Constantine 2 Confirmed Coming Soon!

November 18, 2006 was on hand at the Unaccompanied Minors press day in Los Angeles, where producer Lauren Shuler Donner (X-Men Series) gave some updates and announcements about Constantine 2. Keanu Reeves will be back, but the previous director, Francis Lawrence, will not be directing, only producing. From their report:

IESB: Are we ever going to see a sequel to Constantine?

LSD: Yes, with Keanu [Reeves]. We have been working with a team of writers for a story and yes, we will. We are really going to go for it, it will be a hard 'R' and Keanu will be in it. The area that we found is great-it will be outside of America. It will be a different director but Francis [Lawrence] will produce it, we will maintain his vision.

Sounds pretty good to me. The first Constantine is by far not my favorite comic book movie, but I thought it was a very visionary creation, and I'm glad they'll be making a second one as the first one definitely left some doors open for sequels. No updates on when pre-production will start yet.

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That just made my year. Lmao. I liked the first Constantine, I just thought it would have benefited from taking some risks. Its good to hear they're actually going to work toward an R rating, that way the movie can be as gritty as the comic. Here's to hoping it all works out.

Nicole on Nov 19, 2006


The first film was decent because of Rachel Weisz, but despite her great performance, the movie was horrible. I don't think the second film is going to happen despite what Lauren Shuler Donner said and i don't think Keanu is coming back ether. It sounds like wishful thinking.

Norton on Nov 19, 2006


"It sounds like wishful thinking.' It does sound like that and i don't think Warners is going to do it.

Jerry on Nov 19, 2006


I think that Keanu not coming back would be the best thing possible for this film. He did better than I thought he would in the first film, but he was absolutely the wrong choice for John Constantine. I doubt that there's any chance of this happening now that he's done Casino Royale, but Daniel Craig would have been my choice in a heartbeat.

Dave on Nov 20, 2006


Hmmm... maybe it's because I'm not a huge comic book guy, but I can't see Daniel Craig in the role over Keanu. My image of Constantine is Keanu now, and Craig would just seem out of place. That's just how I feel after having seen the first one. Norton - It's already underway? I doubt it'll be stopped when she's already saying it's in pre-production.

Alex Billington on Nov 20, 2006


i looovvveddd constantine, i think keanu was the perfect choice, he did absolutely wonderful in the part, i cant wait for the second one!!! i know keanu's gonna pull out all the stops on it!! mark my words, it will be awesome

Ashley on Nov 20, 2006


(Norton - It's already underway? I doubt it'll be stopped when she's already saying it's in pre-production. ) Its not in pre-production and i doubt as well if the movie will be made. BTW, its up to Warner Brothers, not Laura and I'm hearing that they are not interested.

Bill on Nov 20, 2006


I absolutely loved Constantine! Keanu did an amazing job in this film. I am so excited to know that there is a second one in the making. Without Keanu in it I think it would be another Speed 2 mistake. I wouldn't even bother seeing it if he wasn't in it. It would also be nice to see Rachel in this one too. Especially since they left it hanging with the two characters. But we'll just have to wait and see. I can't wait!

Jenn on Nov 20, 2006


I rather have Rachel back than Keanu, at least she gave a great performance while Keanu was a brick for most of the film. Anyway, until its official as true, take it as a rumor.

Diana on Nov 21, 2006


This is great news, as much as I know, they're pretty much serious about it. So i'll keep my hopes up for a sequel. I did really like Keanu as John. Period. But I doubt it that Rachel's character would make an appearance.. Can't wait to hear more progress!

Lily on Nov 21, 2006


"But I doubt it that Rachel's character would make an appearance..' That's too bad because it will be the only reason i would see it considering the fact that Rachel Weisz's performance was the only good thing about the last one.

Bob on Nov 21, 2006


Rachel Weisz was the only actor in " Constantine" who could act.

Kim on Nov 21, 2006


rachel was good but what about the guy who played satan?he stole the movie

~baby~ on Dec 2, 2006


I know... I loved that guy! Peter Stormare is his name... That was the best part of the movie. I hope he comes back with a much bigger role in this 2nd one.

