Cannes 2012 Review: Jeff Nichols' Wonderful Southern Drama 'Mud'

Jeff Nichols' Mud Review

Ah yes, this is what I've been waiting for. One of the last major premieres at the Cannes Film Festival was Jeff Nichols' third film following Shotgun Stories and Take Shelter, titled simply Mud. This Arkansas-set southern drama is a wonderfully charming, classic Americana adventure following two young boys and their experience with a man named Mud that changes their lives. It's a coming-of-age film filled with heart, and passion, and brilliant filmmaking. I now affectionately refer to it as Stand By Me of the Southern Wild because it's a blend of the classic Stand By Me and the charm of Sundance hit Beasts of the Southern Wild.

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Cannes 2012 Review: David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis' with Pattinson

Cosmopolis Review

Before seeing this, I was considerably curious to see how filmmaker David Cronenberg (of A Dangerous Method most recently) would handle a philosophical character study about a billionaire taking a limo across New York City. Alas, I was let down to discover an overly-complex, dialogue-heavy exposé on how money corrupts that follows a rather cold, careless character who continually emphasizes his power over everyone below him, without any concern for that power. Cronenberg establishes an unique world (and the inside of a limo) for us to follow Robert Pattinson as billionaire Eric Packer in, but that's about all that's interesting.

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First Trailer for Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' Playing 'Prometheus'

Django Unchained

Briefly: Word from a Variety editor named Stuart Oldham (via twitter) is that the first official teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's spaghetti western Django Unchained will be arriving very soon. In fact, he reports a scoop that "the first Django Unchained teaser will play in front of Prometheus." Even more good reason to go see Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi, arriving in theaters on June 8th. The Weinstein Company teased 7 minutes of the very first footage from Django to press in Cannes (myself included - video blog here) which means they're getting ready to unleash this, and I cant wait to see what the first teaser looks like. We'll definitely keep you updated and will let you know if this is officially confirmed in the next few weeks.

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Secret Catwoman Poster for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Stomps Online!

The Dark Knight Rises

After those two international banners showed up this morning, we thought the marketing onslaught for The Dark Knight Rises that went into full swing this week was taking a break, at least for the long weekend. Well, someone went and discovered a QR code at the bottom of the final theatrical poster release earlier this week (the fiery orange one), and then let Batman-News in on the secret link: a kick-ass poster that's basically the Catwoman companion to the Bane poster with the broken Batman mask that was revealed back in December. This is easily the best of the new posters to hit this week, and you can see it in full below!

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Sound Off: Barry Sonnenfeld's 'Men in Black 3' - What Did You Think?

Men in Black 3

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? They are back... in time. Its been a good 10 years since we last saw Agent J & K, but they're both back in another sci-fi adventure involving the secret organization that polices alien activity on Earth - the Men in Black. Sony Pictures is opening MIB3 in theaters today, with Will Smith back as Agent J, Tommy Lee Jones as K, and introducing Josh Brolin as a young K, plus Jemaine Clement as the villain Boris. So how is this one? Better than the first, the second, or worse overall? If you've seen it, leave a comment below with your thoughts on Barry Sonnenfeld's Men in Black 3.

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'Sucker Punch' Star Emily Browning Back Inside the Mind with 'Plush'

Emily Browning

Despite its impressive visuals and interesting premise, Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch became one of the most critically reviled films of 2011. Its unorthodox plot structure explored the concept of sanity, and now lead actress Emily Browning is set to star in another movie that deals with similar themes. Variety reports that Browning has joined the cast of Plush, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's newest original film that follows a psychic psychologist who dives into the minds of patients to help them confront their issues, but he soon discovers there is a young girl (Browning) who possesses the same gift he does. More below!

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Directors Billy Wilder, John Ford & More Get Commemorative Stamps

Filmmaker Stamps

We're not gonna lie. The Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and the news flow is already starting to slow down as everyone enjoys an extra day in the sun (or whatever weather you're having locally). But even so, here's something that's cool enough that we would probably highlight on a day with big trailers and such. Iconic filmmakers Billy Wilder, John Ford, Frank Capra and John Huston have their work immortalized on celluloid (some even by the Library of Congress) and now the directors themselves and their work have been commemorated with postal stamps. It's almost a rite of passage as an icon. Look!

