Happy Feet Will Make Your Feet Tap Until the End

November 18, 2006

In a world of penguins that attract mates by singing to each other, poor Mumble (Elijah Wood) was born with a voice that only a mother could love. When he is ostracized and kicked out of the colony, he goes on an adventure to save that same colony. Will he succeed? It's a kid's movie - you better know the answer to that. The way they get there will probably surprise you, though.

In a time where computer animated films can generally be written off as bad, Happy Feet really knows how to have a good time and you will enjoy going along for the ride. After seeing Happy Feet on the IMAX screen, I can't recommend that anyone watch it on a regular screen. I was completely immersed in the action sequences as well as the underwater scenes. They are amazing and have to be experienced in the theater (specifically, the IMAX screen) to be fully appreciated.

Granted the scenes with the Emperor penguins were mostly musical, they were done well enough to be enjoyed. Once Mumble meets up with Ramon (Robin Williams) and his crew, the film really becomes fun. I know that a lot of people are tired of Robin Williams, but he was really fun in this film both as Ramon and Lovelace. Hugh Jackman as Mumble's father, Memphis, does a fun Elvis impersonation throughout the film. There aren't any truly standout performances, but you don't need them in this film.

So far so good, right? So why did I give this film a 6? It's true that Happy Feet finds a way to make what is generally a tired kid-film formula actually fun. The problem comes in the last half hour. Suddenly you find yourself taken out of Happy Feet the "kiddy flick" and are transported to Happy Feet the "environmentalist propaganda" film. One thing that has to be said is that I have no problem with the environmental movement and sharing the importance of taking care of our surroundings to children. However, it's an entirely separate issue to have a film essentially mock religion as an opiate for the masses and take the environmental issue to the point of actually showing debates in the U.N. It would have been very simple to have Mumble inspire the world in harmony to protect the environment. Instead, they show politicians arguing and asking why we should do anything. I will go so far as to say the ending was inappropriate for a children's film.

Last Word:
If you want to take the kids to enjoy a fun movie, you could do a lot worse than Happy Feet. The only redeeming quality to the irresponsible way the ending was handled is that most young children won't even catch what the filmmakers are trying to say, so they'll have a good time. There is a lot of fun action, great comedy and well done musical numbers. If you can just ignore the last half hour of the film, you won't feel like you've wasted your time and money.

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I recently saw Happy Feet and I have to say, I completly agree. It seemed like the film makers were trying to do to much with one movie. I think it would have worked out better if they made one movie about the singing penguins and how they don't accept Mumble for his dancing, and another about global issues and how humans treat animals from the animals perspective. I just found that they were trying to make a strong statement about the environment that needs to be heard, but that maybe it would have been better to put it in a different movie. The whole end of the movie just seemed very akward to me. It didn't fit in with the initial theme of the movie and it just kind of trailed off to a completly different leaving loose ends untied. The other thing i didn't like was how suddenly Mumble got back from the Aquarium. I thought he was dreaming or something at first, because it really seemed like it didn't fit well into the plot sequencing. It took a really long time for him to get there,but a blink of the eye and he's back. Over all, the animation was amazing and I was glad that I saw it on the big screen, but I was just a little disapointed with the end because the start seemed so promising.

Kathleen on Nov 25, 2006


I thought this movie was okay, but wouldn't recommend to take young kids because of the sexual innuendo. The movie had great visaul affects. This movie reminded me of so you think u can dance versus american idol. However i think that its weird that they advertised this movie as a fun dancing film and turn around and trick the audience that its about preserving animals. If viewers knew what they were seeing they would not see the movie and the film makers could not get their message across. I liked how the movie protrayed that its wrong to take an animal away from its original habitat. It should be a movie for Sea world to see as well as other Zoos.

