra Miller, Michael Angarano, Tye Sheridan, Thomas Mann, Keir Gilchrist, Johnny Simmons & Olivia Thirlby. All of them give great performances, which is what makes this such a great film to watch. It truly is so unsettling and disturbing at times you forget you're watching a movie, and just hope everyone makes it out okay. Give this trailer a look.

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First Trailer for Tennis Comedy 'Break Point' Featuring J.K. Simmons

Break Point Trailer

"You have nothing to lose!" Broad Green Pictures has debuted the official trailer for Break Point, a tennis comedy not to be confused with Point Break, the remake due in theaters this December (which looks just awful). Break Point is a totally different kind of film starring J.K. Simmons as well as Jeremy Sisto, David Walton, Amy Smart, Joshua Rush, Vincent Ventresca, Chris Parnell, Adam Devine. The film is about estranged brothers who team up to take on a tennis grand slam tournament, with their family in tow. It doesn't look half bad, another sports triumph family comedy that has its sweet moments. Enjoy!

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Watch: First Teaser for Disney's Newest Animated Movie 'Zootopia'


Like nothing you’ve seen be-fur… Disney Animation has debuted the first teaser trailer for Zootopia, their newest movie. It's more of an introduction to the world and the main characters that we'll be following. Mainly a "fast-talking" fox and Zootopia's top-cop bunny, who cross paths and of course learn to become friends even though they start out as enemies. The fox, Nick Wilde, is voiced by Jason Bateman, who provides the narration in this teaser, and the rabbit, Judy Hopps, is voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin. This is a cute little teaser and unique intro for this film, but I wish we would actually see more of the world and the story. But I guess that will come in more trailers down the line. For now, take a look at this Zootopia intro.

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Watch: Bill Murray Heads to Afghanistan in 'Rock the Kasbah' Trailer

Rock the Kasbah

"There's got to be a reason for this…!" Open Road Films has unveiled the trailer for Rock the Kasbah, starring Bill Murray as a music manager who gets lost in Afghanistan, and ends up finding a young Afghani girl to compete in their version of American Idol. This trailer looks and plays a lot like a smart Barry Levinson comedy, because it is a Barry Levinson comedy! In addition to Murray, Bruce Willis, Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson and Scott Caan show up, too. This actually looks like quite a bit of fun, but not in a slapstick hit-each-other-in-the-nuts way, in a this-guy-is-nuts and he's fun to watch way. Give it a look.

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Second Trailer for Guy Ritchie's 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' Movie

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Movie Trailer

"America teaming up with Russia - doesn't sound too friendly." Warner Bros has debuted a kick ass new trailer for Guy Ritchie's The Man from U.N.C.L.E., his updated new take on the classic TV show. Henry Cavill stars as Napoleon Solo, Armie Hammer as Illya Kuryakin, as two spies who must work together to stop an organization from building a nuclear weapon. The huge cast in this includes Alicia Vikander, Elizabeth Debicki, Hugh Grant, Jared Harris, Christian Berkel and a few others. It looks like sooo much fun, Guy Ritchie just letting loose on the spy genre. I think this is a much better, much tighter, much more awesomely entertaining trailer than the first one. And I'm really looking forward to seeing this. Enjoy!

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Watch: Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong in First 'The Program' Trailer

The Program

"No longer confined to Earth, now we have learned to fly…" StudioCanal UK has debuted a trailer for The Program, the Lance Armstrong film from Stephen Frears. Originally it was going to be a biopic, but after all the fallout it seems to have shifted to a story of "how he pulled that off", coming from the angle of one of the other racers and the journalist who was trying to find out the truth - David Walsh, as played by Chris O'Dowd. Actor Ben Foster plays Lance Armstrong, and he looks solid, everything I was expecting and more. I'm really looking forward to this, I want to see what sides of this story they play with, and this trailer is a big tease. The cast includes Lee Pace, Jesse Plemons and Guillaume Canet. Give this a look.

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'Emotions of Pixar' Video Reminds Us They've Touched Our Hearts

Emotions of Pixar

"I don't want to survive, I want to live!" Need a smile today? Or maybe a quick cry? Fire up this wonderful video made in tribute to the upcoming release of Pixar's Inside Out, titled Emotions of Pixar, edited by Lindsay McCutcheon. It's a tribute to the various emotions seen in Pixar movies, and is essentially a tribute to the extraordinary work of the very talented animators and artists at Pixar. They are truly the ones who are responsible for creating these characters and making them so perfectly expressive, in subtle ways, and their work really shines when edited together like this. So many great movies, with so many sad, happy, exciting, worrisome moments throughout. From Monsters Inc to Monsters University, and their entire filmography.

