Comic-Con Live: Pan's Labyrinth Panel

July 20, 2006

6:05PM - Pan's Labyrinth trailer showing before it starts.

6:09PM - Guillermo del Toro and Doug Jones come onto stage.

Guillermo responding fiercly to a question!

Keep reading on for more from this panel!

6:10PM - Guillermo introduces everything in regards to Pan's Labyrinth.

Fantasy and horror are far more relevant to our soles than other movies. Talking about how Pan's Labyrinth is all about what he believes in his life and in his work and how its one of the best of what he creates.

Quillermo confirmed that Doug Jones is doing Silver Surfer!

Doug Jones at the panel and his silver shirt.

6:13PM - Premises of his movie: he is always slightly deranged, wondering why he does them. Always gets into trouble and tries to do these impossible mixtures of movies (like in Pan's Labyrinth). It takes "balls" to do this, and he is saying he has some (or will get some!)

6:15PM - Open to audience Q&A

1 - What's the difference to do this at Comic-Con versus at Cannes?
Comic-Con is unique. The interaction with the audience and with the people is great. He is first a fan (of film), and then a filmmaker. He loves doing this as much as anyone, and wanted to introduce it here for that reason. You'll find some of the most articulate, passionate, fierce people you'll ever meet at comic conventions, and "you'll find a shitload of assholes."

Moral of the story: when it got accepted at Cannes, it was the first time a fantasy genre movie was in competition as the festival. What was interesting to him was that the reaction was so strong.

"Whatever is prejudice to them is pride to me" - amazing quote about what the people at Cannes were saying about this fantasy film being accepted.

2 - For Doug Jones: how is it getting used to the makeup?
He said he has had a 20 year career getting used to being under rubber and "some hookers say that too." It never becomes comfortable, you have to know what you are saying "yes" to when you do the films. Doug added, "one time I want to do a film where I don't have to do my research at a zoo."

3 - When are we going to see Hellboy 2?
He is coming out of Pan's Labyrinth in May… and then Revolution stopped financing him (going over the story of how he lost his financing from Revolution Studios). He doesn't know yet, and as soon as he know, he'll let everyone know. "The second screenplay is really beautiful" and "I hope we make it." Discussing great acting in movies: Guillermo was incredibly impressed by Hugo Weaving in V for Vendetta (hinting as his possible involvement in Hellboy 2)!

4 - Pan's is incredibly beautiful… Asking about coming to a Portland film festival.
Guillermo is talking about scouting locations for making Mountain of Madness per a question.
(Sorry a bit confusing, jumping around…)

5 - Devil's Backbone is the most beautiful horror film… talking about how much he enjoys his films.
Planning to publish a witscreenplay h the drawings for Pan's Labyrinth. They designed the entire movie in 12 weeks from pen to paper. Will be in the DVD and published.

"Please put Lobster Johnson in Hellboy 2!" Guillermo: "2 weeks ago we were arguing it." A brief conversation between Guillermo and a fan.

6 - Doug Jones: are you Silver Surfer?
He's dodging it as best he can. He's waiting to hear back officially from the studio, but is "most likely" going to be Silver Surfer given what he was saying. (He was wearing a nice silver shirt - for a reason obviously.) He was saying that he "isn't wearing [a silver colored shirt] for no reason at all." And that he "wants to buy a full wardrobe of shirts in this color."

7 - Talking about Hellboy Animated movies. To Doug: how is it approaching Abe from the vocal and not physical side?
In the first Hellboy, he did everything including the acting and lines (in order to act appropriately) of the first movie. He had to do a full character and gave a full character and it was voiced over later. Going in to do the animation he duplicated the voice he did on set. Guillermo says, if he does the second Hellboy 2, he'll voice it.

8 - Will Pan's be distributed wide or limited?
Pan's will be much much wider. The movie will appeal to a much wider audience.

6:47PM - Guillermo answering/talking about additional Spanish / Latin-American films and what he is working on and other films in regards to those (and foreign films).

Guillermo said he'll watch every single short he gets sent. He'll help out anyone he can. Although he gets a lot and will watch them, it may take a while to actually watch it, but he'll definitely do so.

9 - Will Ron Perlman have a role in Pan's Labyrinth?
"He'll have a role as long as he can pronounce his lines," Guillermo said. Guillermo said he is going to remake The Witches book with Ron Perlman starring in it. Ron is a friend, and he works with him because he admires him from some of his other works and he tries to work with people he admires.

10 - How did you overcome the opposition to cast Perlman in Hellboy?
"It took 7 years." Guillermo said it could've been there before The Matrix and all these other movies, but it wasn't, because he thought he'd rather do Hellboy with the right actor then make a movie with a bad (or wrong) actor. He kept saying that it has to be Ron Perlman, and finally he got him.

Doug adds: Guillermo has more faith in us (the actors) than we do. He said that Doug is the only person that can play this role of Pan, but he know what he was looking for and knew exactly in his mind what Pan should be. At the end of the day, he saw something in Doug that Doug didn't himself, and pulled it out of him.

11 - The trailer had the feeling like "Alice in Wonderland," is that the feeling you wanted?
The style of the movie is very different - the palette is very different. Pan's Labyrinth is in blues, greens, and the fantasy world is gold and red - because the fantasy in Pan's Labyrinth is "inside the belly." It's the most magical movie Guillermo's made and the most scary sequence he's ever made. Everything in the movie is 100% set built.

12 - What is the best advice you can give to fledging filmmakers in a "fucked-up" Hollywood system?
You have to do the stuff you believe in, when everyone else is putting it down; don't listen to all that [bullshit] and keep doing what you want to do. "It's a sperm race, and there's only one egg," Guillermo said. "Filmmaking is like eating a sandwich of shit. You sometimes get more bread, but you always get shit."

Guillermo said some incredibly inspirational things for aspiring filmmakers and anyone in Hollywood in general. He is someone who's incredibly strong in the ideas he has and his believes, and in creating films, he won't take "no" for an answer when he has his vision for a film he is creating.

6:59PM - That's all from Guillermo del Toro and Doug Jones on Pan's Labyrinth!!

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