Hugh Jackman Updates Carousel Remake

November 13, 2006

Any fans of Hugh Jackman's musical theater career still looking for some more? Well, this may be a chance to see Jackman back singing on screen. When asked about the musical Carousel during the press junket for The Fountain, Hugh Jackman responded stating that they did get the rights for it and pre-production is under way.

"We just got the rights for it, so we're now finding director, writer, and I'm very excited about that."

Carousel was originally Rodgers & Hammerstein musical that opened in 1945 and later made into a movie directed by Henry King. It was picked up by Seed Productions, Hugh Jackman's and friend John Palermo's production company, for remake into a feature film, to be distributed by Fox 2000.

IMDb describes the story of Carousel as: "In purgatory for his role in a botched bank robbery, former carnival barker Billy Bigelow is sent back to his old life to for one day, where he's to fix the problems he left behind." Jackman is also signed on to play Billy Bigelow. For the full synopsis of the theatrical version, visit Wikipedia.

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I just fell like I cannot wait to see Carousel. Having been so very very fortunate to see Oklahoma on the London Stage when he brought the role of Curley to us with a wonderful voice, dancing and acting talents. He was natural, and so at ease. I have always loved musicals and enjoyed them but most of the time singers like Gordon McCrea and Howard Keel had wonderful voices but when the ating was involved they were a little stiff which just too that natural flow and build up of the character away. Not so with Hugh Jackman He plays it to the hilt and you are drawn into his wonderful world. He is charasmatice, has a great personality and a sense of fun. So please hrry with Carousel I have a feeling I will have to save up for that film as I will want to watch more than one or twice until the DVD is produced.

Anne Hedley on Dec 10, 2006


I too can't wait to see Hugh Jackman do Carousel on screen. Fantastic. He's the only proper singer in Hollywood at the moment. But who will play the part of Julie Jordan. There are no Shirley Jones's around these days it would seem. She was the quintessential Julie, and her lyric soprano perfect for the role. I can't think of a single actress who would appear to have a voice remotely suited, but there must be hundreds of so far unknowns. Maybe a trawl of university students doing singing as their main subject would be a good idea, or even a BBC "How to solve a problem like Maria" competition which produced Connie Fisher who currently reigns supreme on the London stage as Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

Julie Holding on Feb 10, 2007


On reading the comments from Anne Hedley that Gordon McCrea and Howard Keel had wonderfull voices but were a little stiff in their acting, I can only surmise that she is either in love with Hugh Jackman or she is conducting some PR on his behalf. As a professional singer, vocal coach and producer/director of shows, with over 40 years experience, I can only suggest that Miss Hayley's views are misguided. The legacy left by the two legends of musical theatre will live on for many more years. I wonder if the same will be said of Mr Jackman. Roger Green on 21 February 2007

Roger Green on Feb 21, 2007


Happy to see that a re-make of this musical play is underway. The 1956 film version, debased because it was told largely in flashbacks, certainly has done nothing for the play's reputation. That said, I still feel that this is probably the one Rodgers and Hammerstein play that belonged exclusively on the stage. Its somber tragic themes certainly didn't endear itself with 1950's film audiences, though the glorious score remained its major charm.

John S Judd on Dec 4, 2007


Carousel has always been my favourite musical of all time. Maybe because of its simple storey and its amazingly beautiful music. No matter how many times I see it,it always effects me emotionaly. I saw the clip of Hugh singing If I Loved you, and The Soliloquy, and it blow mw away. If he does the remake, I will be the first to see it

Robert on Mar 17, 2009


First of all, there are several ways to interpret these roles. The approach is the result of many styles of acting, and particular the style of Musical Theater of 50 years ago. This was a different form than the theatrical acting style that preceeded it in earlier generations, and styles continue to evolve with each succeeding generation. Yet they do have some common elements based on the standards established by those performers who originated the roles. To say that the performances of Gordon McCrea and Howard Keel are "stiff" is not qualified for a number of reasons. First of all, both gentlemen enjoyed a successful career in a succession of major musicals based on their particular talents that encompassed singing and acting of the Musical Comedy variety. Howard Keel, as an example was discovered in the London production of OKLAHOMA! in the late 1940s and was signed to an MGM contract as a result of this. Gordon McCrea had a similar run in the Warner Brothers' musicals of the 1950s, many times teamed with Doris Day. It should be realized that film studio Talent Scouts certainly knew what they were doing whenever the engaged performers for their respective studios. The nature of the acting first of all is dictated by the medium worked in. Film acting is more subtle than theatrical acting since the camera is up closer and the image of the performers is magnified 1000 times. What appears to be "stiff" is a performace that is drastically subdued when seen on a television screen. So if the appraisal of the acting is based on seeing the films on television, this is an inaccurate standard of measurement. The fact that these gentlemen had such a run in successful musical films is due to the fact that their personalities came off of the screen and reached the audience. Therefore it is the medium that defines the quality of the "acting." And let us not forget that these people also had directors who determined what was a good performance and guided them through the process. I have seen samples of Hugh Jackman's performance in OKLAHOMA!. While is it a remarkable performance, he seems misdirected for the type of material he is working with. OKLAHOMA! is a light, comical/dramatic musical. The acting is staged as if it were a serious, dramatic play. As such there are moments of comedy that are lost due to this approach. Perhaps it was forgotten that this story takes place 102 years ago, and the people were a lot simplier, and less sophisticated in their attitudes and understandings. It is the simplicity and lack of complication that makes the musical so much fun. Aside from my appraisal, others I've spoken with agreed that Mr. Jackman's singing performance was certainly noteworthy, but the rest of the acting was wrong for the material to the extent that they found the show a bit boring and the characters not consistently believable for the reasons cited.

Ray Pointer on Apr 23, 2009


thank you hugh jackman bring the musicals back, after the carousel movie how bout oklahoma on the big screen again I think he wouldnt do a bad job as henry higgins in my fair lady either of course after they make him look older but thanks to Hugh Jackman the movie musical will come back

spencer on Jun 2, 2009


I can't wait to see this! I've been a huge Jackman stage fan for years...I nominate Kristin Chenoweth for the role of Julie! Girl could get it done.

Heather on Jul 9, 2009


I can't think of anyone today with Hugh Jackman's versatility and singing ability. He is obviously very well educated and has a brilliant mind. If he wasn't so humble and personable, he would probably be more rich and famous than he already is -- he is certainly the highest quality person I have seen in the entertainment business -- though he tends to put himself down... I am so glad of the exposure he got at the Oscars this year, his talent surprised a lot of people...

Marilyn on Nov 7, 2009


I vote for Amy Adams. She is the most talented actress,singer in movies these days. She has the theatre background. She would be perfect!!

dennis on Jan 10, 2010


Kristen Chenoweth is too old for the part. And yes, Amy Adams is a great actress and can sing....but her voice is definitely not strong enough for the part. I think they should cast a strong unknown actress/vocalist. Hugh Jackman has enough star power to grab audiences.

Brittany on Jan 20, 2010


Aside from anything else, can't anyone spell Gordon MacRae's name correctly?

David Townson on Mar 29, 2010


I wish they can have Patrick to play the role of Billy Bigelow.

Lan on May 18, 2010


Perfect cast for Carousel, How's this Hugh Jackman as Billy, Amanda Seyfred as Julie Amy Adams as Carrie Jack Black as Mr Snow Catherine Zeta Jones as Mrs Mullins Meryl Streep as Aunt Nettie Dennis Underwood as the starkeeper, that's me

dennis on May 30, 2010


Emmy Rosum would make a great Julie!

keith on Oct 30, 2010

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