First Look: Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Birdman' Director's 'The Revenant'

The Revenant

Right now director Alejandro González Iñárritu is riding the awards train after landing a nomination for Best Director and a nomination for Best Picture for his impressively shot film Birdman. But the filmmaker is already hard at work on his next film The Revenant, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is already slated for release this Christmas, and if the first look photos are any indicator, we could be looking at another awards contender in the making. The film sees DiCaprio facing the wilderness after he's abandoned by fellow fur trappers following a deadly bear attack. But he survives, and now he wants revenge.

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Ben Affleck's Batman Rumored to Also Appear in 'Suicide Squad'


While we don't normally run many rumors like this, when Forbes is the one with the scoop, that makes it feel a little more legitimate. First of all, Latino Review has a story spouting off some plot details about Suicide Squad, and they mention that while the villain Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is in pursuit of super powered heroes and villains, with Batman seen on a surveillance screen, implying that he's on her list. But they specify that Ben Affleck would not appear in any other capacity as Batman. However, Forbes has heard otherwise, and is reporting that Batman will be in Suicide Squad, but at the end of the film. Read on!

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Watch: Gamers Are Recruited for War in UK Trailer for 'Good Kill'

Good Kill

"War is now a first-person shooter." Following the first trailer for Andrew Niccol's timely and relevant drone pilot thriller Good Kill, a new trailer from the United Kingdom has surfaced showing off the more personal side of the film. Ethan Hawke plays a fighter-pilot turned drone pilot operating out of Las Vegas who begins to question his mission and his integrity as he fights a war from thousands of miles away. His family life, along with his wife (January Jones) begins to feel his pain, not understanding the stress. It looks a little heavy-handed and even obvious, but the subject matter is certainly worth exploring. Watch!

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VFX Supervisor Cedric Nicolas-Troyan Set to Direct 'The Huntsman'

The Huntsman / Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

Just a few days after director Frank Darabont left the Snow White and the Huntsman spin-off, which is simply called The Huntsman, Universal has quickly found a director, and it sounds like they didn't have to look too far. THR reports Cedric Nicolas-Troyan will be at the helm of the film. You may not know that name as a filmmaker, and that's because this will be his directorial debut. But he has experience with this particular property because he worked on the first film both as the second unit director and visual effects supervisor, the latter for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. So maybe it's in good hands.

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Rooney Mara, Felicity Jones & More Testing for 'Star Wars' Spin-Off

Rooney Mara / Felicity Jones

We've still got 11 months until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18th, but with the first Star Wars spin-off film slated to arrive one year after that, it's almost time for production to get into gear, and that means casting is getting underway as writer Gary Whitta departed the project after turning in a first draft. THR has word that Disney is in the process of testing females leads for the first standalone film set in the Star Wars universe that will be directed by Godzilla helmer Gareth Edwards. As of now, the names that have surfaced include Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara, recent Oscar nominee Felicity Jones from The Theory of Everything and "Oprhan Black" star Tatiana Maslany.

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The 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2014 - Start Watching Now

19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2014

The best of the best - that you didn't see last year. We have returned with another set of worth watching, underseen films from 2014. Back by popular demand is our eighth annual list of the 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2014 (past lists: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007). Featured below is a hand-picked line-up of the best independent and/or mainstream films that were either quietly dumped, ignored by audiences, or just not marketed well enough. So to give them extra attention in the spotlight, and to support some of the finest filmmakers out there, here is our best of 2014 recap. Read on for the full list!

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Sam Worthington is 'Kidnapping Mr. Heineken' in Thriller Trailer

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

There's a chance you might remember a foreign film called The Heineken Kidnapping starring Rutger Hauer, about the abduction of Alfred Heineken, the heir to the beer empire of the same name. Well, there was another film about the same event, but Kidnapping Mr. Heineken puts more of a focus on the thriller nature of the story with Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten and Jim Sturgess attempting to pull of what would become one of the biggest crimes of the decade. But rather than the plan going wrong, the kidnapping of Mr. Heineken (Anthony Hopkins) actually works, but that's just the beginning. Watch!

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Dustin Hoffman Conducts a 'Boychoir' in the Trailer for TIFF Drama


"How dare you squander your talent?" If Whiplash was a little too brutal for your tastes, but you still have an interest in a film set in the world of music, then it looks like the Toronto International Film Festival selection Boychoir may be for you. The film follows an adolescent boy (Garrett Wareing) fresh in a new boarding school who wastes his natural talent for singing when he could be a pivotal part of a world-class choir of boys. But luckily, Dustin Hoffman is there as his choir leader to help inspire him, even if it means getting a little tough and stern. Eddie Izzard and Kathy Bates come along for good measure too. Watch!

