Watch: Wedding Day Comedy Short 'Made Public' from Foster Wilson

Made Public Short Film

"I know this poll had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you." Here's a fun short film to give you a good laugh and lift your spirits, only a 14 minute reprieve from your day's activities. Made Public is a "multiple award-winning short film" made by Foster Wilson, her latest clever comedy narrative offering. This fantastic comedy short is set on a wedding day, and begins when a groom accidentally posts a poll on social media about their marriage and his bride suddenly freaks out about it. Starring Jeanine Mason and Josh Zuckerman, with Patrick Quinlan and Caroline Bloom. This is an ingenious short that seriously packs in quite a bit of social commentary on top of an amusing, enjoyable marriage story. It's not just about social media, it's also about society itself. Looking forward to seeing more from Foster, she's got a clever eye.

Naomie Harris & Tyrese Gibson in Full Trailer for Thriller 'Black & Blue'

Black & Blue Trailer

"This is your plan?" "We're still alive aren't we." Sony Pictures has unveiled an official trailer for an action thriller titled Black & Blue, about corrupt cops and justice in these crazy times. Naomie Harris stars as a rookie cop from Detroit who stumbles upon corrupt officers who are murdering a drug dealer, an incident captured by her body cam. They pursue her through the night in an attempt to destroy the footage, but to make matters worse, they've tipped off a criminal gang that she is responsible for that dealer's death. She teams up with a local known as "Mouse", played by Tyrese Gibson, in hopes of surviving and getting the truth out. Also starring Frank Grillo, Mike Colter, Reid Scott, Beau Knapp, Nafessa Williams, and James Moses Black. This gets intense fast! Definitely not a casual drama, way more of a gripping thriller.

First Teaser Trailer for 'Queen & Slim' Movie Written by Lena Waithe

Queen & Slim Trailer

"There is nothing back there for us…" Universal has unveiled a "first look" teaser trailer for a new film titled Queen & Slim, directed by music video filmmaker Melina Matsoukas, from a screenplay written by the very talented Lena Waithe. The titled is a reference to Bonnie & Clyde, about two people who go on the run after an accident. A couple's first date takes an unexpected turn when a police officer pulls them over, but the man then kills the cop in self defense. Terrified and in fear for their lives, the man, a retail employee, and the woman, a criminal defense lawyer, are forced to go on the run. Starring Daniel Kaluuya as Slim, and Jodie Turner-Smith (from "Nightflyers") as Queen. "Joining a legacy of films such as Bonnie & Clyde and Thelma & Louise, Queen & Slim is a powerful, consciousness-raising love story that confronts the staggering human toll of racism and the life-shattering price of violence." It also stars Bokeem Woodbine, Sturgill Simpson, Chloë Sevigny, and Scott Rapp. Uh hell yes, I think this looks awesome. Take a look.

No Place Like Home: Final Trailer for 'Wild Rose' with Jessie Buckley

Wild Rose Trailer

"Why country?" "Because it's three chords of truth." Neon has released a final "No Place Like Home" trailer for Wild Rose, the film about a country singer that just opened in theaters this weekend (full trailer). This first premiered at the Toronto & London Film Festivals last year, and stopped by SXSW this year. Acclaimed Irish actress Jessie Buckley plays a young mother from Glasgow, fresh out of prison, who decides to give up everything and move to Nashville to chase her dreams of becoming a country singer. An "uplifting story with an original soundtrack about family, dreams and reality, and three chords and the truth." The full cast includes Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo, Jamie Sives, Gemma McElhinney, James Harkness, and Ashley Shelton. This has excellent reviews, saying it's "crowd-pleasing" with an "unbelievably great" performance from Buckley. It just started playing in theaters - check your local art house cinema to catch it.

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'Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am?' Biopic Documentary Trailer

Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am? Trailer

"Find your own true destiny and purpose in this life, while the book is still open…" Virgil Films has debuted the trailer for Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am?, a documentary about musician Clarence Clemons. Also known as "The Big Man", Clarence played saxophone and was a part of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band for many years. This new Who Do I Think I Am? (I like the twist from "who do you" to "I") documentary highlights the life of the beloved E Street band member, while also showing another side not many saw when he was away from stage. "It's an intimate portrait of a man who searched for enlightenment at the unknowingly final years of his life." With the help of producer Joe Amodei, the film has become more than just a document of Clarence's spiritual journey - it's biography for his life and a love letter and farewell from those that knew him best. Clemons passed away in 2011 at the age of 69. Looks like a nice spiritual doc.

Official Trailer for Pippa Bianco's High School Drama 'Share' on HBO

Share Trailer

"I don't want help; I just want to know what happened." HBO has unveiled an official trailer for an indie drama titled Share, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and also played at the Cannes Film Festival and New Directors/New Films. From writer/director Pippa Bianco, the film is about a timely topic and how it relates to the high school experience nowadays. After discovering a disturbing video from a night she doesn't remember, sixteen-year-old Mandy must try to figure out what happened and how to navigate the escalating fallout. Rhianne Barreto stars as Mandy, with Charlie Plummer, Poorna Jagannathan, J.C. MacKenzie, Nicholas Galitzine, Lovie Simone, & Danny Mastrogiorgio. This received mixed reviews at the fests, with some positive and others saying it's "fragmented and disorienting."