Alex Billington on Dec 3, 2006


Keanu has a 'je ne se qua' about him, he is perfect for this kind of filming. There is somathing spiritual about him, he might even be a real angel and he is sending us all a message! I hope he does a sequel and that we see more of him in Europe. Rome and London would be good.

Natalia on Dec 13, 2006


the attraction of keanu is that he isn't some spoiled hollywood him or not you gotta give the guy respect for being someone who is not full of himself.and btw for all the fans of the constantine from the comic books,i really don't understand why the can you like him more then the one keanu portrays.he can't fight and he has screwed up things to the point were people have died.keanu was a lot more manly and played the part just fine.i do hope there is a second movie comming out and more is reveled about the constantine's past.and as i have said before they have got to get that guy back who played satan,he was soooo outrageous.i loved it.

~baby~ on Dec 13, 2006


the more eccentric the character the better I say! We are not dealing withyour average day or situation. Satan was great and so was that evil angel and woodoo man! Keanu could become a reformed character and hate cigarretes! He must have been well intoxicated by the end of the movie. We have lots of eccentricity here in London. Knowing more about him would be the way to go. Where does he come from, who is he? any family? A bit of a dark past I suspect.

natalia on Jan 1, 2007


Okay, greatest movie ever!!! If II happens I will be so excited!! Keanu was brilliant, Papa Midnite is deep and I want to know more. There is so much of this story left to be told. I own the movie, but I watch it everytime its on cable. The Angel was Gabriel not evil just had its own idea of how humans should prove their loyalty and love, Can't wait to see what the new Gabriel does!

Jenise on Feb 23, 2007


I'm so glad to hear that a second part is in the works. Is Keanu in the second movie? I loved this movie, watch it everytime it comes on cable. The end was amazing, love that the boy came back as an Angel, can't waite till the second movie is out, I hope it's as good as the first one or better.

janettp on Feb 23, 2007


I just loved 'Constantine' and I really hope they'll do the sequel! Keanu was the best choice for this lovable anti-hero, and I don't understand why all of the other Hellblazer fans freaked out, just because the movie makers chose a dark-haired guy for the role. Would anybody had said a thing if Keanu (God forbid it!) was blonde? No, I don't think so. Anyway, I liked the way they portrayed the whole Constantine universe, especially Satan. Peter Stormare was fantastic with a big 'F' (AND he's a Scandinavian! That's TWO thumbs up! ^__^) Also Tilda Swinton did a great performance and Rachel Weisz ... 'wonderful' is too poor a word to describe her. With the sequel taking place in South America, this is gonna be great! I hope, no, I know they'll make it!

Sara on Mar 3, 2007


I am a fan of Reeves , I like "constantine" too . The film is very excellent! I hope "constantine" will succes in all the cinema.

nguyen hy khanh on Mar 16, 2007


hi loved the first constantine and am waiting for the sequel. it was a great movie and no one else can do it other then reeves. he is the only person who fits in that role.

peter on Mar 27, 2007


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Edeltraut Jäkel,30455 Hannover,Grünaustraße 16,Germany on May 18, 2007


I want To watch Constantine 2 as soon as possible!... The mesmerizing movie has left its magic in the air!... By far it is one of the few movies which i die upon!... The acting was splendid!..I was over whelmed with happiness to hear that the sequal is arriving!... I just want to know the exact date when will it be Coming?!...I hope it'll be hear in a very near future!...I love Keanu Reeves!...Truely and Madly!...=)!...

