Chun Li Based Street Fighter Movie Coming in 2008

October 30, 2006

Chun LiOh man, another Street Fighter movie! Is this good or bad, who knows?! Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom together will produce the movie, which is being planned for a 2008 release in coordination with the 20th anniversay of the video game franchise. It's been stated by Variety that the movie's story will focus on the character Chun Li, however specific details are being kept secret. Wow, sounds fine I suppose. As long as it isn't anything like the upcoming Dead or Alive movie, and I mean, as far from that as it can possibly be, then I'm down for it! We'll have to see how the production goes, and who they cast to play Chun Li.

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In my opinion, this movie, regardless of the story or everything else, will all depend on who plays chunners. If she is hot, asian, and makes the hair buns look good...then I'll buy it.

Zabuza on Nov 30, 2006


based on chun li????? c'mon it should be ryu man, he is the main character!!! i hope it doesnt come out to look anything like the jean claude van damme street fighter! cause that one sucked...the animations are great though!!!

sayed rashed on Dec 6, 2006


What the hell are they doing!! they cant base it on chun li. Ryu or Ken. And besides they shudnt even be making a real one. They should be making an animated one. They can out do any real life movie. I can see this turning into a very very weired Mortal Kombat Film -_-"

S0ULEDGE on Dec 16, 2006


Please support this movie as much as possible people! I believe this movie could resurrect the SF series as a game and movies, even anime! Regardless of how bad or good it is, support it! We need the SF series back in the gaming world! PLEASE!!!

Zabuza on Jan 9, 2007


OMG!! YES!! Chun-Li is my fav character!! I will definately go to see it in the cinema!! People who want it to be about Ryu are wrong IMO, Ryu is EVERYWHERE and it sux pretty much. Plus, we already had a male leader (Jean Claude as Guile), its time to have a hot girl!! I also hope it wont be as Dead or Alive becaude that movie sucked pretty much!

Yeeah!! on Jan 9, 2007


the first sf movie was crap. lets hope they can do better with this one, using chun-li is sweet as she was my fave in the games and was under used in the last movie. oh and the d.o.a movie was not that bad but could of been much better

deadoralive on Jan 13, 2007


Hello: Street Fighter fans yes!!! I agree Street Fighter my favorite martial arts franchise(video game) is back at the big screen since, it debuted in 1994. I disagree with alot of negative comments about Steven De Souza's version, it was pretty good I give it three stars and Mortal Kombat 41/2. Jean-Claude Van Damme played an excellent Col. William Guile and Raul Julia(RIP) played and excellent Gen. M. Bison. If everyone doen't know Bison's first name it is Michael. He is called Mike Bison for short. I read an article at last week about, them making a new Ghostbusters video game with the cast members Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson in the game. They are also, planning a third Ghostbusters film with them fighting against Satan himself interesting think Ghostrider this February 16, and February 18, 2005 Constantine which was, one of Keanu Reeve's finest films Tilda Swinton played a great Gabriel Archangel and Peter Stormare was wonderful as Lucifer/Satan Constantines enemy. let's see sequels with Constantine meeting Almighty God and Michael archangel will be another protector of John. Anyway, I wnat to see Feilong in the Street Fighter he was in The Arcade Street Fighter Movie game I don't doubt a new Street Fighter Movie video game coming out for the next generation systems. Get ready everyone for Spider-man 3(2007), FF2, Transformers, TMNT, Batman:The Dark Knight (2008) and Superman:The Man of Steel(2009). Superman Returns was awesome I want to play the video game on the XBOX 360 I played Batman Begins it was cool and also, saw the movie Christian Bale the next Michael Keaton and Brandon Routh the next Christopher Reeve World's Finest Batman/Superman. P.S. I loved Raul Julia's glowing boots and electricity power in Street Fighter in the next film he will be way more powerful Psycho Power They should pick-up with Bison coming out from his Television screen rubbage, then pick-up with Chun-Li Zang in Beijing China talking to Ryu, Ken, and Feilong.

Kevin L. Clay, Jr. on Jan 21, 2007


ok heres how the movie goes, you start with ryu and ken training, and you make ryu a mystic character. how this should be played is the way the original story line was created, having ryu as the front man, because basically hes connected to everyone and everything. i agree with kevin over there about adding fei long because he was a very underrated character and he needs to be known. This movie should be well done, because the last one wasnt done very good at all. like i say, the writers should stick with the original story line because if they dont, i gurantee many people will be upset about the outcome with the movie. The whole chun li thing is complete garbage and no one cares about that storyline. end of discussion..

OlD SchOoL SF FaN on Jan 25, 2007


The Old School Street Fighter fan may be on to something. Chun-Li Zang is not the main character. Ryu Hoshi and Ken Masters are. Chun-Li is one of the leading womaen in Street Fighter one of my favorites by the way. Next to her is, Cammy White and Sakura. She is grown now, and should be at her current age in Street Fighter 4. Feilong Sawada needs to be put in the next SF film, bacause he is one of the leading New Challenger fighters. He is a hero in Hong kong, China(Bruce Lee game legend) and Chun-Li likes him. Ryu's cousin has a crush on Fei too. She was in The USA SF cartton series. Please, make this Sret Fighter Oxcar material we need good Video game movies. This year we have Dead Or Alive(Holly Valance or Jaime Pressly should play Cammy White) and Devon Aoki should play Ibuki or Sakura. Kane Kasugi(Ryu Hayabusa) should play Feilong Sawada or you can cast Jason Scott Lee, or Robin Shou as Fei(Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 Liu Kang;Dead or Alive: Pirate Leader.

Kevin on Feb 6, 2007


hell no!! they shouldnt make another movie like dis it will be bad

JGI on Feb 20, 2007


n i agree wit SOULEDGE there shouldnt b a real SF movie it might b worse than the first one they should stick 2 animation b/c it looks better on in animation

BLak Jam on Feb 20, 2007


Ok, Well. I'm not soo sure about the Chun Li storyline part because for starters they basically kept the exact same ending sequence for her in EVERY SF video game so i don't think they can even come up with enough subject matter to make it interesting. Also Ryu is the main character people. Just get over it he's been the main character in every game and rightfully so, and if not Ryu as the main character then maybe Akuma or Ken. But those three, more Ryu and Ken than Akuma, have a wider story line than any of the other characters. I dunno about a Real Action version either though cause you know they'll just plaster it with computer animation like they do with all live action movies these days. But animated movies just don't seem to get as mainstream of an audience anymore. I'm just really hoping they put Dan, The Man, Hibiki! Hahah or at least some of the alpha series characters this time.

