Frank Miller's 300 Trailer!

September 20, 2006

300We've been raving ever since the Saturday morning Comic-Con panel on 300, where they showed a special trailer that earned so much applause that they played it upwards of 3 or 4 times. This trailer simply blew everyone away, being referred to as the "best in show" at Comic-Con by many movie critics and regular attendees alike.

300 is based off of Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name. The story follows the Spartans as they fight the Battle of Thermopylae in Ancient Greece and the 300 Spartan warriors that defended their nation from millions of invading Persians. 300 is directed by Zack Snyder and stars Gerard Butler and David Wenham.

A new trailer (without the non-MPAA-approved nudity, violence, and gore) has been released, that includes some newer unseen footage as well. And it is simply incredible!! Hit the jump to watch it!

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The COMPLETE trailer has debuted online officially in HD via Apple!
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(The song in the later half of the trailer is Nine Inch Nails - Just Like You Imagined.)

This movie will just be amazing. I don't even need to say it - just watch the trailer and you'll understand!

300 was slated for release on March 9, 2007, but may be moved to an unknown date in early 2007.

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"Madness..?..THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!" Damn.. thats one kick a$$ line, I cant wait to watch this movie. I hope it lives up to its billing.

Dradul on Sep 23, 2006


"They will fight in the shadow..." Hello from Greece...I'm dying to see this movie...The trailer is awesome...Hope this will be the case for the whole film... Sparta lives and rules!!!!

Psychotitus on Sep 24, 2006


um...i liked this movie better the first time when it was braveheart, i mean gladiator, i mean troy, i mean passion of the christ, i mean lord of the rings. looks amazing. will be great to see the same thing but with a bunch of spartans.

whatevs on Sep 25, 2006


Finally a film about the most important moment in western civilization's history: Without the courage and brains of the spartans - and later the athenians in the battle of salamis - we would all be talking persian now and democracy would never have been born... Scary thought...

Nancy on Sep 25, 2006


I hope this is nothing like Troy because once again Hollywood managed to mess up a perfectly good story thats been around for thousands for years. I hope that this movie isnt one of them. Big fan of Frank Miller's work and i think his version of the story is pretty sick. The director did a great job on Dawn of the Dead so i hope this turns out good...there hasnt been a good sword slashin movie out since gladiator...Lets all pray and hope Hollywood doesnt fuck this up.

Duceswild on Sep 25, 2006


This looks incredible, I literally got tingles watching that. "Madness?... this is SPARTA!" "Our arrows.. will blot out the sun!" "Then we will fight in the shade." Such amazing quotes.

Monki on Sep 27, 2006


Hollywood has never been able to present the true history of the race called the Greeks. Many have stolen a variety of forms from it's culture and many have tried and continue to discredit the credibility of the Greeks for those who tried and so continue be aware for humanity has a bad habit of allowing history to repeat.

Dimitrios on Sep 27, 2006


MaN Ohhh MaN.. the preview looks so awsome i can't wait for it to come out.. it better not turn out to be a load of crap like Troy; that was a disgrace...

ChRiStiNA on Sep 27, 2006


For s start, the title 300 seems extreemly catchy rather than 300 spartans. As names such as alexander the great made people think it's only a movie for greek people to watch, which I think is racist. As for the title 300 will draw many people to watch it. Also I feel that it will be a great movie as the preview proceeds it soon to be extroidinary reputation. Hopefully out of all movie copied from Greek or Ancient Greek history this will be the best of all. And by the way it was only 270 Spartans acording to Greek National History Archives.

Sam on Sep 27, 2006


This is going to be absolutely incredible. Just wait and see. The graphic novel is an amazing experience and this film is gonna emulate the shit out of it. I can hardly contain myself.

