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July 5, 2006

July 5th - 10:00 pm : Arrived at the theater to find Alex and Josh already there. Unfortunately I had to work today, so I wasn't able to make it until just now. I set up the TV, projector and screen. That is my car in the photo posted by Alex. =)

We started off the night by watching Serenity, which I should review at some point. Suffice to say my coat is sort of a brownish color, and it wasn't even on sale! =) As a bonus, we got to watch Alan Tudyk as Wash, aka Steve the Pirate! I also managed to get yelled at by one of the theater underlings for having my car parked next to the building for unloading. She didn't so much as yell, but took a much more passive aggressive path. Instead she went inside and sent one of her employees out to take back the chairs we had used to set up our TV and screen. Grrr!

The First Showing Camp

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July 6th
2:00am : Headed home to pick up my tent and sleeping bag. Got back around 3:00am and setup the rest of my camp. Finally crashed around 3:30am.

July 6th
9:30am : Just finished with my interview with Channel 13 news. No one brought breakfast tho, so looks like we get to starve for a little while. Getting ready to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Garrr!!

1:00pm : Started watching the Firefly series while we waited. Alex is preparing the trivia questions and there is much gaming and ballyhoo in general. The girls camping out behind us in line, Jessie and Jennifer, are taking some time to jump around in the fountain outside.

2:30pm : Jessie is now on her 5th change of clothes. She and Jennifer have cleaned up in the bathroom and they are now presentable. We will get Alex to take some pictures of them later tonight. Since the internet here seems more stable, we are hanging out on and watching the Spiderman 3 trailer.

5:30pm : The rest of our booty finally showed up!

Dead Man's Chest

All 200 PC:DMC posters from Disney showed up for our various competitions tonight. If you were planning on coming out, make sure you buff up on your trivia or get the final details done on your costumes!

6:30pm : We are told we are going to be let in at 6:30pm. Currently it is 6:00, but wanted to make a preemptive update. It is really storming outside the theater and we are quickly going to run out of room in the covered area for people waiting for the movie.

First Showing guys taking their place at the front of the cattle ropes

10:00pm : All of us First Showing guys are getting ready for our giveaways and competitions. We are having to make sure we divide the posters evenly between the theaters. We have decided to go to Theater 5 first, then Theater 1 followed by Theater 17.

10:20pm : Theater 5 - 12:03 Show This theater was smaller than the main screens at the complex. I think that is the reason why it looks jam packed already. Everyone inside was roaring to go right at the beginning. Our competitions included "Talk Like A Pirate", Trivia competition and a Costume competition. Alex took some great pictures.

The costume competition entrants

The toughest question we asked was "What year did the Pirates of the Caribbean ride open in Disneyland?" It took many many guesses until we finally had an answer… 1967! Strangely, we had guesses all the way up to 2001!

10:40pm : Theater 1 - 12:02 Show Heading into one of the biggest capacity theaters is a noticable change from the 12:03 show. The seats are almost all full by now and I'd say there are about 4 times as many people! As a spotter for the trivia competition, it is a challenge to make sure I keep an eye on the entire crowd to pick out the first hands in the air. I definitely started breaking a sweat running up and down the aisles handing out posters. The "Talk Like A Pirate" competition was hilarious! Remind me to start getting video and audio of this, as the excitement and audience participation cannot be captured with the printed word or still photos! Josh did a great job emcee'ing throughout the hilarity!

Josh and David down front

We just moved to close the show with our audience vs. audience cheers. We split the theater in half and having them shout "FIRST" then the other side "SHOWING" back and forth. Josh was emcee'ing and let slip that we would be giving posters for the winning side. The compeition heated up quickly with the cheers reaching a deafining level. FIRST … SHOWING … FIRST … SHOWING!!! I ran the FIRST side, and we ended up winning. That is when it got hairy!

All of a sudden, an entire half of the theater shot up their hands in the air and began clamoring for their promised booty. I quickly saw that I didn't have enough posters with me, so as I was passing out the posters I had, I looked around for the rest of my team. That is when I saw that they had already taken down the banner and moved on to Theater 17 to prepare for our last event. I continued to pass out posters, hoping against hope that one of my team would miraculously reappear with more posters. Not to be… I had started at the top of the theater passing out posters, and barely made it halfway down the aisle when I ran out completely. I was already being mobbed up and down the stairs with throngs of people either begging or bordering on demanding their poster. I eventually had to run back to theater 17 where we had our stash and grab another handful of posters. After a mad dash back to theater 1, I was able to pass out posters to the front quarter of the theater and take my leave from a then-approving audience. I am sure they were wondering if I would return with more posters or not!

I also know that not every one of you got posters on the winning side, and I apologize for not having the amount necessary to give each and every one of you posters. I do want to thank the many groups of people that admitted they were all together and only needed one. Very cool of you all! Thanks again to all of you, Theater 1 rocked!

11:05 pm : Theater 17 12:01 Show This is the theater all of us First Showing guys are sitting in, and our home turf in general. Usually we would say that the people in the 12:01 show are the most die hard fans, as that is the show that sells out the earliest. If you have tickets for the 12:01 show, you bought way in advance. While we prepared for our biggest crowd yet I made sure to tell Josh that there was no way we had enough posters to promise them to the winners of the FIRST vs. SHOWING challenge at the end. I quickly recounted the near lynching in the previous theater! Alex and Josh had a great chuckle!

There were some great entries for the "Talk Like A Pirate" contest, as well as the costume contest. The pretty young redhead named Jennifer who had been sitting behind us in line off and on since yesterday had dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and entered the costume competition. There was another challenger who also had a convincing Jack Sparrow costume, but Jennifers decidedly graceful and practiced (?!?) drunken stagger pushed her over the top. Here is a great picture of her!

01pm Costume Contest

This was the theater that someone got the answer to the Disneyland Pirates ride in the second guess. Very impressive. But most importantly to my health, Josh didn't promise posters to the winning side of the theater in the FIRST vs. SHOWING contest. Mark and I each coaxed our respective sides, but in the end Marks side ended up winning.

A young woman approached me as the festivities were winding down and offered me a handmade drawing in trade for one of the posters we were giving out. I made the deal immediately! I have scanned it and wanted to make sure I shared it with the world. Fantastic work. Whoever you were that drew this, shoot me a message. We can trade drawings.

Congratulations and thanks to all the participants in our contests, and I hope to see you on the site really soon!

11:35pm : Mr. White just came in with an interesting proposition. He challenged the entire theater to scream as loud as possible. If the effort was impressive enough, he would start the movie in our theater 15 minutes early. You wouldn't have believed the DIN! Hitchcock screams and ear-splitting whistles filled the cavernous theater and Mr. White acquiesced almost immediately! We were IN! We would be the first Theater to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest!

11:48pm : Lights just went down and yet another round of applause. Time to put this thing away and enjoy the show! See you all on the other side… GARRRR!

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This is the coolest thing! Do you guys let people come camp out with you? If so, when is the next one? My friend said you did a kick ass job handing out posters... I want one!!!!!!

Jessica on Jul 7, 2006


A great community, a very interesting event, I would like to participate, many pretty girl hey.

ipad case on May 15, 2010

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