Chris on Feb 21, 2007


A Film like D.O.A or Girls Action is always appreciable, and its a hit at Box Office.

DEEPAK JAIN on Mar 24, 2007


Before they make this movie, I suggest that producers, directors, and cast play all the Street Fighter games; to have a clear understanding of what Street Fighter and the character that they play symbolizes in Street Fighter culture. As a Street Fighter fan, I hope they don't make another "Hollywood" verison of Street Fighter EVER again! The biggest problem with making video games into movies, is that directors and producers don't have a clue about the video game culture. In return, they slap us in the face with actors and actresses that suck, plots that aren't related to the movie, and must I say the "camera special effects" (Remember the "fireball" Ryu - played by Byron Mann) threw at Vega? Ryu's feud wasn't with Vega, but with Sagat (wrong plot feud and terrible special effects). I'm all for the Chun-Li version of Street Fighter (because Chun-Li is my favorite character to play) but they have to make sure they get the right actress for the part. For example, Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu, Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qui, Maggie Q, or Michelle Yeoh will make a perfect Chun Li. Why? Because not only do they have a martial arts background, but they have experience in playing in roles that require them to fight, without using stunt doubles to do all the work. I hope Capcom learned a critical lesson from 1994; its not only Hollywood that's viewing this...its us, the fans who fell in love with the Hadoken Ryu, the Shrouyken Ken, the Spinning Bird Kick Chun Li, and the Psycho Crusher of M. Bison twenty years ago. So please, do it for the fans...get the right people for the part, make sure they understand why we spend hundreds of dollars on Street Fighter, and most of all...give us the fans something to talk about for years and years down the road. Lastly, here's my roster of Street Fighter characters and the actors/actresses who should play their part: 1. Chun Li - Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu, Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qui, Maggie Q, or Michelle Yeoh 2. Ryu - Takeshi Kaneshiro 3. Ken - Gerard Butler (300) 4. Sagat - Batista (WWE) 5. Fei- Long - Stephen Chow, Tony Jaa, or Robin Shou 6. Balrog - Bobby Lashley (WWE) 7. Cammy White - Stacey Keibler (long-legged woman from Dancing with the Stars and former WWE Diva) 8. Sakura - Ryoko Hirosue (Wasabi) or Chiaki Kuriyama (Kill Bill: Volume 1 - Gobo Yubori) 9. Vega - Edge (WWE) 10. Guile - Dolph Lundren or John Cena (WWE) 11. Zangief - Nathan Jones or Bill Goldberg 12. Dhalsim - Sanday Dutt (TNA) Other are pending, I'm doing my research for other good candidates

Daisy Terry on Apr 12, 2007



DEEPAK JAIN on Apr 13, 2007



DEEPAK JAIN on Apr 19, 2007


STREET FIGHTER,TEKKEN AND VIRTUA FIGHTER. STREET FIGHTER (2008). There was a Street Fighter movie with Jean Claude Van Damme back in 1994 was the worst movie ever made with a crap plot. So now the franchise is coming back to the big screen focus on Chun Li more news to come on the Street Fighter movie. TEKKEN (TBA). We need to change things on the Tekken movie,it's still in production but the director Dwight H Little has to go and Alan B McElroy must leave the writing credits and the script needs to be rewritten again to follow the storyline from Tekken 2.Crystal Sky need to change things on Tekken, There will be another director and the new script for the film soon. VIRTUA FIGHTER (TBC). Sega's Virtua Fighter going to the big screen to be loosely from Virtua Fighter 5 game. The plot will centers around an evil Corp known as J6 and a team of fighters must fight on the same side to stop the Shadowly villian Dural. Any American film company like Zide/Perry Productions to make the Virtua Fighter movie and Simon West to direct and co-write and Alan B Elroy will write the script. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Apr 18, 2007


Who ever thinks that Kelly Hu, Maggie Qui, Ziyi Zhang, and Michelle Yeoh are perfect for as Chun Li then let me shed some wisdom in that crazy mind of yours, we need someone who looks close to chun li's first face in SFII and let me tell you, Gillian Chung is the most closest one, trust me on this one, just look her name up her movies and pictures and you'll really understand why if you don't want to take my word for it since everyone has their own opinion, oh you'll be glade I wrote this down before you make those movie people make a huge mistake. No need for thanks, I'm just doing my job.

Johnny Fisher Jr. on Apr 20, 2007


Who ever thinks that Kelly Hu, Maggie Qui, Ziyi Zhang, and Michelle Yeoh are perfect as Chun Li then let me shed some wisdom in that crazy mind of yours, we need someone who looks close to chun li's first face in SFII and let me tell you, Gillian Chung is the most closest one, trust me on this one, just look her name up her movies and pictures and you'll really understand why if you don't want to take my word for it since everyone has their own opinion, oh you'll be glade I wrote this down before you make those movie people make a huge mistake. No need for thanks, I'm just doing my job.

Johnny Fisher Jr. on Apr 20, 2007


Chun-Li? As much as I love Street Fighter, I don't think this will work. It seems like it might turn out more like a Street Fighter spin-off. I could be wrong though. I never was a big Chun-Li fan. Dee Jay, Vega, and Yun were my favorites.

Dim Sekky on May 10, 2007


Chun Li is probably the baddest female character ever to grace a video game. With those power legs of hers that will break a man in half. I find it unbelievable that they are going through mainstream Hollywood actors to play an Chinese-born Interpol agent such as Chun Li. So far they have considered Keira Knightly (Pirates of the Caribbean), Jessica Alba (Honey, Fantastic Four), and Jessica Biel (Stealth) but as hot as each of those actresses are it's doubt full they can pull off Chun Li. Plus none of them are Chinese. Kelly Hu, Maggie Cheung, Ziyi Zhang, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu, Gillian Chung, Shu Qui could all work.