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Watch: Salma Hayek is Pretty Good with Guns in US 'Everly' Trailer


Since Liam Neeson didn't really do much in the vein of quality ass-kicking earlier this month, maybe Salma Hayek has what it takes to step up to the plate with the action thriller Everly. In the film, Hayek plays a woman who faces down assassins sent by her ex, who also just happens to be a mob boss, while holed up in her apartment. In this first US trailer, it feels like The Raid meets Kill Bill, with plenty of action to go around. Frankly, I'm just excited to see an actress like Hayek in this role instead of a leading man. This could open up some new doors for the actress if it turns out to be a hit, which we hope it will be. Watch!

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How Steven Spielberg's 'American Sniper' Would Have Been Different

American Sniper / Steven Spielberg

There's no doubt American Sniper has been a hit with audiences, even as it faces some stirring criticism about its portrayal of the titular soldier Chris Kyle. But that's a different conversation entirely, and you can read more about that elsewhere. Instead, this is about a key difference that would have made the film much less two-dimensional and one-sided, adding more humanity to the real-life sniper with the highest confirmed kill count in United States military history. You may remember that Steven Spielberg nearly directed American Sniper, and now some details of how his vision may have been different have surfaced.

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Watch: UK Theater Gives Audiences Unique 'Kingsman' Experience

Kingsman: The Secret Service

With movie theater attendance falling last year so much that the box office hit the lowest number seen by the industry in 20 years, surely audiences need something to make their experience a little more memorable and worth the price of admission. Well, the United Kingdom theater chain Vue Cinemas decided to craft a little experience for unsuspecting moviegoers seeing Kingsman: The Secret Service by offering them a "free Kingsman upgrade." At first it seems like it's just an escort from the titular secret service organization accompanying them, but then things get intense when some armed bad guys try to get in the way. It's clearly meant to be a stunt gone viral, but it's at least a cool, original idea. to promote the film. Watch below now!

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Steven Knight Says 'World War Z' Sequel is Starting with Clean Slate

World War Z

Early last summer, we learned that Locke director and writer Steven Knight was hired to script a sequel to the intense zombie epidemic thriller World War Z. But since then, we haven't heard anything new on the project. But Thompson on Hollywood recently sat down with the writer, who's still at the treatment stage of writing, and the conversation turned to the progress on the gestating sequel which Brad Pitt will produce again through his Plan B production banner. However, as we've suspected, it doesn't sound like he'll be starring as Knight says, "It’s not quite like the other, we're starting with a clean slate." Read on!

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Honest Movie Posters Skewer Some of the 2015 Oscar Nominees

Honest Posters: Oscars 2015

It seems like everyone has something to gripe about with this year's nominations for the 87th Academy Awards (except for maybe the nominees themselves), and we even looked at some of the most egregious snubs along with the pleasing surprises from this year's field of honorees. But rather than gripe about the nominations, The Shiznit (via The Playlist) took aim at most of the big players this awards season and gave them honest movie posters. American Sniper, Selma, The Theory of Everything, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Foxcatcher and more all get skewered. Love or hate the movies, these are clever.

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Watch: Sean Penn is Hunted in International 'The Gunman' Trailer

The Gunman

"We thought we were helping. It didn't work out that way." As American Sniper sweeps up the January box office competition (or lack thereof), another gunman is poised to hit the big screen this March with Sean Penn in The Gunman. Director Pierre Morel (Taken) is at the helm of the new thriller, and an international trailer has just surfaced to show off some more of the story follow  Martin Terrier (Penn), a former Special Forces soldier and military contractor who works peacefully for a non-government group in the Congo. But suddenly, he's being hunted down by his own people as his violent past catches up with him.

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Alex's Top 10 of 2014
1. Mommy
2. Whiplash
3. Force Majeure
4. Selma
5. The Overnighters
6. Blind
7. John Wick
8. Snowpiercer
9. The Imitation Game
10. Birdman
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Ethan's Top 10 of 2014
1. Wild
2. Boyhood
3. Whiplash
4. Guardians / Galaxy
5. The LEGO Movie
6. Gone Girl
7. Life Itself
8. Birdman
9. The Raid 2
10. They Came Tgthr
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