nat on Nov 29, 2006


wow!...a children's film with a message! terrible!!...oh wait!...all children's movies have some sort of message to it...ohhh environmental issues...shouldn't we as humans appreciate a message like this for our younger viewers?...oh no...the mindless rants of spongebob squarepants with no educational value at all is better...and as far as sexual is so terrible that our children should see a mother and father show is way better for our youngsters to watch...mocking religion?...what are we all still debating the 'harry potter series is bad because they worship the devil' nonsense?...for goodness sake's...take a movie for what it is...a movie...there is no need to over analyze a children's move...if we did that everything would be politically incorrect and someone would be angry about something...even cinderella could be take this way....1~she was enslaved (slavery is wrong!)...2~her stepmom and stepsisters were mean (inplies that all steps are evil)..3~she has a fairy godmother (this is ultimate devil worship and against GOD) ...the list goes on...take the movie for what it is and stop being such hypocrites berating a children's move and at the same time let them watch crap on hbo or mindless spongebob antics...get a life!

roberta on Dec 6, 2006


roberta, As I said in my review, I have absolutely no problem with the film presenting an environmental message. I do have a problem with how it was presented. I stand by my statement that there is a responsible way to put that message into the film, and changing the tone to something so stark that it pulls you completely out of the movie is NOT how to do it. I've talked to several people since the film was released who felt tricked by the sudden turn the film takes. Is that really how to get your message across? As far as sexual innuendo, I don't recall there being any. The closest I can think of is when Lovelace takes all the "chicks" behind his hill. Also, to compare the way Happy Feet treats religion to a Harry Potter debate is nowhere even close to the same thing. Happy Feet shows old fart penguins who look like old evangelical Christians. I'm not saying that's wrong. My issue is when it's exposed that these elders are shown to be lying to the "flock" so they could keep control over the people who had put their trust in them. Do I have a problem with a film having a message? If so, I had better stop reviewing movies because every movie has a message of some sort. My whole issue has been the way that message was presented. I would have the same problem with any message presented the same way.

Dave on Dec 6, 2006


Actually there was a good amount of sexual innuendo, one scene particularly comes to mind when both Mumble and Gloria jump out of the water and slip into each other and end up in at least 3 different sexual positions (and this isn't a loose interpretation, they were clearly imitating doggy-style at one point, if only for a quick second it is still extremely easy to see). The messages were too thick. Not only were they trying to give an overly environmentalist message (also handling it so wrong), but they also tried to hard to make this anti-religion. I am agnostic, so I didn't really take offense to that, but they could have just left the elder penguins as stubborn people, but instead had to also make them evangelists. This was just too much...penguins don't need a penguin god. The direction was also horrible. The scenes were choppy. It was just awful. 30 minutes of plot and environmentalist ideals put into and hour and a half movie.

Keith on Dec 6, 2006


This move was over sexed to the point where I felt uncomfortable sitting in a room full of children. Racial stereotypes were made. The loud "crazy" penguins were portrayed as being Hispanic, hitting every bad stereotype that is made about the community. At times the film was very scary. I think that this film is not appropriate for children. I ended up leaving an hour and ten minutes into the show. I could not sit in on it any longer. I have never left a movie theater before

Amy on Dec 10, 2006


All I can say is...the ending gets the point across. The producers did not market the movie as JUST a children's film (many people see movies as "cartoons"=kids). Being that I (and most people who read this review) live in America, we ALL have many freedoms. All the end of this film does is show certain people's view on a very, VERY touchy subject. We all have to have respect for that.

Kathryn on Dec 11, 2006


Kathryn, You're right, the director's point of view came across loud and clear. The question has to be whether that point of view resonated with the audience. For myself, it didn't. The main issue I had was that the film was preachy to the point of being an environmentalist version of Bible-bashing. Obviously, most of the country doesn't agree with me. Just look at the box office numbers. Personally? I feel like I was being talked down to. You're right, it wasn't marketed as just a kids film. It was marketed as a FAMILY film. That means the film is going to be appropriate for the entire family. One of the reasons I actually enjoyed An Inconvenient Truth is that I didn't feel like I was being brow-beaten. That film was VERY environmentalist-friendly. Now what's the difference between the two? Oh yeah, I knew what I was walking into with An Inconvenient Truth. I have respect for everybody's opinion. If you've listened to the podcast, there are many areas where all of us couldn't disagree with each other more, but we all respect each other's opinions. What matters is how you express that opinion and that's where my opinion of Happy Feet being irresponsible comes from.