Cameron Pilo on May 11, 2007


That's the problem! Hollywood doesn't have a clue about the video game what do they do? Put mainstream Hollywood actress who wouldn't know martial arts if it was a Gucci bag or the papparazi! (With the exception of Jessica Biel who was good in Blade: Trinity). We need Chinese actresses who know martial arts and fit the Chun-Li profile. I hope that Capcom really takes the time to search for suitable actors and actresses for this movie.

Daisy Terry on May 11, 2007


I'll watch it, but whoever plays Chun li better start working out her thighs. I won't be pleased if Chunnie has skinny little actress legs. And of course...there better be a couple VERY good fight scenes. Hopefully one that pits Chun li against Cammy for a seriously grueling match up.

Champion on May 15, 2007


@Kevin L. Clay, Jr. quoted "Jean-Claude Van Damme played an excellent Col. William Guile and Raul Julia(RIP) played and excellent Gen. M. Bison. If everyone doen't know Bison's first name it is Michael. He is called Mike Bison for short." Actually Kevin you're right on the Name... Let me Educate you. The "ORIGINAL" Street Fighter Game was made in Japan of course. The name M. Bison was actually Balrog's (Mike Tyson look A-like) name in the Japanese. The American version had to swtich the name around and M. Bison is Suppose to be the name Vega in the Japanese Version. Let me Put it in a Different way if you are Confused. Japanese Version American Version Vega became M. Bison Balrog became Vega M. Bison (Mike Tyson) became Balrog

Candyman808 on May 20, 2007


ya so if the got the rite storyline gud special effects n a crafty way of presenting irony den it might b gud

da kiing of po on May 21, 2007


First of all there is no main characters in Street fighter. All of the characters have stories. No one really cares much for a story coming out of street fighter. STREET FIGHTER is a game about street fighting. 12 street fighters in one tournament. I will support a Street fighter movie when it revolves around the Tournament and all the characters Chun-li being the main character will be like the movie ELEKTRA.

HENRY on Jun 1, 2007


Hmm.... Im thinking they make a movie off Street Fighter 3: Thirdstrike, cause If Chun-Li is going to be the star/main character, Then the only street fighter series that would suit her perfect is Street Fighter 3: third strike. But this street fighter movie Ryu and ken better not be pansys.... and have a good role in the movie too cause in any street Fighter series.. Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li are the 3 main star characters. They been in every series and not one of them has ever been out of a series... Well the movie ofcourse needs a main villian that has to be strong. But in SF series there has only been 2 main villians, M. Bison/Vega from SF2,Alpha and EX series; Gill from SF:3 series. Soo.. i wonder who the main villian could be?... Well.. hope this Movie goes good. since there keeping it secret, wont know what to expect till it comes out. I mean SF 2 back then looked like a sorta low budget movie and choice of mainn character was kinda bad. fighting wasnt great either. but then again the movie was made back along time ago. now a days better tech and stuff. lets just hope they dont low budget the movie... and have crap fighting.

Zero on Jun 8, 2007


chill!!!! The best Street Fighter movie ever was the 3min part in Jackie Chan's City Hunter!!! Whoever made that up and directer that needs to do street fighter just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REAL6 on Jun 12, 2007


C'mon men, Chun-li and Ryu are the main characters, respectively in the woman and men characters, besides if you think Street Fighter the first image its CHUN-LI!!, its awesome, that movie!!, i hope seen in the movies, Yeah My Chun-li !!!

Reyes (Princess Peach 4ever) on Jun 22, 2007


I have to Disagree Reyes... It's based on Ryu and Ken..Ryu is the Main Character, Chun-Li is a sidestory. Love her and all.. but when you think of Street Fighter.. Ryu Tops everyone else.

Candyman808 on Jun 25, 2007


Nice this is going to be awesome. hot asain chicks kicking ass UFS style.

Walter on Jul 1, 2007


Ok, ok, ok. Just base the movies off Udon's comic book series. . They do it the best in my opinion. This movie should have a lot of Sakura in it, and a little bit of Dan... No???

Ross on Jul 5, 2007


I hope the cool fireball moves will be in the movie

bob on Jul 19, 2007


Chunli is a bad choice for main character since her character never had the depth that Ryu has. Ryu has the dark struggle going on inside him that adds depth to his character. The Anti-Thesis between Ryu and Akuma was always interesting, albeit a bit star wars like. Anyhow, my gut instinct tells me that this movie will blow big time, and will only make some money because of the hot asian chicks kicking ass.

Mel on Jul 30, 2007


True, Street Fighter is really about Ryu who develops his skills by fighting various fighters from around the world. Ken was just the side piece as Ryu's best friend who's arrogant and who has a hidden desire to defeat Ryu. Capcom should've made Street Fighter about Ryu however, America loves eye-candy; so having a cute Asian actress play a legendary character just for show and not based on a true fighter is what we can expect. I love Chun Li and I hope...hope...hope that Capcom/Hollywood does its part in making a excellent movie. (DONT WE REMEMBER STREET FIGHTER BACK IN 1994?) My point exactly.

Daisy Terry on Jul 31, 2007


Should be interesting I like Chun Li in the game and they've gotta choose a Chinese woman for it!

Billy on Aug 2, 2007


I hope it doesn't like DOA Movie....

ubr on Aug 2, 2007


Thank You, Candyman 808 Tony Todd horror character very scary and creative. Everything, that you just told is correct and I already know that from research and being a huge SF fan from childhood. M. Bison's first name is Michael because, I read it at a Street Fighter website that is his birth name. but, thanks for the comment anyway, I'm not dumb to the truth I just want you to know that Bison's first name is Michael he is about 50 years of age born in 1956 or 1957. He has a son named Max E. Bison 5"10 I haven't seen his son at all in the Street Fighter games. i hope he will appear in Street Fighter 4. Thanks, Candyman 808 nice to have a friend like you!!! Kevin buddy!!!

KJGinuwine2323 on Aug 8, 2007


o plz! bison has a son!! funny they should ave put da son in 1994 wen streetfighter was @ its height dey crazy

ucancme on Aug 9, 2007


Intersting.but who will be Chun-Li´s enemy in th movie?.Could be M.Bison or Gill.?,because i´ve heard than she defeated both in their repective episodes en SF saga,my preference is Gill,because he has mor power than Bison and this came out already in Van Damme´s movie.

yamibarai on Aug 25, 2007


yamibarai M. Bison hasn't even reached his full power yet, we haven't seen bison develop and use his Psycho Power energy yet, Raul Julia showed the beginning stepping stone to M. bison becoming, extremely powerful. Gill will appear in the sequels later on he's a bad boy because, he a Roman God brother of a mexican god Urien. But, Capcom is not finished showing Bison.

