Danny Trejo Faces Mel Gibson's Soldiers in 'Machete Kills' Full Trailer

Machete Kills

"Noah had his ark. I got mine." After a fun little teaser introduced us to Machete Kills, and a "new" actor named Carlos Estevez, this new trailer gives him a little more screentime with all the crazy antics we've come to expect from a grindhouse-style, B-movie sequel in the hands of Robert Rodriguez. This full trailer also shows off Mel Gibson as a villain for the first time, clearly having a blast, and his "super soldier" army which includes Lady Gaga in disguise as Cuba Gooding Jr. , Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Vanessa Hudgens, Antonio Banderas and more. It seems like Danny Trejo vs. the World, but we hope a red band trailer comes soon so we get a better taste of this over-the-top silliness. Watch now!

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WB's 'Akira' Movie is Back From the Dead with Jaume Collet-Serra


It's back! But is that good thing? We've been following development on Warner Bros' live-action adaptation of the manga/anime Akira for what seems like all seven years this website has been in operation (our first post ever on an Akira "remake" was in in late 2007). Throughout 2011, we covered news on a version that came close to shooting with director Jaume Collet-Serra at the helm, and Garrett Hedlund about to star. But production shut down in early 2012 and we thought this was all but dead - at least until they wanted to take another shot at it. So here we are again, and WB wants Collet-Serra back with an even smaller budget.

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Charles Grodin is Back in Movies for Baumbach's 'While We're Young'

Charles Grodin

Back in the spring of 2012, a sequel to the action comedy Midnight Run starring Robert De Niro and Charlies Grodin was being developed with a script from Tim Dowling (Role Models), rewritten by David Elliot and Paul Lovett (G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra), and Brett Ratner being lined up to direct. We've yet to hear anymore information on that potential plan, but at the time De Niro was excited to do the sequel, but the mostly retired Grodin wasn't ready to jump at the opportunity. The last movie Grodin made was The Ex in 2006, but now The Wrap reports he's taken a role in Noah Baumbach's new film While We're Young.

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Watch: One Final Hilarious Red Band Trailer for 'We're the Millers'

We're the Millers

"You are the worst family I've ever met." In just over a week from today, Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston are going to smuggle a "smidge of marijuana" across Mexico with their fake kids Will Poulter and Emma Roberts in the R-rated comedy We're the Millers. The first red band trailer for the road trip comedy made a surprisingly hilarious splash, and with the release of the film nearly upon us, one more raunchy red band trailer has arrived. This looks like it could be the sleeper comedy hit of the summer, and there's plenty of room for laughs from the supporting cast including Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn.

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TGB Episode 165: Spinning Off New Stories (Guest: Allison Loring)

The Golden Briefcase - Wolverine

On this week's episode of The Golden Briefcase, Tim (sans Jeremy) is joined by FilmSchoolReject's own Allison Loring to go over their latest picks of the week, the newest DVD & Blu-ray releases, new trailers for Keanu Reeve's newest films 47 Ronin and Man of Tai Chi and more. The main topic of the night was a discussion on movie spin-offs in honor of The Wolverine now playing in theaters. The two go over some of the best and worst examples of this film/TV sub-genre and talk about reasoning for their existence and impact. They also go over some potential spin-offs that have not yet been explored by Hollywood. Listen in!

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This is How It Should Work: 'The World's End' Letter from the Censor

The World's End

This is how it should be in the United States. This is how the MPAA should operate. Technically speaking, I guess I don't actually know if this is how they do work, or if these kind of exchanges happen and if this is the kind of polite discussion that arises when filmmakers are looking to obain a certain MPAA rating. However, everyone knows that's not the case. We all know the MPAA rates with an over-generalized system and foul language alone can earn a movie an R-rating despite containing no other offensive content. Edgar Wright recently posted the note he received from the British Board of Film Classification when he asked them for help/guidance while writing the script for The World's End, the Cornetto Trilogy finale out this month.

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Solid International Box Office Means 'Pacific Rim' Sequel Now Likely

Pacific Rim

Legendary Entertainment actually began planning a sequel to Pacific Rim, the giant sized blockbuster from director Guillermo del Toro, last December. But when the film wasn't tracking well with audiences leading up to the release, that prospect seemed like it would go out the window. So far the film has pulled in only just over $87 million here in the United States, which hardly makes it a runaway hit on a budget of $190 million. However, the worldwide total is over $227 million and counting with a recent record-breaking performance in China being the final key in making a sequel to the original sci-fi film very likely. Read on!

