Watch: Liam Neeson in Another Kick Ass 'Taken 2' Theatrical Trailer

Taken 2 Trailer

"We'll find him. And we're going to have our revenge." Fox has released the new full-length theatrical trailer for Olivier Megaton's Taken 2, starring Liam Neeson as badass CIA operative/father Bryan Mills again. This time, on a vacation to Istanbul with his family, he gets taken with his wife (it's not a spoiler, it's all in the trailer) played again by Famke Janssen. His daughter, Maggie Grace, also returns running around in skimpy clothing. But it all looks awesome, the perfect way to follow up the first movie, can't wait to see it. Also, is it just me, or are they using parts of Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight Rises score in this? Crazy.

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Are Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Getting Ready for 'Rush Hour 4'?

Rush Hour

Though Chris Tucker was once considering the role that Richard Ayoade ended up landing in The Watch, he ended up taking a more serious role in The Silver Linings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. But with the actor's comeback, after a five year hiatus off the big screen, on the horizon later this year, Tucker might be going back to the well. Though a Friday sequel seems unlikely for Tucker (the actor didn't appear in the two sequels due to his religious beliefs), Crave Online has word that Rush Hour 4 is currently in the works and Tucker and Jackie Chan are both seemingly ready to return to action. Read on!

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Peter Jackson Confirms We're Getting a Third 'Hobbit' Movie in 2014

Peter Jackson The Hobbit

Well it looks like it couldn't be more official - it's happening. They're making three Hobbit movies. We're going to see Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy, whether you like it or not. After a few weeks of rumors and speculation originating from the halls of the San Diego Comic-Con, Jackson himself has confirmed that they're officially making three. "So, without further ado and on behalf of New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Wingnut Films, and the entire cast and crew of The Hobbit films, I’d like to announce that two films will become three," he said on his Facebook. More info from PJ on this below!

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Warner Bros. Exploring the Possibility of a Prequel to 'The Shining'

The Shining

One might think that with Stephen King's novel sequel to The Shining, titled Doctor Sleep, scheduled to hit shelves in January of 2013, that a film sequel would be in consideration. That may still be the cast, but in the meantime, Warner Bros. is also looking into the possibility of a prequel to the classic horror film from Stanley Kubrick. The LA Times has learned that writer and producer Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) has been tapped, along with her partners Bradley Fischer and James Vanderbilt, to produce a film that would focus on the events that happen before Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) arrive at the Overlook Hotel.

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Cameron Confirms 'Avatar' Sequel is Not Ready Until at Least 2015

James Cameron

Though we know James Cameron has immersed himself in work on the follow-up to Avatar in 2009, the sequels (there might even be three of them when all is said and done) aren't so easy to get off the ground, despite the knowledge gained from making the first one. Producer Jon Landau was very aware of this fact back in April when he said it would be difficult to meet Fox's projected 2014 release date for the first sequel, and now James Cameron has finally spoken out on that very fact confirming to the New York Times that Avatar 2 will not be ready until 2015 at the earliest, and that's not even a guaranteed promise now.

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Watch: Behind the Scenes of 'Machete Kills' with Villain Mel Gibson

Machete Kills

Sadly, the high profile nature of entertainment/gossip TV shows like "Extra" gives them a big step up over everyone else when it comes to visiting film sets and getting exclusive interviews. In this case, the show visited the set of Machete Kills and spent a few moments with director Robert Rodriguez, but more importantly, the film's villain, Mel Gibson. The actor has laid pretty low key as of late, so it's good to see him show up again and not being crazy or racist. Gibson's performance in the film might help turn his career around as it's a fun role that he says, "kind of like a Bond villain, but also a gourmet chef." Watch below!

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Sleek TV Spot for Sam Mendes' 'Skyfall' Teases a Train Action Scene


"007 reporting for duty." While we're still waiting for that IMAX exclusive trailer for Skyfall to arrive online, or the full theatrical trailer, a new TV spot just debuted during the Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight. James Bond, being played by Daniel Craig, was already part of the Olympics, escorting the Queen in a fun video segment, tying all of this together. The new 30 second TV spot for the Sam Mendes-directed 23rd Bond film does feature new footage we haven't seen yet, including a brief glimpse of the awesome-looking train + backhoe action sequence, which is shown more in the IMAX exclusive trailer. Great TV spot!