Hostile on Sep 27, 2006


just glad the get 2 see the remake,just wish the made more movie on history

ulises on Sep 27, 2006


im just glad to se the remake.wish they made more movies on these time

ulises on Sep 29, 2006


i especially liked how u showed the persians as sub human pieces of filth. especially how they covered their faces, although i think is historically innacurate. was a nice touch to show how subhuman they are. glory to the greeks. who with 300 people somehow managed to hold off 2 million persians, i didn't know they could make 2 million man armies back then they probably had to eat each other or something to survive.

kerr to u on Oct 9, 2006


for a greek person from sparta i hope they stick to the story of how it went down back then.i dont know if i will like those imaginary animals that we saw in the preview.i live in vancouver and there are a lot of iranians,meaning persians here.hope they dont find out im greek in the theatre.maybe ill wear a greece t-shirt or something to tease them.losing a battle to 300 humans,when they outnumbered them by who knows how much,pretty humiliating.

spartan on Oct 10, 2006


Am I the only one who thinks it looks awful? Butler is overacting every single scene in the trailer, the CGI sets are painfully obvious, the action looks ridiculously over the top, and the facial hair is just laughable!

R00k on Oct 11, 2006


"Madness?, this is SPARTA!" that is so fuckin stupid

bugboy on Oct 11, 2006


Hey, everyone's entitled to their own opinon man... I think a lot of people are looking forward to it, but obviously not everyone.

Alex Billington on Oct 11, 2006


just to clarify, the Spartans ended up losing the battle thanks to a traitor who showed the Persians a trail that led them right behind the Spartans effectively surrounding them. However, the Spartan stand bought the rest of Greece time to prepare for the Persian invasion and it so disheartened the Persians that just 300 Greeks could put up such a fight that they were easily defeated thereafter. The Spartans pretty much owned the Persians even though they were outmanned by something like 4000 to 1. This is proof that Greeks have bigger dicks than Persians.

toga on Oct 16, 2006


To all the people who have a different opinion, this film is made after a comic book. It's supposed to be the way it is. I know of many people who are looking forward to this film. I'm one of them. So what, it's over the top, so what, Gerard Butler is over acting. That means if you don't like this movie, you guys didn't like Sin City either. You're entitled to your opinion though. I actually like it. It's different than many other films. Gerard Butler is a fine actor. He's not typecasted like other actors. This movie will be good. Just my opinion. Very true, Toga. Back you up all the way.

Nicki on Oct 19, 2006


This movie looks horrible...over the top (not in a good way as it's trying to be serious -cheesy dialogue and animals from fantasy land)...comic book based or whatever the effects make it look like a really cool computer game...too bad it's suppose to be a movie.....also, re some earlier comments, I don't think any modern day Greeks from Laconia or Iranians should get too worked up about it.....apples and oranges folks it as long, long, long time ago......cultures and peoples I'm sure have changed a bit....

Greg on Oct 20, 2006


This is a movie that Im not only goin to watch 20 times in the first yea, but Im also going to own it, I already have the book (Frank Miller) and like 5 diferent ones about that battle and about Sparta,, the extraordinary thing about Sparta and Spartans is that they were warriors, the were trained since childhood to battle, they were choses as well, thos who didn tmatch their criteria were killed when they were young,, not only spartans were one of a kid, but the war is not like today's in which you got nive vision goggles, bullet proof vest, Semi aoutomatic riffles, pistols etc etc,, they were fighting with primitives weapond (arrows, etc), but the afterrmath of the battle leave you with broken bones, limbs, seizures (and I mean huge) in arms, legs face etc etc,, this was no joke this was not UFC shit fighting , this was real close combat with your life on the line and face the true, for any man to prepare physically and mentally for battle like that,, you simple have to be something apart....I have seen epic battles and movies and I do see things one not making the same mistake than (troy, or alexander the great) , Braveheart, and Gladiator were actually good in my opinion but Im thinking that "300" will be way better thatn any so far,, just my kind of movie, with alot of ATTITUDE form Spartans. Hey I even thinking in naming my future son, Sparta or Leonides, he he (Im serious)

Name (required) on Nov 10, 2006


Who cares what the real history is!? This trailer raised goosepimples and sent a shiver down my back - It will be excellent for the epic entertainment it is. PS Aren't rhino's real?

