Watch: New TV Spot for Frank Miller's 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Later this week, Dimension Films will show off some of the goods from Sin City: A Dame to Kill for at Comic-Con with a panel in Hall H on July 26th with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and actors Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin and Rosario Dawson in attendance. But in the meantime, a new TV spot for the graphic novel follow-up has arrived, and it's basically a very condensed version of what we saw in the full theatrical trailer. The film looks gorgeous, and we can't wait to see what Miller and Rodriguez have done with their return to this seedy, grimy film noir tale. Eva Green really does seem like a dame to kill for.

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Two 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' TV Spots Crack Skulls & Jokes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Following yesterday's cool announcement that IDW Publishing has a crossover comic book featuring the Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we're back to focusing on the big screen with the release of the latter's latest motion picture arriving in just a few weeks. Now two new TV spots have popped up online (though the video quality isn't the best) showing off more of the heroes in a half-shell. Honestly, the dynamic between the turtles is great. They're joking around while fighting, Raphael gets pissed at Leonardo in one part, and Michelangelo is just perfect. And we also briefly see the turtles' van! Watch it!

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Dwayne Johnson Catches a Flaming Arrow in 'Hercules' TV Spot


"My time has not come yet. Not sure about yours." We're anxious to see if anything that Brett Ratner has done with the Greek epic Hercules can get us interested in the film, and if the latest extended TV spot for the film starring Dwayne Johnson is any indicator, we're going to be very disappointed. The film just looks like a dud, with dialogue that feels contrived, forced and phony. Johnson's charisma just isn't working this time, and it actually seems to be working against him here. Not even John Hurt or Ian McShane seem to be able to offer anything of value to the proceedings. It's like The Scorpion King all over again. Watch now!

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Watch: Two More Extended TV Spots for 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Guardians of the Galaxy

"I like your knife, I'm keeping it." While we've gotten a pretty big taste of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) with the latest trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, both Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) have been seen but barely heard from. That all changes with a new TV spot that explains both of their connections to the villain Ronan (Lee Pace), and also shows them kicking some ass. Meanwhile, another TV spot briefly shows us a young Peter Quill when he was taken from Earth as a kid. The more we see of this flick, the more excited we get for August. Watch!

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New Mission & New Recruits in Two New 'Expendables 3' TV Spots

The Expendables 3

Following last week's extended TV spot for The Expendables 3, two more have popped up showing off some of the new team members, and the new mission that Sylvester Stallone has to embark on to save them with even more geriatric action heroes. Basically, some of the new young bucks like Ronda Rousey and Kellan Lutz get captured by a former ally and co-founder of The Expendables (Mel Gibson), and it's up to the old crew, with some new faces like Wesley Snipes and Harrison Ford, to get them back. It's been teased as one final ride for this team, so let's hope this one goes out with a big bang, even if it's PG-13.

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Young Turtles Train in New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' TV Spot

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

"We were created as weapons. And we knew the world would never except us. But one day it would need us." Following the dubstep fueled theatrical trailer, a new TV spot for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has emerged, and it shows off some cool new footage. It begins with just a brief bit of backstory, with Johnny Knoxville as Leonardo, explaining what they were created for. And during the voiceover, we get to see a tiny turtle crack a big glass window, and then an adolescent turtles training with Splinter. And then the action kicks in with new shots of Shredder and the turtles working together. Looks pretty cool. Watch now!

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Watch: Ellar Coltrane Grows Up Over 12 Years in 'Boyhood' TV Spot

Boyhood TV Spot

It's finally time for Richard Linklater's incredible coming-of-age masterpiece Boyhood to hit theaters this weekend. We've been ranting and raving about the film since it premiered at Sundance this year, and the project that's been 12 years in the making is finally coming your way. Unfortunately, it might take awhile to hit a theater in your area, but you can check out the entire timeline for expansion into theaters around the country right here. In the meantime, check out this awesome new TV spot for the film, which begins with a series of photos showing star Ellar Coltrane aging over 12 years of production on this special film. Watch!

