Must Watch: Oliver Stone's 'Nuclear Now' Climate Change Doc Trailer

Nuclear Now Doc Trailer

"The very thing that we fear… is what may save us." Yes, indeed, listen to Oliver. He did his research on this, he knows what's good. Abramorama has unveiled the official trailer for a documentary titled Nuclear Now, the latest feature made by prolific director Oliver Stone. This premiered at the 2022 Venice Film Festival last year, where I first saw it and wrote a glowing review of it. A vitally important film for our times, this is more of Stone's urgent climate change documentary than anything else. He addresses the problems, the propaganda, the people, and dives into the most appropriate solution for the moment - atomic energy, or nuclear power. Instead of shutting down and demolishing nuclear plants, we should be building more because yes - nuclear power is the only immediate solution to turn off all of the goal & gas plants while still producing enough power to maintain the worldwide demand for electricity. This is an outstanding film that comprehensively covers this topic, answers questions, and might just make a difference in saving the world.


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Must See Trailer for Tommy Wiseau's Hilarious Shark Movie 'Big Shark'

Big Shark Trailer

"You can run… You can hide… But that won't save you." Tommy Wiseau, famed director of The Room, is back!! I guess…? Maybe? A new trailer has debuted for his next feature film titled Big Shark. The second trailer for a shark movie out this week after The Black Demon, too. It's also Wiseau's only feature since The Room in 2003. The trailer launched on Variety along with a poster and info about a roadshow tour Wiseau is going on, playing the film in different cinemas around the country throughout 2023. So it will indeed be the return of Mr. Wiseau. The only simple synopsis available is: Three firefighters must save New Orleans from a shark attack. Because of course they do. It's no surprise to say that this looks like a parody film. Also a warning - the trailer ends halfway and suddenly turns into an ad for Wiesau's underwear brand - yes, for real. Very strange. Wiseau writes & directs Big Shark, and stars with Isaiah LaBorde & Mark Valeriano. A different trailer was put out in 2019, showing Greg Sestero, but he's not in this new tease. Chomp chomp.


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Official Trailer for Acclaimed Trans Film 'Monica' Starring Trace Lysette

Monica Trailer

"I don't know what I would do if I couldn't be with my own mom at a moment like this…" IFC has revealed an official US trailer for Monica, which they will be releasing exclusively in art house theaters starting this May - right at the beginning of the summer movie season. It premiered at the 2022 Venice Film Festival last year in the main competition. The film is an intimate portrait of a trans woman who returns home to care for her dying mother. A delicate and nuanced story of a fractured family, the story explores universal themes of abandonment, aging, acceptance, and redemption. Andrea Pallaoro's film delves into Monica's internal world & state of mind, her pain & fears, her needs & desires, to explore universal themes of abandonment and forgiveness. The very talented Trace Lysette stars as Monica, along with Patricia Clarkson, Emily Browning, Adriana Barraza, and Joshua Close. This is a very quiet, intimate, sensitive film lead by an outstanding performance from Trace Lysette. It comes highly recommended from Venice. Get a look below.


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Canadian Indie Film About Autism - Trailer for 'When Time Got Louder'

When Time Got Louder Trailer

"This is for you to be able to do it by yourself." LevelFilm has revealed an official trailer for When Time Got Louder, a Canadian indie film that marks the feature directorial debut of LGBTQ filmmaker Connie Cocchia. This premiered at the Frameline Film Festival last year, and is screening at the Canadian Film Fest this month before it opens in select cinemas in Canada. Alas, we still don't have a US date set yet. Departing for college, Abbie leaves her parents and brother who has autism and is non-verbal. As she explores her independence and sexuality, she's torn between her new life and her love for her brother. The indie film stars Willow Shields as Abbie, Lochlyn Munro, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Jonathan Michael Simao as her brother Kayden. This reminds me of Sia's film Music, which got in trouble for reasons related to being inauthentic, hopefully this one is better (seems to be the director's own story). Looks like it's worth a watch.


