Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Camp-Out Live

July 5, 2006

And so it begins! Time to camp-out again for Pirates 2!

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest Camp-Out Live Blog - Seen!

4:28PM - I've arrived, setup our mini-camp and got things going. As of now, no one else is here and our camp isn't as massive as Superman. We're working to get the rest of our stuff out here (TVs / projectors) and so on to get everything fully running. Lots of big updates and quality live blogging will be happening soon. We've fixed our internet since last time and now everything will work much smoother.

Latest photo of our camp-site as of 7:13PM.

Here's some of the events and good times we have planned for this Pirates 2 camp-out:
» More movie watching all night, some gaming, and so on. This time we got a projector.
» Hype activities for people in the lines on Thursday once people arrive.
» Costume contest & trivia in the theatres Thursday before the movies begin - lots of prizes!
» Much more… as you know! I don't have to explain - so just keep watching for updates.

10:18PM - Delayed updates. It's raining (actually, it's pouring), so the weather sucks. We've been waiting for the rest of our stuff (TV, projector, posters, etc) and it's been delayed in arriving. However, the most amazing news. A few hours ago, a second group (a family nonetheless) showed up here to camp out as well. They've never done it before (except for Star Wars) and were amazed to find us in #1. So we've claimed our title here. Photos will be up soon and an update as well. There is a news station showing up at 8:30AM tomorrow, too. We also did a great podcast sessions right at our camp here with the ScreenGeeks guys. They said that'll be up in a few days, so I'll let you know as soon as it is. So far, everything is pretty good (except for the damn rain). Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Unloading right up to our site!

12:05PM - Just ordered a Papa John's pizza right to the theatre (and told the guy to come right up here and deliver it). Damn good stuff…. Just under 24 hours left. And now we're watching Serenity on the TV. Pirates 1 will be up on that projector screen soon (once Serenity is done).

7:56AM - Rise 'n' shine (at least for me). We all crashed at about 3AM (the 4th of July made us tired!). Awfully cold, still dreary outside, probably going to rain again. The other people who came behind us weren't even here over night! These people really aren't hardcore. Stop calling us "pathetic" or saying "go get a job" when the rest of you have about as much commitment to make it to the bathroom before changing your mind (and I think that's known as ADD - go get some pills). I'm watching the janitors clean the doors and rubbing my eyes right now. Supposedly the news guy is coming at 8:30, but everyone else is still a sleep. Hrrmmm…

9:03AM - The film crew is taking some shots to the right of us right now. We have to "look like we're enjoying our camp-out experience" or something. Oh, but we are! And also gotta throw a shoutout to CinemaFusion for throwing up a post about us. Awesome guys there! Nothing else really now, we're quietly waiting (and being filmed).

The morning after (camping out).

9:51AM - Just adding the photo up. About to get get a new TV, eat some breakfast, go back and shower, and start today up.

12:20PM - Just got back from a shower and picking up some food at Chipotle. The line report: us, the family/girls that camped, some guy from Chik-fil-A who doesn't get off of work until 3 but left chairs to claim his spot, and two guys 5 minutes ago. And we've still got 11 hours. Most people will show up as they get off of work later in the day. We're watching some more Firefly now and just relaxing…

2:24PM - We're watching the Spider-man 3 trailer for the bazillionth time! Hell ya!!

4:07PM - Yo! This is Josh! We have been playin' Halo co-op for about an hour. David just got back from seeing Click. Just waiting for Kate to come join us and gettin more and more pumped as the day goes by. The line is almost to the door of the Imax part of the theater, I put my money on the line being pretty long by 6ish….

5:04PM - There's supposed to be 1000 people here tonight, but there's only 20 in line?! Where is everyone?! Ooh, it's 5PM! Everyone just got off of work… Hurry and get to the theatre!!

Handing out posters to those early in line.

7:06PM - We got moved inside the theatre because of the wind and rain that's coming down and the slowly growing line. Oddly… it's 7PM and it's still far from full. I guess 5 hours is still too much time for people to decide to come. We've moved our camp inside and have some chairs and laptops, but not the TV or anything else. Had to skimp our equipment down. But it's prep time and we're getting ready to really rock the theatres for Pirates!! Check out the latest photos from our move (right above).

