Comic-Con Live: Lionsgate Panel

July 20, 2006

3:30PM - Transition over… waiting and setting up.

Check out coverage from Saw III, Crank, and Skinwalkers during this panel.

Tobin Bell, aka Jigsaw from the Saw movies, arrives on stage.

Be ready…


3:47PM - Time to start. Show an intro video from Lions Gate with a montage of clips from Saw, Open Water, Hostel, Devil's Rejects, Three Extremes, See No Evil, and more. "Where Screams Come True" "And The Worst Is Yet To Come"

3:48PM - First ever exclusive Comic-Con clip from Skinwalkers. Clip: Gross hands, guys tied up, buckling some belts on some people hanging. Lights go out. "It's probably just a fuse" says the nice looking villain who's tieing them up. Walks through a living room. Looks out the window. Turns the fuse back on. Knocks off a cup, a guy is behind him. Drops dead up top, just noise of guy walking on the floor above. "So it's true, the boy's alive? Where is here?" "If you cooperate, you will be spared. If you don't, you will be in agony." Then some killing. A bit confusing…

Stan Winston at the panel.

3:53PM - Producer Stan Winston and Director Jim Isaac.

4:05PM - Sorry, technical problems. Both talked about the werewolf aspect - this being the last of its kind. Skinwalkers is a new werewolf movie. Talked about how the transition to werewolf is unique and never-before seen in movies, something to look forward to. Battery running down. On to Crank.


4:05PM - Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor, Efren Ramirez, and Jason Statham make the stage. Huge applause for Jason Statham.

4:06PM - Jason is talking about the fact that this film is more about live action and camera work than CGI. Talking about shooting with HD cameras, meaning they can put it in places where they sometimes can't put regular 35mm cameras.

4:09PM - Efren: It was like having Redbull for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He's talking about his actor that it's much different than being in Napoleon.

4:10PM - The directors were talking about the process of the dailies. It's hard to keep up, I apologize, but we're doing our best here. References it to a human version of the bus in Speed.

Brian: we only have a little bit of time and a little bit of money, so they had to keep up this constant energy with a short schedule to get it done.

4:12PM - Questions from the audience.

- Which do you prefer: more action packed role or "something more like Snatch"?
Jason: It's more fun to watch characters be bad and to be the man in trouble. He loves doing both of them equally as fun. He's got some other movies he's working on, but won't reveal them. Also will be in Rogue with Jet Li coming out from Lionsgate.

- What is it like to work as co-directors?
Movies are a collaboration… if one was doing a close up, the other was doing a wide-shot. They did everything together, so everything worked really well together as a collaboration. They have a real instinctive feeling together when working, it's really like have 2 brains (says Brian).

- Asking about the HD cameras and any trouble setting them up?
Mark was on rollerblades with a camera riding on the highway for one scene filming (making a joke).

- For Jason, will you be collaborating with Guy Ritchie agian anytime in the future?
Jason is saying that he's grateful and loyal to Guy Ritchie because he's the guy who got him into this business. He'd do any work that he put in front of him. One of his favorite filmmakers. When there is that combination, it's great to reunite. He (Ritchie) knows how to get good work out of Jason and knows what to ask for and [Jason] would be happy to work with him.

- Jason: how did you prepare for this?
"Lots of rest." The directors have kept him on his toes with their creative ideas. There was never a day where we were sitting in a scene, it was constantly on the move. He said he usually keeps himself in fairly good shape so "not much" physical training.

- Revolver's US release?
In negotiations now for a US release soon.

4:19PM - That's all from the Crank guys.

4:20PM - A special clip from The Descent. Too dark to blog the specifics about.


4:23PM - Battery may run out soon! We'll do our best to put up as much coverage of this as we can before we lose all power…! Saw III scene coming up at the end of panel.

4:24PM - Director Darren Bousman first… Escorted by two incredibly good looking nurses up to his seat (see photo up top to the left for one of them). Writer of Saw I and II, Leigh Whannell. Producers Oren Koules and Mark Burg. Shawnee Smith who played Amanda. And lastly, Tobin Bell as Jigsaw.

4:25PM - No spoiler and no secret questions - they will not be answered.

4:26PM - First question for Tobin about "how to approach Jigsaw movie after movie" yet make him human.
Tobin says he "reads the script very carefully" and tries to never sell out the characters he plays. He always tries to think about what causes someone, or what the details are, that permit him to say the lines the writer says. As in "what does he mean by that."