Sarah on May 19, 2007


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Edeltraut Jäkel,30455 Hannover,Grünaustraße 16,Germany on May 20, 2007


I love constantine so much! I can't wait for the second one.. Keanu truly rock! does John Constantine will have a girlfriend in the constantine 2?! does angela dodson still in the constantine 2?! I hope! cause I love angela and john together!

stephanie on Jun 3, 2007


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Edeltraut Jäkel,30455 Hannover,Grünaustraße 16,Germany on Jun 4, 2007


I Just can't believe i missed it....I can't believe I didn't realize way sooner that they were going to come out with a Constantine 2...I didn't even see the opened doors in my mind until just now out of the blue while thinking about it. What thru me was when he told her to hide the "Spear of Destiny" away where no one can find it, even him (Constantine), so I thought that was the end...what made me think of the opened doors to the sequel just now, was when Lucifer trashed Gabriel sindging his wings off when God made him human for his treatury upon mankind...and then Constantine punching him making him feel pain as a human. Then I thought about one of the deleted scenes where Constantines aprentice is killed and then he becomes a half-breed acsending to the sky as one of the endings...even though it's a deleted ending in the first movie, it can still be used as apart of the story in the sequel if used right...but anyways, I just felt like there had to be a sequel and that it couldn't end right there. But I just wanted to stop by and tell yall that you did great on the first one and I just hope that the other one is full of action packed mystery and suspense with a hint of comedy...heheheh Check ya later... - Nathaniel

Nathaniel on Jun 10, 2007


I really love the first movie, and i think is worth to try to have the sequel.. and some risks; of coure.. It will be a dream come true for me, if i he made the sequel.. !! I Love keanu so much.. and Rachel Wiez, well she's the best!! -Melao-

melao Kamisama on Jun 16, 2007


Bring on the sequel, bring on the high rating. Constantine was enjoyable but in no means was it up there with the Vertigo series. If the sequel is anywhere near as good as the mesmerising comic book series, then we are looking at one hell of a movie. As the great Constantine sais, there is "Always a catch". Another sequel may be on the horizon, but will Keanu really sign up for it? Like Toby Maguire, Ben Affleck, and Eric Banner, i feel that a new breed of actors are slowly taking the reigns of these comic book sequels, much to the dissapointment of the loyal fans. In the end movies are just a commercialised regurgitation of our favourite unlikely heros, still if the rumours are true i will be one of the first in line, with my king size popcorn, and ridiculously large sized beverage. I dare to dream, but refuse to hold my breath. Gerard

Gerard on Jun 22, 2007


I just finished watching Constantine it has so much to offer i can think of many ways that the story may go because of the lack of explaining during the movie, which i think they did on purpose to leave an open end for them to come back to eventually, i hope that another chapter is released in the constantine story it has real potential....KEANU FTW

Sean on Jun 22, 2007


I think keanu did a hell of a job. And since I heard that a part two is in the works I'm highly anxious. I mean making part 2 without keanu would be suck ass. Keanu made constatine he's own as did everybody in the first movie to make a second without the original cast would be "like what's the point?"

D.Rome on Jul 10, 2007


You people are stupidly spoiled when it comes to films if you think Constantine was anything less than a great movie. Keanu Reeves did an excellent job of playing John Constantine, although I'm sure any film could be made better once the product is released, but that is AFTER the fact. Anything can be made better AFTER the fact. Swallow your dissapointment and enjoy and appreciate the work the producers and actors do. Trust me you could never do a better job, any damn one of you. So shut the hell up, there is enough complaining and the movie business is still a multi-billion dollar one. If the second movie even halfway measures up to the first then it will be a good one. A decent one. Keanu is and was the best man for the job and he prooved it. Daniel Craig is a great actor but he couldn't have done the job put to Keanu. So please get over it, movies are made for individuals in mind, the majority of us loved the movie and the majority of us will return to see the second Constantine. You can sit at home on your couch if it please you, no one is asking you to spend your little ten dollars to sit on your fat bum in a theatre. I'm sure they wouldn't want you there anyway. To all fans who enjoyed Constantine and are interested in the sequel, I hope you enjoy it and find it worth your time and money. To the rest of you idiots, stay home, don't go to the movie, no one will miss your presence.

Rob on Jul 12, 2007


Typo, *** movies AREN'T made for individuals in mind. Excuse my mistake .