Ande on Dec 5, 2006


well this movie time happened like 3000 years ago, so at that time who knows what animals existed back then.

tigre on Dec 7, 2006


PEOPLE! Frank Miller style, is Frank Millers' style. You dont like it?, ok dont see the movie,dont read the comic books! Its your loss! The ''300'' is a depiction of a historical event, given from his point of view, so don't over-react, complain, or hate modern iranians!! The Persian civilization was highly sofisticated, as was the Ancient Greek. For anyone who wishes to seek the truth, I think that this is a great chance for you to search for info about the war at thermopylae and the greek-persian wars. I did. It is fantastic. Quotes such as the answer of king Leonidas, when informed about the thousands of persian archers and their arrows,is concidered to be true. Some facts about the society of ancient Sparta are really amazing(and dreadfull with todays' standards): -Babies with weaknesses and dissabilities where thrown on birth,from a cliff called ''Keadas'', since they would be a burden on the society and never become good soldiers. -Before the army sets out for the battlefield, the mother would say to her son or husband uppon fairwell, a frase, meaning: Either return with your shield, or dead, on it. -When a soldier was found dead on the battlefield, with the fatal wound on his back, it was an irrevocable disgrase for the whole family, since this was evidence that he fled from battle. ++also !!!!!READ THE OUTSTANDING NOVEL "GATES OF FIRE" by STEVEN PRESSFIELD!!!!!! I'm sure you'll be thanking me afterwards..

EL PIT on Dec 10, 2006


hey guys, i wanna know, what is the song played at around 50 seconds, going on until "Just like you imagined" comes up, i've been looking for days on the internet for this song, but cant seem to find the name for it... Yeah, this movie has me hyped up, i cant wait for this beast to come out

NinjasOnFire on Dec 21, 2006


There are some serious racial undertones on this thread. In any case, while Greece is obviously one of the most important civilizations to influence the modern west -and therefore the modern world-, to say that democracy would not have existed and we'd all be speaking Persian makes no sense. Sparta DID NOT practice democracy, and while Athens did, it isn't as if after Greeks got swallowed up by Alexander Europe didn't go through about 2,000 years of monarchy. As for Billy up there who seems to be all about WHITE vs EVERYONE ELSE, I think maybe you should take off your klan hood and get with the real world.

Moebius on Dec 27, 2006


Can't wait to see this movie.

Dman on Jan 18, 2007


Props to Moebius and EL PIT for injecting some much needed common sense into the discussion. A few people on this board were beginning to take things just a little too seriously. History is history. It's a highly stylized vision of one man's imaginative take on a historical account. No need to get Klan-like and stupid about it or overly PC. That said this movie looks awesome!

vargas on Jan 23, 2007


its bu11sh1t, its similar to the stuff the nazis used to do with the jews. writing stories about them, and showing them with big noses and making them look subhuman so the germans wouldn't care that their leaders were going to kill them. same thing u show a bunch of persians with angry faces, noserings, and overall savages than the US public won't care that their military is going to flatten the whole iranian nation. its propaganda, and just an interesting fact frank miller is a jew, its a shame greeks are letting their history be used like this. fact of the matter is greeks are more similar to ancient persians than europeans who were like wild savages. even ethnically ancient greeks, persians, armenians, macedonians, babylonians are pretty much related to each other. but watching this movie, people will think greeks were blond haired blue eyed and persians were arabic/indian/african. which is bullsh1t. (not that there is anything wrong with those people) either way this is racism and its so obvious, i can't believe hollywood is letting this happen, to the greeks don't let the ur leonidas be used to advance someone elses agenda

kerr to u on Feb 14, 2007


owww. such an awesome clip. Got goosebumps hearing those loud words " This is Sparta" looking eagerly to watch the movie

bharathi mohan on Feb 18, 2007


"fact of the matter is greeks are more similar to ancient persians than europeans who were like wild savages" Ha,ha,ha. FALSE Greece is the origin of Wester-Civilization. Rome transmited greek-latin culture to European nations. We, europeans, and americans are the greek moderns