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'Iron Sky' Helmer Mixes Nazis and Time Travel in 'I Killed Adolf Hitler'

I Killed Adolf Hitler

If the movie title Iron Sky doesn't instantly sound familiar to you, you may know it better as simply "that movie where Nazis are on the moon." It looks like that film's director Timo Vuorensola is keeping Nazis on the brain, as Twitchfilm reports that he will be directing a three episode prequel TV miniseries detailing how the Nazis arrived on the moon and a big screen sequel after that. But the most interesting news is a separate project set during WWII, a time traveling comedy called I Killed Adolf Hitler. Based on an award-winning graphic novel by Jason (yep, just one name), the story sounds absolutely brilliant. Read on!

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See a Trailer for Last River Phoenix Film 'Dark Blood' & Help Finish It

Dark Blood

Last fall we learned that director George Sluizer (the man behind both the original and American remake of The Vanishing starring Jeff Bridges and Kiefer Sutherland) was looking to finally release Dark Blood, the film which holds the last performance of the late River Phoenix. Despite a complete disapproval and a lack of cooperation from the Phoenix family, Sluzier is pushing forward to finish the film this year and is taking to the Dutch crowd-funding site CineCrowd to raise money for the post-production costs of editing after figuring out how to fix the narrative gaps from incomplete filming. There's a trailer to watch below!

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Ethan Hawke & Kristin Scott Thomas in 'Woman in the Fifth' Trailer

The Woman in the Fifth

With Before Sunrise and Before Sunset in his past, Ethan Hawke is no stranger to romance on the big screen. But this time he's dealing with a seemingly fatal attraction in the new trailer for The Woman in the Fifth, an adaptation of Douglas Kennedy's book of the same name which follows a college lecturer (Hawke) who flees to Paris after a scandal costs him his job. In the City of Lights, he meets a widow (Kristin Scott Thomas) who might be involved in a series of murders, and their romance spins out of control when it seems his family is threatened by her obsession with him. Looks provocative and steamy.

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'Ted' Might Go Blind on a New Poster for Seth MacFarlane's Comedy


Some may not be a fan of the comedic stylings of Seth MacFarlane, but I consistently enjoy his work on television, and find myself pretty excited about his feature film debut with Ted. The trailers have showed us the buddy-buddy relationship between Mark Wahlberg and his teddy bear aptly named Ted who he wished to life when he was a young boy, and the adult-level of comedy (especially in the red band trailer) is just what the doctor ordered. Now a new poster has arrived and it's just as subtly inappropriate as you want it to be. Obviously Ted is doing his taxes or something on the computer. What else would be be doing? Look!

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Wilson & Wilde Join Baumbach and Anderson Produced Indie Comedy

Olivia Wilde / Owen Wilson

Over a year and a half ago we heard about a new project from The Last Picture Show director Peter Bogdanovich with filmmakers Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach producing. The indie comedy was said to merely be about "about an escort, a theatre director and a private detective," but that's all we knew at the time. Now Variety has some solid updates on the project, titled Squirrel to the Nuts, as frequent Anderson collaborator Owen Wilson is attached to star along with Olivia Wilde and 21 Jump Street and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World star Brie Larson. Apparently Jason Schwartzman might also join. Read on!

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Two More International 'Dark Knight Rises' Banners Have Arrived

The Dark Knight Rises

Even though Men in Black 3 hits theaters today, I think it's safe to say that this week has mostly belonged to The Dark Knight Rises (and maybe a stupid date change for G.I. Joe: Retaliation). This week we've been privy to several different posters and a couple of awesome TV spots with some great new footage. For those eager to see more, there will be new footage debuting during the MTV Movie Awards which air June 3rd and 9/8c. In the meantime though, two new international banners have shown up in the same vein as yesterday's batch, this time with a cool shot of Batman and more facing-off with Bane. See them below!

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Review: Not Saying a Lot, But 'Men in Black 3' is Best of the Series

Men in Black 3

The sunglasses. The suits. The little flashy thing that erases your memory. Will Smith saying "damn." The Men in Black films appear as if they could be written in a weekend. It's a wonder we're only on Men in Black III, 15 years after Agents J and K met. As formulaic as these films are, one every other year would grow tiresome quickly. As it is, the latest outing is a nice check-in with old characters and cool new ones. Though Men in Black III takes time moving and logic is nowhere around, it's an enjoyable ride with enough heart to make it the best of the trilogy. Just don't expect to remember it tomorrow. Blame the flashy thing.

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