Rob on Jul 12, 2007


I should begin with I haven't seen Constantine; though I have been a reader of the comic for years and Keanu Reeves should never have been cast as John Constantine (that honor should have been Tim Roth's) because, not only does he not look anything like the title character, but he can't act his way out of a paper bag. I can't drive myself to see a film that was cast – it seems to me at any rate – just to earn a buck (which it barely did) when you not only have a superior actor, in Tim Roth, but who actually seems to have a bit of the world weariness that John Constantine is famous for. So if there is a Constantine 2 I will not see that either. And by the way, Robb: A sequel of Constantine was on the ropes for the longest time. I suspect that people like me (I am also about 170 lbs of lean muscle by the way; so you couldn't possibly be referring to people like me, namely those of discriminating taste in movies and that are very physically fit) had more than a little to do with the fact that it barely seemed to escape development hell.

BMer on Jul 21, 2007



swan on Aug 3, 2007


i personally think its a great idea with the sequel, i absolutely loved teh first 1 n i pretty sure il love the sequel. for those hu read the comic books, yeah, i know keanu reeves looks nothing lyk john in the books, but cum on, cud u have found sum1 better for the part?? the guys kicked ass!! but i have to admit, the cudv chosen sum1 older as Chas. so i give the sequel th efreen flag, cantwait for it!!!

Alius on Aug 8, 2007


(I am also about 170 lbs of lean muscle by the way; so you couldn't possibly be referring to people like me, namely those of discriminating taste in movies and that are very physically fit) What does that even mean? So you're the only physically fit person who likes movies? I weigh 170 bench 305 squat 375 and regularly ride 60+ mile rides on my bike and can run for hours. WHO CARES and how does this relate to anything? NOBODY and in no way, respectively. You haven't even seen the movie. If you're such a critic you would at least watch it, and with an open mind no less. I for one seldom get excited about movies but I cannot wait for C2. I'm going to be there on opening day.

stu on Aug 14, 2007


the film was great, the plot ok, the characters beliavable. the filming great, just one thing that bugged me though, they portrayed god as a stickler. i'm sorry but that just does not fit the picture of the god that i know and love. for i have been taught, that if one sins and asks forgiveness sincearly, absolution, will be given, regardless of the ennormity of the sin. in fact in the film angela is shown confessing the killing of a criminal in her line of duty, absolution was given, no questions asked. so why was constantine condemmed for trying to take his own life, when he was a frightened teenager? i am sure that he who knows us better than we do ourselves would have compasion on a tortured soul. i would prefare if the film makers would refere to teachings on such matters. i also hope they would once more produce a sequal to surpass the first film

miriam on Aug 18, 2007


Okay to answer Miriam... hun god has his ways (and as john says... its not always like its in the books). Constantine as Gabriel said knew of god... But he didn’t believe in him. And as a teenager, he would be angrier rather than sorry considering Constantine is a stubborn ass, so to speak. look at the emotions of Angela... in order for absolution u have to feel sorry within your heart and soul, u have to feel the regret of doing wrong... not just merely ask for the sake of fear, plus she truly believed in god. In Constantine’s agenda he was trying to buy his way into heaven, he was angry for the way his life was condemned to hell because of his own mistake. At the end he sincerely pleaded with god, and asked for his help, at that moment he let his anger and fear go and believed. God listened; Keanu sacrificed his soul to hell for the soul of another. That alone was his moment of absolution. In the beginning he was selfish, afraid, and angry, he didn’t understand that god doesn’t just forgive you on a whim, he wants us to believe, be sincere, honest and be true with our emotions, especially when we're sorry. As for the movie.... honestly Daniel Craig would have made the movie way too commercialized. Keanu does have a stiff way of acting, but I swear this the best I’ve seen him in. He really did make Constantine his own and this would be completely destroyed if Craig (or any other actor) was put in. if Craig was shoved in, I feel the movie would lose its touch (now that many are used to Reeves as Constantine)... especially if they plan to expand and explain the many open plots of the first movie. Plus putting Reeves in made Constantine far more sinister and less mischievous in that boyish way. Reeves portrayed Constantine as a washed down man who has been through some serious shit (midnight, ‘you were the John Constantine… once’). And, I honestly loved Reeves dry sense of sadistic/ sarcastic humor... it was silent, steely, funny yet cruel. And at the end when there is that glorious reunion (Lucifer (by far the best Lucifer act ever), God, Gabriel, etc etc) his moment of vulnerability was truly amazing. I know many are against his acting skills but really he did shine at the end. I think this is exactly what the directors and producers were aiming for. If they had wanted Constantine mischievous, mean, loud, and destructive then they would have cast someone else. Introducing Craig would be like making a completely different Constantine movie. As for the movie itself, I loved it! There were so many plot holes... and that was the whole point of it!! I think the directors were just testing the waters and seeing of this new version of Constantine would have clicked with audiences. And I really do believe it did. for those who are the comic readers, I know its nothing like the Constantine in hellblazer, but honestly do u think anyone who hasn’t even heard of hellblazer understand what the hell was going on if it were made like the comic. There are so many chapters and volumes, in order to condense it a lot of plots would have to be cut off. And I think that would have sucked royally. If everyone wanted an exact replica of the comic then lets all send in a petition for a tv show. I think that would have been much better, considering the show would run for many seasons and open and explain many storylines in detail. (Plus it'll be far better than all the other crap that’s been released) (Also if a petition was put out to make a movie or TV show of transmetropolitan and sandman would be awesome :3 ) Another thing, it was stated that the movie was loosely based on the chars. this gave the directors the freedom to explain an entirely different scope of the original plot... or create a new one that would work not only for comic readers but also those newly introduced to the hellblazer. But sadly it looks like many other fellow comic readers did not agree with it. Plus they said they’re aiming for an R rating and it did surprisingly well... that was the indication for me that they were only testing this movie out. I’m happy there’s a sequel coming out. This time, I do hope this will be based on his connections with midnight and the whole gang. Plus, a little more Lucifer for us fans would be fangasmic!!