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Incredible Full Trailer for Japan's Live-Action 'Shin Kamen Rider' Movie

Shin Kamen Rider Trailer

Whoa!! This looks awesome. Toei Studios in Japan recently released another live-action take on a classic tokusatsu franchise - an update on Kamen Rider. The great Hideaki Anno (also of Shin Godzilla) directed Shin Kamen Rider, which is now playing in cinemas in Japan. We still don't know when it will play in the US, hopefully later this year. A man who was given unwanted power & became a non-human. A woman who questions the theory of happiness she was given. Takeru Hongo, transformed into an Augment with killing power by the hands of the SHOCKER, escapes under the guidance of Ruriko Midorikawa, who was born to the organization but rebelled against it. He is drawn into an epic battle with the assassins who are closing in. What is justice? What is evil? Is there an end to the exchange of violence? Starring Sôsuke Ikematsu as Hongo, with Minami Hamabe, Masami Nagasawa, Shin'ya Tsukamoto, Takumi Saitoh, Kanata Hongô, and Nao Ômori as the voice of Kumo Augment-01. Uh this looks totally badass!! Even without understanding any of the dialogue, it seems like this might be the best of the Shin movies from Japan so far.


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Gibney's Tennis Doc 'Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker' Trailer

Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker Trailer

"That's not the end yet…" Apple has revealed the trailer for Alex Gibney's latest, a two-part series titled Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker. This doc is all about the German tennis superstar Boris Becker, covering his entire life story across two feature-length films. An inside look at the controversial life and career of the tennis great, featuring interviews with John McEnroe, Novak Djokovic, Björn Borg, and other icons. The film will explore the life of Becker, who became a tennis sensation when he won the first of his six majors at the age of just 17 and went on to have a glittering career, including 49 major career titles and an Olympic Gold. There is a massive story to telling… Part 1 - "Triumph": Winning Wimbledon at 17, Boris Becker becomes best in the world and a global superstar. But great expectations signal troubles ahead. And Part 2 - "Disaster": After ending his career in spectacular fashion, Becker continues to risk everything—leading to scandal, bankruptcy, and ultimately prison. I caught Part 1 during the Berlin Film Festival and it's fantastic - a thrilling, fascinating look at his achievements on the court. And he's absolutely an incredible athlete. But what happened after that, how did he end up throwing his life away? I'm intrigued to find out…


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Wacky Comedy 'Andy Somebody' Trailer - Starring Jeremy M. Evans

Andy Somebody Trailer

"We've got a sweet lil' baby lamb whose wandered off with something that doesn't belong to him." Launch Releasing has unveiled an official trailer for an action comedy titled Andy Somebody, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Jesse David Ing. It will be available to watch on VOD coming up this April. Andy Fielder, a depressed Chicago accountant, steals $3 million from his boss, a corrupt plastic surgeon, and runs off to Los Angeles to start a new life. But he quickly finds himself being hunted by his boss's men and must find a way to outsmart his pursuers to keep himself and best friend alive. The tagline is: "Life is short. Take the money." Jeremy M. Evans stars as Andy, with a cast including Leslie Wong, Jonathon Buckley, Jacob Bruce, Franko Marcano, Tim Parrish, and Carmen Morales. This looks kooky and rough around the edges, but seems like good fun watching him screw over his boss & get into shenanigans.


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Elizabeth Olsen & Jesse Plemons in 'Love & Death' Series Full Trailer

Love & Death Series Trailer

"We can never allow Betty or Pat to get hurt." HBO Max has unveiled their full official trailer for the true crime series Love & Death, streaming this April. Ready for yet another true crime series? This is a story most know already, as its been told plenty of times before. Two churchgoing couples enjoy small town family life in Texas - until somebody picks up an axe. Based on the true story of housewife Candy Montgomery, who was accused of the brutal axe murder of her friend Betty Gore in 1980. If this sounds familiar, it is - this exact same murder was already adapted into a streaming series called Candy, starring Jessica Biel as Candy, from last year. This looks like a more epic HBO version of this crime. Love & Death stars Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons as lovers Candy and Allan, with a cast including Patrick Fugit, Lily Rabe, Keir Gilchrist, Elizabeth Marvel, Tom Pelphrey, Krysten Ritter, & Beth Broderick. Both of these lead performances look damn good, just not sure what's new in telling this same exact axe murderer story again.


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One More Splashy Trailer for 'Dungeons & Dragons' - In Theaters Soon

Dungeons & Dragons Final Trailer

"A crowd-pleaser that actually pleases…" Got your tickets already? Paramount Pictures has revealed the final official US trailer for the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie - which will be opening in theaters next week. We also posted the final international trailer recently as well. They're really pushing this one, hoping for a big opening weekend. Who's down? A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers undertake an epic heist to retrieve a lost relic, but things go dangerously awry when they run afoul of the wrong people. Dungeons & Dragons brings the rich world and playful spirit of the legendary roleplaying game to the big screen in a hilarious and action-packed adventure. The ensemble cast features Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, Chloe Coleman, Daisy Head, and Hugh Grant. We have featured many other trailers before and I'm excited to go watch this. Looks like it might be the right kind of action-packed big screen entertainment we all need right now.