Dave on Dec 11, 2006


boring after the first hour and the sexual innuendos between the "single" penguins was so totally unneccssary and the enviromental messages were exaggerated to the point of stupidness. So now, fish is bad and the kids should continue eating fried foods? The U.N. needs to stop fishing? Religious leaders are intolerant liars? why ruin a cute movie with all this idiosy? it's for KIDS, remember - leave the polital view for adult discussions.

Lorelle on Dec 17, 2006


Interesting how this is viewed as a propaganda movie by conservatives. So bad for children! Well, let me proffer that if this had been a patriotic, gun-ho American propaganda movie (and I'm American), full military garb, it would have been alright. After all, we need to teach our children to be patriotic, good citizens, right? Uncle Sam and all that jazz. It's a shame that "evangelicals" who are so concerned about their children's spirital well being can't allow their children to be exposed to a message about caring for the environment, something that God Himself created and intended for us to care for (read Genesis). But then hypocrisy and double-think is the norm these days. How sad.

Tom A. on Dec 18, 2006


Wow! I can't believe how over the top we can become with our analysis of a kids film. Let's be real for a second. I took my 4 year old son to watch the film and you know what he remembers most about the film...h keeps tapping his feet everytime he hears Stevie Wonder's song. He remembers going up to the fron of the theatre when the film was over and trying to tap dance along with the characters on screen. Regarding the environmental themes in the movie, sure I noticed them, sure I knew they were trying to make a point, and to a degree I think the message is something to think about. Sure I know the Elders were portrayed as someone lying. Well guess what all of things have happened in the past, and the message is true. However, to most kids to watch the film the message will go over the top of their heads and that is where responsible parents can educate their child, if they choose to do so with the message. The film did take a turn on us; however, I'm not so sure the turn was as bad as some of you have indicated. Some of you simply over analyzed the film, which is my problem with being a movie critic. Let's just watch the film, enjoy the film, and any message that comes out of the film, you process that and decide on you home how to convey that to children. This is basically a kids film, that shows two primary themes: #1. Appreciate your own even if they are different than you. Help them to embrace whatever makes them unique/special. How many kids are shunned because they don't go into a profession that Mom/Dad thinks they should be in? #2. Always be mindful of your impact on the culture and environment of others. We do often focus on our own goals and forget about the impact that might have on someone else. #3. Kind of an age old lesson. Be careful who you throw or cast away, they may very well be the person you need to survive in the future. I'm not sure I agree with the specifics of the messages and point of views done by the film makers, but ultimately it made my 4 year old son, dance and smile and have a good time. It made me think about the three themes I stated earlier, and my family had a great time, and we plan to watch it again. This was a great film for my household and I think it would be a great film for a lot of households if we just keep it in perspective. Enjoy the film, if you don't agree with the point of view don't worry about it, the film maker just wants you to think about the issue, and as for the kids, they are mainly caught up with the dancing penguins, which will leave the lessons shared in the film, up to the parents to explain - and personally I'm grateful for teaching moments with my son, even if its dealing with a point of view I don't necessarily agree with.