B on Aug 29, 2007


hey B, there's alot of truth in what you say, generally speaking i agree with you, but still i think they were a bit harsh on god. anyway like you said it's a film. i also agree that keanu was the best choice for the part. i'm a great fan of his,(he's a likeable sort of guy, and his good looks does not do any harm either, lol) i was also thinking along the same lines, a tv series would be great, well lets hope the producers give it some thought.

miriam on Sep 5, 2007


ps.. never, ever, put your soul in jeaopardy....for any one, its the only one thing one must realy guard, for it not ours and it will never be ours, it belongs to the creator and in the end we must redeem it. i would gladly put my life on the line for whom i loved, ...but my soul never.

miriam on Sep 5, 2007


Hey Miriam 😀 I do agree with you, they did portray god as harsh. The reason was because everyone was shown and told of god through the eyes of Constantine. So of course according to him, god was an ignorant mean old fart (no offence lol!). Plus, haven’t you noticed… Constantine (even at the age of 30) still acted as a teenager trying to but his way out of a situation? (Hahah remember the good old days of growing up? :S ) As a parent I most certainly would not give into it, unless I see true heart in what he/she was doing. Constantine acted more on self preservation, rather than guilt and reverence. So actually I don’t blame god. But that’s what I loved about this movie; it had a realistic touch to it because I'm sure many go through ‘spiritual’ life lessons, much like Constantine did. Plus there are always two sides of the story, and so far we have yet to see the situation through the eyes of a 'heavenly being'. Which I hope to see in the sequel if they continue with the plotline, or dive into a past event (like a flashback), that would be hella awesome (id like to know how the voice, if not image, of god will be portrayed). They could gross over the topic of handling Constantine's situation, although that may seem corny and clichéd. But it definitely would be a bonus to see the second side of the story :). I mean imagine... i can see many ways and ideas on how heaven, god, the angels, the souls... everyone would be/sound/look like. if they can create something unique, different from the usual ideas... that would be truely amazing!! 😀 (im getting goosebumps just thinking of those scenes lol!) Oh yes!! I do hope the producers try and make a TV series out of this. And not like ‘Buffy’ or ‘Angel’ (highly hormone-lized, over dramatic shows… yea I'm not a fan at all, sorry guys) something that would exceed even ‘Heroes’. Damn that would be a massive project!! And if they don’t …. then by god they should make Transmetropolitan!! That would be even bigger than Hellblazer. Purely red band R rated futuristic stuff, but because of this I’m sure it would never be brought into the TV/movie media. Oh well, one can hope :D. Hmmm, I do agree. But sadly the way reality is, many of us (without knowing) already sell our souls to materialistic things, or other issues. I guess it’s just a part of life and that’s how we have to redeem it. Everyone is born with their own issues and lessons to learn :). (Thank you for your input btw! :D)