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It's Hard to Kill 10 Men in an Extended TV Spot for 'Expendables 3'

The Expendables 3

The full theatrical trailer for The Expendables 3 showed off what's in store later this summer for some blockbuster fun, but now a new extended TV spot has some new footage from the ensemble action extravaganza. This time we get to see recent UFC champion Ronda Rousey kicking some ass and looking sexy, plus some new stuff with Wesley Snipes, Kelsey Grammer and Mel Gibson, all new faces joining Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham and more. Remember, the film is rated PG-13, so it won't quite be as crazy as we hoped, but we're sure there's going to be some good stuff. Watch!

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Dwayne Johnson Cannot Escape His Fate in First 'Hercules' TV Spot


The theatrical trailer for MGM and Paramount's epic Hercules didn't really do much to turn our crank. Part of the problem seems to be Dwayne Johnson looking the part, but not really fitting the role of the Greek mythological hero. Johnson just doesn't have the right presence as an actor to make it work, despite his hulking presence as an action star. Alas, the film is still coming this summer, and it'll be the first one from director Brett Ratner we've gotten in quite some time. Now a new TV spot shows off a bit more from the film, including Johnson heading off to do something foolish, like starring in a Hercules movie. Watch!

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Extended 'Guardians of the Galaxy' TV Spot Drops a Cherry Bomb

Guardians of the Galaxy

Rock music has been pretty prominent so far in the trailers for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. The teaser trailer fantastically featured "Hooked on a Feeling" and the second theatrical trailer used "Spirit in the Sky" masterfully. Now an extended TV spot is even more charged by rock 'n' roll with The Runaways hit single "Cherry Bomb" playing throughout. We get some great new shots of Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel), not to mention great moments between them and the rest of the team played by Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista, plus the folks at Nova Corps like Glenn Close.

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Another 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' TV Spot Recalls the Past

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Following last week's TV spot that featured some bear hunting on behalf of the evolved simians, a new TV spot for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has arrived. This time, 20th Century Fox seems to be recalling how the apes came to be this intelligent, for anyone who didn't see Rise of the Planet of the Apes a few years ago. Jason Clarke recounts the story, maybe for his son Kodi Smit-McPhee who's too young to remember the revolution, and then we get thrown into the war brewing as humans and apes clash again. There's also a great new shot of Caesar's ape army riding on horses, firing guns. It looks truly epic. Watch!

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Melissa McCarthy is Like a Cheeto in the First TV Spot for 'Tammy'


We're not too far from July, which means Independence Day is just around the corner, and a hopefully big box office weekend will be upon us. The films arriving on the Wednesday before the holiday weekend include Scott Derrickson's Deliver Us from Evil, the sci-fi adventure Earth to Echo, and Melissa McCarthy's latest comedy Tammy. And the latter film just debuted a new TV spot, showing off a bit more footage from the film. It's mostly stuff we've seen from the teaser trailer and theatrical trailer, but there's some new stuff showing off Mark Duplass as he has a unique interaction with the title character. Watch!

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Robots Clash in Extended 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' TV Spot

Transformers: Age of Extinction

"How many more of my kind must be sacrificed?" The release of Transformers: Age of Extinction is just over a couple weeks away, and we'll get to see what Michael Bay does with a whole new human cast to go along with his giant robot crew. A new extended TV spot has popped up, showing off much more destructive action between the Autobots and their new enemy. Plus, Mark Wahlberg gets some facetime with Optimus Prime and cheers on Bumblebee during a big fight in the city. As always, the action looks incredible, but will it be enough to keep this franchise going for another trilogy? Fans will decide very soon.

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Watch: Scarlett Johansson Kicking Ass as 'Lucy' in Extended TV Spot


"Her brain capacity is increasing by the minute." A new extended TV spot for Lucy has debuted with Scarlett Johansson turning into more of a bad ass with as she unlocks more of the untapped potential of her brain's capacity due to an experimental super drug that leaked inside her body while being forcibly turned into a drug mule. Now she's out for revenge, using telekinesis and more to find the people responsible for doing this to her. Morgan Freeman is there for some exposition, and we're certainly on board for this summer action fun. Remember, Universal releases the film two weeks earlier on July 25th.

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