Derrick Rodgers on Dec 22, 2006


I made an editorial error in my last post. I forgot to delete the last items after the quotes... OK. I tried to leave this alone, but the more I read, the more disturbed I got. I know that everyone reacts differently, but I'm going to be an advocate for this film for one quick moment. #1. Stop the talk about the unneccessary sexual references. The film was rated PG, and if you do your homework regarding a PG rated film you will know that the PG used for the following: "Parental Guidance Suggested. Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children": The Rating Board applies this rating when the members believe the film contains themes or content that parents may find inappropriate for younger children. The film can contain some profanity, violence or brief nudity, but only in relatively mild intensity. A PG film should not include drug use. So if a PG film could contain brief nudity, I shouldn't be up in arms about a subtle sexual connotation. I ready one post from someone who said they felt uncomfortable with the children their with the sexual references made. My response is you should have known that was a possibility given the rating the movie received, that why the ratings exist. Personally, I wasn't disturbed by what I saw because my 4 year old son didn't really catch those innuendos, and if he had, that's a teaching moment for me, which I fine with. However, I knew that might happen because of the rating in which the movie is assigned. #2. To those people who felt like this was an over the top message from environmentalist I would say you can't see the forrest for the trees. You are caught up with the specific item used to make the point in the film, the Penguins losing fish and starving, instead of focusing on what I think was the broader and factual message. We as a soceity continue to invade the community, soceity, culture, food chain, etc, of other living beings (people, animal, etc..) without giving concern on the impact our way of doing things has on that group. Which is true. Besides I guess you are upset because the fim maker made you think about your position on an issue while watching a movie. My 4 year old son doesn't catch the message, that message was targeted to me, and guess what I caught it, and while I might no agree with the actual specific demonstration of the message, I don't deny the aunthenticy of the broader point, be mindful of your impact upon others when pursuing you personal objectives, because you might be harming someone else at the expense of your own achievements. #3. To the thought that this was an anti-religious film. I say to you, you are being way to narrow in your perception of this film. The issue of the Elders rejecting the new ways of the young in order to hold on their control has been a part of our society for quite some time, and guess what it's not unique to the church. I suppose the film maker chose religion as a symbol because it's something most of us deal can identify with. Besides, even if he was referrin to religion, I would have to say that I have been a born again Christian since 1988 and have been a licensd minister in the church since 1992 and I personally witness numerous occasions where the symbolism referenced (older leaders squasing youthful movements in order to maintain non-factual established traditions) has in fact occured. So I'm not offended by the reference. The main reason why this so called anti-religous symbolism doesn't offend me, is because I am open minded enough and objective enough to know this type of behaviour is not unique to religioun. It happens very frequently, in business, families, sports, education, etc, The film maker just decided to take religious symbolism, which I'm also objective enough to know that this wasn't saying all religious leader are this way. Ultimately, I'm saying that the level of criticism applied to this film is simply no accurate and not really founded. There are a lot worse films that you could take you kids to then Happy Feet. I found it funny to see one person say the movie was lame and they felt baited or deceived by the film,. see (See Quote 1) (Quote 1) "but the story was totally lame. It was just full of all these underlying messages from sexual and ethnic stereotyping to environmentalist plugs. I really felt after watching it that my kids and I had been baited in to see a cute kid movie and then were fed a bunch of other stuff that I wished I hadn't paid to be entertained by." Only to ultimately make the point I said in my first posting (See Quote 2) (Quote 2) "To be fair, the penguins were adorable, there were a few parts that had me laughing out loud and my kids both came home and gave tap dance performances" The film was funny and it had a message. I don't know if I agree with the specifics, are we hurting the survival of Emporer Penguins by taking their fish,I don't think that's the case, but the message is true, and I think if you get beyond the trees and look at the forest you will find an entertaining film for your that will make you as an adult,think.

Derrick Rodgers on Dec 22, 2006


movie sucked, nuf said

stephen on Dec 24, 2006


way too much innuendo in there. I actually searched google for "Happy Feet Innuendo" to see if anyone else had caught all the edgy stuff in that film. Thankfully I'm a teenager, and only saw it because my girlfriend wanted to. We both agree it was a relatively bad movie. I wouldn't take kids. The penguins sang "Lets talk about sex"...WTF!