B on Sep 5, 2007


hey that's awsome after the gr8 film constantine everyone will be given chance to watch the second too will keanu act in this film? cause without him i think nobody will enjoy this

hemant on Sep 6, 2007


Constantine was supposed to be a wise cracking, hard drinking/smoking Brit who used his head instead of his fists . . . he was also blonde and looked like sting! So Mr Reeves just seemed like the total wrong choice for the 1st film. A bit like casting Euan McGregor as Batman and letting him keep the Scottish accent. But as a no brainer action lark it was OK. I just wish they'd had the balls to do it properly the 1st time

Chris on Sep 11, 2007



FED UP on Sep 11, 2007



FED UP on Sep 11, 2007


I'm totally blown out after watching this movie,i've purchased the same lighter of Jhon Constantine,that overcoat.i began to watch the movie 3 times a day for the first week.waitin like ne thin for the sequel KEANU REEVES ROXSSSSSSS........ His entry in the club,his style of walking...............

himanshu on Oct 25, 2007


im juz 5'10,but was is wrong in feeling like costantine

himanshu on Oct 25, 2007


i think Keanu was awesome in the first one and i cant wait for the second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ummmmm on Nov 1, 2007


There HAS to be a 2nd one. Bottom line, Chaz came back as a half breed at the end.

Smitty on Nov 4, 2007


are we sure they are actually working on the sequel though? i really realllllly hope so.

cal on Nov 12, 2007


Constantine is one of my favorite comic book adaptations. Keanu was perfect as a John. I can't wait to see the sequel. Has there been an update on this project?

Lars on Nov 24, 2007


Not too sure on the conformation, but doubt they'll leave us hanging like that. Chaz becoming a half breed can't be the end. 😛

Smitty on Nov 24, 2007


I would say Constantine is the Best movie on demons...Keanu Reeves as John Constantine was amazing...Racheal as the female lead also gave a good performance...I must tell u guys that this Constantine series cannot be complete without these two actors..They make a good couple on screen..I hope they will end it with a Triology...Cant wait to see a 'R' version of the new Constantine..I hope to see more horror and more demons this time...

RITZ on Nov 25, 2007



swan on Dec 2, 2007


I am looking forward to the sequel and as someone who studies demonology, I hope that they will use more of the main demons such as Asmodeus or Asteroth.

Hazikara on Dec 3, 2007


i loved the first constantine and would love a sequel...i remember watching it on hbo one night and after the credits rolled they played the scene where chaz became a half breed so I was really hoping they would make another one.

jay on Dec 11, 2007


"surprised over the reports that Warner Brothers is in talks with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz for Constantine 2" (google :)) seems like warner have almost made their minds up, and lots of sites have recently placed the film into pre-production so i think it is safe to assume that a C2 is expected.

corney-d on Dec 15, 2007


what is taking so long to do this it is now dec 2007 and no new word on this story what gives any new new s

ida on Dec 27, 2007


I am waiting for the Constantin's sequel very much! I hope, it will come this year!

I'm Russian! on Jan 13, 2008


I really hope they stick with keanu and rachel I hate when sequels dont have the original actors/actresses. Sure its coming out this year? Id expect more google info, unless its coming out towards the end of the year.. probably. Cant wait to see the trailer. Anywho hope its as great as the first/even better. I love Keanu Reeves HES A FANTASTIC ACTOR! :]

steph on Jan 26, 2008


OMG!!!!! I LOVE constantine but i wish Keanu Reeves was going to b in it..... Wehhhhh

Sandra on Feb 7, 2008


I'm so happy that i just read this. I think Keanu reeves played the role perfectly and should come back in the sequel (If there is one). Everything about the 1st movie was great including effects, acting, and the actors. They should definitely make a sequel!!