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Review: Pixar's Latest Sequel 'Toy Story 4' Plays With Your Emotions

Pixar's Toy Story 4 Review

Pixar's original Toy Story (1995) movie was a major milestone in filmmaking. It was nominated for three Oscars (Best Original Screenplay; Best Original Song; Best Original Score), and two Golden Globes (Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical; Best Original Song). Director John Lasseter won a special achievement award from The Academy "for the development and inspired application of techniques that have made possible the first feature-length computer-animated film." Made by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures, Toy Story was a massive commercial success, launching toys (of course), video games, theme park attractions, spin-offs, and two fantastic sequels — Toy Story 2 (1999) and Toy Story 3 (2010). Now, after creating the perfect animated trilogy, Pixar & Disney are extending – and perhaps concluding – the franchise with Toy Story 4, a very weird, melancholic epilogue to the series and to childhood itself.

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One More Summer Solstice Trailer for Ari Aster's 'Midsommar' Horror

Midsommar Trailer

"It's like they're trying to make it gross…" A24 has debuted a short, new "Summer Solstice" trailer for Ari Aster's cult horror film Midsommar, which opens in a few weeks. The trailer celebrates the actual, literal "midsummer", the longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere). Midsommar is about a woman who reluctantly joins her boyfriend on a holiday trip to a small Swedish village, where the encounter a pagan cult conducting a "violent and bizarre" ritual. Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor star as the couple, along with Will Poulter, Julia Ragnarsson, William Jackson Harper, Björn Andrésen, Anna Åström, and Liv Mjönes. Early word from preview screenings is that the films is truly messed up, with viewers saying it's "WILD, unsettling, profound and & just about the craziest shit I’ve witnessed on the big screen". Oh yes.

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Lil Rel Howery & Tiffany Haddish in Trailer for Prank Movie 'Bad Trip'

Bad Trip Trailer

"We are about to embark upon the trip of a lifetime." Orion Pictures has unveiled the first official trailer for a new comedy titled Bad Trip, the latest prank comedy to follow in the footsteps of the "Jackass" series of shows & movies before it. This all-out comedy feature is written by the same guy who wrote Bad Grandpa, to give you an idea of what to expect, and has an actual plot about two friends who go on a cross-country road trip pulling pranks. "Real actors pranking real people." You'll get a taste of how crazy these pranks are in this first trailer. The cast includes Eric Andre, Lil Rel Howery, Charles Green, Adam Meir, and Tiffany Haddish. If you never enjoyed the Jackass movies, you probably won't enjoy this one either. But it is kind of funny to see these people react to such ridiculousness. It's not easy to pull off these kind of pranks.

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Official US Trailer for Acclaimed Mexican Indie Film 'This Is Not Berlin'

This Is Not Berlin Trailer

"I'm more of a spiritual guide." Samuel Goldwyn Films has debuted an official trailer for an indie film from Mexico titled This Is Not Berlin, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It also won a number of major awards, including a Special Jury Award and Best Cinematography, at the Málaga Spanish Film Festival this year. From Mexican filmmaker Hari Sama, This Is Not Berlin is described as a "thrilling and sexy clash of art, drugs, and punk music". Seventeen-year-old Carlos doesn't fit in anywhere, not in his family nor with the friends he has chosen in school. But everything changes when he is invited to a mythical nightclub where he discovers the underground nightlife scene: punk, sexual liberty and drugs. This stars Xabiani Ponce de León, José Antonio Toledano, Mauro Sanchez Navarro, Klaudia Garcia, Ximena Romo, Américo Hollander, and Marina de Tavira (seen in Roma). Looks vibrant & sincere.

Shia LaBeouf in Trailer for Heartfelt Drama 'The Peanut Butter Falcon'

The Peanut Butter Falcon Trailer

"While you been doing the paperwork, we been doing something called 'living.'" Roadside Attractions has unveiled an official trailer for an indie drama titled The Peanut Butter Falcon, which first premiered at the SXSW Film Festival earlier this year. This amusing indie is the feature directorial debut of filmmakers Tyler Nilson & Michael Schwartz, and is described as a "modern Mark Twain style adventure story". Shia LaBeouf stars as a small time outlaw turned unlikely coach who joins forces with Zak, a young man with Down Syndrome on the run from the nursing home with the dream of becoming a professional wrestler. The impressive ensemble cast includes Zack Gottsagen as Zak, along with Dakota Johnson, John Hawkes, Thomas Haden Church, Bruce Dern, Jon Bernthal, Yelawolf, Jake Roberts, & Mick Foley. I like the quote in the trailer: "the sweetest darn film of the decade." Looks like a good one, funny and optimistic.

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Official Trailer for 'Jay Myself' Doc Profiling Photographer Jay Maisel

Jay Myself Doc Trailer

"Objects are there only if you really see them." Oscilloscope Labs has revealed a trailer for the documentary titled Jay Myself, a profile of New York-based photographer Jay Maisel and his iconic 36,000 square foot studio building in the Bowery known as "The Bank". The film is made by fellow photographer Stephen Wilkes, who creates an "intimate portrait of his mentor", following him when he decides to finally sell his home in 2015. "It was one of the most iconic buildings in New York history and only a handful of people had ever been inside it… Until now." He lived there for over 40 years, and filled it with his eccentric collection of beautiful random objects. "It is through this intimate lens that the viewer is taken on a remarkable journey through Jay's life as an artist, mentor and man; a man grappling with time, life, change, and the end of an era in New York City." This looks extremely fascinating, and I always love watching docs on photographers.




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