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The Academy Asks its Members for Advice for Aspiring Filmmakers

The Academy

"Dig deep inside yourself and face all of your inner demons, and make friends with them." Need some advice? Need some inspiration, or encouragement? The latest video from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is a questions session what advice various artists would have for other aspiring filmmakers. It's not just filmmakers providing advice, it's other actors, screenwriters, DPs, composers, such as - Hans Zimmer, John Ridley, Daniel Bruhl, Peter Morgan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Geoffrey Rush, David Oyelowo, Lee Daniels, Forest Whitaker, Sean Bobbitt and many others. It's a healthy dose of artistic optimism to keep you ambitious. Plus a reminder to never give up, to keep fighting even if it seems impossible, and give it your all.

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Emma Watson & Ethan Hawke in New Trailer for 'Regression' Thriller

Regression Trailer

Fear always finds its victim. TWC-Dimension has released a brand new trailer for Alejandro Amenábar's Regression, which supposedly redefines "thriller". Starring Emma Watson as a girl in Minnesota who accuses her father of an unspeakable crime, Ethan Hawke comes to investigate, but discovers there's more mysterious things going on. This was shot by the filmmaker behind The Others, The Sea Inside and Agora, and he has a sleek style that really stands out. We've seen one international trailer before this one, and it doesn't look so bad. I'm not sure if it really does reinvent the thriller genre, we'll find out soon. Take a look.

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Watch: New TV Spot for James Bond's 'Spectre' Teases More Twists

Spectre TV Spot

"Bond, James Bond." A new TV spot has been uploaded online for James Bond's Spectre, directed by Sam Mendes, starring Daniel Craig as Agent 007. The teaser for Spectre didn't show much, and most of that footage is in here, but there's also a bit of some extra teases in this. And I really like what we're seeing. It starts with that interesting discussion with Naomie Harris, or Moneypenny, talking about how Bond has a secret he can't tell anyone. Then there's an appearance by Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra, which is when he delivers that iconic line. Between Léa Seydoux and Bellucci, one of these two has to be working for the bad guy. Dave Bautista gets a quick appearance, though I'm sure more is coming soon in the next trailer.

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Watch: Making Of Featurette for Baltasar Kormákur's 'Everest' Movie

Everest Featurette

"We're going to make this as real as we can make it." Whoa this looks crazy! Universal has debuted a short behind-the-scenes featurette for Baltasar Kormákur's Everest movie, about the 1996 disaster on Everest. The video profiles the on-location shooting in the Dolomites, to make the film feel and look as authentic as possible. It definitely works. Some of the behind-the-scenes shots from this are as amazing as the footage from the movie itself - see the first trailer. I've been anxiously awaiting this movie ever since first hearing about it, and the footage so far looks incredible and so intense. This video explains why - because Baltasar wanted to achieve "big, epic movie moments" for real. Watch this video below, then rewatch the first trailer.

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Gore Vidal vs Bill Buckley in 'Best of Enemies' Documentary Trailer

Best of Enemies

2 Men. 10 Debates. Television would never be the same. Magnolia Pictures has debuted an excellent trailer for Best of Enemies, a fascinating documentary about two enemies for life - Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley Jr. Back in the late 60s, these two were recruited to debate each other on television during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and it changed television forever. I saw this at Sundance and it was one of my favorite documentaries from the fest. "This thoroughly entertaining and effortlessly fascinating doc examines their relationship on and off the screen, similar to the love-hate battle between Ebert and Siskel shown in the doc Life Itself." It's so good, full of so much fun footage of these two fighting.

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Watch: First Trailer for Fantastic Brando Doc 'Listen to Me Marlon'

Listen to Me Marlon

"Everybody's got something they're hiding." Showtime has debuted the first official trailer for Listen to Me Marlon, the fantastic new documentary from Stevan Riley profiling the life and mind of legendary actor Marlon Brando. This documentary delves into the mind of Marlon using his own audio recordings, his own voice, to tell you the story of the real Marlon Brando, who he was, why he didn't like the spotlight, the family he raised. It's a wonderful documentary (I first saw this at ND/NF) that really gets into his mind, deep into who he is and explores a side of him you've never seen before. Whether you're a fan of Brando or not, this is a fascinating and must see doc. Start with the trailer and be sure to catch it when it's in theaters.

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