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Official Trailer for 'War of the Worlds: The Attack' Movie from the UK

War of the Worlds: The Attack Trailer

"We don't know what they want, we don't know what they're capable of." Vertical Ent. has revealed the first official trailer for the new British take on this classic sci-fi story - a film called War of the Worlds: The Attack. A modern update on the H.G. Wells classic alien invasion story, the film follows three young astronomers tracking a meteorite that crashes into earth who discover they are at the epicentre of a Martian invasion. A soldier helps the trio and they end up in London where they must find a way to save mankind. Starring Alhaji Fofana, Lara Lemon, Sam Gittins, Leo Staar. The director, a VFX supervisor directing his first film, explains: "The idea was to create a modernized version of War of the Worlds while honoring and trying to stay as close to the original story as possible. It has nostalgic elements for the grown-ups and, at the same time, fresh storylines making it relatable for the younger audiences." Unfortunatley this looks like made for TV junk - the alien attack ships are legit, everything else seems cheesy. Wish it looked better.


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Comedy 'The End of Sex' Starring Emily Hampshire & Jonas Chernick

The End of Sex Trailer

"When we have a problem, we fix it – calmly!" Blue Fox Entertainment has revealed an official trailer for a sex comedy called The End of Sex, a movie for all those parents who feel like they're in their own "end of sex" times after they have kids. So try some kinky things maybe? This premiered at the 2022 Toronto Film Festival last year, as it's a Canadian feature, and it will open in both Canada and in the US in late April. The End of Sex tells the story of a married couple who are feeling the pressures of parenting and adulthood. After they send their young kids to camp for the first time, they decide to embark on a series of comic sexual adventures to rediscover the joy of sex again and reinvigorate their relationship. The indie film stars Emily Hampshire and Jonas Chernick, along with Gray Powell, Lily Gao, and Melanie Scrofano. This looks rather tame and generic, and it's a story we've seen plenty of times before in other films. Have a look.


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Trailer for HBO Music Doc 'Jason Isbell: Running With Our Eyes Closed'

Jason Isbell: Running With Our Eyes Closed

"I won't be satisfied unless this album is an accurate representation of where I am as a person." HBO has revealed an official trailer for the music documentary Jason Isbell: Running With Our Eyes Closed, one of the latest offerings in exec producer Bill Simmons' Music Box series for HBO. Intimately shot and revealing the inner workings of a major artist, the documentary is a unique film about a talented singer – Jason Isbell. As the four-time Grammy winner connects the dots from his childhood in rural Alabama to battling alcoholism during his time with the band Drive-By Truckers, to the current state of his marriage, he acknowledges the crucial part that music has played in his life, the outlet it provides for his artistry, and the comfort it brings him in times of difficulty. It's described as an intimate look at life, love, and perseverance. Running With Our Eyes Closed is highlighted by candid interviews with Jason & Amanda Pearl Shires and his musical peers including musicians Chad Gamble, Sadler Vaden, Jimbo Hart, Derry DeBorja, Patterson Hood, producer Dave Cobb, and manager Traci Thomas. This seems like it's meant mainly for fans of Isbell.


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Thomas Jane & John Malkovich in Action Thriller 'One Ranger' Trailer

One Ranger Trailer

"You're in the UK now - protocol is everything." Lionsgate has revealed the action-packed official trailer for an international crime thriller titled One Ranger, the latest from action filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson (of Triple Threat, Avengement, The Mercenary, Debt Collectors, Hell Hath No Fury, White Elephant). This one is set to open in May, yet another of these action dime-a-dozen films they're churning out left and right. The film follows a Texas Ranger as he is recruited by British Intelligence to track down a dangerous terrorist and stop him from attacking London. He must help them bring the outlaw to justice — dead or alive. The film stars John Malkovich as one of the Brits, with Thomas Jane as the Texas Ranger, plus Dominique Tipper, Dean Jagger, Jess Liaudin, Rachel Wilde, Nick Moran, and Patrick Bergin. Oh damn this looks totally nuts, in good ways & bad, especially with that mustache Thomas Jane has and his thick accent.


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