Frank on Mar 2, 2008


My god, why did I not come up wit it myself or even encounter the idea sooner. Oh indeed, why is Daniel Craig not portraying as Constantine. Man casting sometimes feels messed up. Blond as a black haired bond and darkie as a blond hunter mage.

Jan on Mar 9, 2008


For those of u who have read the comic Id like to know how u would feel about Brad Pitt as Constantine I know he has the whole pretty boy thing going on but if any of you say Babel u know how old and gritty he can look also u know he can do the cocky thing like he did in Fight Club. let me know what u all think.

DJ on Mar 20, 2008


I think Keanu and Rachel are the perfect couple in movies. They played their role pretty well also in the Chain Reaction.. I really can't wait to see Keanu play Constantine again. I think they chose the perfect character...

eric on Mar 26, 2008


Okay Keanu Reeves is not THEE best actor in the world but he's not as bad as people say he is, otherwise YOU would be a successful actor and not sitting at a computer defecating on his name. So, with that said and done I hope to God (pun intended) they do another Constantine. Growing up a black Roman-Catholic is pretty, well, f*%ked up if you ask me. But I always found spirituality, articles and movies about the quest for God incredible. So make the damn movie already with Keanu Reeves being how he was in the 1st one.

Doctor Opto on Apr 6, 2008


The movie needs to retain characters and keep Constantine as dark as possible. Rachel goes away to Europe classic job move seperation while Constantine continues to smoke and hits the bottle and kick evil in the ass. Scenes of gratuitous violence, rekindling romance and old Lu trying to get even. Sounds like an easy remake... Oh, yea, some crazy sick computer generated scenes. Should be a lot better than the usual hollywood trash!

Steve on Apr 6, 2008


The thing about the movie Constantine is that, it was not a great movie, but it was "cool". Despite Keanu Reeves not being an amazing actor, he was the perfect person for the movie. Everyone says how Rachel's acting was amazing, but it was average to me. Peter Stormare did the best job in the movie. Not only that, but Shia Labeouf has become a PHENOMENAL actor and will do an outstanding job if he is presented in the sequel. Cannot wait for Constantine 2, wish I was watching it right now.

Michael on Apr 17, 2008


I think anyone who reads the Hellbrazer comics will find faults with Keanu playing the lead. There's so much more to the original character. Reeves just doesn't have the hard edge to play the lead. Daniel Craig is too old(?) to play the old punk Constantine. I actually thought Guy Pearce, the actor from Memento was a better choice. Still overall I did enjoy the movie and can't wait for the sequel!

Kelvin on May 16, 2008


i love Keanu Reeves

marta on Aug 30, 2008


It will be great!!! i´m waiting for th secuel of Constantine and i thinks its a great idea, i had alredy seen the MAX PAYNE movie, it´s not so good but the Angels of death are llike the Constantine Vision, i hope a work some equal at least. bye bye Constantine Fan´s

Gustax on Oct 30, 2008


this is so awesome!!!! i think keanu should stay as john constantine because if they change the actor it might feel empty if u really liked the first one. =]

ferhnino on Nov 10, 2008


I think Keanu Reeves and Racheal Weiz were perfect for the role and Shia LaBeouf. I hope all of them will come back. Also the soundtrack was excellent for the movie, I hope they will have the same music composer. Also the visionary aspect of the first movie was great and I hope it would be the same for the sequel.

Nika on Dec 13, 2008


Constantine 2 will be awesome. i loved the first part and can't wait for a second one. That Keanu Reeves was going to play as John Constantine was obvious because if it were be played by someone else it wouls s*ck i guess. I also hope if they are going to put Lucifer in it they would use the same one as in the first movie because he was awesome!!

Luuk on Dec 14, 2008


I think Keanu is the best actor and the best to play Constantine 2. He was better then good in Constantine. He will come back and do Constantine 2 I do hope so. He always been great in what he does. And he enjoy acting lead or not. I love all his movies, because he is sexy and he is good in what he loves and that is acting.