Eleute on Feb 20, 2007


Kerr to u : Yo, Iranian dude: 1: Battle of Thermopolyae happened. Historical event. (of course there were 400 Thebans and 700 Thespians there ( not actors, but citizens of Thespiae ) the Thebans chickened out and surrendered, but the Thespians stood with the Spartans. 2. Some Greeks were blond/blue eyed. Ever hear of a Macedonian dude named Alexander? He had some troops that sort of wandered around Persia and Central Asia. He set up a few towns and his troops intermingled with the locals. This was as far as Afghanistan. Ever see the picture of the girl on the cover of National Geographic? Blue eyes and Greek heritage rigt there in Central Asia. 3. Propaganda? Jews? Who the heck interjected racism into this? The Persians attacked Greece. The Greeks fought back. Much like the Iranians would do should some nation attack them. If you think a movie like this will affect international diplomacy, you need to get back on the special bus and go for some help. The fact that the movie uses Africans as ambassadors ( and Persian ambassadors did actually get kicked into a well) and guys with Japanese swords on their backs and outlandish costumes kind of neutralizes any one "racial" type. 4. It's a MOVIE. It is not historically accurate. It is based on a COMIC BOOK. Instead of authentic Greek music from 480BC it has rock music in the soundtrack. Detractors, yes it has a lot of CGI. But without CGI, movies like this are really expensive. It is also an action movie. Action. Not dialogue. Action movies are often overplayed. (Come on, you know you have watched Arnold S. and Sylvester S. in a few of their movies.) If you want to think, skip this movie. If you want historical accuracy, go the the university library of your choice. (Or do some real internet research, heaven forbid.) If you think this is simply racist inspired propaganda instigated by the Jews to foment violence against Iran, get a life. Sincerely, Demophhilus of Thespiae (I'm not Greek, but I played one on tv.)

Demophilius on Feb 20, 2007


1.i know Thermopolyae happaned. this movie exagerated it but it happened 2. this can be disputed, since later on in their history greeks were invaded by gauls and germanic tribes. by the way the sarmatians, scythians and the alans, iranian groups were all blond haired and blue eyed, and they of course mingled with the iranian population. and it is actually in the more remote areas of iran, like in the mountains that u find the light skinned iranians, these are areas where no one has conquered. while average iranians have a mix of turk arab, and greek, and perhaps mongolian in their genes. oh and ask a macedonian if they're greek, the macedonians are more related to the blond scythians, with a greek culture. the macedonians were conquerors of greece as well as persia, and were previously vassals of the persians. 3. it is propaganda, since the persians are looked as sub humans. the immortals look like nomadic arabs, and xerxes looks like a yoga practicing india. if u've seen the movie alexander at least the costumes are a little more acurate. 4. its a movie? that's all u have to say? movies are powerful my friend, when a bunch of educated texans see this movie, it'll get their blood boiling, and they won't be able to wait to bring civilisation tp the barbaric persians. who were btw people who rivaled the greeks, babylonians, and egyptians, in science, art, and philosophy. i could list the scientists, philosophers and mathematicians that came out of iran but id run out of room. not to mention the libraries of iran were burned by the mongols, arabs, and the greeks. this is a racist movie, and i have a right to defend my views, if u can't see it ur blind. interesting note however, another jewish movie regarding xerxes "one night with the king" shows him in a very positive light. its interesting when he's a good guy he's white. when he's evil he's indian. that's not propaganda? id be just as offended if i were arab or indian.