Kevin on Aug 25, 2007


I the SF2 animated movie was the greatest animated fighting movie of all time. The minor plot and lots of street fights, the fact that every single one of the street fighters appeared and battled using their propper skills was amazing. I will never forget the battle between Ryu and Feilong. I was hoping for a new animated version. If the movie is remaining live action, I would go for Sf2 theme again. Sf3 is a great game, great parry system and freeze time special moves make it awesome... but... twelve? Q? Two half naked brothers? I mean those characters suck big time.

Rodrigo on Aug 26, 2007


wut da hell yea the sf 2 movie was gud 2 naked bros?! r u gay joker

??catchemall?? on Aug 26, 2007


I am a little worried about this film I mean it is based on the main female character which don't get me wrong Honey Chun's kicks ass. But from the start to whole game was based on Ryu and his travels to become a true warrior. I am a huge fan and have seen all the movies and have read all the comics and have played all the games lol I am a huge SF nerd. I would just like to see a film thats is based on the main character thats all I want. I was wondering if there was a petition page to get them not to make a movie about Chun-li and to focus on Ryu. Please if anyone knows give me an e-mail cause I really want to see a goof live action SF movie cause it deserves it.

Giles on Sep 6, 2007


A director was recently signed on for the actual Street Fighter film. The news is here: Unfortunately it's a terrible director... All hopes of a good Street Fighter movie have been flushed down the drain...

Alex Billington on Sep 6, 2007


Cheer up, Giles The film will cover Chun-Li's life, but Ryu and Ken will be the heroes to fight and defeat M. Bison who I think will still be involved, but this time faster, stronger and more powerful.

Kevin on Sep 6, 2007


Agreed if bison is tough 2 beat hey any1 seen da part in streetfighter alpha the movie after shun gets captured wen ryu walkn down the street n bumps into te guy whos talkn hes really peein disgustn rite?

??catchemall?? on Sep 6, 2007


M. Bison is tough to beat, if you don't have the necessary tools to defeat him. There are three warrior's that I know that have these tools Ryu, Ken and Akuma. M. Bison was not in the alpha movie, Akuma was, Sadler was an agent for Bison's Shadowlaw criminal Empire. Bison was in the live-action film played by late actor Raul Julia and The Street Fighter II: Animated Movie alot more intimidating in that film. In this new, one Bison should be fully powered with Psycho Power seeking revenge against The World Warrior's. Chun-Li will be involved with fighting against Bison. will see next year how the story will unfold.

Kevin on Sep 6, 2007


Hmm.. If Chun-Li is the main Character of the new Street fighter movie then that "mite" mean that the movie will be based off of Street Fighter 3. Cause Chun-Li is actually the main Character in the Street Fighter 3 Series, Ryu and Ken are in there too but. But they werent actually supposed to be in SF3, they only put them in SF3 series cause of the fan base for them. But if they are makeing Chun li the main character it cant be of SF2 anymore.. that would be Ridiculous...

Kashell on Sep 24, 2007


i agree with everyone who said ryu to be the main chracter...his struggle against the darkness growing inside him should make a great story of him trying overcome the evil force and plus if akuma was involved the movie would be better plus ken trying to help ryu... if you watch any of the animated street fight films...its is 99999 times better than the real movie with van damme ¬_¬...what the heck?!?!?! they should of put in chuck norris aswell... even eddie murphy and angelina jolie...

hex on Oct 23, 2007


i really like guile!!man his outlook and his fighting style are the reason i play street fighter!!i hope they will put an important role for him(hopefully can see him performing sonic hurricane and somersault justice) in this film, although ryu is the one should be the main character!!!^_^!!!and hopefully they don mess up the original fashion and story of each character!!

horng on Dec 2, 2007


Hello everyone, First of all, I like chun-li but it is true that she is not the primary character. She has always been portrayed as a weak warrior if you match her up with Ryu for example, she is no match. She can kick ass for small time thugs but not like Sagat (if you know what i mean). Anyway if this movie will be made they should consider reading piles of the character's background. She should also be an asian who is about 5'8" tall and she has to be pretty, nice future(boobs) and big legs. She should also be good in martial arts. I don't like a caucasian portraying her role. Hello!!!! She is chinese. Anyway, going back if there would be a movie I hope it will be nice because there are a lot of people who will be expecting it including myself. I hope it will be in the list of well-known movies like X-Men and spiderman or FF4

Holydemon84 on Dec 3, 2007


It all depends on the thighs, they need to get someone who can do justice to chun li's thighs of fury!

daigofanlol1010101 on Dec 21, 2007


Oh gawd. Kristen Kreuk for Chun Li?! Is she even Chinese? From what I've seen of her filmography, she has had no martial arts experience (real-life or movie-fu). She doesn't have the look of a fighter...AND lately she looks scary anorexic. I think Kristen is pretty and all, but I really have no idea what the direction the director is trying to steer this movie in with her as the lead. Kristen as a action hero? She mostly plays cute and endearing roles. There's no way with this director and this script writer that they can pull off a good rendition of SF...but they're welcome to prove me wrong. Right now, all I have to say is that I have no serious expectations out of this movie other than a couple of good fight scenes that involve the 'spinning-bird-kick.' Actually, maybe I shouldn't expect anything like that...the fight scenes for MK I & II just flashed before my eyes (what were they thinking in the adaptations of the special moves?). You know what? I'll just pray to the Capcom gods for a miracle. Surely they have watched past video game movies and will learn from others' numerous mistakes. Actually, that sounds futile. I'll go for the instant gratification behind door Number One and grab myself a hot dog. See you guys at the theatre.

