Superman Camp-Out Live - Seen (Updated)!

June 26, 2006

6:31PM - Well… I'm here, just me (Alex) so far. The biggest let down: we're #2 in line. These other kids who were in front of us for X-Men 3 heard about our arrival and decided to jump-ship and get here earlier than us. I was unfortunately out of state at an unexpected funeral for a relative and otherwise had to wait for my plane to arrive. So with all that mess, we have unfortunately arrived #2. However!

Here's some of the festivities and goodness planned for this evening.
» Chipotle sponsorship - free burritos for some people in line, so get here!
» Craziness all night long with movies and gaming on Xbox 360.
» Fighting with the #1 guys (heh, they suck).
» Much more to come, including a special treat Tuesday at 8AM!

11:15PM - So we've setup camp (check the photo above) and it's late and time to "party." We got a TV, our Xbox 360, and a bunch of movies. The guys next to us are about to watch Superman I and we may join in to check it out. Other than that it's a slightly cold night and we're about to settle down and fire up some movies (uh, repetitive, but yea). It's truly interesting out here outside of a movie theatre for an entire night… but that's how it goes. And oh, for those interested, at about 8:30AM tomorrow morning, we are going to be taken in and shown the Spider-man 3 trailer exclusive for us. That will be a pretty exciting update tomorrow morning. More posts through the night… for now - rock on!

2:00AM - It's late… and slightly cold… but we're chugging along. Watching Superman I on the TV here… the lights went out (above us) and we are quieted down… There are 6 of us left. Alex, Josh, and David, of And three other people "in front of us." For those that didn't know, that is Borat behind us up in the photo above. He watches over all of us all the time. Nothing new to report… Just waiting until 10PM. 20 hours to go!

2:36AM - Wow, this is way cold. How come during regular days it's 70 at night, but the night we camp it's 40/50 at night! Ahhh… I'm off to go watch some… Evil Dead 2 I think! Posting more in a few hours.

1:15PM - Whoa… we missed a lot of time. Here's the story. A lot of us crashed at about 5AM after watching the rest of Superman II and playing some DS Lite. I slept "off and on" until about 8AM and then woke up (to hopefully see the Spider-Man 3 trailer). Unfortunately they had some problems overnight with the DLP download and were only screening it starting at about 8AM… so it didn't finish until about 11… And by then we just decided to wait until 12:30PM (our time) when it came out on Apple's site. So we've just been waiting around in the morning sun for this trailer and just relaxing. It should all pick up again in the next few hours while more people arrive (we all shower) and start up some more excitement before getting into Superman. And oh yea, don't forget… free Chipotle burritos if you come and join us in line (haha)!

2:04PM - I just need to say. People's reactions to our setup here are purely brilliant. This entire thing is just made great seeing everyone's reactions. It's usually a "whoa, haha" or sometimes a look of confusion, but always amazing. No matter what people look at us and are amazed, some roll their eyes, some ask stupid questions and comment with "these guys need to get a life." But there are also some who just get a "kick" out of it. Saying "that is so fun(ny)." I truly love hearing this reaction and its just great. Getting this sort of response is just worth it to be out here doing this no matter what anyway! That's the latest for now… Generally quiet this afternoon (right now).

Big Update!

2:11AM (Wednesday morning) - I'm here, back in the comfort of my own home… Big update on all that happened: our server that this site is hosted on had a hardware failure at the most inopportune time (I think a harddisk failed on the machine). In addition to incredibly flakey <28.8k-speed internet outside of the movie theatre, we were entirely unable to update this blog after 2PM. There were a LOT of great happenings since then but we just couldn't update! I'll outline some of them briefly to wrap this up.

» Line started to fill by about 6PM or so… and got to half the length of X-Men 3's midnight lines (which was about ~100-200 people). Was great to see other people in the line besides just us! Finally!

» There was a small group that showed up with THE GREATEST Superman costumes I have EVER seen! You can see the photos of them below.

» We got in at about 8:15PM to our respective theatres (non-IMAX and IMAX). As we said once before, we decided to go to non-IMAX for the typical experience we get in that theatre (it's the largest one there) and the crowds that usually amass within it.

» ran a trivia contest in both theatres giving away free movie passes and movie posters (including Superman IMAX 3D ones) on some Superman/Bryan Singer trivia. Lots of fun from both theatres, with some interesting questions and all around a great time with the people who came.

» We hyped up the Spider-Man 3 trailer and the time finally came. The very first trailer we were shown was Spider-Man 3 and holy CRAP was it intense! The cheers it received both before and especially after it ended were simply astounding. gave it a standing ovation (of course).

» We saw the movie (finally, he has returned!)… The crowd in this theatre was much more mellow than normal openings. No cheers during the movie (only at the beginning) and really no energy. It wish we could've have heard more from the audience, but I suppose the split to IMAX versus non-IMAX might've taken away some of the biggest fans. However, a great time no matter what. This opening was fantastic, some true highlights to never forget. My review of the movie will be coming a bit later.

Thanks again to all of our great sponsors and everyone at the Cinemark theatre! Chipotle deserves extra special thanks for getting us some free burritos and shirts out to some lucky people waiting in line. And in addition, thanks to the best theatre in the world, Cinemark (on Powers). They truly rock the world with the ultimate movie-going experience.

Additional Photos:

Friend Andy (#1 in line) dressed up as Clark Kent. He wore this to work all day with a nametag that said "Mr. Kent."

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whats the point of camping out again? Couldnt you just buy tickets online to the first showing? Get a job!

DontGetIt on Jun 26, 2006


Eh? This is our job, man! The point is that instead of living the drull boring life of working 9-5 jobs all day long... we experience and enjoy every minute of it man. All you haters can post all night long, but the point is it's our passion for movie going that reigns.

Alex on Jun 26, 2006


your job is camping out in front of theaters for movies that you could've just reserved tickets to? LOL Does it pay you well? Sounds like it's got a big future in it. See you at the theater tomorrow night, if you make it that long....

DontGetIt on Jun 26, 2006


Um, well, you unlucky bastards in the number two spot can look at us (the first people in line) in awe of how amazing we are for being ahead of you yet again. Its been fun, but seriously, youll always be second best! 🙂

Andy in #1 on Jun 27, 2006


Don't worry about those guys Andy, they're just jealous. Never been to a camp out to a movie, but always wanted to...

Nick on Jun 28, 2006


Wow this is really cool, my sister was telling me about this and it sounds so cool, get your site all over the net and maybe the studios would start sponsoring you? How long do you usually camp out for a movie? And how do you get the electricity? And the movie theater is cool with all this, wow I wish my theater was this cool and that it wasn't in the ghetto. Call me up when you guys camp out for the ant bully haha

brad, steph's lil brother on Jul 7, 2006


COOL. I heard it but didn't really believe this stuff. Now i think its really true. I wish i could join you guys. What a life you are living! Tell us more about this.

Julie on May 21, 2010

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