kerr to u on Feb 24, 2007


Oooh, My dear Kerr to U, Touched a nerve? You are defending your views to say this movie is racist, Jewish propaganda. Yes, there were lots of Persian scientists and mathematicians. Yes, I know AL-Farisi, Al-Shirazi, Rhazes and many more. There were really nice libraries in Isfahan, Gundishapur and other places. Feel better now? But, we sometimes fondly remember the Achaemenid Empire there as the foe of Classical Greece. Good times. Just a shame that the first library was Greek. Also a shame that the wonderful Persian scientists were building upon what the Greeks wrought and collected. Not knocking them, though. The Greek stuff came in with Alexander and hung around with the Library at Alexandria. The Persians came up with good stuff on their own in the period of 500-900 AD when us blond haired-blue eyed folks were having a good time whacking away at each other. The movies costumes are taken straight from the graphic novel. If you have a problem with the artist, or the movie, don't watch it. Or, draw your own graphic novel and make your own film. Artists and educated Texans know what a big draw Iran is for artists, free thinkers and filmakers is. There is such a nice free press there and the state religion never tells you what you can and can not do. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression. Wonderful place. The golden age of Persia is in the past. I, for one , would love to see it flower again. That is my view. If you don't think I have a right to defend that, you are worse than blind. Before blaming your problems on some other race, take a look in the mirror my friend. If one man can not stand up for the glorious history of the past, to make the world a better place for all, that is a sad thing.

Demophilius on Feb 24, 2007


lol touched a nerve? i thought we were having a debate, getting mad is the first sign of losing an argument. ur wrong about this freedom of speech. when hitler was coming to power they used pictures of jews with big noses and horns and wrote stories about how evil they were. now this isn't as obvious but that's how it starts. and don't think im trying to somehow convince u that iranians are white, i couldn't care less since i don't consider myself white. its just that in movies they traditionaly make the bad guys dark and the good guys white. the character playing king leonidas looks more persian than anyone in the movie.

kerr to u on Feb 24, 2007


kerr to u, l suppose you had a problem with Lord of the Rings too? The West defending itself from invasion from the East? Sauron, Saruman ... not Western names.

Tuumest on Feb 28, 2007


First, the Greeks were educated in Africa. This is certainly a fact. Read the great histories, such as the works of Herodotus. 300 is a misrepresentative of Spartan culture, on the grounds of key omissions, such as their practice of slave owning and the treatment of said slaves, not to mention their sexual practices/orientations. Representing the Persians as evil unenlightened tyrants bent on slavery is totally fictional, which it is legitimate; they have a right to express themselves. The real crime is the fact that many(if not most) people who watch this movie are ignorant of Spartan/Greek/Persian history, and are going to accept this movie as historical fact by proxy.

noone on Mar 1, 2007


I think, growing fundamentalism Islamic is (and possibly will continue being) the cancer of civilization. Egypt was a civilization focus along 3500-4000 years (not only under the egyptian pharaoh's power, too under Greek & Roman empires). But when Islam imposes sharia the blossoming cultural always dies... Is a constant. Moderated Islam maintained the respect the wisdom, science & knowledge in a little places (for example Ommiades in Spain coexisted peacefully & interchanged cultural values with jewish & christian populations). But when it changed in fundamentalism islamic (almohads & almoravids) cultural splendor agonized and began the end of Al-Andalus. Turk Empire is the paradigm of this behavior, first trying to expand in all mediterranean area (Christian coallition in Lepanto was the safeguard of western civilization) and later, trying to bury influential greek culture in Eastern Europa (don't forget Armenian Genocide). I hope Western-civilization begin to defend his values against anti-western & anti-democratic poison that modern Islam means. This cancer for culture and civilization is a growing danger . Talibanism tries today to expand this cancer to Western civilization. Stop Islamism

Eleute on Mar 3, 2007


Western civilization started in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Take art for example, in the BBC/PBS series 'How Art made the World' they explained that the Greeks didn't even know how to make life size statues until they brought the technique back from Egypt. As for the battle of Thermopolyae, sure it happened but one million Persians c'mon, please. The ancient Hellenic cultures were know to exaggerate their historical records more than most, this is a known fact. One problem I have with the battle of Thermopolyae that I've never heard a military historian adress is this. How were those Spartans able to keep a solid line with a phalanx on hilly ground? The phalanx is great on the flats but sloping ground is unreliable. This is why the phalanx went out as a style of fighting, because it was only good on flat ground. Personally I think 90% of the battle of Thermopolyae is pure BS. As for the 300 movie, take it as it is, an adaptation from comic book history.

