Must Watch: First Teaser for J.A. Bayona's New Film 'A Monster Calls'

A Monster Calls Trailer

"One day the invisible man couldn't stand it anymore…" Focus Features has unveiled a must see teaser trailer for the new film from J.A. Bayona (The Impossible, The Orphanage) called A Monster Calls, about a boy dealing with bullying by "escaping into a fantastical world of monsters and fairy tales". The boy is played by Lewis MacDougall, but the cast list also shows Liam Neeson is playing The Monster seen at the end of the teaser. It also features Sigourney Weaver, Toby Kebbell, and Felicity Jones as his Mum. This is a very gorgeous teaser, and it doesn't show much, but it almost has a very dark Where the Wild Things Are feel. Also - note the wonderful use of the score from Cloud Atlas in this trailer. I want to see this.

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First Red Band Trailer for Vulgar Gymnastics Comedy 'The Bronze'

The Bronze Trailer

"I'm not a coach, I'm a star!" Sony Pictures Classics has unveiled a red band (for language!) trailer for the indie comedy The Bronze, which was an opening night film at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Melissa Rauch plays Hope Anne Greggory, a gymnast who won the bronze at the Olympics once, and now lives with the glory of that fame. The cast includes Gary Cole, Haley Lu Richardson, Thomas Middleditch and Sebastian Stan. This film just isn't that good, it's not that funny, and the trailer doesn't help sell it at all. Maybe a few people out there who enjoy this kind of trashy humor may be interested in this, but I doubt it.

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Watch: First Official Trailer for Jeff Nichols' Sci-Fi 'Midnight Special'

Midnight Special Trailer

He is not like us. Warner Bros has finally debuted a trailer for Jeff Nichols' long-awaited new PG-13 sci-fi movie Midnight Special, that he made for the studio before moving on to make Loving. Nichols' regular Michael Shannon stars along with Kirsten Dunst as the father and mother of a very special, very unique boy named Alton, played by Jaeden Lieberher. In addition, Joel Edgerton and Adam Driver show up as well. This looks a bit different than I was expecting, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless because I still have hope for this Jeff Nichols sci-fi. I'm curious to see how everyone responds to this footage. Enjoy!

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John Malkovich Made a Movie with Robert Rodriguez We'll Never See

John Malkovich

Say what? Our friends at io9 have written about a movie called 100 Years that stars John Malkovich and Shuya Chang, directed by Robert Rodriguez, set in the future. Yes this is actually one giant marketing gimmick to promote a liquor called Louis XIII Cognac, an ultra-luxury liquor that is aged 100 years. The idea is that the film has been made, but is going into the cognac vaults for 100 years, and will be stored there not to be shown until 2115. There are teasers and a featurette available (below) but apparently none of these have anything to do with the actual movie. Yeah. Instead, no one alive now will probably ever see what they actually make (really?), but someone will one day. Supposedly. Or maybe we're just supposed to imagine it.

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Watch: Keanu Reeves Stars in First Trailer for Cop Thriller 'Exposed'

Exposed Trailer - Keanu Reeves

"The more you dig, the more you risk screwing up. And I don't think you want that on your conscious…" While we wait for Keanu Reeves to bring us John Wick 2, which he is in the midst of shooting in New York City right now, here's a trailer for another one of his films. Gulf Films has debuted a trailer for a movie titled Exposed, even though IMDb calls it Daughters of God, so who knows what it'll end up being by the time it gets released here. Keanu Reeves stars as a detective and it starts with the murder of his partner. While investigating what happened, he meets a young Latina woman with strange visions. Ana de Armas, Mira Sorvino, Christopher McDonald and Laura Gómez also star. I'm not really sure what to make of this.

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More New Footage in Latest 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' TV Spot

Star Wars TV Spot

"What I've seen… we all need to run." This TV spot is all about Finn, and boy oh boy does this look amazing. We're past the point where I suggest not to watch if you want to go in as fresh as possible, because more and more footage is showing up online every day. Lucasfilm's latest 30-second TV spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens features Finn, played by John Boyega, preparing to battle a one of the new First Order stormtroopers. There's also another awesome shot of Han, played by Harrison Ford, talking with Finn about how he's not yet ready, plus some cool shots of Chewie and BB-8. One month to go if you can hold on.

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Shane Carruth & Amy Seimetz in Short Film 'We'll Find Something'

We'll Find Something Short

"Can you just be supportive?" Here's another short film to watch whenever you have the time. This one is called We'll Find Something, and it actually starts Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz, as well as Julia Farell. The two play a couple on a trip to New York City looking for somewhere to get some food, all the while discussing various relationship topics and other random trifles. This short is fresh out of the SXSW Film Festival, where it initially premiered earlier this year, as well as the Maryland Film Festival, and is now available online in full for free via Vimeo below. It's nothing spectacular, but it is a nice little short to enjoy.

