First Look at 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Now in Production

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Shooting is underway! Disney has released an official press release and first look set photo from Marvel Studios' upcoming sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, perfectly timed almost one month before Iron Man 3 kicks off this year's summer movie season. The first look photo only shows Chris Evans returning as Cap standing on the set (the objects to each side of him are lighting stands and reflectors, not props) with the iconic shield strapped to his back, standing in front of the other iconic S.H.I.E.L.D. image. This might be right before one of the scenes in the concept art recently posted, but nonetheless, it's exciting knowing production is underway on this sequel - especially with the cast and crew they've landed this time.

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New UK Trailer & Four More Glitzy Posters for 'The Great Gatsby'

The Great Gatsby

Though we though the most recent poster for The Great Gatsby from Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann seemed like the last one, one more small batch of pseudo character posters has popped up with Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and more. They're basically scenes from the film in the framed gold design that has dominated the campaign as of late. In addition, hot on the heels of the new trailer featuring the original soundtrack from artists like Lana Del Rey and Jay-Z, there's another shorter trailer which just arrived in the UK, and it really shows off the glitz, glamor and scale of the classic tale. Read on!

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Earth Will Fall on New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' International Poster

Star Trek Into Darkness

It's pretty clear that the marketing team behind Star Trek Into Darkness is really painting a picture that this sequel is like The Dark Knight from director J.J. Abrams. From the first teaser poster with Benedict Cumberbatch and the Starfleet logo formed from debris to the trailer giving the villain plenty of screentime, there's no denying that John Harrison is bringing the same chaos to space that The Joker brought to Gotham City. Now a new international poster continues the similarities with another poster featuring the villain and his terrorism. It's a bit like this The Dark Knight poster. But it's still pretty cool.

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More 'Hangover Part III' Posters & TV Spot and New Trailer Thursday

The Hangover Part III

We've already seen the first Harry Potter inspired poster and wild first trailer for The Hangover Part III, and now another look at the conclusion to the alcohol and drug fueled trilogy is coming with a new trailer on Thursday. But in the meantime, the first TV spot and a couple new posters leading up to the film have been released. While we were hoping for more posters taking a cue from other epic trilogies, these are more like character posters highlighting various scenes on the film. These two posters show an intimidating John Goodman and a parachuting Ken Jeong (we'll add others as they show up). See the posters below!

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Bradley Cooper Replaces Jude Law as Western 'Jane Got a Gun' Villain

Bradley Cooper

Following the sudden exit of director Lynne Ramsay on the first day of production of the western Jane Got a Gun, actor Jude Law also left the project as the film's villain since he joined mostly because he wanted to work with the We Need to Talk About Kevin helmer. But now Warrior director Gavin O'Connor has taken over the production, reuniting him with Joel Edgerton, and there's a replacement for Law now too. Deadline has word that Bradley Cooper will take the villain role in the story about a woman (Natalie Portman) whose outlaw husband returns home barely clinging to life and riddled with bullet wounds. More below!

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First Trailer for Ron Howard's F1 Movie 'Rush' with Chris Hemsworth

Ron Howard's Rush Trailer

"The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel." StudioCanal has unveiled the very first full trailer for Ron Howard's Rush, the Formula One racing film about two real-life rival drivers, one played by Daniel Brühl (Niki Lauda) the other played by Chris Hemsworth (James Hunt). We've been following this film since early behind-the-scenes footage and photos showed up last year, but now we get to watch some actual finished footage and it looks outstanding. Not only an intense story about F1 racing, but a complex story about these drivers and what drives them. Most of the dialogue in this gave me chills. Looks so damn good!

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Watch: Full Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's 'Behind the Candelabra'

Behind the Candelabra Trailer

"No one has ever been closer to me than this young man." Wow, this looks interesting. On Sunday night, HBO finally debuted the full-length trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Behind the Candelabra: The Secret Life Of Liberace, the biopic drama starring Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as his lover Scott Thorson. This comes on the heels of two other quick teaser trailers for the film, but bumps it up with more of the story and interactions, and characters like Dan Aykroyd, Rob Lowe and Debbie Reynolds. Even though this is an awkward story, this trailer is fantastic, and I honestly really want to see this movie.