Andrew on Dec 26, 2006


Ok. I will say this one more time. There are a number of movies rated PG and we never say anything about the innuendos. I didn't take my son to see Barn Yard even though it was animated film because I felt based upon what I saw it was too much in your face material to explain to my son, but that what the PG rating is for. It's unfair to complain about innuendos in a PG rated film. If this was a rated G film then your comments would be warrented. I have seen PG films that have blatent adult partial nudity, so why would I be offended by innuendos in a PG rated animated film. Stop complaining about the sex references in a PG rated film. Now if this happens in a Disney Rated G movie then I would have some issues. I have none with this film, nor should you in a PG Rated film.

Derrick Rodgers on Dec 29, 2006


Rated PG (for some mild peril and rude humor) enough said...if you don't like rude or suggestive humor then don't go, but don't act surprised or offended when its in the film. I don't have a problem with this being a family film, because everyone in my house enjoyed it, and the rude humor was over the top of my son's head, and the young people who noticed it, already knew about the subject, so there was nothing really to say to them that they didnt' already know.

Derrick Rodgers on Dec 29, 2006


thank you derrick!!! ...finally someone with intelligence...

Roberta on Jan 4, 2007


ok i loved happy feet sooo much i went and saw it 4 times in theater it was that im just waiting for it to come out so i can own it!!!

Carrie on Jan 8, 2007


Why the over analysis of a kids film? i've seen far worse sexual inuendos? so what! i suppose you'd rather have a sheltered kid learn about sex when he's 13 and finds a porno? As for the anti-religious stuff, im glad that was in there, finally gives kids another outlook on life, i loved it when mumble "couldnt find any answers" from his religous leaders. If you dont want anti-religion stuffed down kids throats then stop stuffing religion down their throats aswell!! You tell me whats worse: a kids film with lovable penguins having a subtle anti-religous agenda, or a preist or teacher telling a young child if they dont belive what they're told about god then they will burn and be tortured for an eternity in hell!! and with the enivironmental stuff, kids wont understand the politcal side of it so who cares, and whats wrong with showing the humans as the ones taking all the fish and littering the ocean.....afterall its exactly what we do and kids should know the truth! same thing with putting a wild animal in a zoo!! what better way to get a message like this to kids!! and might i add it is the humans who save the penguins at the end of the film!!! as for the non-sensical ending..........its a kids film!!!!! sence when have kids films ever had an ending that makes sense!!! dancing penguins! i thought it was great!!!! Personally I think we shuld just see it as it is, a fun, great kids movie designed for 21st Century coddeling

Aaron on Jan 12, 2007


ok, i just saw this movie, and i loved it. But what was the reason for sex jokes? even for the people on this board saying "well you could just explain it to your kids", why even put it in there? there is no reason, and i too have no problem with the enviromental message. but the way it was shown was just terrible. the movie really has no plot, and it falls apart halfway into it. but, for all the things that i liked about this film, ill give it an 8/10

worm on Jan 12, 2007


It would be nice if all films were made equally as safe as Dora the Explorer for children. Unfortunately, we live in the real world. If you don't want your children exposed to sexual material (no matter how suggestive) don't introduce them to it. It's not the filmmakers' faults that you took your kid to a movie and a talking penguin said "Sex!" Puh-lease. The rating is on the film for a reason. If you're not sure about what "sexual content" means, look it up in the damn dictionary or read some online reviews about the movie you might or might not want to see. Every time you shout "HAPPY FEET HAD SEX IN IT AND I DIDN'T KNOW SO IT'S BAAAAD!" God kills a penguin. For the love of Christ, think of the penguins. That's what this movie was about.