Campbell Clan on Mar 3, 2007


I think that many people on both sides are taking this film way too seriously. First of all, to the comment by Nancy way above, about this movie being representative of the most important event in Western history, and how without it we would all be speaking Persian without democracy....that is more ignorant of a statement than I have ever read in my life. I am Iranian, but I do not take offense to this movie at all. People are taking things way too seriously. For people that want to imply this movie is anti-Islamic, or anti-Iranian, get a grip...this is about the PERSIAN CIVILIZATION, an ANCIENT empire that spanned all over Asia Minor and into India and Egypt. Today Iran is an entire different story, back then the Persians were not even Muslim, so that is blowing things way out of proportion. A conglomerate of informed military historians, historical economists, geographers, topographists, etc. have come toghether to study the Battle of Thermopylae. Anybody who has done some informed reading knows that there was no way 300 Spartans faced anywhere near a million Persians, and there are myriad inconsistencies in Herodotus' historical accounts, they are more like mythical representations of history. But what Thermopylae is significant for is a lesson in great military planning. The Spartans focused on intensive and elite military conditioning as opposed to massive recruitment, and they used all elements of military strategy (terrain, advanced hand to hand combat, troop formation patterns, timing, etc.) to their advantage to inflict massive casualties on the Persians, before being over-run. That's right folks, for anyone under the myth that 300 people stood and killed a million, far from it. ALthough the figures differ, it was most likely something like 8000 Greeks against a Persian force anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000. They inflicted massive casualties on the Persian's front (and stronger lines) but were overrun and massacred eventually. The point is that the Persian army was demoralized and delayed, and this attack and battle gave the Athenians time to assemble and prepare for combat. This all said, the point here is that this is A MOVIE about a bloody COMIC BOOK. Its probably going to be VERY entertaining, and I know I'm going to see it. But Greeks and Iranians making a big deal of this, either way? I mean cmon guys its ancient civilizations, it has nothing to do with you or your families, get over it! Go achieve something yourself. Nobody is going to infer messages or insights about global affairs from a hollywood blockbuster based on a comic book by the creator of Sin City.

Persian in Canada on Mar 3, 2007


Why confuse the issue with historical relevance? A film's feeling-toned, archetypal images are sufficient for it to act as a kind of propaganda. To posit the idea that film doesn't effect people's worldviews in an entertainment obsessed culture is a practice in idiocy most artful. This adaptation of Frank Miller's work does have some characteristics that are reminiscent of Nazi propaganda, so do alot of action films. I'm presuming that this is well known. The more relevant discussion would be how and why this happens. Every powerful country has used every media technology it has had available to condition it's population. That is the tendency of the very powerful to possess all parts of the world, including the realm of public opinion. It is quite likely that in the US the racist, imperialistic or misongynistic themes in film are just the gilded lily pads which are supported by the intrinsic cultural formatting. There is probably no overt intent to wallow in our own fascist secretions, it is just a sort of reflex, and besides it's fun to get high and watch psuedo-historical CGI snuff. Like McDonalds and hookers and huffing paint, just because you know it's consuming every bit of you that is still human doesn't mean you can't get off on it. You know, I get all tingly when I get intimate with a little extravagant necrophilia (disparaging reference to the film, not to be taken literally unless you like that kind of thing) every now and then. I'm going to make a commitment to +not+ succumb to depravity in the movie theatre bathroom after I see this movie. I would like to think that the various web-based communities are behind me on this, along with the other fantastical constituencies (the Shire, certain reactionary elements of Tir-na-nog, etc.). I know I am a better person than that. I hope we are all better people than that. To all of those that are willing, would you post an 'Amen'?