No Soushii for You on Jan 3, 2008


Soushi, My Asian brother, Kristen Kreuk, doesn't look asian, but I think Andrez Barkiokwiak, can pull it off, having her look Asian in the movie. I am pretty sure, that Chun-Li will not be the only character in the movie fighting M. Bison a villain that I'm pretty sure Chun-Li will meet along the way and fight, but stronger fighters Ken and Ryu are the only hope to stopping M. Bison. a character that I want to see but, disn't in Steven De. Souza's 1994 film Street Fighter was Feilong Sawada he appeared in the Arcade video game background, but when the film was out Feilong was cut from the film and replaced by Kenya Sawada playing Captain Sawada. I thought, that was very wrong, because Feilong was created in remembrance of my favorite martial arts legend Bruce Lee. I am happy to see Feilong and the other New Challengers Cammy, T. Hawk and DeeJay being redone ans respected as World Warrior Street Fighters. Udon and Capcom make us proud, make Street Fighter:The Legend of ChunLi a real comic book video game adaptation. We all want to to see our Street Fighter heroes and villains perform their spectacular vidoe game signature moves. THhe 1994 film was pretty good with it, but De. Souza made the film too real, he should have made it real with cgi creativity like Mortal Kombat as an example. I was happy to see some with Byron Mann's fireball attack only a brief flash and Raul Julia shoot out electricity through his hands very cool to see. In the next, film I want to see the real thing from each fighter. Soushi my friend, check out!!! Street Fighter 4 at youtube and Ign if you get a chance that game is awesome the trailer and video shots of Ryu and Ken fighting were cool. SF is back ya'llllllllllllllllllll!!!

Kevin on Jan 3, 2008


Hey i think its going to be perfect... i cant wait till street fighter 4 comes out and the movie o yeahhh... i just hope they put more moves and fights in the movie... Animated one would of make things perfect with a new story or something.... but i have my 100% support on this... Street fighter fans need to email or some how request for more street fighter games.. a used Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is nearly hundred dollers on ebay is fukin dumb. i love the street fighter games n i hope they make this one online playable coz im the best at this game and i wanna kick some ass... all of u loosers that doesnt know anything abt this game need to start practicing now coz i will have to mercy... Ha Ha Ha... ALL OF YOU.... Prepare now to save ur ass...

Saif on Mar 24, 2008


oh c'mon with the "ryu/ken"! it's been done a trillion times already, in the games, in the animated movies, etc... time for other characters to step up and show their story! how many ryu/ken stories can you tell over and over and over and over and over and over again!?

xrey on Apr 3, 2008


xrey, I agree with you people wanting to see Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter gets boring and uninteresting they should have had Felilong in the 1994, film his name was broadcasted as one of the World Warrior's in the film, then they replace him with Kenya Sawada playing Captain Sawada Sawada is also, Feilong's last name. Feilong deserves respect he is Bruce Lee in Street Fighter and did appear in the Arcade Street Fighter movie game, but that was still wrong to cut him, hopefully Hyde Park, Capcom and Andrez Barkowiak will do Feilong justice since, he is in the Udon comics and in artwork as well. To Feilong a friend of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and many others and Bruce Lee will live foever through, Fei and the other characters that portray him. Thanks, xrey Street Fighter fan for life Kevin

Kevin on Apr 3, 2008


it sould be a evil ryu movie when he fights sagat and akuma. chunli isn;t strong enough to have her own movie. I bet i can predict what going to happen at the end and who are the main characters. It would be great to make a move where guy(character) is the leader of a mob,his right hand mans are birdie dj and cody and they are trying to takeover japan, japan would have to depend on ryu ken sakura and fei long to stop the terror

the facts on Apr 16, 2008


to thefacts, you don't need a physically strong character. what any move should have is a strong storyline/plot. zang zi yi has had successful movies in which she was the female lead/main character. not physically strong, but awesome martial arts, great storylines, beautiful, yet deadly! what more can you ask for? chun li's storyline has a lot of potential... as i've said before, too much ryu/ken movies already.

xrey on Apr 17, 2008


what about a movie based on sakura lol chung li movie doesnt sound so bad but ryu and ken cant go past it it almost like when they made the cat woman movie it was like why??? to be honest it was nothing like the game or animated movies but i didnt mind the jean claude van damn adaptation as a movie not really as a street fighter movie but yeah i can wait for street fighter 4 😀

mitus on Apr 26, 2008


If you cannot Get claude van dam to play guile why not get Rob Van Dam he looks similar to claude and im sure he could pull off alot of his own stunts!

Mark on May 25, 2008


I dont think the movie well be good, as I hoped. Well it WOULD have made sense if Chun-Li was the main character, if they where makeing a movie of street fighter 3 series... Cause she is the main Character in Street Fighter 3 series, Ryu & Ken are just in SF3 because of the fan base. Plus if they made it off SF 3 and chun li as rightful main char, We could have ectleast seen a new SF main villian Gill.. And I dont see how they can make a Chun-Li storyline since most of the time she was with Ryu&Ken and even before her father died she was with them...

Kashell on May 25, 2008


WWE Films get together with Capcom and produce the live action film based on the animated series. Cast Ryu - CM Punk Ken - Chris Jericho/Mr. Kennedy Sagat - Kane E. Honda - Umaga Blanka - Domino/Boogeyman Guile - John Cena Chun-Li - Lena Yada Zangief - Vladimir Kozlov/Big Show/Mike Knox Dhalsim - Boogeyman/Armando Estrada/John Morrison Balrog - MVP/Boogeyman/Shelton Benjamin Vega - Jeff Hardy/John Morrison/Randy Orton M. Bison - The Great Khali/Triple H/Undertaker Fei Long - Jet Li T. Hawk - John Morrison/JBL Dee Jay - Kofi Kingston/Elijah Burke Cammy - Maryse Akuma - Batista/Triple H/Deuce Rose - Victoria If you're not familiar with the Street Fighter Character or WWE Superstars, please visit or The marketing and familiar story line - CHECK So realize what's what and get to signing film contracts. See you in the seats, E

E on Aug 2, 2008


I love the fact that they're trying to win us over with Chun li and her huge sex appeal, but come on!!!! Real SF fans don't need tail shaked around their face to go see a SF movie, especially if the story was about Sagat and Ryu or Ken and Ryu---THE TRUE ORIGINS OF SF. The vast number of stories and they have to use Chun Li, COME ON!!!! If I wanted to see a half naked girl or full naked girl im going to the strip bar. I wanna see battles and relative characters who I would maybe imagine to see in the UFC or PRIDE fighting. No a hot female cop. Regarless I will support this film with all my SF heart, and hope to baby Jesus that it does not let us down.