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Interview: 'The Night Before' Director Jonathan Levine on X-Mas Fun

Jonathan Levine

One of this year's holiday comedies is The Night Before, about three friends, three ride-or-die homies, who go on one final Christmas eve adventure in New York. In truth it's actually a much sweeter story about friendship, and how important is to hold onto the friends that mean something to us. The Night Before is directed by Jonathan Levine, a filmmaker I first met in 2008 at the Sundance Film Festival because I went crazy for his film The Wackness. Years later he has directed two other films - 50/50, Warm Bodies - and now his latest is this one, The Night Before, once known as X-Mas or the Christmas Eve Project. It's a very fun movie and I had a great time talking with Jonathan about the challenge of making audiences laugh.

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New US Trailer for László Nemes' Holocaust Masterpiece 'Son of Saul'

Son of Saul Trailer

This is one of the films that I will be putting on my Top 10 list this year, so make sure you find a way to see it. Sony Pictures Classics has debuted the full US trailer for the Holocaust film Son of Saul, directed by Hungarian filmmaker László Nemes (read my interview with László). The film follows one man, played by Géza Röhrig, who is one of the "Sonderkommando" assisting with the work in the camp for extra time alive at a concentration camp during WWII. It's a harrowing, but stunning masterpiece of a film, that pretty much every critic has been raving about. The film is also only playing in 35mm on film wherever it shows, and it is worth seeking out. I really mean that, it comes highly recommended from every film lover I know.

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Watch: Teaser Trailer for Illusionists Heist Sequel 'Now You See Me 2'

Now You See Me 2

Time to meet the newest member of the illusionist team! And his name ain't Harry, or Daniel. Technically it's Walter, at least in this movie. Summit has debuted the first official trailer for Now You See Me 2, the sequel to the movie Now You See Me where a group of magicians illusionists pull off heists robbing from the rich and giving the money to the people. The original team is back: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson and Michael Caine. The newcomers this time are Daniel Radcliffe (as Walter) and Lizzy Caplan. This trailer doesn't reveal too much yet, but it does give us an intriguing first look at what's going down. I'm curious about the water and umbrellas, plus that slide? Very interesting.

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First Trailer for 'The Huntsman: Winter's War' with Chris Hemsworth

The Huntsman Trailer

"Whoever gets in there will be unstoppable." Universal has debuted the first trailer for The Huntsman: Winter's War, the sequel to 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman that no one asked for but they made anyway. Chris Hemsworth returns as The Huntsman, and Charlize Theron as the evil Queen, but they've also lined up two great actresses to join: Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt. Unfortunately, this looks like a terrible CGI-fest without much substance. In fact, it looks like they're trying to replicate Disney's Frozen in a more gritty, live-action way. And that just irks me and makes me despise this, but give it a look.

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AFI Fest 2015 Review: Adam McKay's Banker Comedy 'The Big Short'

The Big Short

The 2008 financial collapse is put under a microscope (again) in the new satire The Big Short, a movie that candidly raises more questions than it answers. Most of its dialogue is dense economics jargon that will fly by most moviegoers but not alienate them. The plot is easy to navigate without fully understanding the fine print thanks to director and co-writer Adam McKay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) and his nose for quick wit. This is McKay's first dramatic turn after directing broad comedies like Anchorman, and The Other Guys, and he handles the change well, infusing the film with much needed levity when needed.

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Rebel Wilson & Dakota Johnson Star in First 'How to Be Single' Trailer

How to Be Single

No commitment, just the single! Warner Bros has debuted the first official trailer for the comedy How to Be Single, playing next February for all the lonely single souls out there (or couples who just want to laugh at the singles). Rebel Wilson stars as a wild young woman in New York City who teachers her friend Alice, played by Dakota Johnson of 50 Shades of Grey fame (so doesn't she already know all this stuff?), how to hook up and mingle with men the right way. The cast includes Leslie Mann, Jake Lacy, Anders Holm, Alison Brie, Damon Wayans Jr., Nicholas Braun. This is mostly for the ladies, but have fun anyway.

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Watch: Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson Are Back in Full 'Zoolander 2' Trailer

Zoolander 2 Trailer

"There's only one criminal mastermind who could be behind all this." Paramount has unleashed the first amusing trailer for the long-awaited sequel Zoolander 2, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as male models Zoolander and Hansel. This is a full-on trailer that actually spends time explaining the story and the characters, showing tons of footage including some hilarious sets and all the endlessly amazing costumes. Penélope Cruz co-stars with Kristen Wiig, Christine Taylor, Billy Zane and of course, Will Ferrell as Mugatu. I'm still not sure if this is going to top the original, but at least they're giving it a shot. Enjoy!

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