Borat Banned in Russia - Couldn't Be Better News!

November 9, 2006

Hey, you know we're all about hyping Borat here as much as we can at First Showing! And this is some, may I say, quite intriguing news! From Variety, apparently the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography in Russia banned Borat this week because it considers that some material may be too offensive for its residents. Here's what they had to say:

"The film contains material that some viewers may consider offensive to certain nationalities and religions," Yury Vasyuchkov of the licensing body was quoted in local press.

"There was some kind of explanation that the movie might create tension between races and nationalities because of its far-from-simple humor," Gemini's Nikolai Vorunkov was quoted in local press, adding that "Borat" was now unlikely to open before the New Year, if at all.

In the horror genre, the best publicity news to them is when someone faints or even dies while watching one of their films, and they love hearing about that sort of thing (not the death, but just that it was that shocking.) And although this may take a minor chunk of money away from profits, the publicity it brings is otherwise beneficial to the offensive comedy that Borat is.

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Borat shouldn't be banned. Why censor things that happen all the time in the world? Why stop the laughter?

kc on Nov 10, 2006


That's how propaganda and governmental control in those countries work! 🙁 It's sad but... you can't stop the laughter at least here in America!

Alex Billington on Nov 11, 2006


Its only a film, if people find it offensive then dont watch it. Its making a fool of people from Kazakstan and i dont think people from kazakstan even have TV's so they wont see it and wont be offended, its a comedy, its harmless, havnt these people heard of Free Speech ?

mark on Nov 17, 2007


Mark,this just shows how much of a racist idot ur!Obviously they have tv's in Kazakstan!Some comedy's can be really offensive to some nations,why wasnt anyone laughing when people started making jokes about 911?I wounder why?And whats up with the point after quote?Is this place filled up with American Jews or something?

Mike on Dec 22, 2007


they banned it many due to Borat taking the piss out of an old russian state. and besides, maybe they find borat not that funny as it only seems westerners have cruel humour

james on Dec 26, 2007


Russia is supposed to be a democracy now isnt it ? , Havnt they heard of free speech. If people find the film offensive or dont find that kind of humour funny, nobody is forcing them to watch it. People should have the choice to watch or not to watch it. Kazakhstan is a muslim state which i probably why this has been banned so as not to offend Kazak people living in Russia. I am NOT a racist but it seems that anything that may offend muslims seems to be banned or censored so as not to anger them, why are they all so easily offended. Its got to the point if you say something that muslims dont agree with then people call you racist and i can assure you that i am not a racist, i just think that people need to relax and calm down. IT IS ONLY A FILM, ITS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, ITS A BLOODY COMMEDY. If you dont want to watch it then dont.

Henry on Apr 28, 2008


Mike, dont be an idiot, Kazakstan doesn't have TVs at all. Did you hear the one about American Airlines new deal? They’ll fly you straight from the airport to the office. What is the New York City Fire Department's favorite song? "It's Raining Men" What does WTC stand for? What Trade Centre? I certainly laughed...

stu on Aug 31, 2008


banning borat??? im so glad i live in the US.. yea i know we dont have free health care but atleast i have my freedoms to watch whatever the fuck i god damn well fucking please.... god bless the u s

brett on Apr 13, 2009

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