Question for Shawnee: Shooting for one half day for Saw, did you have an idea that you'd come back and be the big role.
Shawnee: I didn't have an idea or I wouldn't have put that cheesy cougar tattoo on my left shoulder.

Question for Darren: How do you approach directing Saw II and III?
He said it's a tough line to walk from after Saw I and coming into Saw II and not to copy what he did in the first one but not change it entirely and therefore it was tough to find a balance of it. In Saw III they've taken more depature from it but have still kept some of the same. "Saw III makes Saw II look like a Disney film" because it is so intense.

Question for Leigh: How do you keep it fresh for Saw III?
In Saw I it's about who's doing it to him; once that secret was out, what do they do now, what's the new version? It's another degree of difficulty then for Saw III going above and beyond the Saw II and making new surprises and surprising people who've seen a lot.

Oren talking about their experience with Saw I first at Sundance and how sold out it was and the reactions that it had. Lionsgate didn't believe it would test as well as it did. They had to test run it twice, where the second time both directors weren't told where or when it happen because they thought they were bringing friends in who'd give them good feedback.

4:34PM - Time for audience Q&A.

1 - When Danny Glover's character follows patsy back to the hide out, how did patsy know where the bathroom was?
He was in on it. There were little secrets in Saw III that answer these type of questions. He was more involved with Jigsaw than anyone else. And they say "the answer is in Saw III."

2 - A guy was showing him the original t-shirt and boxers that Tobin wore in the first movie and wanted to "reunite them" with Tobin.

3 - Question for Tobin Bell: what do you love most about playing Jigsaw?
He likes trying to bring some dimension to him; likes trying to find out what makes him tick and do the things that he does and what his every day life is like. He's a mechanical engineer and philosopher and scientist (Jigsaw is) - he's a very interesting man.

4 - Favorite movie trap from first two films?
He (Tobin) liked the needle pit.

5 - Marketing question with the posters. Is there a fine line that they have to go through with the gore on them?
Tim Faylan - the marketing guru - ask him!

6 - Asking about if Leigh Whannell can believe about the success of Saw? Does he feel like the "Australian underddog"?
He says it's amazing. Their original aim was to shoot it on $5000 in Australia. He said it's amazing that it happened and got this big and that they got to shoot in the States. He can't believe the hype they have in this audience and everything. "Thanks to you guys." Applause.

7 - If Darren could be in a trap, which would it be?
Leigh answered with saying that it should be the jaw trap so he can keep his mouth shut. Darren eventually said he would have picked the razor wire trap.

8 - How does Jigsaw differ from his other roles?
He said he doesn't approach Jigsaw differently from any other role he plays. Talking about his role in The Nordic…

4:47PM - World premier of Saw III clip starting momentarily.

Description: A guy chained up with chains hooked via rings all over him. Through the mouth. Blood dripping over. TV screen turns on with Jigsaw saying this game is being played in the jail cell and talking about how he has been going to jail over and over. How far will he go to break those chains. Live or die, make your choice. Rips the chains off to get to a bomb nearby on the table. An angry screaming fit ripping the chains off from his body. He pulls them all out except for the one in his mouth as it ticks to 0. Then fades to "Saw III." INTENSE!

4:52PM - Trailer ends. Audience cheers. Lionsgate is done!

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I want a trailer! 😛 Thanks for posting... sounds like Saw III is going to be a very intensive film. Can't wait!

Hurmoth on Jul 20, 2006


When is the video of the live coverage going to be up?

MrCrono on Jul 21, 2006


Darren said he would have picked the razor wire trap.

Metallicookie HAHA! on Jul 22, 2006


Thanks Metallicookie. I'll update it tonight when we get back to the hotel. It was tough writing as they were speaking and so on (as you realize).

Alex on Jul 22, 2006


CRANK sounds AWESOME! I love Jason Statham and Pedro - what a team!

Dana Lilly on Jul 25, 2006


No problem-o, Alex! I just wanted to let you know since it was my question. Hahaha 😉

Metallicookie on Jul 29, 2006


I just have to one thinkabout tobin bell even tho I'm 14 almost 15. I think he is really hot and sexy.

tonya rogers on Feb 14, 2007


Darren said he would have picked the razor wire trap.

canan on Jan 5, 2008

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