We also got our 200 mini-posters from Disney. All of a sudden a box showed up with all 200 inside. Posters are abundant now, hence the line to grab some while we were giving them out. An update on the costume contest will be up in about a few hours. There are a bunch of costumed people, so it should be pretty awesome. Costume contest photos and details are posted up here.
In-Theatre Updates (after 7:06PM) - So our side got into our theatre at about 8:25PM, leaving us with about 4 hours to kill. I am a bit sad that we didn't blow up our beach balls and start them off way early, because in the end when we did blow them up and wanted to use them, Mr. White wouldn't let us. It would've even help kill off 2 hours before we started our events. Anyway, the time slowly but surely passed and before we knew it, it was about 10PM and time to start off with our theatre contests.

I have to say that the relief of getting into the theatre after waiting so long is always an interesting experience. I would say that it is generally fantastic, but let me elaborate. You've been there just sitting outside doing "whatever" for 24 hours. Then all of a sudden you move inside and the time gets closer and you've sat down in your seats. All of that waiting has been funneled into this hype where everyone else (who didn't wait more than 2 hours) has arrived and it is all coming to the point of "ohhh this is what we've been waiting for." I really love this feeling - and of course it peaks off when the lights dim and it all begins (or ends, I could say). This was certainly the case with Pirates, and possibly an even bigger one. All 3 shows were sold out and many fans came to show with excitement all around. A wonderful finish up for this summer's big movie openings and camp outs, and a prelude to many bigger and better ones in the (near) future!

4:08AM - I'm home after a long 48 hours or so. We couldn't update once we were in the theatre because of all we were doing and there is no internet inside. I'll update this tomorrow with a conclusion of camp-out stuff. For now, I am tired, and have to SLEEP!!

Conclusion - I just want to say that this camp out experience was fantastic. Amazing all around, may be one of the best. Although it was rainy and remarkably cold (*shakes fist at sky*), it was still fun. And although the girls next to us never stuck around during the night, it was still "good" to see someone else there in line. Camping out is still one of the greatest experiences in this world. If there is some movie that you are 100% dedicated to, then you need to camp. It's time consuming, and not really boring (bring things to do), the feeling you get inside knowing that you are putting every ounce of your dedication, time, interest into something that is simply amazing is truly enlightening. It's what makes me, and Josh, and David, and Drew tick. And I hope we've brought up some interest to others out there to do the same.

- Alex out.

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What? Not as big as superman? What happened to all the couches you guys had last time? I was looking forward to coming early to hang out. Did you guys think superman would be bigger than Pirates? So you didn't bring the whole thing?

Jeff on Jul 5, 2006


Ahhh... no, no, the couch technically wasn't ours. There are these guys, who've as of recent have "joined" our group, who were in #1 spot last time. They are the ones with the couches. They are big super-hero/comic book fans but not that big of Pirates fans. So they aren't going "all out" for this and are leaving it to us to take care of. However... You can come hang out man!!! We don't have couches, but we got lots of chairs, a TV, and projector. Except the projector is only at night. We got plenty of good stuff here!! And don't worry, I know Pirates is way bigger than Superman (already sold out all 3).

Alex on Jul 5, 2006


Hey! I saw you guys @ the theater tonight! However, I was seeing Nacho Libre and not Pirates 🙁 Totally wish I could've joined you guys, though! Too bad they were sold out.

Jennifer on Jul 6, 2006


Yay for being the only guy dressed as a girl there. Booyah. Good times guys, good times. And an added bonus: I'm in some of these pics 🙂

Trickee on Jul 7, 2006


edit previous post: I'm that Chick-fil-A guy, too.

Trickee on Jul 7, 2006


Well that was fun I think it was my first midnight showing too I was meaning to ask you Sec. of Assemblies; How do you get into this "firstshowing" business? You hiring?

Danny Boy on Jul 7, 2006


Well Danny Boy, Alex and I started this site for our love of movies and our passion to comming to midnight movies. We wanted to create an environment for the fans to have fun and win some prizes. We really wanted to bring the fans together for those who are passionate like us. Unfortunatly for now, Alex, David, Andrew, and myself are currently the only writers for the site because we are the one who started from scratch. Hopefully with your help though, and the rest of you who enjoyed what we did, xan make us a big enough site to have more writers accross the country!!

Josh on Jul 7, 2006


Is that right? Well I've gotta say, I'm impressed From the looks of the operation I saw last night, I would've expected a full on business team working behind you guys. You just got this whole thing to take off like that, yourselves? very cool You've got a good thing going, keep doing what you do if your ever planning on expanding you've got my e-mail 😉

Danny Boy on Jul 7, 2006


It was awesome guys. You guys did a good job with the opening and should always keep up the good work.

Ryan Holt on Jul 7, 2006

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