Erika on Jan 20, 2007


what i think is funny is all the crazy people appalled about the sexual content. dude it's a child's movie~the kids dont even know what that means. and if you have a 4 year old or even a 6 year old that knows what 'doggy-style' is, you have bigger issues ya damn perve. kids dont know what that means at all. until their innoscence is lost will they know what that crap means...let the movie bee seen through the eyes of a child...stop the over analyzing..

boo on Jan 24, 2007


You still have to wonder what was going through the film makers' minds when they animated those couple of frames where they're in the anal sex position. That's at least 10 frames they had to make, where the penguins are right in the center of the screen, clearly in doggystyle position. If this movie is aimed at kids, what's the point of all the sexual shit? They're not going to get it. It's almost like they put it in just for adults to have a laugh at and stay interested because they're sick of being forced by their kids to sit through whole movies that they have no interest in, which is stupid. PG movies can still be funny to adults. Wayne's World, anyone?

Louis on Jan 30, 2007


Louis -- Sexual Innuendos are common amongst kids films and even TV programs, for the exact point you mentioned, to give the parents a laugh why they have to sit and watch a kids program with thier children, who will not even notice the jokes; its not stupid its a brilliant idea that has been done in the UK and Australia sence the 60's with little public outcry. Even the US has recently started putting innuendos in kids films as seen in Shrek.

Aron on Feb 3, 2007


I went on this site to review B-4 I buy the DVD for my grandson. I haven't seen the movie. But guess what? This is actually how penguins mate. Are you going to keep your kids away from the zoos? Going to keep them off the sidewalks as they might see dogs mate, cats mate, bugs mate, etc? Get real! Kids don't question these things when they're young. They just enjoy the fun of the movie. It's the grown-ups that get hung-up on this. I grew up on a farm, should my parents have kept me locked up in my room because I might see real life?

morton on Mar 25, 2007


I recently watched this movie in Sociology class, because it had a lot of issues that real life has, like not being accepted, master status...blah blah blah. I was in a class with kids my own age (17-18) and we all noticed the sexual innuendos. Is it wrong? No. Because kids won't notice it. But older kids will. But I'm just wondering why some movies do that. I personally thought the movie was boring because of the plot shift; I mean, was it REALLY necessary to change the plot to an environmental one? I really had high hopes for Gloria and Mumble, but then he just PUSHES her away? She can't come with them? There was a lot of dry humor for adults, but it didn't bother me. I knew it was coming the moment they played that song by Prince. And especially when they played a revamped version of "Let's Talk About Sex" (Let's Talk About Ex? Nice try Warner Bros.). All in all, I give this movie a 4/10. The people could have done a much better plot. When I saw previews, I thought it would be about ALL of the penguins dancing and celebrating. No singing. I was kinda pulled into the 'cuteness' factor of it. Which isn't very cute once Mumble grows up. "My feet are happy too!"

Colleen on Apr 1, 2007


I think ur all wrong happy feet was a great movie. My little cousins all watched it and they got a kick out of the movie they thought it was halarious. What make a kid laughs is a goood movie an they do put a point acrossed but everyone should think about that if they where taking our food wouldnt u be mad we would be dieing and no body would care and lots not even knowing what there doing to the Penguins u guys should think about the world an not just urself.

Sandy on Apr 18, 2007


ok so yeah happy feet had quite a bit of sexual scenes...especially when gloria and mumble tumbled around and fell into "69" position, the "doggy style" position, and of course the part where they're facing each other and mumble is lying face-down into Gloria's very noticably-large breasts (where the hell did penguins get breasts?) and of course there was a brief part where mumble did some booty-slappin on Gloria. like someone else said before, you've GOT to wonder what went on through the animator's mind when they were animating those scenes! gah! whoever came up with the idea to put the sex secenes in there anyway?? somebody answer!