El Guapo on Dec 30, 2008


that's because ryu/ken are overexpose i guess you could say. almost every street fighter animated movie are about ryu/ken. same old story done over and over again... time for new blood i say!

janxrey on Dec 30, 2008


Wow!(sarcasm)Well I knew this would happen with all the tecchnoligy an all.Lucy Lui is my favorite actress and they will probably use her in this movie,But it will be one fantastic feat if they even make to the box office.Animated cartoons or games are best left in the hands of animaters.I saw trailers of DragonBallZ live movie,and Naruto and they just killed it with the actors playing the characters and Goku's hair,even Naruto is ruined.It is best to not even make a live action movie because of the way real life human look compared to the game or cartoon characters.If you wanna make this movie so badly then ask Marvel or top Movie producers to help.Marvel has done a pretty good job with their movies.Well I'm going to hate it,also It's 2009 where's the movie already. =(

Left In The Grave on Jan 20, 2009


Left In THe Grave I saw the trailer to Dragonball: Evolution and the two decent actors playing Goku and Picolo were actors Justin Chatwin and James Marsters. In, this movie Picolo is a cellestial Warlord who is obssessed with the Dragonballs and wants to obtain all 7 Dragonballs and conquer the universe. Goku the destined savior of the universe is trained by Master Roshi (Chow-Yun Fat) to lead an epic battle against the evil picolo with a couple brave DBZ warriors Chi-Chi and Bulma. These two attractive girls looked nothing like the Chi-Chi and Bulma from Dragonball Z the cartoon series that is a serious joke. Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li will be alot better than Dragonball the visual and special effects in DBZ look epic but, story in films is what counts along with the characters. Justin Chatwin will have the orange, black and white gi outfit from the cartoon series thank God for that. Kristen Kreuk(Smallville babe Lana Lang) will be wearing Chun-Li's blue, white and yellow collar lined outifit from the video games this is the real Chun-Li portrayal. Ming-NA Wen was gorgeous as Chun-Li but, they didn't have her wear the blue dress from the video games. At, least everyone else looked appropriate from the video games. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia had the best costumed outfits for Guile and M. Bison. Second, were Ryu and Ken, Third, Cammy, Balrog and E. Honda. Now, Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li I read from youtube's film script will involve the real story of Chun-Li and M. Bison as he reaches his destiny of becoming the power mad Warlord just like in the Udon Comics and video games. I won't tell the plot to ruin it I want you Left In The Grave to see the movie next month on February 27, 2009. Chun-Li as you have seen is trained by wise elder master Gen (Robin Shou) whom you remember from Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 and DOA. He will train and prepare Chun-Li(Kristen Kreuk) for her destiny fight confrontation against M. Bison for killing her father Durai Zang and to stop his plan to conque the world. Neal McDonough will make an excellent M. Bison he has the look and build for General M. Bison. Raul Julia, was a phenomenal actor I miss him Left In The Grave Raul was a major inspiration to me growing up I watched his films, interviews and commercials and appearances on children shows one I recall seeing was Sesame Street with him appearing in the show. He, was smaller than the actual character M. Bison due to his illness of Stomach Cancer but, Raul fit the character and look of M. Bison in the 1994 blockbuster film. Street Fighter the 1994 live action film is coming to Blu-Ray February 10, 2009 Left IN The Grave and the picture on the Blu-Ray version looks better than the regular DVD version that I bought a few years ago. Go, to or Street Fighter: Extreme Edition and you will see the dvd first hand it looks cool my man. Street Fighter 4 don't want to forget to tell you about that my man it will be released February 17, 2009 when technology all goes digital the game, characters all look fantastic and epic can't wait to buy it at Gamestop mid February. Keep Street Fighting my man.!!! I think that you will like Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li alot better than Dragonball:Evolution I wish the first plan of the film when the poster was different had me more excited about seeing this film. The last announced rumor title was Dragonball Z this would have Goku already grown up as a super saiyan fighting the villains of the future Frieza, Cell, Mojin Buu you know them by name my man. Thanks, talk to you later LITG !!! General M. Bison

M. Bison on Jan 20, 2009


Street Fighter Legend of Chun Li was Horrible!! Half way through the movie, I was actually looking forward to watching the 1994 Jean Claude Flop, because even though that also blew, it was waaay better than this sorry excuse for a film. There were soo many terrible things that were wrong with this movie, that I don't know where to begin. The song where they're going "street fighter!", or Taboo as Vega??, he's suppossed to be a good looking fighter who doesn't want his face hurt, not some screwed up druggy faced... anyway, the characters were aaaall sooo boring and dry, there was not an ounce of expression on anyone. Charlie Nash softly yelling, don't move, as he busts into the club and tells Chun Li not to go anywhere. And who cares about Charlie?? Where's Guile!!And no one cares about Chun Li either.. except those geeky anime fanatics who sit there in class drawing Chun Li in skimpy cartoon drawings. If you're going to build around a character, it's Ryu of course, can you believe the producers just omit him from a Street Fighter movie????!@#!@ And if they get it right for the sequal.. that's fine, but I'm definitely not going to pay money to watch it. This movie used names that resembled Mortal Kombat characters like Cantana, and even the actor for Chun Li's trainer Gen, was the guy who played Liu Kang!! I'm actually angry. Street Fighter is trying to milk us for our money. They made 1 great hit in the Street Fighter II' series, and now we're all shelling out money like crazy to support this name. This line up was born in the Arcades, and died on the Super Nintendo. RIP Street Fighter... The Mortal Kombat movie will always be far superior in every way.