Maria Lusia Santos on Jan 23, 2009


I just finished rewatching Constantine which I own on DVD. I find Keanu Reeves to be possible the worst actor to have worked so consistently and with such success for many years. This is the only role I have ever seen him in that he didn't seem completely wooden. I never ever write on message boards such as this, but I felt compelled to do so. I was actually looking into the comic online when I came across this forum. I did see the article in Maxim that he claimed he wanted to reprise his role if there is a sequel made and I'm all for it. A very underrated movie, to say the least. Particularly well done emsemble piece with a feel all its own. Maybe Keanu himself saw that he fit this character so well which is why he proclaimed its the only role he'd like to revisit. Cheers!

Timmick on Feb 10, 2009


Peter Stormare(Lucife) made the movie 😉 the movie would be the suck without Peter Stormare as Lucifer

BlindspliT on Mar 13, 2009


Film was made for the majority not just the few comic book geeks.

nj on May 7, 2009


that good i love constantine. i think they did a good job on the first one. i can't wait to see what they do with the new one

kim brown on Aug 29, 2009


i just finished reading all your comments and can just say that i loved the comics about constantine, and i dont agree with all the geeks about flawd choice of lead actor. Keanu played his roll like he was suposed to, as in the start you are alowed to see a little of his growing up on the bus he see what would be scary even for an adult of course he will take his on life then he spend his years trying to buy his ticket to heaven by means of just survive while sending scumbags bag to hell*. And i love that the made god as an harsch good because come on don´t you see whats happining in our real world. Wars murders corruption of course good is pissed on humaniti and only give absulotion to them who truly in their hearts shows regrets. *And with a personality like that you have to find a actor that can play it not just go for a perfect match on looks. ergo keanu are the best choice for constantine. And if the seguel ever comes I will be first in line do watch it.

tobbe on Nov 23, 2009


YEA! yea! YEA! yea! YEA! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

todd snell on Dec 18, 2009


I Love Constantine So much =) I will'not when keanu Reeves , Rachel weisz , and shia Labeouf dont play together in Constantine 2 . I hope they still play in Constantine 2 . If not , Constantine 2 be film which not have actress/actor original . I Love John Constantine(keanu) , Angela dodson(Rachel) , Chaz Kramer(Shia) . 😀

iJah_constantine on Jan 4, 2010


i really enjoied the movie especially on the scene that Keanu Reeves rocks with the holy shotgun and that he raised his middle finger to satan when he were about to go to heaven . Now Im so exicted hearing that the movie will come back as a sequal with Keanu Reeves, I actually took a liking on him in constantine haha, and i hope it will be made public in theater soon

kim on Jan 4, 2010


Original post started at 2006. And "soon" has experied. And what was confirmed I believe has been unconfirmied. There will not be a constantine 2 in 5 years time.

Paivis on Jan 17, 2010


That will be awesome will definately see it!!!!!!!!!!

Vishal on Jan 21, 2010


DAMNIT ALL!!! its been 5 years and no C2!!! atleast there are some cool movies like Iron man 2 and clash of the titans thats coming out soon....

Anton on Mar 29, 2010


Wow..I really can't wait for the next sequel of Constantine..I hope it is more exciting than the prequel 🙂 ....Keanu did great of the prequel..I hope he's still John Constantine for the sequel....more powerful devils and more extra ordinary humans who will fight devils.

Seward on Nov 30, 2010


I loved Constantine I think it's one of the best movies about heaven, hell and everything in between. I can not wait for the sequel.

Pinchypat20 on Mar 9, 2011


this the best keanu movie after matrix series n i m waiting for constantine 2 n it will rock

Rahul Sharma on Mar 21, 2011


I think a lot of people for some reason underestimate Keanu Reeves. I really don't see how people can say that he is a bad actor. When you look at Constantine as a movie and not the movie that came out of the comic books, it was great and Keanu did an excellent job. The Matrix series is not the only thing he is capable of. He is an extremely talented actor who deserves a lot more credit than he gets. I really hope that they have a Constantine 2 and the original cast is in it, especially Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, and Djimon Hounsou. They did extremely well in Constantine and made it my first favorite movie. Really hoping to see another one.

Jazz on May 10, 2011

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