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Watch: James Bond's Fun Olympics Opening Ceremony Segment

James Bond Olympics

By some miracle—or rather the genius of Danny Boyle—I have been given the perfect hook to mention the Olympics! I love watching the Olympics, and have been watching the Opening Ceremony in London that's taking place tonight. NBC made a rather idiotic decision to air the show tape-delayed in the US, so many haven't seen this yet, but that's NBC's fault. One of the highlights of the show, envisioned by Boyle, came early on when James Bond himself escorted the Queen into the arena. It may sound weird, but in a move of Boyle brilliance, it opened with short video segment that lead to a helicopter arrival. It's worth watching.

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Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow 'Klown' Canoe Trip: Review & Recap

Klown Canoe Trip

I dunked headfirst on the Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow canoe trip for their latest import - Mikkel Nørgaard's Klown. I want to get that out of the way in case anyone is excited about this. You don't have to scroll through searching if I made a faux pas. I did, and the result was a quick bath in the warm waters of the Guadalupe River. Everything was okay, as immediately after I and 100+ fellow canoers/movie lovers were then treated to an experience in cinematic hilarity. Klown is without a doubt the funniest comedy the summer has to offer, as sweet as it is shocking and laugh-out-loud hilarious all the way through.

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'Milk' Writer Dustin Lance Black to Script 'Earthquake' for Bad Robot


There's some earthquake action coming in the form of Eli Roth's Aftershock and San Andreas 3D from Brad Peyton, but an earth shaking film with the same sort of natural disaster is coming that will likely have more of our attention. Deadline reports that Earthquake, a project that was first revealed way back in 2008, but hasn't had any solid development in years. The reason this project has our attention is J. J. Abrams and Bryan Burk and their Bad Robot banner is behind the film, and now Academy Award winning writer Dustin Lance Black (Milk) has been hired to write the film that still has a plot kept tight under wraps.

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Chris Nolan's Brief Advice to the Next Filmmaker Taking on Batman

Chris Nolan

This isn't so much a big piece of news, as it just a cool filmmaker's "tip" to tie in with everything Batman and Christopher Nolan. The director hasn't done too many interviews, and doesn't speak with any press from online, but Empire (being a magazine) was lucky enough to catch up with him for an interview, which they ran in this podcast. points out a great quote during the interview with "advice" to anyone who will be taking on the Batman character in future years. Yea, you know what we mean. He's done, but I think even Nolan knows Warner Bros/DC Comics will likely bring back Batman back, one day.

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Watch: Steampunk Style Martial Arts Movie 'Tai Chi 0' Teaser Trailer

Tai Chi 0 Trailer

See the extraordinary life of founder of the Yang style Tai Chi. This teaser isn't new, it actually came out back in April, but given we just heard that Tai Chi 0 is now scheduled to premiere at the Toronto Film Fest, I had to feature it. The TIFF guide describes it: "Young genius Yang Luchan travels to Chen Village to learn the forbidden secrets of martial arts, but quickly learns that the village is menaced by a formidable battalion of Steampunk soldiers." Awesome, I'm sold. This is a short teaser, but gives us a good idea of the steampunk style, the martial arts, and characters. I was already in, but now I'm even more anxious to see this at TIFF.

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Weinstein Co Moves Up PTA's 'The Master' to Mid-September Release

The Master

"I wonder how he got here and what he's after." The Weinstein Company has just shifted the release dates of two of their highly anticipated upcoming movies. Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix, has been moved from October 12th up to September 14th. It will get a limited release on the 14th, then start expanding wider a week later, so PTA fans should definitely be ready in September to experience The Master (watch the trailer). TWC has also moved Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly to late October, essentially swapping the release dates of these two films.

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Rachel Nichols is Joining Justin Long in 'The Ten O'Clock People'

Rachel Nichols

Actress Rachel Nichols is very familiar with both horror (The Amityville Horror) and the horrible (P2 comes to mind), and after a brief stint in action movies like G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Conan the Barbarian, it looks like she's stepping back into the scream queen realm. THR reports that Nichols is in negotiations to join Justin Long in the adaptation of Stephen King's short story The Ten O'Clock People. Directed by original Fright Night helmer Tom Holland, the story follows a man who tries to give up smoking and suddenly has the ability to see that some people are actually inhuman monsters. More below!

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