Aaron L on Mar 4, 2007


IT IS PROPAGANDA. I was seduced by it, but heck it is PROPAGANDA. Why? "It is, not to put too fine a point on it, a piece of propaganda," said Miller at a US comic book convention. I rest of case

deadfish on Mar 7, 2007


Amen. I just saw a free screening on my campus last night (UBC). Deliciously cheesy lines and various spine-tingling one liners shouted by fit, and mostly naked, bearded men = yum. It's a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining movie but it probably won't have much of psychological impact on you other than the image of rock hard abs temporarily burned into your mind. It's so obviously meant to be just that ( the movie is even told through someone recounting the tale, with every exaggeration expected and accepted for what it is ) that I find it slightly ridiculous that anyone could take offense. Those who would take offense i find are on par with those they are afraid would take it the wrong way anyway. Sure people exist out there who may watch the movie and believe Persians are/were how the movie depicts them thus influencing their future attitude towards who they believe to be Persians today, but that is more a problem with being socially and media unaware, as well as being just plain stupid. The media has seldom ever been politically correct, and the debate whether it should tailor to these stupid stupid people to ensure they don't behave in stupid stupid ways may be beyond the scope of this web page. As for debating the accuracy of the historical genealogy... seriously?? It's like a history student's version of being a grammar nazi 😛

Cecilia on Mar 8, 2007


I saw move 300 last night. I think this film is political in fact and interested with big mistake about old history. Cinema must be artistry and mustn't become political.

Ardeshir on Mar 8, 2007


One problem I have with the battle of Thermopolyae that I've never heard a military historian adress is this. How were those Spartans able to keep a solid line with a phalanx on hilly ground? The phalanx is great on the flats but sloping ground is unreliable. This is why the phalanx went out as a style of fighting, because it was only good on flat ground.

mahmood on Mar 8, 2007


Full disclosure: I'm of northern-european descent, but I'm not strictly American ethnicly(ie grew up in europe and the US). This movie IS racist: holy crap, this would make Edward Said turn in his grave! What a monstrous misrepresentation of the Persian empire! Imagine if we made Robert E. Lee a half-naked barbarian wearing paint on his face and flourishing a serrated battle-ax with a tassle of skulls dangling from the end of the handle: people in the US would be outraged! As if General Patton was a nice guy? The man loved slaughter; he reveled in it! This is consummate orientalism!!! The people who made this are talentless hacks, and this movie is so bad that when I have enough money, I will make my own version of this story, and this will rightly be relegated to the Thursday night USA special. People who appreciate this movie have NO TASTE and should NOT BREED. I have friends who like this, and they have NO TASTE, too.

righteous_bagel on Mar 9, 2007


By the way, most Iranians I know have red hair or very fair skin. I think Iran should make a movie about General Patton, but he goes around in blackface and beats a drum and eats raw meat and chews qat before battle.

righteous_bagels_revenge on Mar 9, 2007


i think this movie can teach a lesson that all people have a God given right to live free.We should as human beings stand up and protect these right regaurdless of the consequences 300 vs millions alot of people believe we should not live free read the declaration of indepedence.

mark on Mar 9, 2007


I just saw this movie and I can't tell you how pissed off and disappointed I am. First of all, let me make this clear I do believe that artists should be allowed to express themselves in almost any way they see fit and that facts are open to interpretation but 300 crosses the line. YES, this battle occurred. YES the Greeks were White but the leader of Persians, Xerxes, was NOT A TALL DARK SKINNED, GAY, TRANSVESTITE!! And the Generals on his side were NOT dark skinned Black people! The Persians, had not conquered the part of the world were dark skinned, nubian people originated from when this battle occurred, and yes African people did take part in this battle but I'm willing to bet they weren't the top dogs! Instead the Persians are lighter skin people that more closely resemble Europeans not Africans, Indians or Asians! Granted, Miller and his people wanted to go for effect, but what effect? What would have been wrong with portraying the people as they really were and are? Why couldn't you portray them, in terms of race, the correct way? The movie would have lost NOTHING! Why did they have to make the Persians darker skinned in order to make them seem 'more evil' and threatening? Come on, I thought those days were over! A friend of mine says that the Xerxes was more bad ass like that..WHY? WHY? WHY? Come on, if today you have still have to darken an actor's skin to make him terrifying..that's a sad, sad, commentary on the state of race relations in the WEST and for a writer and movie producers/directors to contribute to it makes me question the 'liberal and multicultural' acceptance role that Hollywood often likes to potray itself as, I thought they and WE were better than that. Look, I'm not one of those people that looks for race in every occurance and neither am I one of those individuals that would like to crucify Europeans for their role in world history as a friend of says, "There will always be conquerors and people who were conquered!" and I agree, history happened BUT this movie depicts the Persians as demonic, freedom hating, horrible (for lack of a better term) people and I think that unwittingly (I hope) Frank Miller and his people just contributed to the feeling by darker skinned people across the globe that the WEST and specifically Europeans just don't get it! Just because a people are different, are/were conquered doesn't mean that their lives are worth any less or any more than yours! They fight just as fiercely and die just as gallantly as you die! And I believe that 300 could have been portrayed, more accurately and entertain just as well as the comics did without demonising the dark skinned people of the world! Hmmm..I understand that this is 'just' a movie but as a dark skinned person, who has to continually deal with unwarranted, unjustifiable, stereotypes, this movie unfortunately left a bad taste in my mouth and as i saw on another site if a KKK member starts to rally around a movie I think that says a whole lot about the unintented but real consequences of a movie where the heroes are lily white and the villians are dark and "come from the darkness"!

