Buildin' the Hype: Smokin' Aces!

December 7, 2006

Smokin' Aces - Tremor Brothers

Holy sh*t! Just look at these guys! They're the "Tremor Brothers" and they're going to kick some crazy ass, let me tell you. As Joe says, "These are the guys you send in when you don't want anything left standing, or breathing." I haven't even seen this movie and I can't stop building the hype and excitement for it! Smokin' Aces, coming out in theaters next January 26th. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, go watch it right now! It just looks intense and incredible. And the best of all is what the director (and writer), Joe Carnahan of Narc previously, is doing.

Basic synopsis: Buddy "Aces" Israel (Jeremy Piven), a former mobster agrees to testify against the mob and in turn a $1 million stake is put on his head. Who gets involved next? A plethora of hitman and woman who are all trying to take him out - and the "Tremor Brothers" above are one example of some of the badass hitmen. Reminder: watch the trailer!

Joe Carnahan has put up a pretty badass blog, right at, and has been updating it constantly. Any request you got, any questions you got, just fire away - he'll answer. has been running a promo to ask Joe your questions and he'll answer them right on the blog. And so far it's been going pretty awesome. I'm supporting this little shindig, his blog, and above all the movie quite a damn bit. It's seriously going to kick a lot of ass.

Smokin' Aces

And lastly, oh hell yea, we're trying to get a few of these posters (above) to give out in our weekly poster contest. So stay tuned for all of that and plenty more to come on this amazing movie. Anyone have any thoughts? Who knows, if you write a comment I might give you an in early-on to win a poster once we actually hold the contest!

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Any word on getting any posters?

Stephen on Jan 13, 2007


can any one tell me wat car the tremor brothers have??? thay are the german hitmen? thanx

Ross Waterhouse on Jan 18, 2007


I think the car said "Bonneville" on the side so 60s model Pontiac Bonneville

Jimdustrial on Jan 27, 2007


yes its a blown bonneville from the 60's not it looks like a fairlaine.

tim on Jan 28, 2007


Mid to late 60's Bonneville I believe. Also, they're not german, they just happen to be neo nazis.

Derek on Jan 30, 2007


It was a four-door 1966 Pontiac Bonneville with a GTO badge put on the front.

Lowclef on Feb 3, 2007


you are a bunch of retards the car is a '66 bonneville, its not blown, it just has a blower scoop there was no gto badge the grill on the bonneville is the same as a gto. get a life digital pllradio for life

george folgera on Feb 4, 2007


They should make a movie of the Tremor Brothers! I loved watching them destroy the guards, and they are so insane that would make for a good movie.

Brandon on Feb 8, 2007


anyone know the song that is playing when the tremor brothers shoot ben aflack? The first song is Motorhead's Ace of Spades.

Mitchell Robb on Feb 11, 2007


I know the song is from Trivium, and i think the song name is Like Light to Flies

kim on Feb 12, 2007


I very sad that all of three Tremors died! That was the greatest Freaks i have ever seen in a movie, i liked them very much! Tremors forever

Fabian on Mar 22, 2007


Rented the movie and loved it!The tremors are the most interesting but backward bunch I've seen in a while,but totally awesome.I'm a car guy and loved the bonneville,yes there is a gto badge on front,and crosses on top of the leeft and right fender by the headlight.i wish I could find out more on the car.Anybody with some info on pics let me know,I kinda wish they were more of them in the movie but oh well

Macx on Apr 24, 2007


Hey all just wanted to let you guys know the car is accually a 1989 Dodge Charger, ( I did my research, dont tell me im wrong because im not) and I love the those guys!!! they kinda remind me of RAMSTEIN.....

Steve R. on Apr 28, 2007


i want that bonneville so much, its basically the reason i bought the movie, aside from the tremore brothers, the man who thought of the characters is brilliant but also must be recomended to a phsyciatrist. I might go buy a wrecked bonneville and restore it and make a clone from the movie im goona have to some how bat and hammer and bullet proof my windows if i want to go drive it around. if you got any advise on those proofing e-mail me at

mike F. on May 2, 2007


well all they are just crazy and stupid is what makes them awesome. they use a variety of weapons which is awesome. Jeeves dies a horrible death which sucks but the way it happens is awesome. all the things they do is awesome. just wish they had a bigger part. sweet

kyle on May 7, 2007


they definately deserve a prequel, even if it didn't just cover them, maybe covers how all the teams got to where they are. as for the bonneville, the car is old and meant to be beat up and kinda parted together(the dvd deleted scenes has darwin talking about the condition of the car, so it would seem they probably put the car together or kept it together), the grill on that model bonneville is the same as the same yr gto which would just mean they found one that fit, didnt matter the badge on it. and to the guy wanting to make a replicar, yah you will definately catch some $hit for the german crosses on the doors and appearance, it does scream nazi.

Eric P on May 11, 2007


I LOVE THAT MOVIE car is nice tremors rule i want a movie of them!