Emily on May 1, 2007


Honestly, i went to see Happy Feet with a bunch of my friends and we all thought it was great...i really think alot of u are overeating to the whole "sex" thing...i mean do you all think that the movies Shrek and Shrek 2 were any different, now im 14 and i dont think any of what young kids see these days has an effect on them, lets face it most of the children that would have seen it would have ranged from what 7-12 years...get real do you really think that a kid of that age is going to pick up on any sexual refrences portraid in the film?

han on May 9, 2007


"Wait a minute...happy feet can't cause a famine" (Mumble to the Elders) To me, that seemingly simple statement wraps up the whole POINT of the movie. It's the reason for Mumble's relentless journey to discover the truth - and what a journey! Who among us can identify with the sheer determination and willpower required to see it through...even when all hope seems lost and our obstacles daunting? How many of us have 'modified' our behaviour in order to fit in, become one of the pack, when we KNOW deep down the qualities that make us unique yearn for a form of self expression? I say "Bravo Mumble". You've proven your worth by your steadfastness, singular intent and, most importantly, your actions. You've endured the ridicule of others, braved mortal hazards, and leapt willingly into the unkown to pursue that which drives you. And you've returned here, back to us, with your 'voice' and a tale of wonder shared. Not all of us are ready to truly hear you yet. But I derive great comfort in the knowledge that you won't give up on us.

Solis on Jun 11, 2007


Yes, there was unnecessary religious stuff in this movie; yes, there was some weird environmental stuff thrown in; yes, there was some "sexual innuendo" ... but, ya know what? I DON'T CARE ... because I absolutely LOVE this movie - ! It makes me feel happy and uplifted every time I watch it(and I've seen it about seven times ... twice in the theater, and I also own the DVD.) The only real "complaint" I have is that I thought some of the dialogue was very difficult to understand ... every time I watch the movie I hear something I didn't hear before. I love what they did with the soundtrack ... particularly the "jumping-into-the-ocean" sequence done to the Beach Boys' "Do It Again." But, I really thought all of the music was great as a soundtrack for this movie. I sing in a Sweet Adelines chorus, and am probably one of the few people in the world who knows that the last song in the actual movie ... the reprise of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" is sung partially by a Sweet Adelines chorus from New Zealand ... that's where that awesome harmony and full, rocking beat sound come from ... it's awesome to hear it! I don't care what "message" anyone was trying to put across in this movie ... because the message I got from it is that watching this movie is just a heckuva lot of fun, and I enjoy it every single time. So there - ! 🙂

Stella on Aug 14, 2007


I just saw this movie last night on DVD. While everyone may argue propaganda, I just found it more confusing than anything else. Propaganda is nothing new in the movies. But, wasn't the message early on "be yourself"? It was. But, then it goes off on a 30 minute tangent about environmental issues with very little story connecting life in the wild with life in captivity (both before and after). Mumbles comes back, but then everyone else conforms to him at the end. Great message - "just be yourself, then eventually everyone will be like you". For the record, I did notice the quick sexual positions when Mumbles and Gloria come out of the water. I'm amazed at why anyone would intentionally put that in a movie primarily aimed at children. I'm also up for a story teaching kids to protect then environment, but this one seemed to be one crammed into the middle of the movie with no regard to artistry. I also amazed that we can throw certain racial stereotypes into a movie, like the latino penguins, with no uprising. Why not create new characters - as opposed to recycled stereotypes? Point being, the movie was entertaining in bits and pieces, but not a good movie as a whole. Too disjointed.

leonard on Sep 16, 2007


I'm just going to quickly comment on something that was brought up a few posts earlier. I caught the start of this movie with my 3 year old daughter (on Movie Central--the movie channel offered in Western Canada) and I have to admit I changed the channel after only half an hour. I just didn't think it was appropriate. The thing is, it got a G rating on Movie Central. Now I'm not sure if this is simply a matter of differing standards between Canada and the US, or just Movie Central having a different rating system. All I know is, I felt a little ambushed. Now, the brief "sexual positions" that were portrayed while Mumble and Gloria flopped around, I could handle (my daughter would not have picked up on that at all) but the seal scared the crap out of my daughter and the whole latino accented penguins "on the wrong side of the tracks" is just tired to the point that it's bloody well insulting. I don't know. It just seems to be getting harder and harder to find good quality films that are appropriate for the little ones. I'm not against messages in movies, but kids have an entire life time to look forward to getting beaten over the head with other peoples agendas. Couldn't we just let them be kids for a while? Oh, and Robin Williams can call it a day any time now. Seriously...

