Comic-Con Live: Fox Panel

July 21, 2006

12:38PM - Waiting for transition over to the Fox panel starting up soon.

20th Century Fox featuring: Ed Speleers (Eragon) and Elizabeth Gabler of Eragon; Lt. Dangle, Deputy Travis Jr. and Deputy Trudy Wiegel of Reno 911 Miami; Clancy Brown and director Marcus Nispel of Pathfinder; and Borat.

The panel for Pathfinder.

Lots of big news coming up from Fox!

1:05PM - Sorry, technical delays… We're up and running. Fox brought out a liason and executive from Fox who introduced the first movie.


An exclusive premier clip of Eragon was shown, a short trailer. First footage at all of this movie that has a simultaneous video game release.

Ed Speelers, the guy who plays Eragon, comes on stage to talk about Eragon.

1:06PM - Ed talks about his work on Eragon… coverage will continue now. Discussion with him. Apologies for the lack of coverage, just some technical troubles.

Reno 911 Miami

Deputy Travis Jr. makes an angry statement about "Fox making this documentary about them."

1:09PM - Exclusive Reno 911 Miami footage/mini-trailer. Exactly like (with the same song) the trailer of the Miami Vice.

1:10PM - The three police officers: Lt. Dangle, Trudy Wiegle, Travis Jr come to the stage.

1:14PM - Talking about how Fox made a documentary about them. Then they edited it and made them all look stupid. Speaking in character (as real life cops).

1:15PM - Another exclusive clip about them using metal scanners and making a song and Travis Jr. getting caught in the middle of an x-ray machine. Quite hilarious.

1:18PM - Another exclusive clip of Trudy and the other officer on the beach talking about how to act on the beach.

1:21PM - The guys kept pestering the moderator to keep showing clips.

1:23PM - Another clip showing them all try to catch a chicken on the road out in Nevada.

Released "early next year."


1:27PM - First exclusive Pathfinder trailer shown. Lots of good footage from it and a good intro to what happened (in history with the vikings and indians).

1:30PM - Director Marcus Nispel comes out. Talking about how he got into this job and saying that he is glad to premiere it at Comic-Con and there is no better audience than to have done so.

Marcus: He's been asked if he could make a movie, what would it be about. At first he thought something about gladiators, then he thought about pirates… both of those couldn't happen. Then he thought vikings. He really liked the idea of vikings and thought it would be great to do a story on that.

Question in regards to connections to graphic novels?
He read some scripts where there were massive battles with vikings and he knew that wasn't for him. What he is making isn't massive battles, they're much smaller.

1:35PM - Christopher Shy comes out to talk about the imagery in Pathfinder.

A PowerPoint collection of graphic novel and drawings from Pathfinder imagery.

For some of the imagery, a lot of them were built as practical miniatures. Then they were lit and shot, then brought them into Photoshop and painted them up to match the realism.

There was a debate as whether the vikings have horns or not. They decided to include them, but not in a certain way "like that." How do they design them or make them different?

They used Christopher's designs to develop more interesting horns.

1:40PM - Brings out actor Clancy Brown from the Pathfinder movie.

1:42PM - Ran a clip with Clancy in action. Showing a fight sequence where the vikings killed an indian then the protagonist of the movie shows up in their camp and fights off a few them. A chase scene through the woods to "get his head." He hides in a river nearby and when they come into the water he jumps out and fights and kills the viking. Really high action and intense scene.

1:48PM - Question about the language and learning the icelandic language. Clancy says that it interested him just a bit to come to this picture.

Asked about working with fellow cast members.
Clancy: Karl was very commited to his character and this story. A lot of them depended on Karl to maintain their continuity. Compliments for all the rest of the cast and Ralph Mueller.

1:51PM - Thanks to all the guys, the end of Pathfinder.

1:52PM - Announcement about X3 DVD. 3 alternate endings, a collector's edition, and a story from Stan Lee.


Borat tries to get on stage.

1:53PM - Exclusive Borat trailer debuts!

1:55PM - Borat arrives out of the women's restroom from the side and walks up to the stage. He has trouble getting up on the stage and rips the curtain off of a table trying to get up.

1:57PM - Giving an introduction about the comics in Khazakstan about "Astounding Woman." Telling people to come visit Khazakstan because "it's nice."

Borat giving his talk to the Comic-Con crowds!

1:59PM - Showing of two exclusive scenes from Borat.

First: In an antigue shop doing an interview. He's in the back and trips and falls over plates and fragile items in the back and falls all over the ground.

Second: Him and his manager fight naked throughout an entire hotel for about 5 or 10 minutes. The most hilarious thing EVER!

2:06PM - Ending from Fox! Nothing too big, but still good announcements from 20th Century Fox.

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