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Interview: James Ponsoldt - Director of 'Spectacular Now' & 'Smashed'

James Ponsoldt

"I like emotional experiences - when I go into an art museum, or listen to an album, or see a movie, I like to feel something deeply." One of my favorite indie films this year is The Spectacular Now (watch the trailer), a superb coming-of-age film starring Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley directed by James Ponsoldt. It first premiered at Sundance, where the year before Ponsoldt brought his second film Smashed, and in 2006 premiered his first film Off the Black. I love Ponsoldt's films and I finally met up with him in New York this past weekend for an interview. It ended up becoming a fantastic discussion on storytelling. One quote: "Don't judge your characters… Just look at them, let them bet he best advocate for themselves."

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Bryan Singer Reveals Full-Size Trask Sentinel in 'Days of Future Past'

X-Men Days of Future Past

Does it come in black? Have any nerdy fans been dreaming about one day seeing the Sentinels in an X-Men movie? Because it's finally happening. Director Bryan Singer and his incredible cast are currently shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past, the storyline involving Bolivar Trask, the Sentinel Program and some time travel. While we've been teasing bits of viral imagery showing the Sentinels, including an unveiling of a head at Comic-Con, Singer has tweeted a set photo of himself standing next to a full-size Sentinel that looks to be over 20 feet tall. It's yet another cool photo giving us more to whet our appetites for Days of Future Past.

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Fox Announces Three 'Avatar' Sequels to Hit Theaters Starting in 2016


Yesterday brought a small update for the gestating Avatar sequel with James Cameron enlisting the help of War of the Worlds and "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" writer Josh Friedman to work on the script. Other than that, we've been waiting for any clear indicator of when production might begin on the follow-up to the 2009 blockbuster. While we heard there would definitely be two sequels coming, there were rumblings that three films might be in the works. Well, Deadline has word that Fox is definitely making three more Avatar films with James Cameron at the helm, and there's writers lined up for all of them.

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Must Watch: Full Trailer for 'All is Lost' Starring Only Robert Redford

All is Lost Trailer

"Alone at sea." Roadside Attractions have debuted the full theatrical trailer for J.C. Chandor's All is Lost, the lost at sea film starring Robert Redford and only Robert Redford. This takes place entirely in the Indian Ocean with Redford navigating his damaged sailboat and attempting to survive being lost. I first saw this at the Cannes Film Festival and fell head over heels for it, so much so that I went to go to see it a second time (in my Cannes review: "it's grueling, thrilling, meticulous, inspiring and most importantly, moving"). This trailer does a great job selling the emotion. I highly recommend it as one of my favorite films this year.

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Alec Baldwin Skipped Marvel Villain Role, Says Yes to Cameron Crowe

Alec Baldwin

For any actor, turning down a film in the ever expanding Marvel cinematic universe has to be tough, but that's exactly what Alec Baldwin did. In an interview on The Howard Stern Show (via Metro), Baldwin said, "I don’t want to undo somebody because they hired someone else to do it. But they asked me to play a villain in one of these Marvel Comics movies." Could Baldwin have been up for a role in something like Guardians of the Galaxy or The Avengers 2? Hopefully we'll find out at some point. Baldwin's schedule may not have worked for Marvel, but he does have room for Cameron Crowe's developing film. More below!

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'Hero' Director Zhang Yimou to Direct 'Quasimodo' Starring Josh Brolin

Zhang Yimou

Back in February of 2011, news surfaced that Tim Burton was working on a new adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Warner Bros. with Josh Brolin attached to star. But since then, there haven't been any updates. However, it appears Burton has fallen away from the project which is now going by the title Quasimodo, as Variety reports Hero and House of Flying Daggers director Zhang Yimou is in talks to take over the project based on the classic Victor Hugo novel about Zhang Yimou the deformed and hunchbacked bell-ringer of the Notre Dame cathedral who falls for a beautiful gypsy named Esmerelda.

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Loki Looms on Crowded New Poster for Marvel's 'Thor: The Dark World'

Thor: The Dark World

Following the release of a cool piece of poster concept art which was handed out at Comic-Con, the official new poster for Thor: The Dark World has arrived, and it's pretty crowded. Though it's a Photoshop amalgamation of characters and imagery, the composition isn't bad. Christopher Eccleston’s malicious villain Malekith is featured prominently along with a mischievous Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Actually, the poster is quite similar to this final Iron Man 3 poster which also featured a lot of familiar faces. Make sure to come back next week when a new trailer, hopefully with some Comic-Con footage, arrives August 7th.

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