DM on Oct 12, 2007


i think happy feet was a great movie ,yeah it had some weird parts in it , but hey,at least the kids don't know what there looking at , so chill. maybe, they shouldn't put parts like that in a kids movies. But look, its a kids movies, dang. these movie directors don't care anymore , so might as well let do what they do!

debra on Feb 24, 2008


I saw this when it came out, and I know it's subjective and everything, but the majority of opinions on here suck. They really do. It's like, I've gotta wonder how bad your ADD is, when you think that a subplot that had been building steadily for the whole of the film 'came out of nowhere. *snap - snap* Hey. You. Keep reading. No, it's not time to go ride bikes. As far as the religious element goes, it wasn't anti-religious - far from it, really. Think of the prophet stories of the Bible, as well as, say, the Jesus story. The three are all very similar, and there are a lot of analysis' (I'm almost entirely sure that's not the right word) of the film that note this, besides me. The Elders aren't portrayed as 'lying,' per se. The sexual innuendo? Well, I just wasn't offended by it. You know?

Henry J on Mar 7, 2008


opinion #37 sucks, but that's just me being subjective, you know? oh wait, i have to go ride my bike.

bz on Mar 7, 2008


i agree with the elders, the sexual indoindo, the hispanic stero-types, and the enviornmentalist thing too. when it came to the elders (im in highschool by the way) i was offended. becuase i am catholic, and i practice my faith allot. and catholic elders are stero-typed to being crazy and strick and non open minded. when it came to the sexual indoindo's, (sorry i cant spell) i saw them as intertaining. as any movie should be. you realize that movie makers know that parents are taking thier kids to go watch this movie. so at times they insert humor they know the parents will understand, when there children-not so much. and if a child is at the age where they understand this, it should be the parents responsiblilty to talk to thier kids about sex. people need to learn how to laugh and the hispanic sterotype. im hispanic. and i fell in love with the group of characters. parents resposiblity is to teach thier kids to simply not "judge a book by its cover" and not judge a person by thier sterotype. should children movie makers be doing this?? no. but it was funny and cute. so you should learn to laugh a bit the enviornmentalist part. i dont think they connected it too well. it didnt flow. it's like when i write and essay and my intro connects to the real-world so it goes along with my paper- and then i dont make any sense. if they where going to put him getting back to the island so quickly, make sure it is explained or connected somehow. but think of a young child watching the movie. he/she does not care whatever is going on deep down. they are just watching a bunch singing and dancing penguins and hoping the killer whale doesnt eat them overall. i thought it was a cute movie. it didnt cinnect at times. and after the second time of really watching it and paying attention i noticed there had to be symbols and such in it. (therefore, running into this website from a google search) but look back to the movies you watched when you were a kid. i chalenge you to re-watch them. and think, is there any symbolism behind this? and when i was watching this as a kid, what did i initially think. i hope it will open up your eyes a little bit. but in the mean time. watch it again from a less analitcial view point. and sing along to the fun songs we all know and love. i know i did. and i have only seen it two times.

Julie on Nov 18, 2008


For all who have seen this DVD over and over again. Can anyone tell me what the smaller penquin was "mouthing" at the end of the movie? Check it out, look between Mumbles and Gloria. Let me know your conclusion.

Paul on Dec 27, 2008


ok so I just wanted to say what everyone is doing here is giving the producers exactly what thwy want....for people to talk about the movie whether it be bad or good. yes there are a lot of inappropriate things but my son being 3.5 didn't go mommy they doing it doggy no instead he's making me Dance and sing so who cares people

sammy on Dec 20, 2009

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