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Indie Trailer Sunday: Kim Ki-Duk's New Film 'Pieta' Official Trailer

Pieta Trailer

"What is money?" Today's trailer comes from Drafthouse Films, the distribution arm of Tim League's Alamo Drafthouse, with a film called Pieta (referring to Michelangelo's statue). Pietà is the acclaimed new film from the celebrated and controversial Korean director Kim Ki-Duk (Bad Guy; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… And Spring; 3-Iron). This mysterious, dark crime drama stars Lee Jung-jin as a relentless loan shark whose life is changed when a woman shows up claiming to be his long-lost mother, played by Cho Min-soo. It's definitely sold as a "wickedly twisted tale", the kind of film some moviegoers love to discover.

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Weta's Joe Letteri Skips VFX, Hypes Up 'Man of Steel' Story Instead

Man of Steel

Even though this summer's movie season is packed full of one exciting movie after another (like usual), I've got a good feeling that Zack Snyder's Man of Steel is going to be the pinnacle of the season. Arriving right smack in the middle of June, everything we've seen and heard so far about this new Superman revival sounds like it's going to be amazing. Considering what we all went through with Superman Returns, it's a change of pace to be excited. We've featured a lot of quotes already, but our friends at Bleeding Cool recently talked with Weta's VFX Supervisor Joe Letteri, who is working on visual effects for the movie, and asked him about the effects. But instead of talking about VFX, he instead decided to continue to praise the story.

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Recap: 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' 25th Anniversary Presentation

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

"What you feel when you see a movie like this is more than appreciation – it's gratitude." This quote, from the late Roger Ebert's review, received much applause when read aloud at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills on Thursday, during a 25th anniversary celebration of Robert Zemeckis' classic film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. A newly restored digital print was screened, then Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore moderated a panel featuring many of the cast and crew who worked on the movie: actors, associate producers, animation supervisors, screenwriters, and—of course—Robert Zemeckis himself.

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Sound Off: Fede Alvarez's 'Evil Dead' Remake - What Did You Think?

Evil Dead Remake

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "The most terrifying film you will ever experience." So, is it? In theaters everywhere is Fede Alvarez's remake of the Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead, starring a young new cast in an updated take on the cabin in the woods supernatural horror-thriller. Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore star as the five new victims. Does it live up to all the hype? Can it compare to Raimi's 1981 original or any of its sequels? Was it too gory or not bloody enough? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your own thoughts on the new Evil Dead.

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Kickstart This: Comedy Doc 'That's Not Funny' Explores Limits of Humor

That's Not Funny

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstart This, FirstShowing's weekly column dedicated to spreading the word about cool indie projects that need your help to become a reality. This week, we want to shine a light on a documentary film project called That's Not Funny, which wonders "how far is too far?" when it comes to comedy. Are there limits and rules to humor that everyone must abide by? When is it OK to cross a line? These kinds of questions and many more are explored through interviews with comedians, writers, and journalists. Take a look at the pitch video below, leave us a comment, and don't forget to donate if you can.

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Dan Aykroyd & Allison Janney Joining Melissa McCarthy in 'Tammy'

Allison Janney / Dan Aykroyd

After wrangling Susan Sarandon and Mark Duplass for the comedy Tammy, some more great talent will be joining Melissa McCarthy in the film she wrote and will co-direct with husband Ben Falcone. After last appearing in The Campaign with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, "Saturday Night Live" veteran Dan Aykroyd is taking a rare big screen role in the film, and he'll be joined by Allison Janney (who will steal scenes this summer in The Way, Way Back). For those just joining us, the film follows a woman who loses her job and finds out that her husband has been cheating on her, so she decides to hit the road for a break.

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Passport Photos Reveal 9 Characters in Joon-ho Bong's 'Snowpiercer'

Snowpiercer - Jamie Bell

Type: Promotional. Nine characters - and one director! One of the sci-fi movies we're anxiously awaiting this summer is Joon-ho Bong's Snowpiercer, a post-apocalyptic ensemble action drama set entirely on one massive train during the next ice age. We've featured a couple of different posters and images from the film already, but our friends at came across the Snowpiercer motherload - a set of 10 "passport" photos featuring our first look at 9 different characters, and one for director Joon-ho Bong himself. We finally get to see Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton (!), John Hurt, Kang-ho Song, Jamie Bell and others.

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