Johnny on Jun 7, 2007


Does anyone know what the symbol on the left side of the tremors brothers car is called

Erin S on Jun 22, 2007


Yeah what is that ornament on the left fender called it looks like crosshairs but I know there is a name for them

Josh on Jul 6, 2007


Hey george, your an idiot That is a 66 bonneville. However, that is not the same grill as a 66 GTO. Maybe you should get a picture of it. A 66 GTO had the running lights and a linked grill.

Dustin on Jul 16, 2007


The crosshair-like symbol on the side of their car is actually the sign of the german luftwaffe during WW2.. I guess its an addition to their beliefs in neo-nazism.

Nikolaj on Aug 20, 2007


these guys are awsome, 2bad they had 2 die:( do any of u know the name of the actor playing the mohawk brother?

Jacky Darkness on Aug 20, 2007


Maybe they didn't die...obviously they are opportunistic organisms and know when they are beat thus playing possum until there are less people in the room, thus killing already confused cops and tired FBI agents in the room, causing more disruption and confusion and escaping? You can't tell me they wouldn't have had a backup plan. I'm sure nothing goes as planned for these guys causing them to improvise and adapt if plan A fails.

bigboot on Sep 9, 2007


They could easily bring back lester and darwin..Jeeves got a chainsaw to the butt, dunno. But Darwin could def just have laid down after hearing the shots. Even then, a prequel just for these guys would be too damn dope

TheROM on Oct 23, 2007


Jeeves would be a hard one to bring back. However, with nothing to open the throttle on the chainsaw, it'd have stalled out once Jeeves landed on it. It'd still be quite painful and not fun at all, but he COULD live through it. I'm sure they didn't really have a plan other than to go in and just kill every living thing in the way. Darwin would have the best chance at survival. A .45 cal pistol and about 50 yards without aiming isn't the most accurate thing in the world. There's a VERY good chance that he would have only got hit once and probably not in a life threatening area.

Blasphemous on Oct 24, 2007


You guys are retards. Stick to movies and computers because it seems that nobody here actually knows anything about cars. The movie car is just an old four door bonniville with some other close year and model parts. Pontiacs, chevys and most GM parts will fit together with little ease. The motor could just as easily been a strait six that they threw into the damn thing. The car isn't made to do high speed chases and stunts so whats the point in doing anything more than paint and exterior patina. The symbol on the side of the car is the Nazi signia painted on most WW2 german motorized vehicles and air planes. As for the grill, nothing special and you couldn't pass this thing off as a GTO unless you were blind. GTO's were only two doors and looked way the hell cooler than that car. My suggestion is that nobody attempts to build a replica of this car. The signia on the side of the car is enough to get you into serious trouble by non white groups, and by that I mean get your asses kicked.

Farmer Bob on Dec 17, 2007


I have a 1966 Bonne 4 door Hard Top. The car in the movie is the same but not a hard top. Pontiac made a Bonneville's, Catalina's, Star Chief Executive's, Grade Parisienne's (Canada) in the same bodystyle. So take your pick! Most GM products are interchangable to a point, so a GTO hood is not out of the question but i think it was a after market hood scoop. I might have to watch the movie again to be sure. The crosshairs are movie props just like the car. You are not going to see the car on the 1/4 mile but she will cruise down the road just fine. Pontiac did make two door versions in the same bodystyle with the top end car being the 2+2 with a 421 motor ($$$). Snoop Dogg has a yellow 66 2 door convertable Bonneville. Who cares if gto's are faster as long as u get there in style... and you don't have spend a ton.

cool 66 on Dec 26, 2007


dood, are the tremor brothers sum of the doods from rammstein? they look like sum of the members of ramstein

_ozzy on Jan 12, 2008


the tremor brothers are not the guys from Rammstein (like Till Lindeman, or Kristoff, or Flake, or those other weirfos) they aren't even German, its very obvious by their accents, dress, and even a reference by another character that they are just rednecks they happen to be neo-nazi, or at least act like it and in response to a much earlier post, the name of that German insignia on the car is the "Balkenkreuz"

Shizzle on Jan 23, 2008


The cross is the Maltese cross, from Malta. It's a wee island. It's not a Nazi symbol exactly.

Me on Feb 1, 2008


the symbol in not a maltese cross it's called the Balkenkreuz

Hate F**k on Feb 26, 2008


Balkenkreuz is german for Maltese Cross. Malta is a Balkan island. kreuz is german for cross.

Me on Feb 26, 2008


"these guys are awsome, 2bad they had 2 die:( do any of u know the name of the actor playing the mohawk brother?" To bad they were neo-nazis, the name of the actor is the awesome Kevin Durand ;D

Jack Cass on Jun 20, 2008


@32 Balken is german for bar, not for balkan...

Rofler on Jul 30, 2008


wat is the song playing when the tremor brothers are destroying the guards

tom on Jul 19, 2009


that car is sick although its not a gto or using gto parts maybe someone threw a gto emblem in the grille its only three nuts holding the emblem on people its not impossible to do and some of those cars cam with hi po 421 engines making like 450 horsepower so its very possible that that car moved

joemac on Oct 15, 2010

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