pissed and disappointed on Mar 9, 2007


I would like to say the movie was excellent. As for the cries of racism and any connection to modern conflict, let's step back and look at the facts. Yes there were plenty of ancient greek's who looked caucasian like the actors portraying them. We've already discussed macedonians, thracians, acadians, etc. Did you notice the red haired oracle? In that time period, red headed greeks were apprx. the same portion of the population than as they are today. Uncommon but not unheard of. They were associated with higher than average rates of epilepsy and so were looked at with caution. We have heard of alexander and his appearance, did we also know that the ancient turks held red hair in high regards and women from Anatolia were esp. prized for it. 2nd bit, the persians DID in fact use nubians as emissaries and could have used them to speak with Leonidas. 3rd bit, the actor playing xerxes is a white man of spanish descent. 4th bit, there are as many monster's shown of greek descent as of persian. Notice the monstrous inbreds running the oracle? Notice the spartan traitor? Quite a few of the persian monsters are light anyway, and there are ethnicity is indeterminate. Now let's do a little myth busting for those who want to explain it. ---NO the spartans DID not practice pederasty. It was expressly forbidden. In fact spartan boys were married off rather early in life, but they had little contact with their wives until they've served between 15-20 years of military service. This rule could be bent for certain circumstances. YES the spartans did practice a form of democracy. As shown in the movie, the king answered to a council of 5 elders and there was a less powerful assembly as well. IN fact, the spartans were unique in that they had 2 kings at a time to avoid a tyranny ( Leonidas like the movie shows, was more of a general just like all spartan kings). Now as for spartans and slavery. They practiced slavery like just about every culture in the world. But they had little contact with their slaves and they lived rather independant lives because the SPARTANS (i.e. the top 20 percent of the society and the freedmen) were busy away from home fighting and would not use them as soldiers. Spartan women enjoyed a level of freedom unheard of for that time period. Queen Gorgo was a woman you could build a movie around ( I did a paper on her while in the Marine Corps) and helped lead Laconian society in her husband's name. No the Spartans did not have 8k men at the battle----read 39 for the generally accepted numbers. I think it's a little sad that Persian in Canada has to pull some bullshit to defend people who lived thousands of years ago but w/e. Yes the Persian Immortals---a real military unit---did in fact file their teeth for a period of time. Lastly and I'm surprised NO ONE has mentioned this. The movie is being narrated by the only man to survive the battle. He's been told to relate a story as to what happened there to rally the cause of protecting the greeks. He himself says that the persian beasts are like nothing he's seen before. Notice how the elephants are much larger than normal, while the rhino is not? Notice how the traitorous spartan is deformed to an extent not explainable by "racism"? It's a storyteller relating a story. The strange and fantastic enemy and his beasts are going to be exagerated.

impressed--with 300-- on Mar 9, 2007


I'm closing the comments on this article. Not only is it really old and the movie is out, but these political and racial arguments are ridiculous and unnecessary.

Alex Billington on Mar 10, 2007

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