Naveen Fletcher on Mar 7, 2009


Naveen Fletcher, Mortal Kombat hd alot of flaws in it as well, So I wouldn't be too quick to say, that it was better than Street Fighrter in every way. Truthfully, Mortal Kombat concentrated alot of special effects and not so much story so in a way Street Fighter is better. Street Fighter is not dead so don't put RIP next to it. I think you are being paranoid here and not realizing that a very creative director, will breath new life into Street Fighter. I have found the guy from my memory bank you may know of him and his name is Ridley Scott. The directing genious that made "legend" with Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and Tim Curry. Legend was based on, one of Nintendo's primary mascot franchises The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess the story ends the same way Legend ended with Darkness getting sucked out into the cosmic constellation sky and disappearing as a constellation that was creativity. Capcom, owes all of us an apology for disrespecting their largest franchise company of all time and for making a disgracing film, called Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li. I was expecting her to wear her blue, white and yellow dress, bown leg stockings and white boots as she does in the video games, cartoon series, and comic books. They, openly embarrassed actress Kristen Kreuk doing that and for that I am angry as well, I felt I was taken for a ride and milked into seeing the film. I didn't see the film, in a actual theater because, it would have been a waste and this film was okay not as spectacular as the 1994 film, with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia I will miss him as the villainous M. Bison. Anyway, Capcom did an animated movie based, on the Udon comics and I know that it will live up to the video game frnchise that I played, in the Arcades and consoles at home. There will be more Street Fighter films, and really I want Ridley Scott to redo Street Fighter and make the way it should be made. I am 50/50 sure that they will do sequels to the Chn-Li movie but, in my eyes and the fans that is disrespectful to continue dong more SF films, when we all know Robin Shou(Gen, Liu Kang) and Kristen Kreuk(Chun-Li, Smallville Lana Lang) never ever killed, Balrog and M. Bison. You, know Naveen Fletcher that Balrog and M. Bison were already in their prime days of being a Boxer and a dictator. Balrog already worked for Bison at the time and M. Bison I guess at the time already killed, Rose and his teacher. Cantana sounds like, the name for a Spanish restaurant sounds too similar to Kitana(Talisa Soto's) character. New Street Fighter movie make it right.!!! Ridley Scott you are hired.

M. Bison on Mar 8, 2009


the Movie is pretty great nd the one coming out after is going to be about RYU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eldorido on Mar 13, 2009


Wow.. this movie was horrible! You must have been watching another movie. There's no point going into detail when something is obviously terrible. And I might be the only one in the world who feels this.. but Street Fighter IV is TERRIBLE! The graphics and feel are sooo kiddish.. has too much of a happy happy vibe.. fighting under a bridge with kids partying.. The fighters say stupid things.. "It's Super Dynamic Cooking Time!". Pound for pound you could be whoopin' someone.. and then this stupid revenge meter comes in and allows them to hit you with that cheap, unskilled move.. it totally unbalances the game. There's not enough good backgrounds.. there are some descent parts to the game.. but SF HD remix has a rougher/cooler vibe than SFIV. That's an alright game.. wish HD Remix had better music like Hyper Fighting.. they gave you two options HD remix which is alright.. or Super SF II which sucked, why wouldn't they give you the option of the best one? And why did they go away from Las Vegas' night life, to Las Vegas in the daytime?.. continuous stupid mistakes made from the company. When are they gonna go away from this Jap anime happy times, and go back to a raw SF II type feel.

Naveen Fletcher on Mar 13, 2009


Naveen Fletcher, I think you are being childish and immature Street Fighter IV is the best martial arts fighting game of all time. Who are you to judge what Capcom does and saying, Super Street Fighter II was terrible man you have some nerve to say that. Do, you not remember The New Challenger characters Cammy, Feilong, DeeJay and T. Hawk and in the sequel to that Turbo with Akuma as the secret character. SFII is in the Guinness Book Of World records I think that you need to chill be show alot more respect for Capcom's finest franchise "Street Fighter". Every fighting game has to have humor with creativity even Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, DOA, Soul Calibur are all outstanding fighting games but, humor is involved with those too and if you take that away the games are stale. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was the fastest selling fighting game sold in 2008 it sold near half a million copies and complaining about the Las Vegas scene in the daytime is immature and childish who wants to see Balrog's Las Vegas stage at night all the time remember The Death Valley stage on XMEN VS. Street Fighter the stage was on Marvel Superheroes VS. Street Fighter at day time with Beast and Blanka hanging out by the fire sight. Fighting games all need change if everything is the same this world and life itself would be boring. So, what if El Fuerte say's "Super Dynamic Cooking Time" it's a fight game with new stuff in it grow up and get over it. You, are a young adult acting like a spoiled 13 and 14 teen year old brat no one cares about your negative complaints. The bridge scene with the kids saying, Yeahhhhh after the fighters win the fight and they are holding balloons is cute to me. I love children and their is nothing wrong with having childhood memories in games as long as you can advance to the future of the games. Street Fighter V will be alot better and very different. What I was dissappointed with Street Fighter IV was when they took away Akuma's other Super combo moves his Super Dragon Punch, Super Air fireball attack moves, and Messatsu Gou Hado move that he had in the Street Fighter III games, Alpha games and crossover games. Capcom please give Akuma back all of his movies he is a Ninja skilled blackbelt who taught Ken and Ruy the evil side of their Shotokan Arts while, Gouken taught the good path. Naveen Fletcher, I am so to get on your case, like this but I think you are immature with this comment and should be more grateful that Street Fighter is back regardless of how it was made. I enjoy SFIV In, fact I'm in love with the game as well as, Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe, Soul Calibur 4, Virtua Fighter 5, Dead Or Alive 4, and the upcoming Tekken 6 that I still haven't played yet. It comes out Fall 2009 this year so I better hurry and play the game at the arcades to prepare for the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Naveen, Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li was terrible but, Chun-Li Xiang(Kristen Kreuk) did her spinning bird kick move and Kikoken fireball to stun M. Bison and not kill him until she broke his neck with her knee. She, killed Vega and then M. Bison which never happened in the video games, animated films, live action film(1994), animated series, animated movie except sh did kill Vega in her apartment, and the comic books. M. Bison is superior to Chun-Li in everyway with his telepathic Psycho Power ability only someone like, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, could handle M. Bison's skills. Feilong has gotten alot more powerful and he looks equal with Ryu and Ken and Chun-Li except for Ryu and Ken's superior evil alter-ego's Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. Naveen, You are a cool guy but, the harsh words about my favorite fighting game series of all time is unneccessary and disrespectful. Please, be alot nicer about SFIV I understand that you have doubts about the game but, over all it is the coolest and best Street Fighter game with digitized 3D graphics with animation and cinemation combined. Have, faith my man Street Fighter V will look like the cinematic games of Soul Calibur, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Dead Or Alive and Virtua Fighter with the next-generation machines going 3D and digital video games are changing. I am looking forward to playing Resident Evil 5 it came out yesterday, as well as, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Batman: Arkham Asylum just to name a few and The Watchmen video game received bad reviews but, the movie was action-packed and sexy. Wolverine: XMEN Origins the movie and game are terrific the game may or may not dissappoint let's hope it doesn't.

M. Bison on Mar 14, 2009


Street Fighter II' is wicked. World Warrior is awesome.. Champion Edition is amazing... Hyper Fighting is soooo sick. Super Turbo was OK.. but a step down from SF in the music department, sounded a bit clearer, but didn't juice you up the same way hyper did... and the addition of supers, was just their answer to Fatalities in Mortal Kombat. I guess it depends on each person's preference, but I like the pound for pound fight as oppossed to the cheap easy move that can finish off an entire round, without much skill. Mortal Kombat was cool, because it's dark & mysterious, and there's all these technical combinations involved in the fight and the finishing moves were a great addition. The actual fighting aspect.. Street fighter dominated, Mortal Kombat was too jagged. The Mortal Kombat movie.. now lets be real here, it trumped SF's Movie. Street Fighter III doesn't have the same SFII feel.. but technically, if you know how to play the game.. it requires soo much skill... and the timing feels off when you're used to SFII.. until you get used to it and realize that it has it's own fluidity to it. SFII HD Remix, great balance between Hyper Fighting's wickedness and Super Turbo's technical fighting. It doesn't have the Hyper Tracks to it, but the sounds found a good balance to it, still wish they had the Hyper Tracks. It's a great game, and if I could find one flaw to it, I'm still saying it's the Las Vegas stage. Play Hyper Fighting Nighttime Balrog Stage, and then play HD Remix Daytime Balrog Stage, and you'll understand that Las Vegas' fights should be at night, like a real Boxing match. SFIV, fluid fighting, some characters look good, some backgrounds are really nice, such as the lava level. I actually had great hopes, because HD remix was so well done. But I have to be real to myself. I don't like the crazy Supers.. the revenge meter, Vega's cheap off the wall moves, the 10 second pause when a super starts, which renders some supers useless.. because the opponent has fair warning when to jump. "It's Super Dynamic Cooking Time", is the most retarded thing ever said in Street Fighter History. Ken's wife Eliza doesn't want him to fight in past Street Fighters, but now that she's pregnant, she's encouraging him to risk his life in battle, when she needs him the most? That makes alot of sense. And Dan always running like a bitch?? It's cool when he's humilated by Sagat in past cartoon depictions, as the 7 foot monster drags him unconsciously by the head, but SFIV takes it too far. The Kids partying during such an intense battle. I garauntee you that kids will run for their lives if there are two Mortal Kombat characters battling it out.. and any kid within 20 feet of the fight would be face down in the dirt, destroyed in the cross fire... even the sight of the battle would scar a child for life. It's all preferences, some like humour.. then there are those like myself who enjoy the dark clash of a fight. The worst part of SFIV are the load times. My Lord. Is it 30 seconds between rounds. Hyper had about 3 seconds between rounds. My personal preference is Hyper Fighting, Arcade style. The speed, the intensity, the pound for pound fighting, no meter.. the music! Ceremony and Supers mean nothing to me... the fight is everything. Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting ~ Best Fighting Game of All Time.

Naveen Fletcher on Mar 14, 2009


Naveen, You made your point clear, but you still don't get the meaning of change and Balrog's stage is alot different from the Las Vegas night time stage. Super Street Fighter II HD Remix is alot better and more advanced than the early Street Fighter II games and Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting was and is still a fantastic game but, it is not better than Super Street Fighter II: THe New Challengers, Turbo with Akuma and Street Fighter III series and the new series game Street Fighter IV. Mortal Kombat The Movie wasn't all that better than Street Fighter: The Movie, Sonya Blade didn't do her death kiss combo until the disgraceful sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation came out in 1997. You, talk about the kids in the background was taken to far, in what way because you are still picky about what Capcom has done. They were put their to be entertained and Street Fighting has alway's been Sakura's interest. True, you mention that the Mortal Kombat characters would scare them to death and they would be scarred for life after watching brutal violent fights between the Kombatant Warrior's. Naveen Fletcher, need I remind you that The World Warrior's carry great intense Chi power as well, let me introduce you to Sagat The King Of Muay Thai Kickboxing his power would have those kids flying all over the place. what about Ryu's Hadouken fireball energy at it's highest level the entire bridge would collapse. Same thing with Ken, Gouken, and especially, Akuma The Master of Fists who believes all creation is controlled within his fists. Remember, at the of Akuma's story his tightens his fists and splits the ground in half that is real power from his arts "The Dark Hadou. Naveen, another thing, you think Super Combos is nothing compared, to the Fatalities that the Mortal Kombat characters do to themselves. Well, Mr. Naveen Fletcher let me introduce you to Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu aka "The Raging Demon" that move is a complete destroying fatality move and kills without hesitation. The Fatalities were bad and horrible for Mortal Kombat during it's day but, after I saw Akuma unleash the raging demon move that excited me, and I mastered the move on the console control pad and Akuma does it and the opponent is lying next to his feet. You, then see a color design background with the japanese "Ten" sign on the screen and on his back karate gi shirt. On, Street Fighter IV the Raging move looks awesome, Akuma unleashes the move and after it is performed he say's This is Nesutssss or something like that and the "Ten" sign on his back vanishes off of his shirt cool visual effect with special effects in the game. Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting is only 2D Naveen how does that game compare to Capcom's Street Fighter game for the next-generation it doesn't. SFIV is bigger, faster, and far more advanced than the twentieth century games. That, is like saying the Original Mortal Kombat games I through IV are better than Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armaggeddon plus, Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe no comparison to those upgraded and faster flowing games. Basics can't touch advancement. Naveen, Ed Boone announced that he wants to create a Mortal Kombat VS. Street Fighter game Are you interested in that. I AM. Get Over Here VS. SHINRYUKEN.!!!

M. Bison on Mar 14, 2009

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